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Found 48 results

  1. Breaking the Chains Long ago, in Age of Chaos, the Skullthumpas were a prominent Orruk tribe that terrorized the mortal realms. Led by their brutal but cunning Warboss, Gorfang, the clan claimed victories against all they came across. They sacked the impenetrable Dwarf Hold of Karaz Zulfin, brought down Warlord Korkid Da Mighty and his IronSkullz boyz, defeated the Unending Tide of Skaven and Lord Zheed in the burrows of the Forgotten City, put the horse nation of Parravin to the torch, and slayed Daemonlord Thzadrith, a champion of Khorne. While Archaon’s forces spread their presence across the realm, the Skullthumpas continued to persevere against the legions of the Dark Gods. There were so many dead enemies that the Orruks would not have to resort to eating their Grot companions. Although, this did not completely stop the Ogre chefs from whooping up Grot Stew for da boyz. Alas, the Skullthumpas would eventually meet a grisly end at the hands of Chaos. A combined host of Khorne and the Legion of Azgorh ambushed the clan in the Valley of Hargth. The weavers claimed the valley was created when a massive stone-gargant fell from the skies to his death on this spot, littering the ground with large rocks and crags, perfect for taking an enemy by surprise. Despite their fury, Gorfang’s troops were torn apart by daemon blade and fell firepower. The warboss himself was wounded but survived. Much of the army was either sacrificed to the Blood God, while the rest were taken as prisoners by the Chaos Dwarfs, including Gorfang. Very few escaped into the wilderness, including Gorfang's second in command, Urgkash da Stompa. Gorfang and his surviving boyz were marched into the Realm of Fire to the cursed hold of the Chaos Dwarfs, Zharr Haraz. For years, the former warboss slaved away in the quarries of the slave pits beneath the hold alongside his fellow Orruks, as well as slave duardin and humans. All the grots had perished, but Gorfang and most of his orcs endured, plotting and planning for a rebellion. Eventually, they rose against their taskmasters, but it ended in failure. Despite being impaled by an Ironsworn halberd, Gorfang survived. As punishment, the Dawi Zharr began using the slaves as cannon fodder for their armies as they marched across the mortal realms. More orruks perished in battle or grinded to death in the slave pits, but once more, Gorfang endured. Throughout the years, his size and strength grew with each minor victory. He continued to plot for his next rebellion, but he received aid from an unexpected host. After seizing duardin slaves from the Ankor Volghar of the continent of Zarcosia, a mighty throng of the Stormbolt Clan marched into Aqshy and laid siege on Zharr Haraz. While the Chaos Dwarfs attempted to defend their hold, a regiment of Stormbolt Rangers infiltrated the slave pits to free their kin. They attempted to escape using a long-forgotten realmgate concealed during the seizure by the Chaos Dwarfs. However, the portal was too badly damaged as Dawi Zharr reinforcements began flooding the pits. Left with no choice, the Ranger captain freed Gorfang and his Orruks in order to fight off their slavers. Swearing an oath to free the Greenskinz, the orruks were more than eager to seek revenge after decades of enslavement. Using crude tools and smuggled weapons, the orruks turned the tide and slaughtered the fallen duardin. Gorfang himself slew the Castellan of the hold, Rhagrakki Burnfist. With his demise, so too did Zharr Haraz. While the majority of the Stormbolt Clan wished to do away with the Orruks as well, the Ranger captain's oath was fufilled, though with a compromise. Gorfang and his clan would be allowed to sack the hold, but had to leave into the realm of shadows. Zharr Haraz was then raised to the ground, for the taint of chaos had tainted its once proud halls and had to be purged in order to erase the grudge from the clan's Book of Grudges. As for the orruks, they soon banded together to create a new clan. They entered slavery as Greenskinz, but earned their freedom as Ironjawz. They would be known as the Bloodbreaka's, led by the orruk who kept them alive, fought and survived the worst thrown at him at the hands of chaos, Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal. Their quest for vengeance, conquest, and liberation of the mortal realms has begun. ___________ Greetings everyone long-time Warhammer player here since 6th Edition fantasy but I have loved how the game and community has grown since Age of Sigmar began. This is going to be my army blog for my mixed Destruction forces. It will mostly focus on my Ironjawz and Greenskinz, but it will also include Moonclan Grots and hopefully Ogors in the future. In this thread, I will update the progress and construction of my armies, write lore stories surrounding my characters/armies, and battle reports from my matches. Hopefully you all enjoy it and we can share our love for the hobby. --------------- GORFANG DA IMMORTAL From his time as a warboss, to the grueling years of slavery under the Dawi Zharr, Gorfang has emerged from the ashes of those pits a free Orruk, bigger, stronger, and more cunnin' from his trials. He has survived many close calls and grievous wounds in his life: avoiding slaughter at the hands of Khone's worshipers, withstanding the vicious environment of the slave quarries, persisting in the front lines of the Chaos Dwarf armies, as well as the final rebellion that won him his freedom. This has led his followers to refer to him as Da Immortal. Yet, Gorfang is not satisfied. During his years as a slave, the megaboss claims Gorkamorka spoke to him in a dream, telling him to start gathering the downtrodden clans and uniting them into a WAAAGH! to drive out the forces of chaos from the mortal realms. Recalling his time as warboss of the Skullthumpas, Gorfang has revived his practice of adorning his armour with the heads of his fallen foes. Each one tells the story of Gorfang's trials as an Ironjaw. The taskmaster Rhagrakki Burnfist's head sits next to the ogor Turokk The Hairy, whose raiding party was stomped into the ground after they betrayed the Bloodbreaka's while escaping the Realm of Ulgu. The scalp of the Aspiring Deathbringer Kalrak Bloodmarked hangs from the belt of Gorfang after his bloodbound were broken in a vicious battle with the Bloodbreaka's, retribution for their massacre ages ago. And the monster's skull that sits on Gorfang's right shoulder? No one knows what it was, only that Gorfang went on a raid into the Realm of Ghur and returned a week later with the skull intact, along with Urgknash and an army of Skullthumpas.
  2. With Greenskinz most likely getting squatted (or somehow getting a hidden rebox....yea probably not likely) I just thought of some (probably) imbalanced ways to give them a proper orcy allegiance (well it's more like IJ revamp with normal greenskinz being the cheap chaff, but chaff that can pack a punch!). Basically boils down to massive point cuts, buffed bravery, revamped artefacts and traits, magic and prayers. It's not too well thought out, I basically replaced IRONJAW keywords with ORRUK for example. It is probably way more OP than I think it is but this was more of a thought experiment. In memorium of the OG Orcs, I mean come on how can you look at this art and not feel bad the old orcs are going the way of the old gobbos! The Orruk Waaagh’s of Gorkamorka (Faction Keyword: Orruk Waaagh) Made up of Greenskinz and Ironjawz Allegiance Abilities Command Traits Orruk Traits (so both greenskinz and ironjawz) Ironjaw Traits Orruk Artefacts Shaman Artefacts (Wizards only) Ironjaw Artefacts Lore of the Big Waaagh! Prayers of the Waaagh! (All Prayers last until the start of your next HERO Phase) Points Misc Rules Terrain Haven't really thought of endless spells yet. I guess the Foot of Gork can become a proper ES.
  3. So, here's the thing... We've been playing AoS for a good 14 months now, mostly Order, Chaos and Death armies. With Gloomspite Gitz wetting the appetite, we took the plunge and after a few purchases over the last 2 weeks, rustled up a Destruction mix of Gloomspite with Greenskinz allies, . First off, they look great. But then Orcses and gobbos always did look great. They are the mainstay of fantasy armies regardless of rules, and they've been the staple of Warhammer back from the days of lead bases (I used to have a few of those myself). The new models look amazing, and up to this weekend, I was looking forward to spending a hefty whack of cash on shrines, battletomes and fanatics etc. Until I started playing battles with them, that is. Because - and yes this is a little controversial - the battleline for Gloomspite and Greenskinz suck. And they suck big. The battleforce we have is simple, but it's 1000 points there or thereabouts (and yes, we've gone over on allies before you ask - so it's for a mixed narrative): 40 moonclan grots (20 bows, 20 stabbas), 1 xMoonclan shaman, 1xAleguzzler gargant, 10 orruks, 5 boarboys, 1 orruk chariot, 2 x warboss Not a rubbish army - a little vanilla, but that's 2 weeks of collecting for you. Still, you'd expect them to compete against other armies just a little, wouldn't you? Nope. Not even close. In the first battle against a Legion of Nagash army - they were wiped out. Utterly. First time I've seen every model destroyed by turn 4. In reply, Nagash lost a unit of Glaivewraiths... and that's it. In the second battle, the combined firepower of Kharadron and Freeguild destroyed all the grots by turn 2 (those who didn't die, ran away), and half the greenskinz army. In the end, the result was a little more respectable than against Death - almost wiped out, but doing hefty damage to 2 Arkanaut companies. In the third battle, against Sylvaneth, and one where the strategy was much refined and dice rolls not so catastrophic, it became clear to me that: a) shootas are a pointless waste of plastic and points, even if they look nice b) stabbas are ok against armies with naff-all saving and big enough units to get 'em all in against... but otherwise see a) c) boarboys are fast at getting into battle and being slaughtered d) ditto for the warboss if he thinks it is a good thing to follow his boarboyz into battle e) gargants are... well, they ok if they getz der kickz in first! After that, they're prone to being chopped down by anyone almost as big as them. f) chariots are only good if they get to charge in again and again to get that D3 damage over and over. But they rarely get that chance g) the shaman is a half decent model as long as you stick him on a balewind vortex. He can do plenty of damage for his points, and is much better than any grot or orruk unit for less points (And breathe...) It's such a shame too, because I was looking forward to expanding the army, but really I find them rubbish and I don't know why GW have turned them into the weakling allegiance of the four. I'm sure Gutbusters, Ironjawz etc have better synergies etc and buffers than the above, but other than spending sh1tloads of money on them, I can't see Destruction battleline being anything other than cannon fodder. While mentioning Stormcast here is like soiling another persons underwear, point for point, and pound for pound, their battleline are massively better value than anything green. It's such a shame that GW wouldn't do something more for them, maybe have the option for flaming arrows for shootas or something cos 5 to wound is pants (especially for 16" range, and only 4+ to hit if they haven't taken any damage which they will have from any other ranged units). Likewise the orruks who - considering their brute strength - seem unable to make much rend or a decent wound on the enemy. Not gobbo-bad, but compared to almost every other allegiance battleline, pretty rubbish for the points. But I'm here not (just) to moan, and I'm not ready to give up on destruction completely. I'm here to ask for advice... Beyond buying an army of troggoths etc is there anything good that I'm missing here? I'm hoping the battletome will help, but unless they have better shooting buffs for the shootas, some kind of grenade launchers for the stabbas, and a points reduction on all, I can't see how. Balance is one thing. How an army looks is another, and my Destruction army looks nice on the shelf. It's just a pity I won't be bringing them out much on the battlefield without being laughed at... unless I can be persuaded by the good green folk of this forum they are worth playing with, or GW does the good thing and improve their stats/or reduce their points... 🤢
  4. Hey all, Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the Rogue Idol on the GW Official Base Size PDF. I see it comes with a 170mm x 105mm oval base on the Forgeworld website, so should this be taken as official? 160mm round seemed like the natural choice to me. Does anyone have any inkling on what the "official" size should be? Cheers all
  5. Hello fellow Destruction fans! I recently came back to my once favorite hobby of miniature gaming, after not painting a single model or playing a game in about 7 years. Yeah, I know - a long time! Like the first real bite of enthusiasm to this noble pastime, the inspiration to pick up the brush again came in the form of a computer game. Back then it was the original Dawn of War, now it was Total War: Warhammer. GW really knows the power of licensing. Anyway, I used to play a pretty basic Orcs & Goblins army, so naturally that's where I picked things up again. Unfortunately, no matter how much I dug into the closets I just couldn't find my "metals box", a small wooden box that held all my painted metal miniatures. This means I started the hobby anew with no leaders and no war machines, but with a bunch of rank and file soldiers made of trusty plastic. Digging deeper, I did recover some unpainted metallic models, so all I had to do is purchase some more models and my army was ready to play. I had the first Vanguard game two weeks ago, with the following list. Orc Warboss on Boar Black Orc Big Boss Orc Boar Chariot 10 boyz with shields 10 boyz with two choppas 5 grot wolf riders 20 night goblins with spears (no fanatics because I found 2 of them only later) 2 speak chukkas The game was against Khorne Bloodbound and naturally, after making pretty much every mistake I could, I lost the game only in 4 rounds, losing every single mini on the board. Which - to be honest - was the result I was pretty much expecting, so no bad blood there. After the game I've made some more purchases, painted and converted some more models and here are a few of them to show for now. Next game is this sunday. We will be playing with the original GHB because we both wanted some more time to dig into GHB2017 before playing a game using it, so my list for the game (another Vanguard match) will be: Orruk Warboss on Boar (see I'm learning the new names) Black Orc Big Boss Moonclan Grot Shaman 20 Moonclan Grots with spears (this time with 2 fanatics, 3 netters and all the other bells and whistles) 10 Orruks with Twin Choppas 2 Grot Spear Chukkas 1 Aleguzzler Gargant The gargant I bought ready painted from a friend of mine who had been sitting it in the shelf for 10 years (he never managed to get his O&G army in a playable state). I'll see how the game goes, but my plans are to field a full 40 strong unit of Orruks with the new GHB, but not sure how I will fill out the rest of the battleline yet. I also bought a used wyvern boss which is currently sitting in paint remover. In the shelf there is also the starters of an Ironjawz army, but to be honest I'd like to get my classic O&G army to at least 1500 painted points before going for the Ironjawz - maybe except a unit of Brutes to mix in. My biggest beefs with the Ironjawz is that I don't like either the Megaboss or the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha models that much. Might be the Ironjawz will always be only sidekicks and allies in my army - unless GW releases some prettier generals for them. That's all for now. Sorry for the wall of text! Will be taking more shots of the models as they are completed/rebased/retouched for the new rise of my Warhammer gaming. Let the WAAAGH! go on!
  6. Edit: Now there are complete allegiance abilities for all things green. Check out this post further down. That being said, the original Greenskinz allegiance abilities are also around for those who want to peruse those. Hi fellas, So I enjoy coming up with rules in my free time, and have particular love for the old world factions that have wallowed a bit in the muck for a while. I wrote some Free Peoples allegiance abilities a while ago that I never quite fully got out to the public (Apart from the battle trait part), in large part due to the work involved in 'prettyfying' them up. So I've taken a different approach, in a more mundane and boring document without all the prettiness that comes with official GW documents. So anyway, my most recent finished work is on the Greenskinz! I think it's a super shame that Destruction didn't get more allegiance abilities in the GHB2017, I think there are certainly a few candidate factions that easily have enough depth to have their own allegiance abilities. Hopefully that means they're coming soon! But for now, I've tackled the Greenskinz. This mainly is because I have an old 8th edition army that never really saw much play, and I loved the old 'Orcs and Goblins' look. Not Savage Orruks and Moonclan Grots, or Spiderfang Grots, but plain old Orruks and Grots. They never really took off for me, and certainly, I have thought about selling the army, but for some reason... every week I open up Warscroll Builder and write up some Greenskinz lists. Anyway, enough fluff. In the link below you'll find completely untested and 100% fanmade allegiance abilities and warscroll battalions for the Greenskinz. You'll find battle traits for clobbering your enemies, command traits to bulk up your Warboss, magical artefacts to help slay your foes, spells to make your enemies brains burst open with the power of the waaagh, and some warscroll battalions to make the greenskinz even tougher and meaner than before. Overall, please use them if you enjoy them. Feedback is 100% appreciated. Most numbers are pulled out of thin air (or similar warscrolls if I found them). The descriptions will likely be ******, English and creative writing were certainly not my favourite subjects at school. It is unlikely that I'll get to playtest them anytime soon, but who knows, maybe Greenskinz are on my painting horizon. Enough prattling, here's the link, go check it out and look forward to more homemade allegiance rules in future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NFxA98rO0g2xPS08y1f1BCHcWwGAj-a5HvlBeDo-gkY/edit?usp=sharing
  7. This blog by request, we'll be covering Stoneklaw's Gutstompas, an allegiance ability available in the Firestorm book. This isn't too undercover of a choice, it's popped up in the AOS 6 Nations tournament and it's gaining traction, so now would be the perfect time to hammer out a write up. Why Gutstompa's? So this allegiance's requirements are a lot less stringent than all the others. It basically allows all of the old warhammer fantasy Orks and Goblins, as well as the new Ironjawz and the Giant mixed in. So if you happened to build a Spiderfang army when the skirmish box came out, bought a lot of the Greenskinz Start Collecting or are jumping on the Moonclan HYPETRAIN and need something to transtition into once they nerf you into the floor, here is the place to be. Let's see what it offers. Confusion. What on earth are these strategems? What do they mean? Well think of these as two randomized allegiance abilities for your army (You had none beforehand and this costs nothing, so random is hardly a downside) that you roll for before each game. Here's a list of the stratagems. Some of these aren't amazing, and that's fair. Some of these are completely insane. ESPECIALLY considering the one that gives you a free unit back doesn't cost reinforcement points like it did when this was written. But how best to make a list that makes adequate use of these traits while not being directly tailored to them to compensate for randomosity? Let's take a swing. Allegiance: Stoneklaw's Gutstompas Leaders Orruk Warboss (140) - Great Waaagh Banner Grot Warboss (100) - Git Cuttas Arachnarok Spider With Grot Shaman (280) - General - Trait: Bellowing Tyrant Battleline 40 x Orruks (280) - Pair of Choppas 40 x Orruks (280) - Pair of Choppas 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Stabbas & Moon Shields Units 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) 5 x Grot Spider Riders (100) War Machines Grot Spear Chukka (120) Grot Spear Chukka (120) Total: 1980 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 208 Ok so I definitely went in with the Moonclan combo where you double the damage of a Moonclan unit, because it's good and I'd be a fool not to. Backing that up are two max size units of Orruks to form a decent shield wall while the spider riders and their Arachnarok swarm objectives and push elite infantry off them with their mortal wound output. The three characters synergize well with the unit options taken, and the two artillery choices are great at taking out enemy heroes (great for Duality of Death). Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see next.
  8. Hello, Newbie from Washington state, just jumped into AoS with some Greenskinz. Hope to meet fellow Washingtonians and other Greenskinz players, cheers!
  9. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  10. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  11. So I was reading the July White Dwarf, and came across the section about the artwork of the Orruks. What struck me immediately, was how awesome the artwork was for the 6th edition Orcs and Goblins army book. You've got this big slab of Orc standing there, not armoured to the bone, but with a decent amount of metal and furs and the like. And in some ways, it got me a little inspired about the Greenskinz. At some point during 8th edition I aquired a whole bunch of Orcs, intending to run big blocks of Big 'Uns, Arrow Boyz and Black Orcs with a few regular Goblins stuff on the side, you know, a true Orc and Goblin army (Rather than the Savage Orcs or Night Goblin stuff running around). While I did end up with 2000 points assembled, it never really took off and has remained in their boxes/case ever since (and certainly high on my chopping list). But I do love thinking about what could be done for the Greenskinz. How to turn them into the shame of the Orruks they are now, and into a Green force to be reckoned with. How best to represent these guys in Age of Sigmar So here are my thoughts on the subject: Up the wounds: Greenskinz currently don't feel like proper Orruks (and are overpointed), because compared to all the other Orruks in the game, they're lacking a wound. Simple fix, give every warscroll an extra wound in the Greenskinz list. Bring back Rugluds Armoured Orcs: Traditionally, Orruks aren't very shooty, with the best weapon they've bought to the shooting game being an inaccurate bow. Putting aside the Savage Orruk Arrow Boys, and their poor rules (They should probably just have 1 attack base with their bows), I think it's a direction they shouldn't be afraid to take Greenskinz. You certainly don't want them to be too shooty (no doubling attacks or mortal wounds plz), but you want it as a supplementary force. I actually think they've already got that in Orruk Arrow Boyz (Which should be again, separated from the Orruk Boyz scroll for battalion purposes), and in fact, Rugluds Armoured Orcs. A perfectly serviceable unit made up of Crossbow wielding Orruks, let down by being overcosted. I think if they took the scroll and just renamed it Orruk Crossbow Boyz you've got a fine new unit in the list. Return of the Big 'Uns: Since the Black Orcs have departed for better pastures, Greenskinz don't have a more 'elite' unit now. Bonesplitterz have their Morboyz, Ironjawz have Brutes, but Greenskinz just have plain old Orruks. These fellas will be the biggest Orruks of the lot, should all have heavy armour and essentially come down to being your regular elite infantry. What I would like to see is some kind've synergistic rule on these guys, maybe similar to the Chaos Chosen's Slaughterleaders rule, where if the Big 'Uns do damage, they inspire the others around them. This would pretty much require a new kit, as I don't think you can make easily identifiable Big Un's from the Orruk Boyz kit. More Heroes: Obviously factions need more heroes, if only to give more options about how you design your list and who leads it. I think to start, should split out the more interesting options from the Orruk Warboss scroll. The Standard Bearer should be split into it's own scroll. I think it's actually a shame GW hasn't already done this all over the place, it leads to weird designs where units get to do multiple roles (Standard Bonus + Command Ability + Just as good at fighting). The next thing, is I think you want some mid-tier Orruk hero. Some kind've bully or big boss that sits below a Warboss, but gives you some synergy in the army. I think a great idea, is actually to steal some of the Black Orc Big Boss rules. Instead of his command ability, just make a similar regular ability where if a unit of Greenskinz fails a battleshock, you can deal a mortal wound to the unit to re-roll it. Great and thematic for the Orruks as you've got a bigger Orruk restoring order by punching some guys. New Boar Chariot: It's a bit of a shame, as I think for the most part it's still serviceable apart from the Boars. Maybe all you need to do is print a new Boar sprue to replace the old one, but it needs a bit of a refresher. Perhaps you can print an additional sprue for it that includes a Warboss or Great Shaman to ride around on the Chariot, but I feel that it may encroach on Brayherd territory too much to have the bosses riding Chariots. Bring back Animosity: I recently made a post about changing the GA: Destruction allegiance ability to be more animosity like. And perhaps, it wouldn't be great for Destruction as a whole, but I think for Greenskinz it'd add a load of character. I think if you made the rewards good enough, it'd still be alright. But then again, I never really played with Animosity, so I don't know how bad it really is. But I think if you had something like : At the start of your hero phase, roll a D6 for each GREENSKINZ unit not in combat. On a roll of 1, they may do nothing further this turn. On a roll of 2-5, it may move as if it were the movement phase. On a roll of 6, it may move as if it were the movement phase, shoot as if it were the shooting phase, or charge as if it were the charge phase. If a unit completes a charge, they may immediately pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. You could have a another rule as part of the allegiance that any unit within X" of a HERO can re-roll animosity checks to reduce the impact slightly. I think it could be an interesting ability. Battalion Warscrolls: Obviously, any good faction is going to have about a dozen of these. I think the introduction of an Elite unit and an extra Boss though would add some interesting concepts that are available. Some examples off the top of my head: Big Boss + Big Un's - Restoring order style battalion. The Big 'Uns become immune to battleshock, and can pass on the Big Boss's Restoring Order rule as well. Boars + Chariots - Boar stampede battalion, benefits on the charge. Orruk Shaman + Arrow Boyz + Crossbow Boyz - Wyrd energy, where the Orruk Shaman infuses the Arrows/Bolts with Waagh magic. Some bonus as long as the Shaman is alive. Plenty of other options as well I reckon. Maybe something that boosts Wyverns if you take 3 of them. Or a more regiments Orruk Boyz + Other units style. Lots that can be done. So at the end of all this, what would the Greenskinz faction have Heroes(5): Orruk Warboss on Wyvern, Orruk Warboss (on Boar), Orruk Battle Standard (on Boar), Orruk Great Shaman (on Boar), Orruk Big Boss Units(6): Orruk Boyz, Orruk Arrow Boyz, Orruk Crossbow Boyz, Big 'Uns, Orruk Boar Boyz, Orruk Boar Chariots Not a bad sized faction. And something that could be solved with a few extra sprues and units.
  12. Groje

    Greenskinz mob

    © Groje

  13. Groje

    Orruk Boar-Chariot

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