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Da Bloodbreaka Clan

Gorks Pokin' Finger

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Breaking the Chains

Long ago, in Age of Chaos, the Skullthumpas were a prominent Orruk tribe that terrorized the mortal realms. Led by their brutal but cunning Warboss, Gorfang, the clan claimed victories against all they came across. They sacked the impenetrable Dwarf Hold of Karaz Zulfin, brought down Warlord Korkid Da Mighty and his IronSkullz boyz, defeated the Unending Tide of Skaven and Lord Zheed in the burrows of the Forgotten City, put the horse nation of Parravin to the torch, and slayed Daemonlord Thzadrith, a champion of Khorne. While Archaon’s forces spread their presence across the realm, the Skullthumpas continued to persevere against the legions of the Dark Gods. There were so many dead enemies that the Orruks would not have to resort to eating their Grot companions. Although, this did not completely stop the Ogre chefs from whooping up Grot Stew for da boyz.

Alas, the Skullthumpas would eventually meet a grisly end at the hands of Chaos. A combined host of Khorne and the Legion of Azgorh ambushed the clan in the Valley of Hargth. The weavers claimed the valley was created when a massive stone-gargant fell from the skies to his death on this spot, littering the ground with large rocks and crags, perfect for taking an enemy by surprise. Despite their fury, Gorfang’s troops were torn apart by daemon blade and fell firepower. The warboss himself was wounded but survived. Much of the army was either sacrificed to the Blood God, while the rest were taken as prisoners by the Chaos Dwarfs, including Gorfang. Very few escaped into the wilderness, including Gorfang's second in command, Urgkash da Stompa. 

Gorfang and his surviving boyz were marched into the Realm of Fire to the cursed hold of the Chaos Dwarfs, Zharr Haraz. For years, the former warboss slaved away in the quarries of the slave pits beneath the hold alongside his fellow Orruks, as well as slave duardin and humans. All the grots had perished, but Gorfang and most of his orcs endured, plotting and planning for a rebellion. Eventually, they rose against their taskmasters, but it ended in failure. Despite being impaled by an Ironsworn halberd, Gorfang survived. As punishment, the Dawi Zharr began using the slaves as cannon fodder for their armies as they marched across the mortal realms. More orruks perished in battle or grinded to death in the slave pits, but once more, Gorfang endured. Throughout the years, his size and strength grew with each minor victory. He continued to plot for his next rebellion, but he received aid from an unexpected host.

After seizing duardin slaves from the Ankor Volghar of the continent of Zarcosia, a mighty throng of the Stormbolt Clan marched into Aqshy and laid siege on Zharr Haraz. While the Chaos Dwarfs attempted to defend their hold, a regiment of Stormbolt Rangers infiltrated the slave pits to free their kin. They attempted to escape using a long-forgotten realmgate concealed during the seizure by the Chaos Dwarfs. However, the portal was too badly damaged as Dawi Zharr reinforcements began flooding the pits. Left with no choice, the Ranger captain freed Gorfang and his Orruks in order to fight off their slavers. Swearing an oath to free the Greenskinz, the orruks were more than eager to seek revenge after decades of enslavement. Using crude tools and smuggled weapons, the orruks turned the tide and slaughtered the fallen duardin. Gorfang himself slew the Castellan of the hold, Rhagrakki Burnfist. With his demise, so too did Zharr Haraz. While the majority of the Stormbolt Clan wished to do away with the Orruks as well, the Ranger captain's oath was fufilled, though with a compromise. Gorfang and his clan would be allowed to sack the hold, but had to leave into the realm of shadows. Zharr Haraz was then raised to the ground, for the taint of chaos had tainted its once proud halls and had to be purged in order to erase the grudge from the clan's Book of Grudges. 

As for the orruks, they soon banded together to create a new clan. They entered slavery as Greenskinz, but earned their freedom as Ironjawz. They would be known as the Bloodbreaka's, led by the orruk who kept them alive, fought and survived the worst thrown at him at the hands of chaos, Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal. Their quest for vengeance, conquest, and liberation of the mortal realms has begun.


Greetings everyone

long-time Warhammer player here since 6th Edition fantasy but I have loved how the game and community has grown since Age of Sigmar began. This is going to be my army blog for my mixed Destruction forces. It will mostly focus on my Ironjawz and Greenskinz, but it will also include Moonclan Grots and hopefully Ogors in the future. In this thread, I will update the progress and construction of my armies, write lore stories surrounding my characters/armies, and battle reports from my matches. Hopefully you all enjoy it and we can share our love for the hobby.



From his time as a warboss, to the grueling years of slavery under the Dawi Zharr, Gorfang has emerged from the ashes of those pits a free Orruk, bigger, stronger, and more cunnin' from his trials. He has survived many close calls and grievous wounds in his life: avoiding slaughter at the hands of Khone's worshipers, withstanding the vicious environment of the slave quarries, persisting in the front lines of the Chaos Dwarf armies, as well as the final rebellion that won him his freedom. This has led his followers to refer to him as Da Immortal. Yet, Gorfang is not satisfied. During his years as a slave, the megaboss claims Gorkamorka spoke to him in a dream, telling him to start gathering the downtrodden clans and uniting them into a WAAAGH! to drive out the forces of chaos from the mortal realms. Recalling his time as warboss of the Skullthumpas, Gorfang has revived his practice of adorning his armour with the heads of his fallen foes. Each one tells the story of Gorfang's trials as an Ironjaw. The taskmaster Rhagrakki Burnfist's head sits next to the ogor Turokk The Hairy, whose raiding party was stomped into the ground after they betrayed the Bloodbreaka's while escaping the Realm of Ulgu. The scalp of the Aspiring Deathbringer Kalrak Bloodmarked hangs from the belt of Gorfang after his bloodbound were broken in a vicious battle with the Bloodbreaka's, retribution for their massacre ages ago. And the monster's skull that sits on Gorfang's right shoulder? No one knows what it was, only that Gorfang went on a raid into the Realm of Ghur and returned a week later with the skull intact, along with Urgknash and an army of Skullthumpas. 





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Rumble and Thunder - 1k vs Stormcast (Take and Hold) - Major Victory 

With the help (and bretrayal) of Turokk's Raiders, the Bloodbreakas were able to escape the Realm of Ulgu and emerged in the Ream of Ghur. Shortly after setting camp on a cliff overlooking plains as far as the eye could see, Gorfang, Jazood, along with an Ironfist, made their first foray into what they would learn was the continent of Zarcosia. It did not take long for them to find battle drawn. Or, at least, discover the remnants of one. The rotting forces of Nurgle has been destroyed by an unknown assailant. These were mighty warriors if they were able to handle the blighted lord's forces. The Orruks looked puzzled to see the earth scorched in many places, as if lightning had struck many times. While adventuring in the realm of shadows, the loca Night Slasha clan had told them of strange lightning warriors who descended from the sky who fought for the humid king sigmar. If the stories were true, then Gorfang and his boyz were in for a real fight. 


It did not take long to track them down as Gore Grunta scouts discovered their location. Sigmar's Warriors were encamped in the outskirts of a nearby city in the Barren Plains. The Warrior Chamber appeared to be preparing for their next strike. Clearly, there were more Nurgle forces in the area. The Orruks could smell it as well. The air was thick with decay the closer they got to the city. 

Gorfang surveyed the scene from behind a  cliff. These lighting warriors donned heavy, golden armour, with great hammer that seemed could shatter an Orc's skull. Some had wings and appeared to fly, others bows, while one creepy looking bulk of metal wielded a tall totem of some kind with a dead humie in it. What drew Gorfang's attention were the two warriors at the front of the plannin' tent where they had organized their council. One wielded a mighty sword and blade, and had an unusually bright cape. The other, the leader, sat atop an alien beast Gorfang had never encountered before. It had a sleek head like a dragon, thick and muscular than some of the Gore-Gruntas he encountered. The megaboss' eyes brightened up.


"I wants me dat skull!" said Gorfang. "Which one boss?" jutted in Brute Boss Zodgrob Facecrumpah. "Da metal humie or da dragon fingy?" 

"Either'll do nicely. I haz plenty o room fer both of 'em."

"Dey looks big n tough. Right propa scrap we mights have."

"Aye," replied Gorfang. "Dem thunder boys is planin' for another go at da green spikey boyz. Let's see if all dat hubab da Night Slashas wuz sayin' is true." 

"Iz interested as well boss," agreed Zodgrob. "I haven't had a propa fight in a day. Da winged gits 'er mine though." 

"They're yours and your Brutes. Leave their bosses at me!" 

In moments, the screaming Bloodbreakas stormed across the plains. Their energy and thirst for battle carried them hastily towards the Stormcast camp. The Stormcasts were caught off-guard as they expected a Nurgle attack from their front, not the rear by an unlikely adversary. The Hammers of Sigmar barely assembled their front line in time at the city limits. Their judicators were able to get off only one volley before the Ironjawz fell on them with a speed unsuspecting of the hulking Orruks. Their crushing bulk of bodies broke through the thin stormcast line and the battle soon became as laughter. Overwhelmed and overpowered, the battle was quick and bloody as Sigmar's Warriors fell to the choppas of the Bloodbreakas.


Their aggression and brutality overwhelmed the skill and discipline of their adversaries. The judicators and their loyal gryph-hounds were overrun by the Gore-Gruntas while Zodgrob and his Brutes plucked the  winged warriors out of the sky and finished them off with choppa and basha alike. Recognizing the battle was nearly lost, Lord Celistant Burwin Hammersworn attempted to bring down the head of the Ironjawz, hoping that his death would spark a mass panic. Gorfang, however, made sure that his opponent clearly saw him. He then gestured in a taunting way, pounding his chest with his fist, before spitting his tongue out as an insult. Hammersworn seemed to be angered by this as he urged his mount to charge and rundown the megaboss. Gorfang dodged the dracoth's bite and claw attacks, and as Hammersworn came down with his great weapon, Gorfang met the shaft with his shaft to parry the blow. In one motion, he pulled the other way, disarming the off-balanced lord, and in one swipe with his choppa, cleaved both rider and drake in two. Both were dead before their pieces hit the ground.


The Stormcasts' second wave was quickly overrun by the rampaging Ironjawz. The Brutes crashed like a wave onto the shield walls of the Liberators and broke their lines. Those defenders soon met the same fate as their brothers before them, hacked to death by the unrelenting drive of the Orruks. Celistant Aldrus the Shimmering suffered a similar fate as his predecessor and was butchered by the megaboss.


As the rest of the warrior chamber fell, Gorfang stormed over to the barricades and seized the creepy skull looking thunder git, stared him in the eyes, and said "You lighting boyz ain't so tough. Where da 'ell are da rest of ya lads? Dis ain't a big army." "The Lord Relictor coughed and responded, "Foolish orc! There is a Nurgle host lurking on the other side of this city! We were waiting for reinforcements to vanquish them from this land. Now you have-" Gorfang cut him off. "Come at da right time for a propa scrap. Tell da rest of ya thunda boyz dat all dis 'ere belongs to Da Bloodbreakas. If ya wants another scrap, you knowz where to finds us!" With that, Gorfang drove his Rip-tooth Fist through the Lord-Relictor's face. Shortly after, beams of white lightning shot up to the sky as the fallen Stormcasts returned to Azyr to be reforged. This day belonged to the Bloodbreakas, but Gorfang was not pleased.

As Zodgrob finised scratching the ground where the fallen Prosecutors had been zapped and carried into the sky, he left his confusion behind to confer with Gorfang. 

"Bah! These lightning lads ain't dat tough. Those flyin' gits dropped faster than those grits wif wings. We broke them so bad they went back to da sky. Strange they didn't leave nothin' behind..." he looked over where the judicators used to be before continuing..."well, except for those lot there. Guess even da gruntas can eat that special metal. That'll make some. Ice choppy weapons. Hey boss, didn't that last one say somefin' bout those smelly spikes boyz nearby?" 

Gorfang breathed a deep breath as he scooped dirt from the ground where the Lord Celistant Hammersworn used to be. Despite being ripped in two, him and his dracoth were returned to Azyr to await a lengthy reforging. But Gorfang didn't care. All he cared about at that moment was the skull he was robbed of from his victory. He squeezed his hand around the dirt until it exploded into dust. He could feel the fleeting essence of the stormcast fade away. He knew he had to fight these lightning warriors again, for there was a power they had not encounters yet. 

"Well den, guess we'ze best check out dem plague boyz Zodgrob,  because SOMEONE'S GONNA OWES ME THEIR SKULL! Dis is our land now. No spikey gits or thunder boyz is gonna stop us." He then turned to the rest of his vanguard. "Oi ya lousy gits! Ya bashed these humies good. Now da real fight is comin'! Let's give dem rotting balls of dung a good smashing. They'ze tough and green, but weze da best kind of green! Now let's gets some skulls and show dem whose da best!" With that, the Bloodbreaka's broke out into a loud cheer and began to move north toward the gathering green clouds on the north side of the city. 


This was my first official match with my Ironjawz. I had an idea what they could do from reading and watching battle reports, as well as reading about them here. But dam, seeing what they can do in person...I did not expect them to be this killy. I felt bad however because my opponent is someone new to the game and I had no idea. My store manager just set us up because we wanted to play. Obviously his deployment and troop selection could be better, but I got the double turn from 1 to 2 and that effectively decided the match after I wiped out his first line of troops, including his General on Dracoth. I should have attacked first with my megaboss instead of the brutes on the prosecutors, so i was a bit lucky his lord celistant on dracoth could not would my megaboss at all. I certainly would not make that mistake again and proceeded to end the celistant's life. 

Few things I learned
-Ironjaws are REALLY fast with the Ironfist-Ramgaging Destroyer combo
-Brutes are brutally good but balanced. I am fine with their average leadership. As elite Orruks, they should be super killy but susceptible to bravery, kind of like how Greenskins were in Fantasy.
-I already have 30 Ardboyz (10 plastic, 20 metal Black Orcs) and yet I want more! These guys are my favorite unit in all of Warhammer and I am so happy to see how vital and good they are for the Ironjawz and Destruction armies. They can serve as a dependable chaff unit, tie someone up, or overpower basic infantry. 
-Finally saw why Gore-Gruntas get the bad rap they do. They struggled to finish off the judicators and gryph-hounds. Still, they are a fun unit to use and they definitely have a role in an Ironjawz army (just nothing more than 1-2 units of three with choppas)
-Warchanter = awesome. Makes any unit dependable. Definitely getting a second.
-Megaboss was simply awesome. Definitely a force onto his own

I will have more this week from three matches I played during a tournament on Saturday. I will leave you with a bit of lore on Gorfang's second in command...




Before the Bloodbreakas, Zodgrob only knew slavery. Whatever his early life was, it has disappeared from his memory. Only the quarry he remembers and the years he spent clawing away at the rocks with a special claw tool to help him acquire resources for the Dawi Zharr. Despite the inescapable threat of death every day, Zodgrob always managed an uplifting attitude which helped push his fellow Orruks through hellish work and conditions. It also seemed he was enjoying his work at times, or at least working over-enthusiastically for slave labor. The easy answer for this is that Zodgrob was too dumb to realize a horrible situation even if it shot him in the eye...which is exactly what happened during the first failed rebellion. Perhaps the bullet jarred his brain or the Orruk wizened up. Either case, Zodgrob became grittier and meaner, traits an Orruk needed to survive slavery under the Chaos Dwarfs. When the Duardin of the Ankor Volghar freed them to fight, Zodgrob was one of the first Orruks to take up arms behind Gorfang and bring about the end of their former masters. 

Yet it was in the Realm of Ulgu where Zodgrob earned his title as the Brute Boss of the Bloodbreakas. During their time in the shadowlands, the Orruks encountered sneaky adversaries like the Skaven and Aelfs. Battles lasted only moments as both adversaries applied hit and run tactics rather than take the Orruks in a straight on fight. Despite the frustrating battles, Zodgrob was able to help keep the rowdy group of destruction in order with his attitude, but mainly because he was respectfully feared.. In fact, Zodgrob successfully threatened an ogor of Turokk's that he would rename his basha, from StuntieSmasha, to The Ogor Mangler, if he did not stay in line. Both Gorfang and Turokkk were impressed. Then, one night, assassins invaded the Bloodbreaka camp in clouds. They attempted to kill the leaders of the clan, including Zodgrob. However, the Brute was able to defeat his adversary by snatching him in his claw before the assassin's blade could reach his bleeding spots. He did this again, only this time, saving Gorfang in the process. Both Orruks soon discovered strange gold in the assassins pockets. This gold could only belong to one group: Turokk and his raiders. After dispatching with the traitors and leaving the realm of Ulgu for the realm of Ghur, Zodgrob was given the title of Brute Boss and second in command of the Bloodbreaka's. 

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1k vs Nurgle - Major Loss (3PoP)

An hour later, after dispatching the Stormcasts, Da Bloodbreakas approached the center of the city landscape. Gorfang da Immortal was still irked about the loss of his victory skull when the thunder warrior he had slain had returned to the heavens. Yet the offer of a bigger battle, especially against the forces of chaos, was pushing him forward. The Orruks, donned in their dark red slabs of armour, beaten by hand with materials from Zharr-Haraz, as well as the excrements from the Gore-Gruntas, crossed the ruined streets, block by block, to engage the forces of Nurgle. It wasn't hard. They were on the other side of the city as the creepy skull git told Gorfang. They could tell because the scent of rot and pus grew stronger. By the time they had reached the city' central square, they had discovered the source. Nurgle's minions were already assembling around three places of power. The Warchanter Jazood could sense great power emanating from the left and right craters in the plaza. Yet Gorfang could tell the center structure, a ruined temple, was the primary source that Nurgle's forces desired. 

Across the plaza stood the diseased rank and file troops of the Great Unclean One. The demon was intimidatingly huge, pus bubbles popping without force, and revolting grime sliding it's way down its folds. Behind him a great sorcerer lie in wait, using the demon as cover for protection. At his feet, nurgle's chosen, the Putrid Blight Kings, assembled around their god's daemon champion.  Beside them were a horde of plaguebearers, along with mortal followers on the far flank.

"Oi! Jazood!" barked the megaboss. "You take yer ardboyz an' da Brutes and take care of da blob." 

Jazood seemed unsure of the orders. "He looks pretty killy boss. Don't fink da Ardboyz'll chop it up enough." 

"Dat ain't da point," replied Gorfang. "They iz dere to fight. Youze takin' dat crater dere. Get da boyz goin' an' smack dat fing around. Da boyz is looking fer a real fight."

"Dat dey are boss-" Jazood stopped instantly, unflinching for moments. Then, his fingers twitched, followed by his arms, which he started to move up and down, and in the blink of an eye, the Warchanter sprinted to gather his troops, flailing his arms in a synchronized rhythm: the beat and energy of Gork and Mork.  

Gorfang then went over to organize his center position, with himself along with Zodgrob, his Brutes, and the Gore-Gruntas. 


The battle began as the Bloodbreaka's surged forward to claim the positions of power on the left and the center. Nurgle's forces wanted these places for a reason, but the Orruks didn't care. So long as they had them, that would agitate the rotting warriors to come quickly to them. Gorfang's cunnin' plan seemed to work initially, as Nurgle's forces stumbled forward. The right flank seemed too eager to go forward as the Chaos Warriors and chariot progressed too far. With that, Gorfang roared, "WAAAAGH!!" and the rest of the Bloodbreakas surged forward. Zodgrob's boyz crashed into the shield wall of the Chaos Warriors and ripped them apart. The Gore-Gruntas rode past the chariot and rammed into the flank of the Slaves to Darkness. Screams and grunts were all these twisted humans could breath before the Orruks tore them apart limb from limb. Meanwhile, Jazood positioned himself inside the left crate, and began drumming the air, riling up the Ardboyz to charge forward into the Great Unclean One. As terrifying and deadly it might have been, it was still flesh and blood, which was good enough for the Ardboyz who wanted to prove themselves to their Ironjawz brethren. The Brutes, meanwhile, charged headfirst into the Blight Kings. As for Gorfang, he left the ruined temple and charged straight into the horde of Plaguebearers. Consisting of the bulk of Nurgle's forces, he felt breaking the center line would crumble Nurgle's army. But despite the megaboss' might and ferocity, the resistant plaguebearers were not easy to kill. Many fell with every stroke, but some regenerated wounds or limbs, while some even returned from death. Outnumbered heavily, they tried to crush Gorfang with their weight in numbers and rusty weapons poking at the hulking Orruk. Gorfang threw aside those who tried to climb on top or stab him in the sensative areas, but the megaboss held his ground and begann to grind down the horde. For a moment, he glanced the battlefield. To his right, Zodgrob and the Gore-Gruntas managed to finish off the Slaves to Darkness. The Warriors were all dead while the Chariot Champion was pulled from his seat and the steeds gored by the sword-like teeth of the Gruntas. The same could not be said for the left flank. Jazood's forces were overrun by the Great Unclean One and his personal Blight Kings. The Brutes were forced to retreat, scared off after seeing the Blight Kings overpower their own. One Orruk was even turned into a rotting puddle of puss after being blasted by a spell by the sorcerer hiding in the distance. As for the Ardboyz, they fought hard against the Great Unclean One, but the greater daemon's wounds seemed to heal faster than the Orruks could deliver them. Eventually, they fell, and Jazood stood alone in the crater against the Great Unclean One. The daemon merely stumbled over and impaled the fanatical Warchanter upon his blade. He raised his victim victoriously into the air before slamming back into the ground, deader than dead. The Blight Kings, meanwhile, charged towards Gorfang, right as he was about to finish off the Plaguebearers. One managed to deliver a wound to Gorfang's arm, which immediately began to boil. The megaboos stepped back as his Gore-Grunta's came to support him. While he still held numerical superiority, Nurgle's champions had obtained the placers of power. They could continue fighting, but Gorfang was now infected with Nurgle's rot. He would not succumb right away, but if left untreated, his wound would fester, and the enemy would have slain the weakened megaboss. Reluctantly, Gorfang called for a retreat. But the Bloodbreaka's would return....



For my first competitive match in a tournament setting in a while, I felt I did pretty well. Unfortunately, it ended in a major loss.

My plan was to have a unit of Brutes and Ardboyz with the Warchanter hold off the damage dealers on the left while my heroes secured points in the center and the Brutes & Gruntas combo handle the slaves to darkess on the right. That worked out fine, but I probably overcommitted my Megaboss by leaving the central objective in order to try to destroy the Plaguebearers. As you can see above, only one was left when we called the match, so he did work, but our agreement with the places of power objective in the center was that he had to be next to it. We might have gotten this wrong, just like retreating, which I will get to later. 

My Brutes were wiped out by the Blight Kings after I killed his champion. I never fought them before, and now have a reason to be scared of them. That extra D6 attacks ability is devastating, especially against heroes. I'll have to be more mindful of them. As for my Ardboyz, they did what I asked them to do, which was tie down the Great Unclean One. Sadly, he got the double turn in turn three, and used magic to wipe the rest off. Then he charged my ch and got rid of them, and sent the Blight Kings to finish off my Megaboss. With no heroes left, followed by his heroes taking the left and center points next turn to score 4-3 in favor of him, it was game over. I may have been able to kill his last plaguebearer and blight kings with the Gruntas and Brutes, but with no heroes to contest for points, we called the match in turn four. 

I should have retreated him at some point earlier and try to consolidate my positioning on the right side perhaps (this would come in handy in a later match that day). However, with his magic and my lack of it, it would have been a matter of time before he mortal wounded me off the map. That was the one weakness with this list was it's lack of magic or magic defense. 

A good learning game overall though. He would actually go on to win the tournament but came back afterwards and complimented me for our match that started it off. Very nice of him to and I told him I appreciated it. We had 14 AOS players at this tournament in Long Island. We even had a handful of people planning to come who had to call out last minute, so it could have been bigger. Everyone there was very cordial and happy to throw some dice. Glad to see our community is growing and thriving

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1k vs Nurgle - Major Victory (Gift from the Heavens)

The ground cracked as the wheels of the slave carriage rolled along. Plaguebearers marched on each side guarding their prisoners while Plague Drones buzzed above as the sky darkened with a green tint. Ahead was their destination: the sacrificial pits outside the city they had fought to secure only a week ago. The minions of the Lord of Decay were preparing a ritual to bring about a new Nurgle army that would sweep the land of Zarcosia. At the helm of this vanguard was Daemon Prince Zighdan. A champion of the pestilent one for decades, he was tasked by the Great Unclean one to usher in a new plague of destruction upon the land. Following the greater daemon's departure to begin a new campaign,  it fell to Zighdan for control of the city and the ritual temple. He had done well in the days before, marshaling his forces, gathering slaves to sacrifice to the plague father, even defeating a Stormcast army sent more in desperation.  

Now,  as the slave carriage, and the rest of his daemon vanguard arrived at the summoning site, they were ready to bring about Nurgle's great gift to the mortal realms. All was going to plan. 

Suddenly, an odd stench infected his senses. One that was not rot, decay, puss or death. No, this was a dirty smell, of odor, sweat, and fecal matter. Zighdan sniffed and spit out a word as if it was a foul word that hurt the air.


Right on cue, a horde of ironclad Orruks stumbled into view on the other side of the grassy plain. These hulking dullards knew only of the accordance of fight and might. No matter how many times you killed these Green-skinned brutes, more would show up to continue being an inconvenience. Zighdan squinted, looking closely across the plain. These Orruks in red armour looked familiar. In fact, they had just fought this same clan a week ago: the Bloodbreaka's. Zighdan recalled them only by their warboss, who had torn through the plaguebearers in their last encounter. While Nurgle won the day, a great devastation was dealt to their forces, and had forced them to delay the summoning until now. 

Now in the hour of his greatest triumph, the Orruks had returned to steal his glory. Nurgle would soon send down a great gift to Zighdan. Now he would have to retrieve this gift from Nugle's mansion, whatever it may be.

Zighdan walked over to his sorcerer who was riding atop the carriage.  He spit a large ball of saliva into the slave carriage in disgust. The human slave began to scream in agony as his face began to melt from the acidic spit. 

"Elamus," the daemon prince said. "it appears we will have to shed blood sooner than we planned. We must deal with this Orruk menace before we can begin the summoning. We must secure Nurgle's gift. The hour of our assention has come!"

The silent Elamus merely nodded, then jumped off his seat. As the screaming slave finally fell silent, the human slaves were left to wallow in their cramped encapture as the shambling hordes of plaguebearers and plague drones marched forward to confront the Orruks. 


They did not have to wait long. Anxious to secure the rear of the Orruk's lines, the plague drones moved forward to secure the ruined amphitheater. In moments, the Ironjawz were suddenly on them. Gore-Gruntas and Brutes wielding jagged gore-hakkas smashed into the drones, their furious charge destroying half their number in an instant. The rest would not be meant for this realm much longer. Meanwhile, the megaboss of the Orruks moved forward with more hulking Brutes securing their flank, while more Orruks lingered around a dancing fool who was waving his arms wildly in the air. 

As Zighdan landed near the drones to assess his next move, the heavens opened up, and two green balls of fire were flung towards the ground. One comet landed behind his lines, close enough for his rear plaguebearers to claim. The other, on the other side, fell behind a chained rock that the Orruks could not easily get to. But if Zighdan's forces were quick enough, he could claim the site, consolidate his position, and begin siphoning the power.  With his mind made up, the daemon price shouted orders to Elamus and his minions. The sorcerer marched with his plague guard hastily towards the far comet site. The plaguebearers were first to the site of power, while Elamus stayed back to strengthen his festering troops. Having secured his goals, Zighdan decided it was time to join the battle. He flew into the fray as the final drones were killed off. With his sword and talon, he ripped apart the Brutes, smashing aside their pathetic attempts to parry the blows and punching through their hodgepodge armour. The remaining Brutes and their boss scattered back towards the tree line in panic. It seemed too easy for Zighdan. The day might be his sooner than he thought.

Then the Orruk Megaboss charged out of nowhere. The Zighdan raised his sword to parry, but the Orruk's imense strength with his choppa merely broke the rusted, ruined sword. Then Zighdan's life ended as Gorfang imbeded his weapon into his chest and tore it open. The daemon prince hit the ground hard, grasping at the gaping wound in his chest, as all vile amounts of rotted guts and puss poured out to stain the ground. The last thing Zighdan saw was the giant boot of the megaboss crushing his skull into the ground.

Gorfang then stepped away and began to wipe the daemon's brain matter from his boot.

He grunted, "Bleedin' puss boy. Youze Nurgle gits aint got no good skulls ta keep. Da soona iz mounts ya on me shoulda, da sooner iz loose me choppin' arm. And iz needs dat to be choppy!"

Once they had finished off the drones, the Gore-Gruntas pulled up to the megaboss.

"Boss! You crumped up dat smelly daemon good," cited Grunta boss Korkrok SteelSpitta. 

"Dat git aint why weze 'ere," stated Gorfang" "Get dat comet. Me an' da rest ov' da boyz 'll take care of da rest ov' dem Nurgle boyz."

Nodding to the megaboss, Korkrok and the rest of his Gore-Gruntas were off. "Oi 'Ary!," Korkrok shouted at his Grunta. "Get on wiv' it. Dere's some fresh grots waitin' fer ya at da camp iffen you gets us ova' there all fast like!"

With a loud grunt, the Gruntas were off towards the comet. Meanwhile, Gorfang observed the melee that was occuring near the comet. It appeared his boyz were handling the plaguebearers quite well. His Ardboyz had managed to hastily assemble by the comet to block the plaguebearers from claiming it. With the Brutes closing the vice on their flank, the plaguebearers began to pop like boils and perished in droves. As Gorfang looked towards the other comet location, where the remainder of Nurge's forces were occupying, he spied a sorcerer trying to sneak off back to his lines. 

"Where da hell do you finks youze going!?" shouted Gorfang as he charged Elamus. The sorcerer attempted to cast a spell to defend himself, but Gorfang chopped off his arm. Elamus screamed and fell to his knees in agony. Gorfang stood over the scrawny sorcerer, whose green blood began to eat away at the grass until it was worn and dead. Breathing heavily, Elamus looked behind him. The last of his forces were being overrun by the Ardboyz in the far ruins. He and Zighdan would face severe punishment from Papa Nurgle for their failure. Elamus turned back to the megaboss to curse him, but he was received by a biting axe, which cleaved his head from his body. 


Zodgrob poked the decapitated corpse of the sorcerer several times before stating, "He's a good dead 'un boss. No way he's comin' back from dat."

"Course not,'" replied Gorfang, examining his choppa. "Dem stinky gits aint no match fer da power ov' da WAAAGH!"

"What wuz in dem shooty rocks, boss?" asked Zodgob. "Why dem Nurgle boyz wanted it?"

"Who cares. Its ourz now! Bring it back to da camp. Now wheres mi warchanter? I 'eard dere wuz a new one comin' 'ere."

Right on cue, the dancing Orruk joined their conversation, still beating away at the air with his Gork stick and Mork stick in a rhythm only he could hear. He finally stopped his jiving before stating, "Oi boss! Jazood be 'ere to bring da power of Gorkamorka to da boyz! Deys here wif us now. Dese gifts be their way o' honorin' us" replied the Warchanter.

"Jazood!? He's dead. Got hacked ta death days ago!" cried Zodgrob

"Bah! Dat wuz da old Jazood. Iz da new Jazood! Iz 'ere ta get da boyz going! Deres many enemies da godz wants ya ta crump Gorfang, an' more boyz weze gotta gather fer da WAAAGH! Youze got lots ov' fightin' ta do!"

"More fightin'?" replied Gorfang. "Maybe iz keeps ya around Jazood, er, Jazood two."

"Just Jazood boss. There's more ov' us, but iz da only one ya needs."

"Wait, how many? Iz cant count past five", replied Zodgrob.

"Itz amazing youz can even counts ta two" joked Gorfang

"Dats all I need boss. One," Zodgrob raised his left arm, "and two" then he raised his right. 

"If ya gits are done countin', weze got works ta do. Tell da Ardboyz to bring dem humies back wif us", said Gorfang, pointing at the cage of slaves in the distance. "Weze got some extra food fer da victory feast tonight!"


After my first loss in the tournament, I drew another Nurgle player for my second match. For this match, I wanted to get his flying taken down early so they wouldn't get behind my lines to disrupt me from capturing the comet. I had hoped to get my Gruntas into his rear, but decided it was best to take care of the threat of flyers first. So I sent my Gruntas, Brutes with hackas, and Megaboss towards them. I took out 3 of the six drones in the charge, then set up to hopefully shield off the plaguebearers from the comet landing on the left.

Of course, it landed on the right, and his 20 man plaguebearer unit just nicked it and his to take an early 4-0 lead. That would swell to 6-0 by turn 3. However, by then, his drones were all dead, my megaboss had destroyed his daemon prince on his charge, and somehow, I managed a 13 inch move in the hero phase with my Ardboyz to swing around the rock to lock down the plaguebeaers. Along with the Brutes on the flank, they were dead in two turns. 

We messed up the rules on the comet and thought it comes down every turn, so it stayed on his side in the top right, but moved to the left side for me. I sent my Gruntas to capture it while my Megaboss handled his sorcerer. The Ardboyz then went to challenge his plaguebearers. By turn 4, he was nearly wiped when we called it. I was already gaining point and he didnt have enough to hold on with my Megaboss and brutes coming in. 

Speed was my advantage in this game. I was worried the plaguebearers would lock down the point on my side and prevent me from scoring, but that lucky roll with the Ardboyz helped me retake the point. Gruntas again came in handy with capturing objectives. I'm starting to warm up to them because I understand their limitations and where they excel. Also, it was fun seeing the warchanter banish some plaguebearers back to the daemon realms with some sticks

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Decided to have a little fun with the lore behind my Warchanter. Hope you all enjoy it

Jazood Stickbasha/Da Pointybone/Da Greenest/Bluntoof/????????


In Ghur, there is a boneyard located in a high valley on the lowest peak of the Guxx Heights. The bones of many beasts of all sizes have made this their final resting place. It also provides the perfect spot for Ironjawz Warchanters to drum out the beat of Gork (or maybe Mork). The peak the boneyard sits in is perfectly suited for amplifying the beat across the Guxx Heights for other Orruks to hear. Given the Orruks nature to fight, it should be no surprise to discover that warchanters from all over come to this 'sacred' place to prove to each other who has the strongest connection to the beating heart of Mork (or possibly Gork). At one point, there were so many warchanters that there were not enough bones for everyone to use. Thus, a large skirmish broke out. Warchanters bashed each other in a great cacophony of rhythm and violence. They called it 'Da Battle ov' Da Beats' and it has become a ceremony for the many Orruks that make their way to the Guxx Heights. This ritual has lasted ages and has provided many Megabosses with worthy warchanters who can rouse the boyz for battle. The 'ceremony' starts at sunrise and lasts until sunset, and anyone still standing is considered a 'Jazood'. The title - named for the first and only survivor of the first 'Battle ov Da Beats' - is bestowed on those who show their strength and prove they can feel the rhythm of Da Godz. Those Jazoods then travel all across the Mortal Realms and become rouble-rousers for various Orruk tribes. The only way to differentiate the various Jazoods is by their last name, which is normally their choice upon the tribe they join. If there is a Jazood with one tribe, then other Jazoods' will normally find a different tribe they can call their own. It is also common occurrence when one Jazood dies, another takes its place with that same tribe. Once there, a Jazood Warchanter will take an apprentice. Once they are ready and have felt the beating heart of Gorkamorka, then they will make the dangerous journey to the Guxx Heights to commence their initiation to become a Jazood Warchanter

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Greetings all

This lore chapter will be a tad long, but the battle report will be at the bottom if you want to scroll to that


1K vs Khorne - Major Victory (Border Wall)

In the short time the Bloodbreaka's had settled in Zarcosia in the Realm of Ghur, they had established a small but strong foothold in the Frattura Mountains. They had managed to drive a Stormcast Warrior Chamber from the area and had thwarted Nurgle's attempts to reinforce his followers. More skirmishes erupted in the following days, all victories to the Orruks. Eventually, Nurgle's forces were forced to retreat to their mansion fortress on a high peak overlooking the lowlands. With the diseased warriors contained for now, Gorfang set his sights on expanding north into the Sacrea Hills, against the forces of the Blood God. From their stronghold in Carnage Hold, the Bloodbound had an iron-grip on the mineral rich region. As Gorfang met with his other bosses on where to attack first, a scout stormed into the tent, screaming of a vanguard force making their way south. At the head of this host was a Daemon Prince and some 'fancy looking humie with a flaming icon on his 'ead'. That took the interest of the Megaboss. Curious, he persisted from the scout the color of the warriors. The scout replied red. He then asked about the general's colors. He said grey. A memory snapped Gorfang's attention. It was old, from long ago before he was an Ironjaw, a time when he was smacked down to his lowest, but the memory returned almost as clear as day. That same armour was worn by the same Khorne general that bested him and his WAAAGH! when he was an Ardboy. He was the one that slaughtered most of his boyz and gave him away to slavery. Now it seemed he was still kickin' around. Not willing to let this opportunity pass, he took Jazood, Zodgrob, the scout and his Gore-Gruntas, and an Ironfist with haste to contest the Khorne warriors. 


The shine of the crystals eventually faded from Gorfang's eyes as the sun began to set. This was an interesting place they had chosen to fight the spikey boys. The Field of Crystals it was once called. Its beautiful minerals had been allowed to grow like unattended wheat on a farm. The duardin miners - long gone for ages - used to mine these crystals from a nearby village. When this battle was over, Gorfang hoped to take great joy in desecrating these weak rocks and turning all of them into effigies of Gorkamorka. The humies, stunties and pointy-eared gits went crazy over them. Sometimes the ogors wanted them too. Orruks did not care. They made for terrible armour and weapons. Iron was the only mineral that mattered, and the Gruntas provided plenty of pig iron for that. Yet something had drawn Khorne's forces here. Were they passing by or searching for something special? It did not matter to Gorfang. The Bloodbreakas had come here for a fight. He came here for revenge. 

Over the horizon, the red tide of Chaos came into view. The Orruks had managed to cut off their advance.  Now the Blood Warriors, Reavers, Juggernauts and Skull Reapers disengaged from their horde march into somewhat organized lines. Battle would be met very soon. Excited Orruks were jumping up and down, screaming and taunting their opponents from afar. Gorfang, meanwhile, paced his line, still staring across the field. To most of his army, the Daemon Prince stood out: its red skin brimming with steam from the boiling blood inside its muscles. That's not who Gorfang was looking for. After a brief moment, he spied him: the Deathbringer, Kalrak Bloodmarked. His flaming khorne symbol was blazing furiously, red, orange and yellow fighting for dominance over the gray-clad armour of the general. He was shouting orders to his Blood Warriors, while his lieutentants, the blood stoker and bloodseeker, roused up the reavers and the rest of the army to quench Khorne's thirst for blood.

The megaboss huffed, then stepped forward for all of his boyz to see him. "Alright boyz! Listen up!," shouted Da Immortal. "Most of youze dont know dat git ova there. But many of ya gits wuz wif me know. Dem spikey boyz gave us a good bashin' long ago, and dat dere wuz their boss. Looks like he's still smashin' skulls. Weze 'ere to return da favor to him and his spikey boyz! Just know dis: dat git 'iz mine! His skull belongs ta me!" Gorfang then raised his choppa into the air and proclaimed, "Weze gonna stomp those blabberin' grots into da dirt, 'send 'em back to their god, an' drown dem wif their own blood! Lets get right into it lads! WAAAAGH!!" The rest of the boyz joined together and followed. "WAAAAAAAGH!" Their cheer seemed to stir the Bloodbound on, for they began their charge in earnest. They screamed wildly, voices to the wind, thriving for the moment to sink their weapons into Orruk flesh.

"Zodgrob, you and da Brutes are wiv me," said Gorfang as his forces prepared to charge. "Bring da Gore Gruntas along. Weze gonna smash their big 'uns in da faec an' break their will fer battle! Send da Ardboyz to da right. Let 'em stain their choppas an' show us they wants ta be real Ironjawz!"

"Can I killz da daemon boss? Iz always wanted ta kill a daemon, especially a boss daemon!"

"Fine," the megaboss said. "Just don' get in my way wiv' da humie!"

"Don't worry boss. Youze can 'ave him. I has a spot already on mi armour picked out fer da skull."

As the Brute Boss departed to gather his boyz, Jazood approached the megaboss.

"Jazood," said Gorfang. "Get da boyz rowdy."

The warchanter laughed enthusiastically and replied, "Don't worry boss. Iz got somefin' special fer da boyz. Iz keepin' back 'ere but you'll be hearin' da beat of Da Godz."

Gorfang nodded, then returned to the front. Observing the enemy's approach, he spotted a heavy buildup on the left flank, with juggernauts shielding the daemon prince. They were advancing towards the purple cystal outcove. The general, Kalrak Bloodmarked. made his way to the floating island of blue crystals, where a ruined realmgate once stood proudly. His lieutenants remained in the rear, a shield of reavers serving as a buffer in case the Orruks breached their lines. The blood warriors and skull reapers, meanwhile, cautiously made their way towards the right flank. Gorfang was in no mood to let Khorne's forces dictate the battle. He wanted his skull. With a mighty roar, the Ironjawz charged.


Inspired by their megaboss, as well as the rabble rousing from Jazood, the Ironjawz were spurred on with a frenzied speed. The Juggernauts were in mid stride as the bulk of the Orruks' forces surged forward. They were not prepared to receive the charge, a deadly mistake which cost them their lives. The Brutes and Gore Gruntas crashed into the heavily-clad warriors and wiped them out. The sword-like teeth of the Gruntas ripped through the flesh of Khorne's beats, the Brutes pulled the riders from their mounts and hacked them to pieces. The momentum of battle carried the Brutes forward as they overran into the Daemon Prince. 

Inspired by their megaboss, as well as the rabble rousing from Jazood, the Ironjawz were spurred on with a frenzied speed. Spotting the Juggernauts were in mid stride, the bulk of the Orruk forces surged forward. The Khorne calvary -recognizing their folly - attempted to readjust their positioning, but it was too late. A horrific crash sound splintered the air as the Gore Gruntas' charge punished the Juggernauts. The sword-like teeth of the Gruntas skewered the Khorne beasts while their riders chopped through daemon-forged armour with ease. The Brutes then came in and pulled the surviving warriors from their mounts and hacked them to pieces. 

Filled with pride, and covered in his enemies entrails, Zodgrob spied his prize - the Daemon Prince - lurking nearby, trying to get into combat to please his god. Carried by the momentum of battle, Zodgrob urged the Brutes forward as they overran into the Daemon Prince. Before the Gore Gruntas carried forth, Gorfang came forward with new orders. 

Recognizing the left flank was secured, for now, he shouted to his rider boyz, "Oi, you lot! Zodgrob an' his boyz got dem crumped. Youze go swing around fast and ''elp out da Ardboyz. There's plenty of scraps for ya and weze needs dat other hill to take dis place." 

"Gotcha boss! WAAAGGGHHH!!!", said the Grunta boss as his boys went to swing around to the right flank in a pounding haste that bruised the ground with every stride.

Meanwhile, Zodgrob lurched forward, screaming his lungs out while charging the hulking daemon. The Khorne prince screamed a battle cry to his God to meet he raging Orc. Zodgrob chucked, "Youze calls dat a war cry? Iz shows you how it's done! WAAAAGGGHHH!" he bellowed in stride as he prepared to strike. The Daemon Prince tried to strike first by bringing his hellforged sword down on the Brute Boss, but Zodgrob was ready. With the speed of a cowardly grot, he ducked inside and caught the daemons right arm with his claw, stopping his attack. The Daemon cried out in pain as the blades of the claw bit into his flesh. He tried to lash out with his talons, but Zodgrob reacted first. With one swing, he slammed his bahsa into the daemon's left shoulder, breaking it on impact. The arm went limp, useless and flailing, as the Daemon began to squirm, unable to escape the Brutes grasp. Then one of his boyz came in and tore through his chest with his massive Gore Choppa. Blood spilled forth, drenching the ground and Orruks with black liquor. The Daemon screamed once more, its final death throws useless while immobilized. Confident, Zodgrob pulled the Daemon close with his claw arm and softly said, "Thanks fer da skull, git. You'll look nice wiv da others. Don't forget whose sends you back to ya spikey god, ya hear." And with that, Zodgrob brought his mace down onto the daemon's head, killing him instantly.

While the Daemon prince was being dispatched, Da Bloodbreakas were in control of the battlefield. tThe other unit of Brutes made a rush towards the Khorne lieutenants in the rear. The bloodsecrator quickly ushered his blood reavers forward to act as a sacrificial buffer. They served their master well as the Brutes massacred them til they were just limbs and meat. It allowed the bloodstoaker to sneak in and kill a weakened Brute from the flank. Meanwhile, the addition of the Gore Gruntas on the right flank aided the Ardboyz charge as they took down a large number of Blood Warriors. However, true to their reputation, the blood warriors fought with a viciousness that spurred them to fight on, even through death. The combat became a grind, many corpses littering the ground, but the Ironjawz numbers gave them the edge.

For a brief moment, Gorfang felt Khorne had gone soft. "Dis da best da blood god got? Your gits fight more like squishy grots. At least theyz tastes goods!"

As if on cue, the sky above churned with a boiling red tint emerging in the clouds. Anger seemed to sweep the battlefield as the warriors of the Lord of Skulls were inspired (or threatened) to press on. Gorfang's attention returned to the rear. Jazood was still beating some rocks, the beat of Gorkamorka still blessing his boyz. The right flank was still a slog, but it appeared the Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas would persevere. When he returned his gaze to the far end, however, there were a lot less Orruks standing. Zodgrob had a similar, albeit slower, realization. He thought the Brutes nearby seemed to be acting dead. It quickly dawned on Zodgrob that perhaps they were actually dead, possibly the fact that their corpses were headless was the giveaway. Standing where the Orruks used to be alive were a strange looking group of humies. Some of them had horns or limbs like a daemon, their blades appeared daemon-forged, and they carried a lot of skulls, much more than he had. Zodgrob did not like the looks of it. Before he could organize his boyz, the skullreapers were on them. With a furious pace and overwhelming strength he had not faced before, the skullreapers cut through the unprepared Brutes. If Zodgrob didn't know better - which was often - he thought he heard the daemon-forged weapons come to life with glee as they spilt Orruk blood. If not for his combat martial, the Brute Boss would have been one of of dead or dying mates. At this point, Zodgrob wisely realized retreat may be the best option for survival. By the time he broke and fled the field, only he, the Gore Choppa lad, and a handful of survivors escaped the skullreapers fury. The only solace Zodgrob had was that he still had the daemon prince's skull. Now he hoped Gorfang wouldn't take it from him as punishment for fleeing.

That all depended, of course, if Gorfang survived.


The megaboss had witnessed his Brutes destruction at the hands of the skullreapers and could do nothing. It appeared he was next on their list of skulls to give their God, but Gorfang was not going to let that happen. He needed to tilt the battle back in his favor. Suddenly, he heard laughter from the ruins in the center of the battlefield below the floating island. It was Kalrak Bloodmarked, soaking in all the death surrounding him. It was a glorious time for Khorne and himself: no matter who it was who died, battle was met, and blood was split, pleasing both deity and general. He then met Gorfang's eyes, trying to strike fear once more into the Orruk's soul. Instead, he stoked the megaboss' anger. If this was going to be his last battle, let it be. Gorfang would have his revenge first.

With a war cry, Da Immortal charged and met the Bloodmarked's weapons. They clashed, back and forth briefly, the Orruk's strength and skill meeting the Deathbringer's finesse and ferocity. 

"Come now, Orruk," said Kalrak. "You've done me the honor of bringing me your skull yourself. Khorne will be pleased."

"Da only one whose losin' his skull is you, ya ugly blood huggin' git!" chimed Gorfang. 

He went to smack him with his Rip-Tooth Fist, but Kalrak swatted it aside with the hilt of his axe, then he countered with his hammer aimed at Gorfang neck. Surprisingly, the megaboss turned into the blow and allowed the hammer to hit his armour, but his opponent glanced the blow, a costly mistake moments later. Gorfang then wound up and delivered a heavy overhead strike onto Kalrak. He could not recall his hammer in time to block the blow, as his axe did little to slow down the blow. The choppa bit through the Khorne lord's body from the shoulder all the way into his rib cage. Kalrak's last words were gargled in a mouthful of blood, but he had a shocked smile on his face. Gorfang didn't care if he was happy, scared, or both. He decapitated Kalrak with his next swipe and added it to his belt buckle. 


With his vengeance achieved, Gorfang now could focus on salvage victory. With the skullreapers charging, Gorfang hustled over to his remaining Ardboyz on the right. They had managed to dispatch the Blood Warriors, but their battle fury and refusal to die had taken its toll on them. They had also dispatched the Gore Gruntas with their death blows.

"Alright lads," Gorfang said. "Weze gots a scrap on our 'ands. Iffen youze wants to become real Ironjawz, nows ya chance!"

The Ardboyz cheered and taunted their adversaries who were quite a distance away. That mattered little as the Skullreapers - whipped and spurred by the surviving Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker - rampaged forward into the remaining Ironjawz. The battle was bloody and vicious. Orruk steel met daemon-forged weapons, armour cracked, limbs and skulls were cleaved. Inspired by their megaboss and the rousing of the warchanter, the Ardboyz fought admirably for Orruks. They were able to bring down some, Skullreapers, but they were no match for the warrior's martial prowess. Eventually, Gorfang found himself surrounded by the remaining Skullreapers. Wounded, but not beaten, he piled in and wrecked havoc on Khorne's warriors. The Orruk's choppa chew through their armour with ease, delivering greavous and fatal wounds to the corrupted humans. Their blades bounced off his armour, but some found flesh and bit deep. Part of his strength began to fade, but Gorfang fought on. He punched a hole into the chest cavity of one warrior, ripping out chunks of his lung and heart, but the warrior continued to fight on, delivering a mortal wound to the megaboss, before finally succumbing to death.


Soon, everything was still, only the deep breathing of the megaboss remained. The remaining warriors of the Ironjawz and Khorne were either dead, dying, or gravely wounded to fight on. Gorfang tried to stand tall, but he then fell to one knee, his wounds finally taking their toll as the adrenaline of battle started to wane. It took all of his remaining strength to remain like this. it would not last much longer as the bloodstoker and bloodsecrater started to make their way over to the hill to finish off the megaboss. Before they could reach the ruins, a giant foot came down and stomped both Khorne heroes into the ground. The foot did this a few more times for good measure before wandering off. Confused, Gorfang tried to look for the source of the magic.

"Hold there, megaboss," a voice cried out. "Iz gots da good stuff to get you and ya boyz back on ya feet!"

A hooded figure emerged with Jazood by his side. 

"Who da 'ell are you," asked Gorfang.

"Nogoog da name, an' Iz 'ere to assist whatever da boss needs" replied the shaman. "Iz been lookin' for ya since youze escaped. Gork n' Mork told me youze needs me 'elp. Seems dey wuz right. Thankfully those gits got stomped good 'ard into da dirt. Dat always funny."

The shaman laughed briefly, then began to shake uncontrollably. He was a weird looking orc, covered head to toe in cloth, his staff smoking with green clouds from a large skull. Whether it was an orc or a larger beast, he could not tell. 

"Well, thanks den," Gorfang said. "Now fix me up good. Weze got more spikey boyz to scrap, an' we need more boyz for dat. But first fings first: iz gots to go bash Zodgrob! Perhaps he'll understand not to leave next time iffen Iz takes his perty new skull"


My third match of the tournament, this time it was Khorne Bloodbound. I knew this was going to be quite the battle, but my goodness, I did not expect only three models to be left standing at the end of it!

Apologies for lack of photos to start, but basically he had his Daemon Prince behind a screen of Juggernauts on my left, with reavers screening his support heroes and the general. His skullreapers were behind his blood warriors on the right. I took a similar approach to my last match against Nurgle and bunched everyone up. I planned to go heavy on one flank to take out, what I thought, were his main threats, leave the Ardboyz to tie up the blood warriors, then sweep around to clear out the back and meet around for a pincer move. 

At first, things were going according to plan. He went first and moved up. I then tried to WAAAGH! with my megaboss and ended up getting a 6 on my roll, which meant all my units got 2 extra attacks. My Gore Gruntas and Brutes then wiped the Juggernauts on the charge.

I then got the double turn on turn 2 and decided to split up my forces a bit to take care of multiple threats. First, I did WAAAGH! again and got the one attack bonus this time. I then maneuvered my Gruntas around the center ruins to charge the Blood Warriors with my Ardboyz. I then charged one of my Brutes into the Reavers to get to his heroes, while my other Brutes against the Daemon Prince. I did that combat first and took him out with my Boss and Gore Choppa. The Brutes survived the reavers easily and wiped them out in return. The Stoker then picked off my Brute with one would left. Then the charge on the Blood Warriors. They lost over half their number, but their pile-in attacks after they die did some decent damage back, eventually taking out a Grunta. By the bottom of turn two, all he had left was those warriors, the secrator, stoker, aspiring deathbringer, and skullreapers. Things seemed to be going well for me.

And just like the Blight Kings in my first match, the Skullreapers took their toll on my army. Since they were the only unit left, because the Blood Warriors were going to die, he buffed them with everything. After never seeing what these guys could do before, now I am afraid of them. Their mortal wound output is terrifying. My first unit of Brutes were disposed of easily, more warriors die. 

The Khorne player got the double turn for the third turn. Again, the skullreapers were buffed, and again, another unit of Brutes disappeared. My Ardboyz finally finished off the Blood Warriors, but the Gruntas perished as they took all of the remaining pile-in deathblows. The Glaive alone did four wounds, 2 damage each on the last one. Those things pack a punch. 

Now it is my turn on the bottom of turn three. My megaboss is isolated from my remaining Ardboyz. I know I cannot leave him alone with the Skullreapers. I then spy his general isolated and decided I will take the chance to kill him, which he did on the charge. My thought at this point was to win the scenario since I was ahead in points. I wanted to put as much distance as possible between me and his skullreapers, consolidate on the right border point, and hold on for the win.

Turn 4 roll off: I roll higher! I immediately do rampaging destroyer/ravanger and run him over to my boyz, then shield him with the Ardboyz. The distance by this point is far. After moving, he would have to make an 11 inch charge to reach me. He also at this point has to wipe me and have one model standing to capture the point in order to steal the win. His turn, he gets pumped up, gets the '3 inch charge bonus, and rolls a 14!!!! He charges, does a good number on my Ardboyz, but they surprisingly get some licks back on them. Gorfang then comes in and kills another, but suffers mortal wounds from the death blows. 

Turn 5, I win the roll off again, which means I attack first. I just have to kill his guys and that's it. Since he only has one model touching my megaboss, I opt to let the Ardboyz go first. They deal some wounds, then he kills the rest on his pile-in, but he cannot take off the final four wounds on my megaboss. Gorfang swings and takes out the last two Skullreapers, but their deathblows deal four mortal wounds and take the megaboss off the board. However, I accomplished my goal, he cannot score except for the one point he captures with his heroes, and I survive with the 15-11 major victory.

This was probably one of my favorite games I have ever played. It was a bloodbath, but we both had a lot of fun. We laughed hysterically that no one survived the final skirmish. I can see why Khorne can be a challenge to play against, and a delight to play with the combos and tricks they can do.

Overall, I had a blast at my first tournament in ages. The list performed very well. Magic was my weakness, but the speed and dependable lethal attacks I felt made up for it. Now its on for the 2,000 battle in May. I'm building more brutes to make a 10 man unit, add more Ardboyz, and plan on building a Maw Krusha. Also, the shaman will be added for this bash as well. 





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Hey lads 

here are some things that I am working on at the hobby table:


In preparation for a 2k tournament at the end of May, I have begun constructing five more Brutes for my unit of 10 with the Jagged Gore-Hakkas. Since I will have need of another Brute Boss, I decided to do a quick and easy conversion of my Brute Boss with Boss Choppa.


Since I have never used Green Stuff, nor know anyone who does, I went with a different option in converting my Ironjawz. While I was converting my Dwarf Rangers for 8th/AOS, I started using fun tack. I would put them in the arm slots of the newer warrior/quarreller bodies, so I could use the old, old plastic warrior arms with the crossbows on the shoulder and other gestures. It worked, so I tried to do the same with the Orruks.


Mostly successful if I do say so myself. You can still see some of the tack, and I did try to cut it off. However, the bottom piece, which is just the bottom of any hakka bit in the Brute box, needed more than glue to stay firm without the risk of bending or breaking off with the feeblest effort. From a table top point of view, he looks like one of the boyz. I may go back to try to thin the tack, but otherwise, he's ready to add another head to his collection.


Inspired by @Chris Tomlin and his Gore Choppa Brute, I decided to try my own luck. I had to cut the fist off the choppa, then just took a piece of spur and chipped it down with clippers (knife would have been easier). As for the arm, I chose the bent one with the spear (I believe it was the arm corresponding to Body 41-42 in the assembly kit), then I cut the wrist off and filed as best I could. Next, I took a little puddy and tried to graph the hand and arm together. It worked as first, but upon the initial gluing, it would not hold. So I had to work with both forms, glued the choppa to the armour for extra support, then leaned it against my painting box to dry.


The armpit area will not be a problem to paint, but the fist has a small gap in one area. I think that's mostly from the gauntlet of the arm. Either way, may consider getting the liquid green stuff to assist, including the Gore Choppa itself. Tack works and that pack was just $2 dollars at Staples. It takes a bit to work with and, honestly, I may go with super glue next time if I am doing converting. Still, plastic glue does work. You just need to take some time fiddling and making sure you roll the puddy enough so it stiffens, then begin the gluing process. 

He's going to become a named character in my army, so I will take some time to do him up to quality standards.


Finally, my giant. I have wanted to do this model since I started Orcs and Goblins in 6th addition and was so ecstatic putting this fella together. AOS offers an unlimited imagination for lore and army building, so as part of my army lore, I have it that Da Bloodbreakas picked him up during their time in the Realm of Shadows, hence why his skin is gray. I took the lessons from painting Ogres from Duncan and used the gray that I had: Mechanicus Standard Gray , Dawnstone, Nuln Oil, then highlights with Administratum Gray. The pants were simple enough  to do, as are the wonderful assortment of bits it comes with (the bag with the halfling brought back memories of the Old World).

He is basically done, but I am waiting to get a Stormcast Liberator left-arm bit from someone in my community. Since this isn't the Old World and peasants aren't lurking everywhere you go, I decided a Stormcast would do nicely. I grabbed one of the freebies at my local Warhammer store, cut the arm behind the shield, and placed it on the Giant's shoulder, nice and proper. I figured out how the hand will work to grasp him, but I need the left arm first to ensure that it will not interfere when the hand connects with the arm. 

That's all for now. Any advise and comments are welcomed 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Today I finished my converted Gore Choppa Brute and came up with his own background. In my upcoming battle report, you will see why this guy got his own character, and whom I hope will be the leader of my future Hinterlands Warband. Cheers! 



Drazdruzak is not one of the original Bloodbreaka Orruks who smashed their way out of slavery. Nor was he a real Ironjaw to begin with. He was just a simple Orruk who fought to survive in Zarcosia. His former clan was smashed long ago against the Khorne Bloodbound who controlled the land. Drazdruzak managed to survive by banding together the remaining Orcs into a mighty warband and set about to fighting. Not only was there plenty of Khorne in Zarcosia, but humans, dwarfs, even aelfs, but especially, other Orcs. None could best Drazdruzak, whose stature began to grow with every minor victory. Yet, it could not last for long, and soon, the boss would have to find a clan and more boyz in order to find larger scraps. Fortune favored the strong Orc as his warband stumbled across Da Bloodbreakas not long after they took their first steps into Zarcosia through the realmgate from Ulgu. Since then, Drazdruzak has proven himself to be a strong Orruk, showing he can be both cunnin' and brutal. Him and his Ardboyz have helped secure locations for Da Bloodbreakas, ensured order is  maintained among the lower Orc ranks of the growing WAAAGH!, and proven themselves in combat against the mightiest opponents. Most notably, it was Drazdruzak and his boyz who bested a mighty host of Khorne, smashing aside his Blood Warriors and helped Gorfang defeat the Khorne Skullreapers to secure a crucial victory. Gorfanng himself has been impressed by Drazdruzak's combat prowess. In a recent battle against the Seraphon, Drazdruzak proved himself again outside the sacked duardin hold of Kazad Knol. His Ardboyz were able to defeat a large Saurus regiment to secure the entrance, and despite the rest of his unit succumbing to the Seraphon's large beasts, he held his ground against a three-horned beast before reinforcements arrived. Despite being taken out of action by a fortuitous javelin throw by a skink, he survived the battle. To show his gratitude any Orc could, Gorfang bumped Drazdruzak in the skull and promoted him to the Brutes, the first Orruk of Da Bloodbreakas to reach the rank of Brute. He would have to prove himself now to his megaboss and the clan, but that is for another tale.....

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2k vs Seaphon - Major Victory (Border War 17-11)


With their leaders dead, the Khorne Bloodbound disintegrated. Their grip on Zarcosia was lost, their forces disorganized, and now on the defensive. It would not be long before the societies of humans, dwarfs, and aelfs, seized the opportunity and began retaking their lost lands from the Blood God's forces. Meanwhile, a new power was emerging...

A month or so later, Da Bloodbreakas were on the move deep into the Frattura Mountains. The lowlands were secured by Urgknash and the Skullthumpas, who continued their advance against the weakened Khorne forces. Gorfang and the rest of the clan, meanwhile, were searching for a new location for a warcamp. Zodgrob's guards had failed to notice the perpetrators burning the tents, nor were they able to catch them. While the Brute Boss was in deep trouble, Nogoog claimed he knew of a place. They would have to travel far, but this location, he said, would be the perfect staging point for Da Bloodbreakas to build their WAAAGH!

Traversing farther than he had previously gone in Zarcosia, Gorfang was observant to note the geography. These mountains were craggy, broken, littered with open-wounded fissures, yet somehow, it was peaceful. This disturbed him, for every Orc's mind, even Gorfang's, could not comprehend the idea of no fighting. Something he did notice was that the farther they traveled, the more dwarf architecture began to appear and dominate the land. Yet, Gorfang had seen no stunties at all since he arrived in Zarcosia. The Frattura Mountains were littered, however, with plenty of Orcs and Goblins. 

It was not a surprise then, that the Bloodbreakas stumbled upon a horde of Greenskinz near a ruined duardin hold. Gorfang was curious, however, why there was a host of lizardmen on the far side of the mountain pass. Nogoog then informed Gorfang that this stuntie hold was the location he spoke of. It was large enough to host an army, and rumor had it there was still treasure inside for the Orcs to use. That was all the convincing the megaboss needed. They then met the clan's leader, the shaman Rarg, who informed both Ironjawz that the clan had sent numerous Orruks into the hold, all of which never came back. They were preparing to siege the hold, when the Seraphon showed up, crumped them in a brief skirmish, and drove the the Orcs from their camp. 


Understanding the situation, Gorfang conferred with the shaman.

"Alright Rarg, what do those gits ova there have dat bashed your boyz?" asked Gorfang.

"Welp," said Rarg, " lots of dem fighty lizzies, fer a start. Their boss is good 'ard an' killy. He bit one of me bosses' arms off. Also, da other boss tore through da big 'uns in da woods. Might need some stikkas fer dat beast."

"Anyfin' else?"

"Well dey likes to set fings on fire. We dont wants dat. Dey needs ta die."

" Weze take care of da big stuff," replied Gorfang. "Youze worrry bout gettin' ya stompin' grounds back."

The megaboss turned to his shaman.

"Nogoog, you go wif 'em to secure da camp. And take da trolls wif you."

"Why? Cause theyze good at smashin' lizzies?" asked Nogoog.

"No, cause dey smells bad, an' one of 'em ate two boyz comin' 'ere!" stated Gorfang. A second later, he reconsidered. "On second thought, send da trolls into da woods. Lez see what they find on da otha side. Their line be spread, they might find some squishy parts."

With that, the heroes returned to their spots and prepared for battle.


The Seraphon moved first as the bulk of their forces advanced to guard the entrance to Kazad Knol. A large unit of Saurus moved forth to hold the pass from the Ironjawz. On the other side, a smaller unit moved in to hold onto the Orcs former camp. While the village would take time to route out the lizardmen, Da Bloodbreakas prepared to break down the wall of Saurus spears. 

"Drazdruzak!" yelled Gorfang. "You wanna be an Ironjaw? Get yer boyz stuck into it an' show what you can do.""

"Weze do more than dat," responded the Ardboy boss. "Alright boyz, lets show 'em what we can do! WAAAGH!"

Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Arboyz were inspired by their boss and charged forward in one voice.

Gorfang then turned his attention  to his Brutes, preferably Zodgrob.

"Oi, stoofid!" said Gorfang.

"Yes boss?" answered Zodgrob. 

"Send some of yer boyz ta take da stuntie gate. Drazdruzak's lads 'll need yer 'elp, but I wants ya to protect da entrance at all cost!"

"Youze can counts on me boss," replied the Brute Boss, before he strode off.

Gorfang continued, "Korkrok! You an' yer Gruntas go back an' get behind their line. Weze gonna squeeze out da big beastees."

"Aye boss! Weze on it!" replied the Gore Grunta boss. 

"Jazood!" shouted Gorfang. "Start rousin' da boyz! I wants dis pass covered in green er blue er whateva blood dem lizzies bleed."

With a Mighty WAAAGH! the army moved forward. Chukkin' spears from Grot Spear Chukkas sailed overhead into the Seraphon beasts, while the shamans began to cast spells of protection and destruction. 


It was Drazdruzak and his Ardboyz who first slammed into the rank and file troops of Saurus muscles and spears. Encouraged by Jazood's beat, they were able to cut through the Saurus' scaled armour with their choppas, Then Zodgrob and his brutes charged the Seraphon on the ramparts by the stuntie gate. It did not take long for them to overpower them. On the other side of the mountain, Korkrok and his Gore-Gruntas were trying to get behind the enemy lines, but a unit of Saurus were able to slow them down, giving their kin a chance to form their own counterattack. 


While the Ironjawz seemed to have the right flank under control, the left was still up for grabs. Thus far, only two Grot Chukkas had pierced the Carnisour's thick scalres, while Nogoog and Rarg were unsuccessful in harnessing the magical energies floating about. Some of Rarg's boyz had managed to re-enter the camp to contest it, but the Seraphon would eventually grind them down. Meanwhile, Gorfang was correct in his assessment, and the Troggoths were able to burst from the forest and club the Skink Priest to death. Unfortunately, the dreaded Seraphon Sunblood engaged them. Once he killed one, the remaining troggoths succumbed to their low courage and fled of the field of battle. The initiative had returned to the Seraphon. 


The remainder of the Saurus Warriors by Kazad Knol had been wiped out, but now the Ironjawz were susceptible to the Seraphon's flaming ranged weapons. Skinks on top of the horned stegadon unleashed their Sunfire Throwers onto the Ardboyz, while fire-breathing salamanders spit at the nearest Brutes. Orruks of both kind ran around frenzied, screaming, burning to death. Even Gorfang received a good shot from the Searing Beam of the Bastiladon. The large-shelled beast then engaged the furthest group of Brutes, along with the Sunblood Boss of the Seraphon. Those who survived the skirmish lost the will to fight and fled. The stegadon did the same into the surviving Ardboyz. With its rending horns, it impaled two Orruks on the charge, and stomped another to death. When Drazdruzak stood up to fight on, he was the last one standing. 


Things were not going great at the village  as well. Nogoog and Rarg could not synchronize their magic to unleash their strongest spells. They kept interfering and siphoning the same energy from the boyz, which was becoming weaker by the second. Despite the numbers advantage of the Orcs, the ferocity of the Old-Blood Lizardman, his Carnosaur, and the Salamanders, ripped through their feeble spear thrusts and shoddy armour. Realizing the left flank was crumbling, Nogoog decided it was best to rejoin the rest of the army to regroup to retake the camp. He had to thump Rarg over the head before the shaman recognized the same thing. 

To make matters worse, chameleon skinks emerged behind the Spear Chukkas at the Ophidian Archway. They piled in to engage the Grots, which tied down their suppressing fire. 


Meanwhile, as Drazdruzak prepared to fend off the stegadon once more, Jazood leaped in to aid the Ardboyz. 

"Come ova 'ere ya stoofid hunk of meat! I got something special fer ya!" bawled the Warchanter. He then ran up to one of the stegadon's legs, and unleashed a flurry of blows with his bone sticks. Even these attacks had a rhythm to them, Jazood rousing himself into a frenzy that would make Mork and Gork (or Gork and Mork) pleased. The horned beast reeled in pain, for it seemed the Warchanter had done serious damage. That glory was short lived, as the Sun-Blood unexpectedly leaped over the stegadon's head and engaged the Warchanter. With three powerful blows, he broke apart his armour, and caved in his chest. Jazood'a beating heart exploded, and his life came to an end. Drazdruzak tried to avenge his fallen kin, but the Stegadon leaned in for another attack. He barely parried the horn thrust before countering with his own choppa into the beasts' flesh. The Ardboy was still holding on, but was waning.


Sensing his opportunity, the Sun-Blood prepared to strike the Orc down, until a giant green skull collided with his head. It sent the Lizardman reeling, but he recovered quickly  to confront his new adversary. Gorfang had finally entered the fray.

"Na uh uh," the megaboss explained, waging his left finger. "Dat Orc ain't your fight." He then pointed at himself, "I'm da one youze wants. Now bring yer ugly lookin' 'ead ova here. Mi choppa wants to kiss it." 


After two deep breaths, Gorfang struck first. He made a quick series of attacks with his choppa, but the Sun-Blood easily matched him, his shield showing no sign of damage from the megaboss' strikes. After Gorfang missed with his Rip-toof fist, the lizardman struck back. Gorfang had to quickly adjust to protect himself from his opponents spiked club. Fortunately, his armour did its job. The Sun-Blood then struck with his mouth more like a predator than a warrior, but the Orc was able to avoid his dangerous bite. At this time, the battle swung back in the Ironjawz favor. Korkrok and his Gore Gruntas had finally emerged from behind the Seraphon lines and surrounded the Bastiladon. Its vigilance and stout defense was overwhelmed by the brutality of the Ironjawz would finally bring it down. While the collapse of the left flank, the Grots - who had gone above and beyond what anyone expected they could do in combat against the skinks - managed to fire another volley at the Carnosaur. Despite previous attempts, this volley found its mark and finally brought the great beast and its rider down for good. Another volley took out the Salamanders outside the camp. Now Gorfang had to finish his work. He made his next advance on the Lizardman, but this time, he focused his attacks on his weapon hand, attempting to open up his arm to break his defense. The maneuver worked. The Sun-Blood over-committed with his shield, which allowed the megaboss to smack it aside, leaving the lizardman defenseless for his finishing blow. The Orc's choppa bit all the way through the Sun-Blood, but instead of spitting blood and bone, only dust and smoke emerged. The hero disintegrated into thin air, leaving nothing behind but a moment of confusion. 


When Gorfang returned his focus to the battlefield, he was pleased. His boyz were on their way to vicotry. Zodgrob had kept his word and maintained control of the gate to Kazad Knol. The Grots - somehow - had fended off the skinks in close combat. And despite the Greenskinz camp still in control of the Seraphon, it would not take long to wrestle control from them. Most surprising, Drazdruzak was still alive. He had managed to single-handedly hold off the Stegadon from flanking the Brutes while they dealt with the Bastiladon. It took a lucky javelin throw by a skink to take him out of action, but he was still alive. Frustrated, Gorfang strode over to the beast and embedded his choppa into the Stegadon's cranium. The Skinks were disposed of by Korkrok and his remaining Gruntas. The megaboss then walked over to check on Drazdruzak. 

"Oi, get up lad! Weze not done wif youze yet," said Gorfang. He reached down and dragged the Ardboy onto his feet. He was wounded, but he would be fine. Orcs recover quickly when they are injured, which was good, because it meant they could return to fighting sooner than later. 

"Iz good boss. Gave dat pointy git a good scrap I did. It'll take more den a git spear to take me out," replied Drazdruzak. "Looks like weze gave dem lizzies a good bashin' they'll remember."

"Aye, wherever they may be, just like dem lightning warriors. Iffen dey wants another rumble, they'll know where to find us."

"Weze gots to get da place first, boss," said the Ardboy. "By da way, when did Rarg go on fire?"

"When dis happen?" asked the megaboss.

"He's right behind ya, boss," Drazdruzak replied, pointing behind Gorfang to where Rarg was. 


A pair of Salamanders had ambushed the retreating shamans from the forest. While Nogoog had avoided harm, the same could not be said for his counterpart. Rarg could merely scream and flail for a minute before the flames took his life. Nogoog chuckled, then he had to defend himself against the pair of reptiles until Korkrok came to save him. The Grots - who had all survived up until this point and killed all but one chameleon skink in vicious hand to hand combat - were not so lucky when a rogue flame burst destroyed one chukka and its crew, but it was a loss that both Ironjawz and Greenskinz could easily afford. 


With the pass secure, Kazad Knol was now in possession of Da Bloodbreakas. They still had to clean up the straggling Seraphon from the warcamp on the other side, but they could take their time entering the stuntie hold. However, when the bosses of the clan gathered later to discuss their next move, Nogoog initiated the discussion by suggesting they enter the fortress right away.  

"What do you mean we needz to go into da stuntie hold now?" asked Gorfang.

"Dats more important boss," insisted Nogoog. "Somefin bout dis stuntie hold drew dem lizzies 'ere. Before Rarg went up in flames, he kept yapping bout his boyz dissapearin' when dey entered da place. Wouldn't shut his mouth bout it. His boyz wont go anywhere near it now. Dey sayin' its haunted."

"Haunted? By what? Ghost stunties?"

"Ghost stunties? Iz dont liek ghosts, boss. Dey don't go dead when mi basha bashes 'em," chimed in Zodgob.

"No one zoggin' asked you, a scaredy git!" yelled Gorfang. "Weze still gots lizzies ta kill!"

"Aye, you do," said Nogoog. "Clean up da pass. Iz takin' some boyz wif me inside to clear out whatever in there. Give me some of yer Brutes, Zodgrob, and Drazdruzak, I could use you an' ya Ardboyz."

"He ain't no Ardboy no more," interrupted Gorfang, as he approached the Orruk. "Youze proven yourself worthy of being a Brute, lad. Iz seen ya fight, an' youze good at it. You wuz once an Orruk, an' an Ardboy, just like me. Now youze a real Ironjaw!"

"Well, thanks boss. Iz unsure whats to say," replied Drazdruzak. 

"Say nofin, smash somefin!" exclaimed Gorfang. "Weze got more scraps ahead of us. Right now, Nogoog needz you. Find out what da hell is goin' on in dere and clear it out. I want dat stuntie hold."

"Gotcha, boss,"  answered Drazdruzak.

"Now den,  Zodgrob, gather da rest of da Greenskinz together. Rarg's dead, so Im their boss now. Im sure they'll want their camp back, but it belongs to da Bloodbreakas. Tell 'em anyone that says otherwise can tell me personally" said Gorfang."Korkrok! Get Urgknash an' his boyz. Tell 'm we got a new camp, 'an bring 'em back 'ere. AND SOMEONE FIND ME ANOTHER JAZOOD! WE NEEDZ ANOTHER WARCHANTER 'ERE!"

First 2000 point match for my Ironjawz, I decided to use Greenskinz to fill in the gaps, along with the Spear Chukkas. I have a 2k tournament next month, so I wanted to see how Greenskinz and Chukkas would do. I brought the same Ironfist I used from the 1k Tournament above, along with Wierdnob shaman, a regular shaman, three units of 10 Orcs with spearsm and a chukka. This was my second match against Seraphon in AOS, but first with ironjawz. I know Rend -1 is useless, so the Orruks get spears to dish out attacks. I also tried to use the Orruk numbers to boost my shaman's casting and unbinding rolls. He used the Saurus battalion which gives them all -1 rend, the pile-in move on any hero phase, and his caster which can boost the bite ability of the Saurus. He also took two sets of Salamandors, a Stegadon with Sun-Throwers, a Batiladon with the Sun Beam, a Sun Blood on foot as the general, an Old Blood on Carnisaur, and a Skink Priest.

Turn One: He goes first, moves up to secure three of four spots, and scores five points. He positioned his 30 Saurus Warrriors in the choke point between the mountains and woods, then uses 10 to secure the orc camp and the others to protect his left flank. He hopes to use the Saurus to tie me down in order to use his Salamandors, Stegadon Sun-Throwers, Bastiladon Beam to pew pew me off the board. 

My turn: I WAAAGH! with the Ironfist, then charge the Ardboyz in along with my dual choppa Brutes. Since my Brutes with Jagged Gore Hakkas could not make the charge due to having no way to hit the enemy, they could not pile in, but not big loss. The Ardboyz and Brutes take off half the Saurus. My Gore Gruntas kill 8 of 10 Saurus on the flank. On the left side, I rush everyone up to get into range against the Carnosaur and capture point. My Chukkas only deal one wound to the Carnosaur.

Turn Two: I get the double turn and erase the rest of the Saurus o the right side of the battlefield. However, I overextended with my Brutes w/Hakkas and the Bastiladon piled in. I then snuck my trolls through the woods and crushed his exposed Skink Priest. This also allowed me to outnumber him in his territory, so I was about to capture 4 big points. Unfortunately, I forgot about his Old-Blood General and he piled in and killed a troll. That was enough to get my Troggoths to run away. On the left, I set up two lines of Orruks with spears and put mystic shield on the front rank. The other 10 charged the Saurus in the village to keep them preoccupied. 

My opponents turn: He begins shooting. My Brutes with Hakkas and Ardboyz take losses, as does my Orruks on the left flank from the Salamandors. He decides to charge, he whiffs with his Carnosaur, but my boyz can't dish out anything. The 4+/4+ is takes its toll the whole game. Magic continues to fail me as I cannot cast Foot of Gork, just Mystic Shield. On the right, he starts pew pewing me. Ardboyz take losses, so too do the Hakka Brutes. The dinosaurs charge, as does his Sun-Blood, and those Brutes fail bravery and flee the battlefield. My Ardboy boss is the only survivor. 

By this point, I am in control of three of the four points and begin pulling away.

Turn Three: Seraphon gets the double turn, more shooting. Megaboss takes two wounds, another Brute dies, and he charges them to try to capture the Mountain location. My Ardboy gets one wound left on him, but he survives. I pile-in my Warchanter to support him against the Stegadon, and he does some decent wounds. That was it for him as his Sun-Blood took him off the board shortly after. The left flank effectively collapses and I high tail it with my casters. Meanwhile, he finally remembered his Chameleon Skins and brought them up behind my Grots. However, he forgot to shoot with them and was two charges into his charge phase. When he asked about a gentleman's call, I declined. I felt bad I did it, and he rightfully got me on one a turn or two later, which I understood. I blame my competitive side for that moment. Anyway, he charges, which begins the epic struggle between two units who can only hit/wound on 5+ in combat and save on a 6+.

My turn: I reorganize on the right, finally bring my Gruntas into play to rear charge his beast, and get my megaboss into the action. He was on 3 wounds and I failed to kill his 5 wound general. His coutnerattack delivered some dangerous wounds with Damage 2, but I saved all three rolls. By this point, the game was turning in my favor. My Grots were somehow winning combat against Skinks, his beasts were wearing down, and despite the left's capitulation, I help it for one more turn with numbers.

Turn Four: I go and finish off his general with my megaboss. My Ardboy finally is put out of comission from a stray javelin, my boss avenges him, and the Bastiladon and Stegadon finally fall for good. Four rolls of 1s and 2s the turn before helped greatly. My Chukkas finally take off his Carnosaur with a good roll, along with the Salamandors. I score three more points, but its looking good by this time.

My opponents turn: With only three units left, he can't do much. Grots continue to win combat, but his remaining salamandors ambush my shamans and he burns one off. He can only score points now in the Orc Camp.

Turn Five: I take the initiative. I support my Wierdnob and just consolidate

Opponents Turn: He kills a Spear Chukka crew with the salamandors before they are killed. 

FINAL SCORE: 17-11 Major Victory

Observations: The Chukkas are still amazing in AOS and having two is a must. It becomes quite reliable, and the -2 Rend D3 damage is hard to beat. The 30 Orruks I used, however, was disappointing. Rend would have helped, but not against Seraphon who ignore it. I hope they get their day in the sun soon, but this taught me I will likely just go pure Ironjawz at next month's tournament. My magic strategy also failed miserably. I am better off just using the Weirdnob for Mystic Shield and Green Puke.

I should have another post coming up this week. Have a Happy Easter everyone

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Hey @Gorks Pokin' Finger,

Love the Gore-choppa conversion, came out really well in the end. Good work!

Keep up the battle reports as well. I would agree that for the most part you just want to use the Weirdnob Shaman for Mystic Shield unless you're well up, or in a desperate situation! If you're happy to use mixed Destruction, then bringing in a Grot Shaman can be a way to squeeze points (Moonclan one is only 60pts).

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Hey all. Here is my next chapter/battle report against a mixed order gun line. I planned to tell a lore story, but I wanted to get this battle report out asap with another match coming up this weekend. As always, if you want to check out the game, scroll down. Otherwise, enjoy. 

1500 vs Mixed Order - Major Victory (Three Places of Power)

With Kazad Knol secured, Da Bloodbreaka Clan had finally established its new home, Bloodbreaka Hold. In the weeks that followed, Greenskinz, including the Skullthumpas, would make their way deep in the Frattura Mountains to join the clan. As Nogoog stated, this would prove to be a great staging point for the growing WAAAGH! The former Duardin lands were now controlled by numerous Orruk clans, as well as a few Grot and Ogor clans. There was the Blue Toofs Orcs, The Sneaky Shroom Moonclan Grots, even the famed Ogor Maneaters of Wotgut Ironbelly or Wotgut the Wanting. One night, Gorfang claimed Gork (or possibly Mork) spoke to him. He told the megaboss to go north, through the lowlands of the humans and aelfs. Another clan, the FangFists, needed help crumpin' the chaos gits. Gorfang did not waste time, and took much of his forces north. Once they left the Frattura Mountains and entered Dreisenberg, the civilized lowlands of humans and aelfs. The Orruks carved a path destruction, pillaging and defeating all foes they encountered. The Bloodbreakas soon reached the city that Mork (or possbily Gork) was talking about: Ozil. Gorfang and his boyz entered the city, but saw no sign of the FangFists. It did not take long for them to reach the source of power that he was searching for. At the center of the city was a large temple with a center dias where rituals and sacrifices seemed to be conducted. A tower - or what was left of it - flanked its right. It seemed to generate its own power seperate from the dias. 

Suddenly, figures popped into sight not far from the BloodBreakas. Rather than find the FangFists, however, they discovered an army belonging to the Forces of Order preparing to attack.


While there were no signs of conflict, nor any signs of the FangFists in the area, the BloodBreakas relished the opportunity for a scrap, even if it was against the squishy humans and aelfs.

"Boss, da humies and pansies crushed da FangFists!" declared Zodgrob, sporting his new daemon skull on his right shoulder. 

"How? Where da bodies?" refuted Drazdruzak. "They probably got scared off from da Order gits."

"Maybe dey wuz eaten," chimed Ugly Bogg, the other Brute Boss. The Orruk received this unceremonious title after he survived an ogor club to the face, making him even uglier by Orc standards. 

"That ain't why," declared Gorfang. "And Bogg, yer reason is just as bad as yer ugly face! No, dem FangFists sacked dis city and probably went off. We needs to find out where, but first, we gots to take care of these humies an' pointy-eared gits an' see what Gork and Mork want."

Upon seeing the approaching Greenskins, the humans let off another handgun volley, while their aelf allies unleashed another onslaught of bolts onto the Orruks. Some rounds found their mark, bringing down a few Ardboyz in the front ranks. The rest of the BloodBreakas did the kunnin' thing and dove for cover in the ruins of the city.  


"Right, Jazood, get in the temple and start ruckin' about. See if you can draw da other boyz back here. Where's me shaman!?"

"Here boss, what ya need?" said Tikug.

"You better be as good as Nogoog says, or I'll feeds you to da Gruntas. Go to the tower and start talking to Da Godz. We needs to know what they want."

Peeking through the ruined archway of his hiding spot, Gorfang scanned the enemy's formation. A large contingent of handgunners were preparing for another volley. They were easy to deal with once they got within choppa range. In front of them was a thin line of aelf spearmen. Their cruel looking armour labeled them as warriors of the Dark Coven. In the rear was a contingent of lighting warriors and one scary looking one with a big banner with a dead skeleton inside. Nearby was an aelf spear chukka, along with a few pointy eared gits with fancy hats. Their skulls would look good on my belt, thought Gorfang. 

"Last one to da fight is a scared grot! Go get 'em boyz!"

"WAAAGH!" screamed the Orruks. They burst through their cover and charged the forces of Order.


In a few heartbeats, the lines were met. Orruk steel clashed with aelf armour. The Dreadspears combat martial, however, was no match for the savagery of the Ironjawz. They were wiped out to an aelf. The stormcasts retaliated immediately, slamming into the right flank where the Gore Gruntas and Ardboyz were battling. Meanwhile, the handgunners fired an entire volley into Ugly Bogg's Brutes. They were brought down in a storm of bullets, wounded or dying in the crater. Magic bolts and spears also slammed into the Orruk line, but did little to deter the rest of the army. With their last volley discharged, the Bloodbreakas moved in for the kill. 


Drazdruzak and Zodgrobs unit rammed straight into the humans with boom sticks, while Gorfang and the other Ardboyz snuck around the observation building to get behind the enemy. This, Gorfang planned, was all a distraction for Jazood and Titug to do their work to channel the power of GorkaMorka. 


As expected, the humans did not last long. Only a handful of survivors remained, and they were either too brave for their own good or too stunned with fear to flee. With one of the Stormcast shooters preocupied with the Ardboyz, Gorfang made an attempt to get his skull. Nearby was a strange looking aelf who seemed to be floating in smoke rather than standing on the ground. She also reeked of an alien scent, perhaps it was fear or something else.


The megaboss' choppa came down onto the mystweaver and was met with but a cloud of smoke. He chopped again through the mist and seemed to catch flesh. A small cloud of blood emerged in the mist, followed by a staff that thumped Gorfang on the head. Dazed, the cloud scurried away to safety, leaving Gorfang dizzy and angry.


Meanwhile, the Gore-Gruntas and Ardboyz were finishing off the remaining Stormcasts, while the Brutes were gleefully chopping up the humans. Back on the points of power, Jazood continued to beat away at the pillars, while Titug was dispatched by a hail of bolts from the aelf spear chukka. 


Soon, the Bloodbreakas were cleaning up the scattered remnants of the army. The Ardboyz finished off the aelfs and stormcasts in the rear, while the Ardboyz took down the sorcerer who had frustrated them earlier. The Aelf Loremaster was able to siphon some power from the tower, but he was quickly put to flight as the Orruks approached to recapture the area. When Gorfang and the Ardboyz reconveyned with the rest of the clan at the Temple, he noticed his Brute Boss had something dangling from his claw.

"Lookie 'ere, boss. I got da smokey aelf's skull!" Zodgrob boasted proudly. The blood had dried quickly, and mist was still pouring from where Zodgrob's claw had decapitated her.

Gorfang wanted to do nothing but smack his brute boss in the head and take the skull back from him. However, it was his kill, and dispatching his trusty (and dimwitted) Brute Boss would leave him in a bind on this crucial task. Plus, he couldn't have Ugly Bogg bossing the rest of da boyz. Someone would bash his skull in. Then he'd be uglier. Let Zodgrob have his fun, Gorfang thought. I'll take the next one I see or it'll be Zodgrob's that goes on me trophy rack next.

"Good work Zodgrob. Dat one was a slippery aelf," the megaboss said begrudgingly. "I see Jazood's got the dias. Where's Titug?"

"Dead boss," stated Zodgrob. "Da shamie lost his skull from one of them thunder boyz shootin' a spear at him."

"Did he say anything before he went kaput?"

"Na, he just flailed around, screamin' bout some shiny choppa up north. He might have said da FangFists as well, but he went real quiet after dat,"
 said Zodgrob.

"Anyfing else, or just more jibberish according to yer dumb analysis?" said Gorfang.

"I fink he gurgled and vomitted somefin that smelled as bad as Ugly Bogg. That's all."

Gorfang's fist then slammed into the back of Zodgrob's skull, knocking him to the gorund. 

"Thanks for informin' me. Now get up ya dumb skull. Weze got some shiny stuff to find. Iffen da FangFists ain't here, they probably up north looking for it already. Weze gots to get a move on!"


My first gun line I played against as Ironjawz. I was nervous heading in, especially for three places of power. I did not want my characters shot off. I messed up my deployment originally due to indecisiveness and hid everyone as best I could while scoring points. However, I decided if I was going to win, I had to play the scenario. I charged everyone forward to stall his heroes long enough for me to grab points in the first three turns with my warchanter and shaman. I went first in the first two turns, so after I dispatched his spearmen, my boyz were at the mercy of the turn 3 roll. If he got it, he'd double turn shoot me with the handgunners. Luckily, I won the roll off and used the mega brutes to take down his handgunners. The Ardboyz and Gruntas handled the Prosecutors and Lord Relictor easily. By turn 4, I knew I would win the match (eventually 33-9) so it was just cleaning up the rest of the army. 

This was also his first time playing Ironjawz, so the speed of the Ironfist/Destruction movement took him a bit by surprise. We both learned a lot about facing one another. Terrain definitely helps against shooting armies, so I will be sure to bring as much of it as possible. Also, Raptors hurt like hell with their 30 inch shooting -2 rend and 2 damage. Great character killers

Here are some more photos from the match. Until next time





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Rumble with Da FangFists

2000 vs Ironjawz - Major Victory via Turn 2 (Border War)

It had been a few days since Da Bloodbreakas sacked the city of Ozil, their last proper fight, save for the handful of scraps that had occurred when the Orruks set up camp. Gorfang and his bosses had to keep the rest of the boyz disciplined, or as disciplined as an Orc could be between the time it took to reach his next fight. They had crossed the narrow mountain pass out of Dreisenberg and entered the Kingdom of  Vinternan. Somewhere in this northern realm, Da Bloodbreaka Clan would find the FangFists and attempt to merge their clans together, peacefully or brutally. There was also the issue of this shiny choppa that the shaman Titug foresaw before he lost his head. Gorfang was interested in finding out more, for a shiny choppa blessed by the gods would draw the attention of many forces. And where there were armies, there was bound to be a good fight. First thing was first, they had to find the FangFists and stomp whatever chaos gits they found. 

However, Da Bloodbreakas had yet to encounter any of the spikey gits since they entered the frozen kingdom with the floating ice islands. All they had seen were shrines erected to the Dark Gods. Then they started to see some spikey bits laying around on the ground, then more, and more, until the Orruks realized the bits they were passing were also the dead bodies of chaos warriors. It appeared that the FangFists had done a good job at thrashing a large number of spikey boys not too long ago, but where were they? Shouldn't the FangFists be distributing the loot amongst the Gore-Gruntas for food or at the very least for the boyz to smash together for new weapons and armour?

They did not have to wait too long for that answer as Azkrug FangFist, Megaboss of the FangFists and his Maw Krusha emerged into view. He seemed to be in a hurry, as he glided towards Da Bloodbreakas with a few of his boyz trailing behind. Gorfang made his way forward to see what all the hubbub was all about.

"Oi! FangFist! Iz heard about you," said Gorfang. "Im Gorfang Da Immortal, an' this is Da BloodBreakas. Gork and Mork sent us to find you-"

"Bout time you lot showed up!" shouted Azkrug. "Da Godz said you'd be here. Better late than never I suppose. Your choppas will be bloody soon enough."

"Well you and your boyz seemed to have duffed up them spikey boyz well and dandy. More of them are still up and kicking then?" asked Gorfang.

"What, no, not these gits. They all good an' dead," replied Azkrug. "I needs ya help with me boyz."

"This lot? That's not much. Where is the rest of your boyz at?" 

"That's what I'm talking about" Azkrug said as he pointed behind Gorfang across the field.

Sure enough, across the horizon, a horde of Ironjawz emerged into view. They carried the banners of the FangFist clan, but appeared to be readying for battle. It appeared that despite Azkrug's reputation as a fighter, he was a lousy leader


"What the zoggin' hell did you do to get kicked out of yer own clan?" Gorfang said.

"I wanted this shiny choppa my shaman kept yapping about before his head went boom," answered Azkrug. "Me other bosses heard him, thought they could beats me, but they was scared gits and couldn't do it. Me best boy. Zaggatoof, though, decides he wants to be boss, so he gets da other bosses in line, and turns most of me other boyz against me. Da rest of me lads and I had to fights our way out to escape. Fortunately youze lot are here now, just like Gork and Mork said. Now we can stomp them together."

"At least me boyz get someone to bash, so thanks," said Gorfang. "We'll talk later bout da shiny choppa later. Lets get yer boyz back then."


Invigorated by the site of two megabosses standing side by side, Da Bloodbreakas surged forward towards the rebellious Orruks. Gorfang and Azkrug could see the other bosses scrambling to prepare their troops for battle. Standing atop his Maw Krusha on the right flank, Muggmar gave a taunting warcry as his Gore-Gruntas squealed and cheered a similar challenge. Up on the hill near a Dragonfire Dias, sat the other bosses: Zaggatoof, the traitorous megaboss, Wierdnob Shaman Nifdum, the Warchanter Oogop, and the Brute Boss Xhaxkrux. 

While his forces advanced, Gorfang and Azkrug seized the dias in the center to observe the battlefield. The traitorous Orruks were mostly gathered on the far hill, slowly advancing down the left, while the fast-moving elements of the Maw Krusha and Gore-Gruntas was preparing to overrun the right flank. Rather than discuss unit tactics, both bosses discussed what competent bosses would talk about: killing other bosses! 

"Oi, which one of them you wants?" Gorfang asked Azkrug. 

"No one but me lays a choppa on Zaggatoof," proclaimed Azkrug. "I'm gonna krump him to bits, then have Chewy here eat him to gunk. Then I'm going to stomp all over that gunk until nofin is left of him!" The Maw Krusha gave a timely burp, perhaps a cause of a recent foe he had devoured while escaping.

"What about da boss on da Maw Krusha?" asked Gorfang. "Muggmar? He's weak," answered Azkrug. "Da beasts' appetite is more dangerous than him. All he does is feed da beast. Iz more afraid of Xhaxkrux and his Brutes than I is with Muggmar. I never could control those lot. Might be a good challenge for you, Gorfang."

"Mmmm," the megaboss thought. "You finks its good to send me lads against him?"

"Probably. Even yer ugly lookin' git over there could kill Muggmar just by staring at him!" 

The thought of ridding the clan of Ugly Bogg brought some solace to Gorfang, but he'd rather have Zodgrob and Drazdruzak ensure the beast would die. Although, if Zodgrob died, a potential threat would go away, only for another, and possibly worse one to arise in Ugly Bogg. It was best to send his big Brutes in for the glory. Besides, Gorfang didn't mind the challenge of a rowdy bunch of Orruks that scared his fellow megaboss.

"So be it. Lets get stuck in then, shall we?" said Gorfang, as he turned to order his boyz forward.


"ZODGROB!" shouted Gorfang over the cacophany of Orc screaming. "You boyz go bash dat boss and his beast. Azkrug tells me Muggmar over there finks a pointy eared git is better at killing than you boyz!"

"What!? No pointy-eared git is better than us!", replied the annoyed Brute Boss. "You hear that lads? Lets go show him how killy we can be. WAAAAGH!" 

As the riled up Brutes charged forward, Azkrug jested to Gorfang, "Muggmar doesn't know your Brute, nor did I say that."

"Right you are Azkrug, but Zodgrob doesn't know that," said Gorfang. "He might be missing half his brain and can't see half the things we can, but he's good at killing fings. That's why he's my big boss."  For now, at least, Gorfang said in his mind.

"Well then, might as well give him a hand before I go stomp on Zaggatoof." With that, Azkrug kicked Chewy into motion, and beast and rider took off towards the enemy line. As they glided towards a hapless unit of Gore-Gruntas, Azkrug leaned Chewy to his right and the beast roared towards Muggmar. The Maw Krusha's innard-bursting bellow had the desired effect, as the opposing Maw Krusha sank into the ground, writhing in pain. 

With Muggmar pinned, Zodgrob, Dradruzak, and the rest of the Brutes swarmed the megaboss and chopped him and his beast to death. 


With a unit of Ardboyz arriving for support, the right flank seemed secure. Gorfang paused briefly to scan the rest of the field, waving on his remaining forces to swoop to the left to claim the alter on the left from the enemy. Ugly Bogg, meanwhile, was struggling to hold onto the center dias from the enemy Ardboyz. Gorfang considered helping out, but that idea was knocked out of his skull when Xhaxkrux's basha bashed him in the head. He stepped back to recover as Xhaxkrux and his Brutes circled the Megaboss. 

"Youze pretty tough for a boss," said Xhaxkrux. "Iz duffed up plenty of bigger boyz than you before. We'll take care of you before ol' Azkrug gets it!"

The first Brute charged into Gorfang, who was still gathering his thoughts after Xhaxkrux's blow. Despite parrying most of his attacks, the opposing Orc was able to land a blow into the megaboss' back. A sharp yelp escaped Gorfang. That was quickly replaced by anger. The next Brute that attacked came straight at him. Gorfang smacked away his lazy attacks and punched his Rip-Tooth Fist right through his chest. Two more Brutes charged, both from his flanks. The megaboss shouldered one Brute to the ground, but the other was too quick, and cut his upper leg. Swallowing the thought of pain, Gorfang kicked the Brute away with the wounded leg. He quickly turned and delivered his choppa into the other Brute's abdomen, then into his side to finish him off. The other Brute hesitated at his kin's demise, a mistake that would cost him his life, as Gorfang seized that moment to split the Brute in two at the waist. Xhaxkrux was growing restless. He threw his last boy at the megaboss, but he was cut down soon after. Gorfang then stammered forward to confront the Brute Boss.


"Bigger boyz, eh? You sure they weren't humies? Cause you lot fight just as bad as them" jested Gorfang, as he produced a mocking gesture towards the Brute Boss.

Contorting his face with fury, Xhaxkrux barked out, "Nobody insults Xhaxkrux and survives, grotbag! I don't cares who you thinks you is, but I'll make sure to bash you dead real slow so you regrets it!"

Xhaxkrux leapt forward, hoping to strike him down in one blow. Despite his wounds, Gorfang sidestepped the attack, and swung horizontally at Xhaxkrux. He turned to catch the choppa just in time, then tried to jostle it from the megaboss' grip. Gorfang then pulled back, dragging Xhaxkrux towards him, but the Brute reacted by bringing down his basha onto the Orruk. Gorfang's armour absorbed the blow, but Xhaxkrux prepared for another strike. With his choppa still stuck in his claw, the megaboss raised his left arm and caught the weapon at its shaft. For moments, both combatants were locked in a stalemate, both relying on their strength rather than mind to try to defeat the other. So Gorfang changed tactics and used his head, literally, to break the stalemate, by slamming his skull into the only good eye Xhaxkrux had left. The Brute was left dazed and confused as he reached his hands to his face. The next time Xhaxkrux opened his eye was later when Gorfang attached his skull to the Bloodbreaka banner after the battle. 


After dispatching Xhaxkrux, Gorfang caught his breath and gazed to the boss hill to observe Azkrug's Maw Krusha devouring the Warchanter Oogop. With the FangFist rebels surrounded on all sides, the battle was over. The rebellious Orcs were given choice to join the BloodBreakas or die. The survivors made the wise decision, but Zaggatoof had made his choice earlier. Realizing the battle was lost, the megaboss fled for parts unknown. His shaman, Nifdum, had tried to defend himself by whacking the Maw Krusha over its head with his staff. Rather than crush him, Azkrug merely knocked some sense into the Wierdnob Shaman before he changed his mind about who he wanted to fight for.

As the Bloodbreakas began to set up camp and looting parties, the megabosses met for a postmortem discussion at Gorfang's boss tent.

"Good fightin' that was," Gorfang said. "Got us some more boyz for da WAAAGH! and a new skull for me pointy stick." He polished Xhaxkrux's head and cleaned up the neck area so it would fit on the banner. Da Immortul had a special place for it. He then continued, "So where do you fink Zaggatoof ran off to?"

"Beats me," said Azkrug as he scratched his head. "Doubt the spikey boyz will get him. He might be searching for that shiny choppa the shamans be blabbering about. That git might not be da strongest, but he's cunnin'. He won't forget this defeat."

"Aye I gots ya, but you boyz are now wif us, and what I says goes." Gorfang rose to his feet and placed his hand on Azkrug's shoulder. "Da FangFists are yours, but Iz da boss now. What I says goes. Youze a good, choppy Orc, and I needs ya for the fights ahead. Weze gots to find more boyz and get them back to fightin' form. Gork and Mork has somefin special for us, something big. Prove me youze loyal by bringing back Zaggatoof's skull, then youze become one of me bosses."

There was silence momentarily before Azkrug responded, "I don't likes the idea of being bossed around, but since the rest of me boyz nearly gutted me, might be best to just be a boss rather than the boss. But that's what Iz expect. I won't be answering to some lowly Greenskin or ugly lookin' Brutes. I'll shows you that Im da best and bring back more than Zaggatoof's stupid head. For now, me boyz are yours."


My first match against a fellow Ironjawz player, as well as my first time using the Maw Krusha. 

I think I found my new favorite toy

He was a beast in combat. Reading about destructive bulk and seeing it in action are two different things. I nearly took off his hero on Turn 2, dealing 4 mortal wounds. His ranged attack is also good at taking out stray heroes or softening up bigger targets or units. Very happy to have him on my roster.

To the game itself. My opponent used Gordrakk as his Maw Krusha, and set him up with the Gore Gruntas on my right. I planned to press hard on one side to secure three objectives, so I chose to send the bulk of my forces right to overpower the speedy parts of his army. The megabrutes did their job, and took out Gordrakk before he could retaliate. Gorfang nearly perished after a failed charge left him vulnerable, but my opponent rolled poorly on the brute boss/gore choppa rolls and I only suffered four wounds total. He retaliated and practically took out the unit. 

My decision to hold back my Gruntas and Ardboyz was to consolidate my central position. They were to react to his slower units trying to reinforce the right. By the time I had dispatched with his speedy units, I decided to swarm the middle two spots to pull ahead. By the end of turn 2, I was ahead 16-4 with the match all but in hand. The store had to close at that time, so we just called it. 

I recognized in this game how important priority really is. Had I not been able to dispatch my opponents big threats first, he would have surely dealt with me swiftly. Yet, this is where support is important. Not only the Warchanter's buffs, Mystic Shield, or a good WAAAGH! from the megaboss, but positioning your troops so you can tilt a skirmish in your favor. I know my Ardboyz can handle themselves, but they are more a tarpit for the hammer that are the Brutes. Likewise, I even used Megaboss Gorfang as bait, unintentionally, to lure the Brutes over so my Maw Krusha could get to his heroes

With my Maw Krusha complete, my Ironjawz army is done for the time being. I may purchase the IJ skirmish box to get another unit of Brutes and finish my Ardboyz command, but I am sad that I am basically done painting Orcs for the time being. 

I am so happy, however, with how the BloodBreaka's came out. They are exactly how I wanted them to be, paint scheme, conversions, et all. The army itself is so fun to play with. I hope the Ironjawz get the proper update they need to make them a stronger choice for matched play. 

Next up will be a general report of my army's Coalescence experience. Before I go, here is the next character profile



The words FangFist spread fear and panic across Zarcosia. The FangFists are a violent clan of Ironjawz who seek nothing but wonton destruction of everything they come across. Such is the nature of the clan that infighting is almost a daily routine. Oddly enough, this animosity has built a vicious training cycle for the Orruks. No matter who they fight, the FangFists are more than capable of handling themselves in combat. They take it from their leader, Azkrugm a vicious Orruk who loves violence, but has a trait rarely other Orcs have: curiosity. Before he bashes something with his choppa, he likes to understand what the object or person is before he unceremoniously crushes it. This has led to a certain acknowledgement with Megaboss Gorfang. While he hates the idea of being bossed around, he eventually grew tired of being boss, especially after the betrayal of Zaggatoof. He stole the knowledge of the shiny choppa's location. Now Azkrug hunts him down while searching for the same Gork (or Mork) blessed weapon, which is philosophized to have the power to annihilate armies. 

The weapon that gave Azkrug and his clan the name, FangFist, is a special weapon he personally designed: it is a fanged griever on his left arm, combined with his Scrap-Toof Choppa. It has taken down mighty heroes, slain multitudes of foes, and protected its user from unforeseen harm

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@Chris Tomlin No I had no idea haha good to know for the next mirror match.  I will usually only use WAAAGH! on turn one when I have all my units together since that is the best chance to pull it off properly. Its a nice surprise when my opponent doesn't expect me to move that fast and hit his isolated units on the first turn while swinging with 5-6 attacks per Orc. 

Question: have you, Chris, or anyone else ever found a reason to use the Megaboss on Maw Krusha as your general rather than the foot Megboss? It seems obvious, but since the Krusha is so killy, he needs to be in your enemy's face causing mayhem at all times, and usually that is away from the bulk of your forces to use his command abilities in the first place

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@Gorks Pokin' Finger - Also, of further note, you calculate the number of units and roll to trigger the command ability in the combat phase, not in the hero phase when you declare it. So you need to be really wary when playing other Ironjawz armies - not only can you use their units to boost the roll, they will benefit from the attacks. When I played Russ Veal at Sheffield Slaughter earlier this year I was kind enough to inform him of this nuance before the game, otherwise I could've benefitted from it as well, which would've been a bit cheap had he not expected it.

I think a Megaboss on foot is a pretty poor choice of general for a pure Ironjawz army if I'm honest. As good as that 3+ save and 7 wounds seem, it will disappear in a flash against most armies we would expect to see at the moment. Ranged shooting/magic is pretty prevalent and it's a big loss to lose our General early doors. If you are set on a foot Megaboss as your General, then you probably need to consider the Talisman of Protection over Battle Brew (you may do this already) just to boost that survivability a little, though Kharadron Overlords will still pull his pants down.

Personally I don't ever really use the command abilities on either Megaboss option, they are situational and the fact you have to roll for them is borderline ridiculous IMO. My preferred General in a Brute Big Boss in a nice juicy unit of 15. That way you can keep the unit in the game with auto Inspiring Presence and +1 to hit if you want it (Bellowing Tyrant).

If that is restricted where you play, then I think a Maw-krusha as General with the Talisman of Protection is often a better choice, purely due to survivability. That said, he still goes down when focussed on and I do agree with you that sometimes he may be out of position. Bear in mind that his Mighty Waagh command ability has a 15" range and as previously mentioned you roll for this in the combat phase, so it may be that you are able to get back within 15" when it comes to the fighting.

In short, I don't feel we are very well blessed with command abilities :( 

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I regularly use the mighty waaagh on the mawcrusha. Its range is big enough that you can usually get 6 units in it in the first few turns (characters count, including himself) to guarantee it going off, and get the 1 in 6 chance of +2 attacks (I have had that a few times). +1 attack is incredibly potent though, suddenly brute bosses have 2 chances to hit with their klaw, and if they do, get 3 auto-hits from the smasha, brutes are putting out 5 attacks each at 3s and 3s. It makes a big difference to the damage you put out, and in my opinion, the best defense of ironjawz has always been killing everything before it attacks back, and mighty waagh is a good tool for that.

Being immune to battleshock isn't such a big deal when you have 11 extra attacks from the unit, and even if you do lose some to battleshock, your opponent will probably lose more (unless its daemons, in which case they will all just pop back into existence). 

When Zebgrokk was fighting Gordrakk at SCGT I used it, it made for a really bloody combat but because It was my turn, I was able to get more out of it than Ian was.

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47 minutes ago, Gorks Pokin' Finger said:

@Chris Tomlin that's why I hope Ironjawz (as well as the other pre-Generals Handbook factions) get their much needed update this year.  My Megaboss wouldn't mind a new choppa or things to bark at the boyz xD

Indeed. Gotta be a bit careful what you wish for though. The potential loss of unit champ General, Battle Brew and other generic Destruction goodies that may change could all be big losses to us. Have to hope what (if anything) we get in return swings the balance back in our favour. It's definitely time for a chance though, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the GH2 brings!

40 minutes ago, KnightFire said:

the best defense of ironjawz has always been killing everything before it attacks back, and mighty waagh is a good tool for that.

I think this is a really common misconception with Ironjawz and can be the fastest way to lose quickly. Sure, there are 100% times when a "push it forward" approach really does work for us, however in those situations I think the Mighty Waaagh is just a "win more" mechanic that tends to be unnecessary I've found. The best results I've had from Ironjawz have definitely come about from a more cautious (Kunnin') approach.

The alternating combats in AoS make you really think about how many units you're going to commit into combat each turn. We can certainly ignore Battleshock, but only if playing MSU Brutes and accepting the units as glass hammers. You are of course right that the Brute Boss is absolutely savage with the additional attacks though!

40 minutes ago, KnightFire said:

Being immune to battleshock isn't such a big deal when you have 11 extra attacks from the unit, and even if you do lose some to battleshock, your opponent will probably lose more (unless its daemons, in which case they will all just pop back into existence). 

You are assuming the unit is in combat and that you will get the next turn, if this ends up being the case then you will blitz your opponent for sure. However this is totally an ideal world situation, the implications of battleshock stretch much further than just your own combat phase, which is what makes Inspiring Presence so key (if you are using 10+ Brutes in a single unit).

I get that fighting is what Ironjawz do (it's all they do!), so I do appreciate the desire to play in these sorts of ways.

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