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Oi Lads. I haven't had a lot of free time lately, but I figured it was time to update the post with my results from Coalescence. Only one other person showed up at our event, but we made the best of it and still had a blast. We ended up pitting Ironjawz against Stormcasts for all three games. He ended up winning the event, taking Scenario's one and three, but I only trailed by one point entering the final scenario. I lost my photos, so I will do my best to explain what happened. 

A few things: this was the first legitimate Stormcast player I have played in AOS. My underestimation of his units, especially liberators, along with his strong tactics, had me in a bind most times than not. My biggest failure was not comprehending his wise use of cover, especially in the final scenario. Secondly, the man simply had Sigmar blessing him the whole game. Rarely did a dice roll go my way or against him. To be fair, he seemed to put himself in a position to benefit from the dice rolls, so I cannot squarely blame bad luck.

I also have to mention it because it was a factor, but my opponent never understood that my Ironjawz could from the Destruction Allegiance abilities. He thought that since I was Ironjawz, I was not allowed to take a command ability, trait, or item unless I was a destruction force. While I kept telling him it was perfectly legal, even sanctioned by GW, he refused to accept it. This was his first time playing an organized event, admitting he never played in a competitive scenario, so I gave him some slack for that. Plus, I was just thankful that someone showed up so we could do Coalescence. Still, to avoid escalating the situation due to his stubbornness, I agreed to play using just my Ironfist ability, no command trait or item. While I persevered in Scenario Two, it hurt me in the final scenario.

FIRST SCENARIO: 1.5K  - MAJOR DEFEAT (The Shardseeker)

Narrative wise, we decided it was best for Ironjawz to be pursuing the Stormcasts. He started and flung his speedy units towards the far end, while his foot sloggers stayed back to hold off the Orrruks. He had a few units of Prosecutors that I knew I would never tie down, so I decided to try to punch right through the middle and take down his liberators, then heroes before he could drop his Paladins. Unfortunately, his Lord-Castellant buffed his five Liberators in front, and my 10 Brutes could not wipe the unit on my charge. The Knight-Questor was also quite potent, bringing down some Brutes along with the Castellant. My Megaboss could not slay him, and he ended up getting knocked out by the Raptor-Longstrike and Knight-Venator. The Lord-Celestant on Dracoth was also potent, mostly his breath weapon which kept chipping away with mortal wounds. He mowed down my Gore Gruntas when I tried to rear charge him to block in his heroes. My Ardboyz tied down and eventually defeated his unit of 10 Liberators, but by then the match was all but done. He led 9-2 after the first match

SECOND SCENARIO: 1K - MAJOR VICTORY (Claiming the High Ground?)

While I was forced to use only one D6, I was able to get a fast start, charging my Gore Gruntas on my first turn into his far right territory to fight his Liberators. They would eventually win the combat, but not until Turn 3. I used cover to my advantage to avoid the Raptors, moving the rest of my boyz up behind some ruins. One of my Brutes engaged and dispatched his Prosecutors on the left flank, while the other Brutes took on his Lord-Celestant, who was isolated from his Paladins by the central scenery. Those Brutes would go on to kill the Celestant, but his Paladins would come around and kill them, but the damage was already done. I had no issue giving him the central territory since I had three of the other four in contention. My Megaboss and Ardboyz, meanwhile, attempted to squash his other Liberators quickly, then swing around to bash his Raptors. Unfortunately, the Castellant buffed them, meaning they healed wounds and had a 3+ save. Because of that, my Megaboss could not punch through to kill them (this was the theme all day). He also focused all his liberator attacks on my general, but he survived the battle with one would, as he and the Ardboyz never budged from their fight. Still, I hang on to win the scenario 3-2. My Brutes maanged to kill his Lord-Castellant on the left objective, I had the one in my zone, and the Gore Gruntas secured the right objective in his zone. I scored high here, bringing the tally to 10-9 Stormcasts entering the final fray

THIRD SCENARIO: 500 - MAJOR DEFEAT (The Keystone Shard)

This is where my lack of allegiance ability cost me the campaign. My opponent used a unit of Javelin Prosecutors, Liberators, his Castellant and Celestant on Dracoth. I only had my Megaboss, Ardboyz, and five Brutes. He went first in the first two turns, gaining the upper hand and forcing me into an uncomfortable position when we met in the center: allow him to come to me, or try to charge him. I took the bait and sent my Ardboyz up the left to destroy his Prosecutors, but I left the Keystone Shard exposed. We used a floating rock held down by four chains as the terrain piece. I failed to recognize the strategic nature of claiming the center, and he immediately took advantage, consolidating his Liberators underneath it. Had I had my destruction move, I may have been able to get my Ardboyz inside before he sent his Liberators towards it. With little room to send my Orcs, I could never overwhelm his Liberators with my full force, which allowed him to rack up points for most models closest to the shard. This is where his Dracoth General shined, as his breath weapon did extensive damage to my Megaboss and Brutes. Three turns of it accounted for almost 10 mortal wounds!!! (Curse You Sigmar-blessed dice rolls!) Eventually, he charged my Brutes, and I was left with the decision to either Challenge him with my Megaboss or send him into the center to try to open room to get my Ardboyz inside the Shard. I chose the later, but looking back, I should have challenged him, because I may have been able to get more points if I had killed him. My Brute Boss eventually killed the Celestant, but he was the only Brute left standing with one wound left, while my Megaboss was knocked out of action by the Liberator with Greatsword a turn later. His Castellant eventually came in to mop up my Ardboyz and surviving Brute, and that was it. He won the campaign overall 17-12

What did I learn:
-Stormcasts are  difficult to kill when played right. In my previous encounters, I have been able to kill Liberators with basic Orc Boyz, while my Ironjawz rarely had issues cutting them down before that day. On this day, they just refused to die. Now I recognize their potential, especially when they receive their buffs from their heroes. Next time I play them, I will not focus solely on their grunt units, but instead, their support units and heroes like the Castellant. His buff is nothing to scoff at. Anytime I thought I had him with the amount of wounds I dealt, his saves, rerolls, and save after the save negated any breakthrough I thought I was about to make

-Cover: to my ignorance, I thought cover only really worked in shooting, because I felt in combat both sides benefited from it, so it wasn't that big a deal. Boy was I wrong. His positioning to deny my entire units to get inside made him endure combat most of the time, erasing most of my rend. That tactic to seize the cover in Scenario Three is what led to him winning. This has led me to pick up this tactic of constant cover whenever I can. It has also led me to consider taking the Command Trait 'Nothing Left Standing', although it will be a very situational trait to take

-The Dice Gods are fickle, but I was outplayed most of the day. The campaign was still fun and we made good with our story. Competitively, I have not had a loss like that in a while, so it's good to see  where I can improve.

Da Bloodbreakas may not have claimed victory, but they are looking forward to the rematch against the Lighting Gits of Sigmar. My consolation was that one of my Brute's took down his General twice, so I added his shiny head to his base as his trophy

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Hi lads

it's been a busy summer, but sadly not much time for my Ironjawz. I participated in a Skirmish League at my local Warhammer store the past two months and placed third. I used my Dispossessed Dwarfs for the campaign and I am preparing to get them ready for GH2. I did manage to play a game last month with my ironjawz against a Stormcast in Gift from the Heavens. It was a simple game that I won by turn 3. Nothing too dramatic other than my megaboss tanking and beating his Celestant-Prime and Vandus Hammerhand. Their skulls will look pretty on my clan banner.

I will be posting a bit more as the summer comes to an end. I will be facing a Nighthaunt army this week for my first match against Death. After that, a Path to Glory campaign starting up in my local warhammer store next weekend, then the ensuing pick-up games when GH2 drops. Can't wait to see my boyz back in action in the busy season of war.

For now, enjoy the story. 


The sky thundered once more above Ansiel Starfire and the Comets of Fury. The last of his warriors finally stuck down meters away from his command hill overlooking a frozen plain. Across the horizon, a growing rumble could be heard, but Ansiel was too-focused on the task at hand: delivering a killing blow to the Khorne forces on Zarcosia.

The Comets of Fury had served their God-King well in recent campaigns across the mortal realms. Their last time in Ghur was a rousing success, cleansing the Hashen Wildwoods of  Nurgle's taint, while also liberating the floating city of Lavelion. Once again, civilization on the continent of Zarcosia persevered, despite the constant threat of Chaos and the rampaging forces of Destruction. Incidentally, Nurgle's defeat became Khorne's gain, as his forces launched a new offensive from Carnage Hold to retake the lands they once conquered. Unwilling to let Khorne re-establish a foothold as civilization was returning to this part of the mortal realms, Sigmar redeployed the Comets of Sigmar back to Zarcosia to deal with the Blood God's army. 

Ansiel learned a long time ago never to overestimate any opponent, but this day, he was feeling confident. Before he joined his leaders to begin building a strategy for the battle ahead, the rumble continued to grow.  

"Lord-Celestant Ansiel, our forces are nearly ready," said Knight-Venator Tullis. "We await our Prosecutors to return from scouting the vile Khorne forces. They were last seen northwest of our position. If we strike soon, we may be able to cut off their only route back to their fortress."

"Our Retributors are also prepared in the Celestial Realm, awaiting orders to strike down. on our orders," stated Celestant Caeso. "We have also been told we will receive assistance from fellow Celestant Faustus Smitehand if we need."

"I do not imagine Faustus will need to be bothered with this task," Ansiel said. "Khorne's warriors will test our determination, but we shall overwhelm them just as we have done before. Now, we can cut them off here once-"

"ANSIEL!" screamed the Prosecutor Prime. He more or less crash landed right besides the Stormcast leaders, drawing in deep breaths of air. His armour was chipped and dented, with a few feathers missing from his wings. The rest of his men - or what was left of them - followed behind with a softer, yet desperate, grace. "I bring news from the front. An Orruk army is quickly approaching our position from the South. They will be on us at any moment!"

"Catch your breath and tell us what happened," said Ansiel.

"We were finishing our patrol surrounding our position. Khorne's forces are currently marching northwest, but the Orruks emerged out of nowhere. We would have returned sooner, but a large, dragon-toad like creature emerged from the clouds and decimated our ranks. Only few of us remain."

Right on cue, the Ironjawz emerged over the horizon. The hill was more or less swallowed by the horde of Grreenskin Brutes charging towards their position. Their red armour stood out above the plains separating the two forces.

"Sound the horn!", shouted Ansiel to his Knight-Heraldor. "Prepare for battle!" 


The air rumbled with a conclave of sound across the frozen plains. Competing horns and drums from both sides were met with the rumble of thunder from the sky. Green energies clashed with pure white light as the clouds clashed in a prelude to the approaching Skirmish. The gods were watching today.

At the front of the Ironjawz were two immense Orruks leading the charge. One was a Megaboss who donned the skulls of his fallen adversaries as trophies across his armour. The other large Orc rode an enormous scaled beast. Ansiel briefly pondered how such a monster could take flight as his Judicators opened their first volley on the Orcs. 

Ansiel had never fought the Ironjawz before. He had only heard war stories from his fellow Stormcasts in Azyr of their trials against the brutish Orruks. Seeing their glee as they charged through the first volley cracked the bravado he has previously. He was refocusing his mind as he mounted his Dracoth. 

"Brothers! Focus on the large beast!" Ansiel said. "Bring down their boss and the horse will falter." He raised his hammer aloft. "For Sigmar!" The Stormcast cried out together as they advanced forward towards the charging Orruks.

The Megaboss and his beast began to take damage as Ansiel instructed. The Comets of Fury focused most of their attention on the Boss. Arrows and hammers from Judicators and prosecutors failed to wound the beast. A burst from the knight-heraldor targeted an old chaos alter as the Orruks rushed over it. The sound punched a hole in a swarm of Brutish Orruks and hurt the Megaboss in the process. Still, it came forward.

"It's time," said Ansiel. "Call down our reinforcements. Let these beasts meet their end by Sigmar's lightning!"

With that signal, Knight-Heraldor aimed his horn to the heavens and blasted a call to Azyr for reinforcements. The skies above the stormcasts began to rumble as light began to flash. 

At this moment, a deafening howl swelled over the battlefield. The Ironjawz began their charge. A strange shaman emerged into the chaos alter and began to spasm uncontrollably. He seemed to be feeding off the presence of the Orruks around him.  His staff began to smolder. Suddenly, a pillar of green energy erupted from the shaman and spiraled into the sky. The clash of power above the Stormcasts was a horror to behold. It seemed to drive the Orruks into a frenzy, all the while a constant beat kept the smaller Orruks in a rowdy mood.

The Ironjawz slammed into the Stormcast line like an avalanche. Their discipline and heavy armour were quickly overwhelmed by the fury and power of the rampaging Orcs. On the left flank, the giant boar riders had run through the Judicators and were slowly grinding them down. In the center where the bulk of the fighting took place, the Knight-Heraldor and his brothers fought valiantly, but were eventually drowned out in a sea of green. On the right, the remaining Prosecutors were sent back to Azyr in the blink of an eye, as the biggest (and by far the ugliest) Orruk Ansiel had ever seen, ripped them apart. Nearby, the Megabosses ran through the remaining Liberators in the front line. 


At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck down near the Megabosses, smashing in between both of them as Celestant Faustus came face-to-face with the beast. The Retributors, however, were stuck in the Celestial realm. The green and light energies in the clouds were crashing against one another, interfering with the deployment of the Retributors. 

Recognizing Faustus needed aid, Ansiel and Caeso charged forth to bring down the megaboss. The Dracoths unleashed their fiery breath at the beast. It reeled back in pain, lashing out at Caeso with a mighty fist that nearly knocked him off his mount. Even wounded, the beast was still mighty. It seemed Faustus, though, was handling the megaboss pretty well. After parrying an attack, Faustus smashed his hammer into the Orruk's chest, knocking him off his mount, forcing both to retreat back into the horde. It was not a surprise to Ansiel. The Celestant had been one of the first to be reforged into the Comets of Fury. and was one of the finest fighters among the Stormcasts. It was he who defeated the Nurgle Daemon Prince Coglxion, he who defended a breach along the walls against a swarm of Ghouls during the siege of Pqual, and he who forfeited his title as Lord-Celestant to Ansiel. 

It was all the more shocking when the other Megaboss challenged Faustus and bested him in just three moves. After parrying attacks, the large Orruk seized and twisted the Celestant's weapon from his arm, then smashed his spiked fist through Faustus' neck, decapitating his head from his body. Lighting shot from his body into the sky as Faustus Smitehand returned to the reforging anvil in Azyr. 


Another bolt of lightning struck down onto the frozen plains, delivering the Retirbutors onto the battlefield. However, the clash in the clouds above sent the Retributors into the Stormcasts rear, too far away for them to sway the battle. The Ironjawz would soon close the pincer around his brothers, and they would be cut off from the rest of his forces. With no choice left, Ansiel ordered a tactical retreat. In order to give his brothers the chance to fall back to safety to a nearby realmgate, he and Caeso decided to charge into the Orruks in the center. it would mean they would see the Gates of Azyr soon, but their warriors would be able to avoid the hammer of the reforging anvil.


Both Celestant's spurred their Dracoths on, driving a wedge into the the Brutes. They took a good toll on the Orruks, tying them down for some time. Eventually, the Orruks numbers finally got to the Celestants. Caeso was dragged down off his mount, and soon, both rider and steed returned to the heavens. Ansiel, meanwihle, continued to hold his own, until the Orruks backed away. Stepping forward to fight him was their leader. 


The Megaboss had several scars across its dark, leathery skin. The numerous skulls across his armour were meant to intimidate as they were to boast about his prowess in battle. The Orruk had a sharp grin on his face as he bounced the helm of Faustus up and down in his hand, jesting to the Lord-Celestant. Not one to mince words with the enemy, Ansiel readied himself. "Let's get on with it, Orruk!" he insisted, and charged forward. His first pass on the Megaboss was blocked, while his Dracoth was able to get a scratch onto his side. The Orruk ignored the attack and swung around with his massive axe, which struck the side plating of his mount, absorbing the blow. The second pass around Ansiel struck hard for the Orruk's midsection, but it failed to break through it's scrap armour. The Megaboss then tackled the Stormcast and his rider, knocking both onto their side. Ansiel realized he could not move as his Dracoth was wounded by the Megaboss' armour, thus, pinning the Lord-Celestant to the ground. With the Orruk standing over him, Ansiel could only hope that his sacrifice was for naught. As he returned to Azyr, he noticed other lightning bolts shoot into the sky. That hurt more than the Orruk's killing blow.


"What did you get Zodgrob?" asked Dradruzak.

"Dat noisy thunder git I crumped had dis funny lookin' horn." replied the Brute Boss. "He wouldn't give it to me, so I took his arm off to get it!"

"What you'ze gonna use it for?" said Vorkrok. "Youze likely to choke on it. At least Iz can use it since I can tell you lads where the fighting is from far aways."

"Where da boss at?" asked Azkrug, who was patting his wounded Mawkrusha Chewy. 

"Oh, he's still stompin' on dat thunder boy big boss," replied Zodgrob. "Two skulls in one battle? Not bad for da boss. Those will look good his ya pointy stick."

"He seems furious," said Vorkrok. "He's still bitter I fink about da last battle against these Stormcast gits."

"Weze been marching an' fighting and winning, and marching and fighting an' winning, and more marching an' fighting an' winnin! What could be better?" replied Zodgrob.

"Nothing's better," said Boss Bogg. "Da boss knows what he's doing!"

The other Orruks reeled in horror as Bogg arrived at the boss meeting. His boyz had just finished off the final Stormcasts and had assigned the Ardboyz the task with rounding up whatever loot they could find. It was a task they were more than eager to do to prove themselves to their superiors. Or perhaps it was to escape Bogg's terrible gaze. Either way, it made the Boss feel important.

"BAH! Where did yer ugly face get here Bogg?" taunted Vorkrok. "You did enough scaring those thunder boyz away wif yer face. It's bad enough we're stuck wif it all the time."

"Oi! Watch it ya boar ridin' snaud. At least I had some real fightin' today. You got stuck chasing some birds around you couldn't even catch."

"Shows what you know. We got behind the thunder gits and trapped them inside for all da boyz to bash."

"Maybe youze too focused on yer tactics and need to realize a good choppa fixes many problems."

"That's true. It would help fix yer ugly face."

The Orruk bosses and other surrounding Greenskins erupted in laughter at Vorkrok's jest. Some were rolling on the ground holding their chests. Bogg was losing his patience, contemplating challenging Vorkrok to a fight, when Gorfang stormed into the meeting.

"Knock it off you lot!" said an angry Gorfang. "Weze movin' out soon. These gits weren't the thunder boyz we're looking for."

"What thunder boyz?" asked Zodgrob.

"Da stupid thunder boyz that beat us last time?" said Gorfang. "Those thunder boyz in white armour that took da shiny shards from us? The stupid thunder boss that beat us and set you on fire?"

"Not knockin' the noggin' boss," answered Zodgrob, before receiving a fist to his head from Gorfang. "Oi! What was that for?"

"I'm knockin' yer noggin' ya dummy!" insisted Gorfang. "Weze been lookin all over da realm for these gits. All weze found were some lousy humies, stunties, loonies, and more thunder boyz. I want that boss' head on me pointy stick. No one beats Gorfang an' gets away wif it."

"Who were these gits we crushed boss?" asked Vorkrok.

"Some other gits that call themselves Comets of somefin somefin. Weze looking for those Az....Azy....Azyr boyz, or whatever they like to call themselves. All I care about is stompin' them into the dirt until there's nothin' left of them. Then stomp on them some more just to make sure."

"Just like you did before with that fancy lookin' boss?" said Bogg.

"Precisely Bogg," said Gorfang. "Maybe youze not as dumb or ugly as I think."

"Really boss?"

"Na, yer still ugly. I can't change that. Come on lads. I needs to take me anger out a tad more on someone. I heard da blood boyz left their fort not too long ago and aren't far away. Let's give 'em a good reminder of why theyze been hiding scared behind their walls. WAAAAGH!"



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Really liking this blog mate. It's clear just from skim reading how much effort is going into this army, especially with all the fluff you've written up. When I have a chance I'm looking forward to getting my teef into your reports as well.

Following and watching with interest. Kudos! 

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On 8/19/2017 at 1:54 PM, Xelotath said:

Really liking this blog mate. It's clear just from skim reading how much effort is going into this army, especially with all the fluff you've written up. When I have a chance I'm looking forward to getting my teef into your reports as well.

Following and watching with interest. Kudos! 

Thanks lad. Appreciate it

I played two games against Nighthaunts on Friday. I'm hoping to have those reports up this week

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Hey gang

below is my latest battle report tale for Da Bloodbreakas as they took on a host of Nighthaunts. Currently, I am participating in a Path to Glory campaign at my local warhammer store. Still awaiting my first game in the era of GH2, but I am tinkering with some lists I hope to practice with soon, including the use of a beast-hordes army for 2k.

Anyway, enjoy!

Golzog - Part One

In the weeks that followed, Da Bloodbreaka Clan would march east into the spoiled lands of Zarcosia. It was in the east where Khorne's forces emerged from an unknown realmgate to begin their conquest of the continent. They failed in the end, but they desecrated the entire eastern half of the continent in their westward march.  One of the hardest hit areas in the east was the Solinac Grove. Once, a mighty Sylvaneth Host called these woods their home. They lived together with humans and aelfs, establishing strong ties of trade and military aid for each other. Those days were no more after Khorne's wrath swept through those lands. Even after Khorne lost his grip of the Zarcosia continent, the Solinac Grove remained abandoned. 

That wasn't the case when Gorfang and his forces arrived in the east. They were marching on the word of Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog, who claimed he received a vision from Gorkamorka. Nogoog said da godz informed him of a powerful weapon located in the "Spooky Woods" to the east. There was also a tribe of Orcs that were sent to retrieve it, but were trapped in the Solinac Grove by horde of Khone marauders. The Bloodbreaka Clan soon marched out from Red Rock and arrived at the Solinac Grove days later, where they discovered the Ardboyz of the Steelrippa Clan holding out against the Khorne Bloodbound. Once the Ironjawz joined the battle, the Chaos Warriors resolve eroded, and the army scattered out of the forest.

After the battle, Gorfang began indoctrinating the Steelrippas into the clan, while Korkrok Steelspitta and his Gore Gruntas went to hunt any Khorne stragglers, or at least find the next enemy to fight. Instead, Korkrok found something unusual: an abandoned human settlement. The buildings were untouched, with loot and supplies scattered around the town center, almost as if they were left without a second thought. Interestingly enough, there were piles of weapons collected from all sorts of armies: humans, aelfs, chaos, even orruks. Before they could further inspect, the true inhabitants of the village emerged.  A host of Nighthaunts appeared from the abandoned buildings to ambush the Greenskins. However, Korkrok and his riders were able to escape and report their findings to their Megaboss. Gorfang didn't need much convincing, considering Nogoog kept jabbering about ghosts and spirits since they set foot inside the Solinac Grove. While the thought of fighting Nighthaunts wasn't appealing, Gorfang wasn't going to let a few pesky ghosts get in the way of his boyz finding plunder. Not to mention, this spooky town might be the location of the weapon Nogoog claimed was here. This would also be a good test for the new Steelrippa Ardboyz to prove themselves.


The Orruks soon arrived on the outskirts of the village. Korkrok's report was accurate: the village had been abandoned some time ago. Night had descended on the area, yet the moon's light could not penetrate the strange mist that was choking the area. The buildings had barely been touched by time, save for cobwebs and the briefest gust of wind. Though just out of sight to the Orcs, they could make out the sight of loot within the town center. Somewhere in that trash of boxes and other treasure was the weapon that Nogoog had spoken of. The shaman was left in the rear with a retinue of boyz to guard him while he succumbed to another spasm, or vision as he would normally say. The only thing normal to Gorfang was when some of the boyz heads would explode while Nogoog was talking to Da Godz. Let's see what GorkaMorka has to say, thought Gorfang, confident they could snatch the choppa before the Nighthaunts returned.

Suddenly, the mist started to glow green and spirits began rising from the ground. The air started to become cold as magical winds of a foreign entity descended upon the area. Across the field at the furthest tree line did a host of specters, wraiths, banshees and spirit hosts emerge from nothing. The only "real" enemy the Orcs saw they could actually hit with their weapons was a large carriage, which was being pulled by spectral ghosts, and a frightening wraith sitting on top, guiding the part wooden, part ghostly apparatus. Their haunting appearance sent a shiver of fear among some of the Bloodbreaka Orcs. 

"Boss! Da ghosts are back!" shouted Korkrok. "And I fink I sees the one that almost got me good last time. Iz makes sure he's as good as dead...er...dead again!"

"Weze never fought ghosts before," said Redchig, former boss of the Steelrippa's. "Da boyz an' me have always stayed away from da Spooky Woods for a reason. No choppa worth this much trouble."

"Oi, youze not our boss anymore Redchig!" exclaimed one of the Ardboyz. "If youze wasn't a scardey Orruk, we'd of taken dat choppa long ago!"

"Shut it ya stunted git, or else you wants to be a lessen for speakin' out of order!" returned Redchig.

Before animosity consumed his new recruits, Jazood came over to bash the boyz back into order, then proceeded to get them rowdy for battle.

"Save that fightin' spirit for da ova spirits," said Jazood, as he finished smashing an Orruk's helmet multiple times before it collapsed. "GorkaMorka tells me they needs to be bashed. Their beats tellin' me to thump you lot forward. Now get in line, or the next time I'll beat yer head in like a daemon skull!"

Meanwhile, Gorfang stepped up to examine his enemy. Oddly enough, this was one opponent that Gorfang had never fought before. 

"Mmmm, anyone here fight dead fings before?" asked Gorfang. "Not that familiar with killing what's already dead."

"I fought dem dead fings once boss," said Boss Bogg, who led the handful of Brutes with Gorfang on the outing to the East. The rest  of the Brutes were with Zodgrob and Dradruzak helping the rest of the clan rebuild Red Rock again, the result of a victory feast gone too far, which resulted in the clan sacking its own city.

"Well, how did ya kill 'em?" asked Gorfang. "Did you scare them away wif yer ugly face?"

"No!" insisted Bogg. "You just clobber them til they don't come back. Real simple boss!"

"Hu? That don't sound like a bad plan. Bet you Zodgrob wouldn't of thought of that." He noticed Bogg slowly nod in agreement. "But you still ain't getting his job Bogg! Not unless you beat him. Or, if you reckon, you can bests me."

Thinking none the wiser, Bogg's smile evaporated as he returned to the rest of his boyz to prepare for battle. He'd rather take his chances with the spooky ghosts than try to fight Gorfang, or even Zodgrob for that matter. 

While the Orcs bickered and intimidated one another, the Nighthaunts had managed to advance closer, securing the village and the central hill


"Right, we need to grab all dat loot," said Gorfang. "Redchig, youze taking those scary trees ova there. Protect da center where me and Bogg will be in the thick of it. Jazood, you take our Ardboyz an' take da village. Korkrok! Youze staying back here."

"What!? An' miss a good fight!?" explained Korkrok.

"You'll get to smash somefin," replied Gorfang. "But youze have to wait your turn since your Gruntas already went first."


With a bestial roar and a constant beat driving them on, the Ironjawz charged forth. While Gorfang held back to coordinate the battle from the central hill top, his boyz got stuck into the thick of it. Redchig and his Ardboyz contested the left flank against a unit of Spirit Hosts, while Jazood's Ardboyz swarmed the village, fighting a tough battle against the Hex Wraith and their Carrion leader. Meanwhile, Bogg and Korkrok's boyz could not wait to get into battle, and charged ahead. While Bogg was able to dispatch of the wooden carriage in the rear, his Brutes were pinned down as more specters swarmed their position


Just as it seemed the Orcs were beginning to gain the upper-hand, part of the hexwraiths split apart from the Ardboyz to contest the Ironjawz rear line. If they continued to run amok in the backfield, the Orcs would be cut off from their reinforcements. Fortuitously, Jazood was able too keep the spectral horsemen occupied, allowing Gorfang to bash Korkrok over the skull with new orders to assist the Warchanter. Despite a strange aura that passed over the Orcs under the Hexwraiths, they continued to fight on. Oddly enough, Bogg's earlier advice was working. The Nighthaunt's fighting capabilities were faltering as the Orruks continued their assault. While a metal choppa wasn't as useful against something that could bleed, the specters could still feel pain. It did not aid them that the Brutes managed to bash the Black Coach into a pile of timber before it could call forth reinforcements. By then, Gorfang had entered the fray.


Towards the battle's climax, Gorfang was able to save the Steelripps Ardboyz, but Redchig was lost to the undead. He took the surviving boyz, along with Bogg's Brutes, and secured the far side of the battlefield. Trapped, leaderless, and losing their magical bond to their leaders, the remaining Nighthaunts dissipated.


Not long after taking the village, the Ironjawz looted everything that wasn't nailed down in the village. Trinkets, trophies, loot and weapons were heaped into piles across the town square. The new Ardboyz scoured the piles for the fabled choppa while the Brutes and Gore Gruntas took the best items they could find for their own use. When the Orcs reached the bottom of the pile, there was one weapon remaining, possibly the most unimpressive choppa any Orruk had ever seen, and that's something coming from a race that uses practically anything to fight with. Needless to say, the Ironjawz Megaboss was not impressed.

"What the zoggin' hell do you fink this is, Nogoog!?" exclaimed Gorfang. "You had us come all dis way, for what? Some rusty, crummy old choppa? This couldn't kill a grot, let alone hack through a thunder boy of Sigmar! Even Ugly Bogg looks better than this piece of junk!"

"Howz I supposed to know da choppa ain't powered up?" said Nogoog, who regained consciousness towards the end of the battle. Only four Orcs blew up during his recent seizure. A new low record.  "Da Godz told me youze needed to wield dis weapon. We just needs to give it Gorkamorka's blessing. I can feels another power grip this choppa. He's whispering to me know. Sounds creepy. You wouldn't like him."

"I dont care who the hell is in da choppa," said Gorfang. "Is this choppa as powerful as you says it is?"

"Strong enough to take down walls, eat armour like a Gore Grunta, and slay any monster you face. Maybe even powerful enough to take down that Thunder Git youze been searching for."

Nogoog's last point peaked Gorfang's interest.

"Well then, lets get to work," said the excited Megaboss. "We don't gots a lot of time before them spooky fings come back."



My first game against Nighthaunt/Death Alliance and my last day playing GH1. We played Border War at 1k points. The list I used included 

Megaboss Gorfang 

-Ravanger/Battle Brew

Warchanter Jazood

-Talisman of Protection


10xArdboyz w FC and two hand weapons

10xArdboyz w FC and two hand weapons

3xGore Gruntas


I did my homework on this match-up  because I've read nighthaunts can be a tricky opponent, especially for Ironjawz where rend is negated. I decided to fight them similar to Lizardmen, taking more Ardboyz to contest objectives and to spread out mortal wounds. My goal was to overwhelm them with an unrelenting number of attacks and hope he missed enough armour saves. Needless to say, that plan didn't go well at first.

For the first two rounds, my mate was doing really well. He jumped out to a strong lead (9-0?), positioning himself well along the objectives where I could not turn the tide without overwhelming spots. Not to mention, he was making his armour saves and chipped a decent amount of wounds off my guys. I was forced to bring my Gruntas from the flank then up the center to get them more spacing to attack.

The bottom of my turn 2, the tables turned in my favor. I started landing more wounds and he couldn't make a 4+/6+ save at all. I felt bad because for the rest of his game, his dice rolling simply died. My Brutes dispatched the black coach the turn before, the banshee in T2, and contested two units of spirit hosts without fleeing. Then I did a number on the hexwraiths in the village, my Megaboss helped dispose of the ghosts on the left woods. The Spirit Hosts, however, did considerable damage to my Ardboyz.

Unfortunately for my friend, my Gore Gruntas made it back to charge them, leaving one left. I won priority for turn three, practically cleaned up the remaining threats in his backfield, and surpassed his points total. He conceded shortly afterward.Interesting tactic

I forgot, but a unit of hexwraiths retreated to my back territory to steal points. However, he never rolled one mortal wound roll with all of their movement shenanigans.

I definitely see the potential with Nighthaunts for GH2. Might not be top tier, but they're a fun, different opponent to play. I might go boss skewer next time me and my friend play

Part two of our game day will be up this week

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Golzog - Part Two

"What's taking so long, Nogoog?" yelled Ugly Bogg. "Didn't youze say this be done faster than a grot running from a fight?"

"That's what I said," replied Nogoog. "But Gorkamorka says otherwise. Can't argue wif Da Godz."

"Well Da Boss ain't happy. He wants his choppa, and Korkrok says them spooky ghosts be coming here soon for another scrap."

"That's da problem. Dat spooky voice won't leave da choppa. It keeps yapping bout rising from some bones, claiming what wuz his, chanting some spell too. I cant removes it. Da only way it goes is if we channel da power of da WAAAGH! into da chappa. Then it kicks the dead fings ******, an' all this complaining ends. The ghosts go away, Da Boss gets his shiny new choppa, and we get to duff up some more gits. Get all that?"

"Course I did. Who do you fink I am, Zodgrob?" answered Bogg. "You be lost if dat dumb skull wuz here. Words will probably kill him before a choppa does."

"Zodgrob could barely outfink a troll, er maybe the other way around, but he's loyal to Da Boss, and better at fightin' than you," said the Weirdnob Shaman. "Youze best watch yourself, Bogg. Both bosses ain't ones to get on their bad side. Gorfang be figuring out you has more brains that yer ugliness hides."

"Let him!" snapped Bogg. "Iz getting fed up wif them both. Iffen the chance comes-"

"What you yapping about now, Bogg?" interrupted Gorfang as he investigated the ritual. "We smashed dem spooky ghosts up last time thanks to your stratergy..."

"Well, thanks boss-" said Bogg before Gorfang continued.

"...but yer ugliness didn't scare them away for good. Now weze gots to fight more of them before Nogoog can finish da ritual. How long weze gots to wait?"

"Hard to say," said Nogoog. "Just keep them Nighthaunts away from me. Iz got work to do."

"Fine. Get going shaman. Bogg and his boyz will be here protectin' you," said Gorfang. "Wont youze?"

"Youze can count on me, boss," said Ugly Bogg with a forceful smile. "Weze gonna stay here and crump anyfing that gets too close."

As Nogoog stepped away to begin the ritual, Bogg continued looking at Gorfang as he walked down the line to prepare the rest of the boyz for battle. Even as the green mist of the Nighthaunts emerged from the tree line, Bogg was still focused on dispatching his superior before the day was over. That would have to wait, however, as the specters returned for another clash. 



Remembering what the shaman had told him, the choppa was possessed by a spirit that was empowering these Nighthaunts to the land. If Nogoog could complete the ritual, da choppa would be imbued with WAAGH! energy, enough to silence the "yappin' voice" or whatever entity existed inside the weapon, thus dispelling the specters from the land forever. Bogg knew what had to get done, even if it didn't benefit his cause. With the Nighthaunts advancing, the Brute Boss reflected on the path to this battle, how it came to this, and why he felt ashamed, angry, and ready to confront his Megaboss.


Bogg was one of the original Orruks in the Bloodbreaka Clan that broke free from the hellish confines of the slave pits. Gorfang's resistance to the stuntie captors inspired Bogg to do the same, but it had horrible consequences. The Chaos Dwarfs made an example out of Bogg for the other Orruks to see, disfiguring his face and torturing the Orruk, and dubbing him The Ugly One. Despite these predicaments, Bogg continued to resist, fighting just as hard as Zodgrob and the other boyz when their rebellion came. He killed stunties and other enemies alongside Da Immortul. He continued to serve the clan even as they escaped into Hysh. Zodgrob may have gotten credit for smashing up the shadow aelfs, but Bogg was the one to help uncover the treacherous plot of the ogor mercenaries. Bogg even created the kunnin' plan to snuff out the ogors. That helped him earn the title of boss, but Zodgrob continued to gain all the attention, eventually becoming Gorfang's second in command. From that moment on, Bogg resented both Zodgrob and Gorfang. It seemed everything he did to prove himself to the Megaboss was mostly ignored for the deeds of his simpleton rival. The ambush on the spikey boyz, the seizure of stuntie loot right from under their noses, even the third reconstruction of Red Rock (before the stunties came back for their loot and destroyed the place again), Bogg had been the thinker in all of these plans. Despite all of this, Gorfang barely seemed to notice. Deep down, Bogg hoped that this scrap in Da Spooky Woods would change Gorfang's opinion of him. 

Spirit hosts engulfed the Steelrippa Ardboyz, dropping many of them with the faintest touch, yet the Orruks held the line. Their companions on the right flank, meanwhile, dispatched a unit of hexwraiths, before they could get through towards the ritual site. Korkrok and his Gore Gruntas pushed forward towards the backfield to confront the spooky ghost leaders, but they could not make the charge in time. As they summoned more reinforcements, the left flank was in danger of being overwhelmed. That's when Gorfang charged forward to halt the ghotsts from breaking through. Even with his combat prowess, there were too many enemies for him to take on. Seeing his chance at glory, Bogg ordered his Brutes to charge into the fray. Screaming into the wind, tongue waging to his side, Bogg raised his choppa, and gave himself to the melee. He landed on one specter, splattering it's ethereal form into nothing. Him and his Brutes smashed and bashed relentlessly, breaking apart the ghosts with each swipe. One Brute succumbed to the cold, touch of death from the Spirit Hosts, but they were fading quickly from the Orruk's fightiness. Bogg was feeling a sense of satisfaction, until an angry voice broke through the melee, singling him out.

"BOGG, YOU ZOGGIN IDIOT!" Bogg heard and turned to see Gorfang screaming through the skirmish despite the Spirit Hosts attacking him. "YOUZE SUPPOSED TO BE DEFENDING NOGOOG! HE'S UNDER ATTACK!"


What Bogg has forgotten was Gorfang's orders to stay with the Weirdnob Shaman so he could finish the ritual. When he and his Brutes charged into the fray, he forgot his duties and left the shaman isolated, allowing hexwraiths to swoop over the scrap and combat Nogoog. More Spirit Hosts emerged, tying up the Brutes and Gorfang. After slaying another specter, he noticed out of the corner of his eye the hexwraiths incapacitating the shaman. They then reared around and charged towards the unsuspecting Gorfang. Instead of calling out to warn his Megaboss, he let the spectral cavalry rear-charge him. Perhaps they would take care of Gorfang so he wouldn't have to down the road.


Gorfang was taken by surprise when the hexwraiths hit him from behind. He soon crumpled over as the green ethereal mist swarmed over him. Smirking, Bogg ordered his boyz to go to his boss' aid, assuming they would be too late. Korkrok, however, was right on time. Riding hard with his Gruntas through the narrow pass to the ritual site, they swooped around to rear-charge the hexwraiths, saving Gorfang just in time before the Nighthaunts could finish him off. 


The bulk of the Nighthaunts was shattered after Korkrok's charge, but more were emerging from the forest. A green light was glowing and emanating with power, but it was coming from the ritual site. Swinging around the left flank, the Black Coach and it's Carrion Wraiths made one last attempt to reach the ritual site was complete. However, the Black Coach could not take flight, as it was bogged down by the Steelrippa Ardboyz, while the lone banshee flew into the pass, trying to dash to the choppa around the Orruks. Suddenly, a loud thump pulsed from the choppa like a drum beat. Another thump came, then another, and another, as the beating of Gorkamorka played out across the site. It's beat was steady, powerful, culminating into a final crash. Somewhere, a raspy voice shrieked throughout the forest. The Nighthaunts screamed as well, their ethereal forms disintegrating into thin air, until nothing remained except for the Ironjawz.


When Bogg opened his eyes, he saw the spooky ghosts were all gone. Even the Black Coach and its rider were reduced to dust. Gazing back to the ritual site, he noticed Nogoog being held up by two nervous Ardboyz. Two of their own seemed to have lost their heads when they tried to help the shaman back to his feet, probably to the uncontrollable energy from the shaman and the weapon. Gorfang also lived, unfortunately, and slowly made his way to the choppa. Even from where he was standing, Bogg could sense the raw power of da WAAAGH! coming out of the chappa. Every Orruk was connected to it, desiring its power, some giving in fully and losing themselves, other harnessing it with discipline. He knew Gorfang too well and knew he would be the latter. He could control the power, but knew when to unleash it. The Megaboss looked at Noogog. Both nodded, and the boss reached for the choppa. He grasped it in his hand, and pulled it from the rock. Its sounded like a fresh kill, metal being ripped from the thick flesh of an enemy. Even holding it, the Orruks of the clan were in awe. Gorfang stared in astonishment, his criticism from earlier disappearing into nothing like their enemy did moments ago. Gorfang then walked over to the giant skull embedded into the side of the narrow pass. With one mighty swing, he turned the thick skull into tiny fragments. He smiled, and turned to his clan.

"Dat was impressive," said Gorfang. "Good going Nogoog. Iz make sure you gets da best food when weze return to Red Rock."

"Da yappin' dead voice was shut up, only da beat of Gorkamorka beats across dis land, and youze has your new killy choppa," said Nogoog. "That's all I cares about."

"Oi boss, whats you gonna name it?" asked Korkrok.

"Mmmm good question," said Gorfang. "All da best choppas have names. I knows! Golzog I'll calls it!"

"Never 'eard of it. What's a Golzog?" 

"That's the name of this here skull on me shoulder, the big beast I killed highhandedly."

"Must have been some fight for you to name yer killy choppa after some beast," said Korkrok. 

"All da megabosses have to prove they're da best, and what better way than to kill some unkillable beast," Gorfang replied.

"Now then," he continued. "You Steelrippa boyz did alright as well. Proved yourselves in difficult situations. Youze earned the right to fight wif us." A loud cheer came from the smaller, armoured Orruks. Then Gorfang's gaze turned onto Bogg.

"You, on da other hand," began Gorfang. "You disobeyed me Bogg, and nearly got Nogoog turned into an undead thingy. I should gut you fer dat."

An angry Bogg was almost ready to level his choppa at his boss' cranium when he continued. 

"Still, youze the one who gave us da idea how to kill them spooky ghosts. Can't fault you for knowing your kunnin' brutality. Consider yourself forgiven. Maybe I'll let youze help Azkrug rebuild Red Rock for da fourth time."

"Oh, well thanks boss," Bogg said as he relaxed, feeling a tad accomplished. "I appreciates it."

As he turned to head back to camp, Gorfang interjected.

"Oi, Bogg. One last fing. Next time you dont cover fer me or da other bosses, I'll rip dat ugly face of yers off ya daft skull an' feed it to the Gruntas. Got it?" he said emphatically. 

Bogg nodded hastily and strode off. He got the message clear enough. This venture to the east had wizened the Orruk know his place in the Clan. At least, for the time being.



A thrilling conclusion to my last game in the GH1 era. My opponent gave a good effort and was 6 inches from reaching the objective to destroy, but he just fell one turn short. He wisely overloaded one side, overwhelming my troops and killing my heroes when I overreached. However, he was hesitant to commit his heroes deep into my territory and I recovered with my Gore Gruntas and other Ardboyz to reinforce my thinning Brutes. By then, he did not have enough room to fly his heroes past me to disrupt the ritual in time. Even with some poor rolling on my end, I did enough to hold off the Nighthaunts to secure my final win before GH2 came out. 

After reading through GH2, I am looking forward to trying out new combinations with the Ironjawz and utilizing our cunning new tactics to show our opponents whose the best! What I really enjoy is how lore-friendly our abilities are. I feel it allows us to customize our heroes and characters enough to play to our own styles, not just for the sake of taking the best traits for matched play. 

With the end of GH1 also sees the end of Act I for my army's story. I plan to add more to my army, but what I can't wait to work on most of all is a small storybook/army roster to give to my opponents. Someone on Facebook posted it a long time ago, but it was a thematic pamphlet that showed his army list, his units and characters, along with their lore and background. That's pretty cool.

For now, I continue with my store's path to glory campaign and the start of my next 5 Brute unit in the coming days

Until next time lads, WAAAGH! 

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I was bored before work earlier today, so I made a quick objective marker using some bits I had lying around to create an Ironjawz pile of weapons. Really happy how this came out in terms of the weathering to the armour. I used an old worn out dry brush, rubbed leadbealcher into a paper towel, and lightly poked across the red as shown. I plan to eventually go back and apply this to my army to give them some proper wear and tear 


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@Gorks Pokin' Finger - Great blog man. I love the level of detail with all the photos and fluff etc, It's a fun read and a bit different to some of the other ones out there, so keep up the awesome work!

The objective marker looks cool, good use of spare parts...now all you need to do is get those Ardboys finished up on round bases! ;) 

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I appreciate the support @Chris Tomlin. I have more on the way, including a three-way mega battle me and my group just played with the Open War cards. That will be a treat  for everyone

The issue I have with the Ardboyz ( (the artist formally known as Black Orcs :x) is that I still play WH Fantasy, and may give The 9th Age a try if/when it can legitimize itself, so I don't wish to go through the hassle of rebasing those lads

I'd rather do 10-20 new Ardboyz with my upgraded painting skills since I did those boyz six years ago. I can do a much better job now with them. Probably will end up getting a Start Collecting Box to get them and the Gruntas as well

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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings lads. A little hobby update on what's been going on 

I'm currently involved in a Path to Glory campaign at my local warhammer store, but we're doing it much differently than a normal campaign. Instead of the first to 10 glory points wins. We have until October 7th to build up our warbands, then we play a tournament style throughout October to see who will be the winning warband. No Allegiance abilities are allowed and two glory points gives you an elite unit or another hero. Rewards cost one point but you can only take a reward or unit between games. I currently have Megaboss Gorfang, a shaman, three 5-man Brutes units, 5 Ardboyz and 3 Gore Gruntas. I intend to add  Jazood Warchanter and another 5 Brutes that I am working on. 

For future reference for PTG, are you allowed to add to existing units? For example, the five Ardboyz I have, can I buy another 5 and add them to the unit to have a 10-man squad? 

While that's going on, I have a 2k Tournament I am attending next Saturday in Southern New Jersey This is what I plan to take:

Gorfang Da Immortal (140)
Orruk Megaboss
- General
- Command Trait : Bestial Charisma
- Artefact : Metalrippa's Klaw

Azkrug Fangfist (460)
Megaboss on Maw-Krusha
- Artefact : Daubing of Mork

Jazood (80)
Orruk Warchanter

Nogoog (120)
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman

Zodgrob's Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes
- 1 x Gore Choppas

Bogg's Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes
- 1 x Gore Choppas

Dradruzak's Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes
- 1 x Gore Choppas

20 x Orruk Ardboys (360)

Korkrok's Gore Gruntas (140)
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas

Ironfist (160)

Total: 2000 /2000

Originally I was going with a unit of 10 Brutes, but after reading the IJ Strategy Post, as well as the recent WH:TV game with James' Ironjawz, MSU's of Brutes seem the way to go for now. Plus, a blob of 20 Ardboyz has me intrigued. My Gore Gruntas will mainly work to get into my opponent's backfield to cause chaos, kill chaff, and steal objectives. The latter will apply to my support heroes while my Megabosses charge forward. Gorfang will serve to boost the Brutes until he is needed

Finally, I am 4/5 done with my latest unit of Brutes with Two Choppas. The last one I  am working on is the Gore Choppa and I decided to do another conversion


First, I used a box cutter to cut out the middle fist and pliers to cut the shaft of the weapons (Suggestion: if using pliers to cut, make sure it is a firm, quick action to ensure a flat surface). Then I used a filer on my swiss army knife to mold the arm to fit snug inside the weapon as if he was holding the handle. Then I began supergluing the handle back together in three pieces. I realized I cut too clumsily on the upper part, so I grabbed some sticky tack and applied accordingly for the final result


I am hoping to have him done by the weekend


I had so much fun putting more Brutes together. They really are a great kit, and possibly my favorite units in all of warhammer (aside from my beloved Ardboyz, the artists formally known as Black Orcs:x)

I have something special I am also working on for the tournament. It's an army book(let) I plan to handout to my opponents, featuring the lore of my army, characters, photos and roster. Hopefully I will be able to share it next week when it is complete

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Oi lads

I just came back from a 2,000pt tournament at Top Deck Games in Westmont, NJ. We had seven players participate, with the winner, and fellow Ironjawz player, Brian Cortese, claiming the top spot. The event was run by Martin Orlando. Big props to him, the New Jersey gamers, and TDG for hosting a fun event. Me and my friend  Chris from Long Island had a great time and hope to go to the tournament at PAX Philly in November. 

As for myself, I finished the day 1-2 with a minor victory over my friend's Stormcast Eternals and losses against Sylvaneth and Disciples of Tzeentch. While this was my first time playing GH2 scenarios, including my first time playing both Sylvaneth and DoT, I was disappointed in my performance overall. My list wasn't bad, but my tactics and strategy weren't good throughout the day. I made senseless mistakes I normally don't make, took too many gambles, and I especially bombed it in the final match against DoT where I was way too passive instead of being aggressive and allowed my opponent to practically magic me off the board. I'll be wiser for these failings at my next competitive event. 

I will be fleshing out my battle reports and stories in the coming days. Hopefully all three will be done before my vacation next week to San Francisco. 

Finally, as part of our army lists we had to hand in for the tournament, I created a small booklet with the entire lore for my army as well as the army list I used. I was inspired by someone who did the same earlier this year with their Stormcasts army. Hope you all enjoy it


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Here is my first battle report from the 2k Tournament in NJ. I played my mate from Long Island and his Stormcast Army in Knife to the Heart. For the full report, scroll down to the bottom. Otherwise, enjoy the lore...

A SMASHING GOOD TIME - 2k vs Stormcast (Stalwart Stormshields) – Minor Victory (KttH)

From the outskirts of the ruined town of Farport, Gorfang Da Immortal waited. He hated waiting, but he loved fighting more, so he chose to wait for the fight to come. Two days in fact, ever since Da Bloodbreaka Clan destroyed a Slaves to Darkness army who was besieging the human port town. Rebuilt and repopulated after the Realmgate Wars, Farport had flourished in the eastern fringes of Zarcosia. Ships from the famed Bite of Kotos and across the Savage Sea sailed to her calm docks, bringing life to the once decayed lands. The town was well fortified by its human, duardin and aelf citizens, and held a temple of Sigmar where Stormcasts would sometimes seek pilgrimage. Over the centuries, the forces of chaos were diminished in Zarcosia, but many still remained, hidden in the darkest forest, highest mountain passes, or the handful of heavily fortified forts and manors that were still standing.

Gorfang could tell his orruks were getting restless. Brute Boss Zodgrob had resorted to smashing trees hours earlier to quell his battle lust. His fellow bosses, Bogg and the up-and-coming Dradruzak, had more patience than their dimwitted companion, but theirs was starting to wane. Megaboss Azkrug was finding it nearly impossible to control his Mawkrusha, Chewy. Stealth was critical for Gorfang’s plan to work, but keeping a Mawkrusha calm was like trying to silence the waves of the Savage Sea: fruitless and unavoidable. That brutality was helpful days ago, when Chewy tore through the ranks of Chaos Warriors , as well as the walls of Farport in the ensuing sack of the city. It would be needed again if the Ironjawz gambit was to work.

With no more sport in the area to fight, Gorfang figured they might as well try to bring the fight to them. To do this, the Orruks propped up the corpses of the defenders of Farport and placed them on large spikes atop the walls to imitate them standing in defense of the town. They then took the remaining chaos warriors the Gore Gruntas did not eat, and did the same with them. They even haphazardly rebuilt the siege engines and towers they were using, all to imitate the deceased army besieging the ruined city. Now the clan had to wait to see if Sigmar’s warriors would respond to the ‘siege’, or at least hope survivors from Farport had managed to alert the Stormcasts days earlier.  

That seemed ages ago to Gorfang, who had to break up another spat of animosity growing among his ranks. It seemed his gambit had failed, until the sound of thunder rumbled above and storm clouds formed from nothing. The megaboss grinned.

Slamming down onto the earth, Lord Celestant Ponvort Makerswrath emerged from the lighting storm atop his Stardrake with a sense of determination. Around him, liberators, judicators and prosecutors of the Stalwart Stormshields strode forward, ready to bring justice to the foes of the God-King. Observing the field in front of them, a host of Slaves to Darkness appeared ready to finish off the town of Farport. The dwelling had suffered heavy damage, its walls nearly toppled, gates smashed, smoke gushing from the windows of ruined structures, no doubt due to the constant bombardment by the chaos siege engines. Ponvort intended to silence those siege engines quickly, and trap the chaos army between the shields of his Stormhost and the walls of the town.

Alongside Ponvort was Lord-Castellant Ollten Justshield and Knight-Azyros Ernard the Enlightened. The three heroes had fought together since the Gates of Azyr had opened, guiding their stormhost to multiple victories in Sigmar’s name. The Stalwart Shields prided themselves in seeking battles that tested their willpower and perseverance, characteristics that defined each warrior of the army. Every Stormcast of the stormhost had to make a pilgrimage to a holy site in the mortal realm in order to be initiated into the Stalwart Shields. It just so happened that Farport was one of these sites, a temple built from the hands of these warriors themselves, including Ponvort. To them, this mission was a personal matter.

“Ollten, take the center. Fading shield wall maneuver, wait for Paladin support, just like we did in Chamon against the Bloodbound,” ordered Ponvort. “Keep the judicators in the rear, bows at the ready. We’ll try to pick-off their siege taskmasters before our Paladins arrive. Ernard,” he turned to his other side, “keep your prosecutors above the melee. When we’re ready, give the signal for them to summon our reinforcements.” “Yes, Lord-Celestant,” replied the Knight-Azyros. Ponvort spurred his Stardrake forward, the drake roaring into the sky, and took flight, initiating the stormhost's advance.

As Ponvort observed the battlefield from above, he realized something wasn't right about the scene below. For starters, Farport appeared lifeless. No boats were left docked to offer support, nor were there any on the horizon. There were no civilians running around the streets delivering supplies or looting. The remaining defenders on the wall also seemed oddly stiff. The opposing chaos army was also curiously statue-like. They made no adjustments since the Stormcasts arrived, nor did they make any advances on the town.  Their curiosity turned to surprise when the Stalwart Shields realized the existing armies were mere props to draw them into a trap. 

"It appears someone has beat us here brothers," said Ponvort, recognizing whoever the perpetrator was had likely sacked the town as well. "Be on your guard. Whoever did this wanted us to find their work."

"Look here, Ponvort," said Ollten, examining a  Chosen Warrior. "The armour on these warriors bear some kind of bite mark. One of our Prosecutors has also told us there is a foul stench coming from the town. It is not the decay of flesh, but something more foul."

"What sort of monsters would conduct such savage tactics?" asked a disgusted Ernard. "I don't think we have to wait long to find out," replied Ponvort, as the sound of war cries drew the Stormhosts' attention back to the ruins of Farport.

"Bwahahahaha! They fell for it boss!" exclaimed a giggling Zodgrob. "Them stupid thunda boyz walked right into yer cunning plan. Can we bash them now?" 

"Shut it, Zodgrob," shouted Gorfang. "We might got them where we wants them, but them thunda boyz are still some good 'ard fighters. Korkrok!" "Yes boss?" said the Gore Grunta boss. "Get your boyz ready. We needs to get around that wall of shields." "Got it boss. WAAAAGH!" Korkrok shouted as his Gruntas went charging towards the right flank. 

"Bogg! I needs you right now." "Ya wants me to take care of that flying git? I don't likes his face," asked Bogg. "Not yet," said Gorfang. "Youze gonna keep hold of da camp here. Iffen more thunda boyz come down from da sky, we'll needs you and Jazood to rally da boyz." A disappointed Bogg nodded. "Well I wants me a new skull. Perhaps I'll take Zodgrob's when this is done." Gorfang replied, "You can try. Makes my job easier with less bosses, but I'd rather have your brain in your skull than splattered around the floor. Then I'd have to rely on Zodgrob for taktiks. We'd be lost if it came to that." "Huh, that makes sense," said Bogg, somewhat satisfied, then he made his way to the rear.

"Er, boss?" said Dradruzak. "What? Can't you see Iz strategizing for a thunder boyz?" "Well theyze already here. Korkrok's boyz are already gone." 


"Zoggin hell!" said Gorfang. "That dragon is gonna be a good fight. Nogoog, take da rest of da boyz to chop that fing to bits. Tell 'em first git to bring me its head gets first dibs when we eats it." The shaman replied with a wild seizure, resulting in two Ardboyz's heads exploding. The rest of the horde of boyz ran straight towards the large beast and its rider, likely more afraid of the shaman blowing up once more. "Right, the rest of you, on me. Weze going straight at them gits. WAAAGH!"


Da Bloodbreaka Clan had fought the Stormcasts enough times to recognize that charging them when they were planted was like trying to punch a mountain. They rarely budged unless you were a force of nature like a Mawkrusha. Instead, the Orruks knew the best way to crack the Stormcast shell was to try to get around it in order to get to the soft, squishy inside.  To do that, Azkrug and Chewy would smash a hole through a section of ruined houses on the Stormcasts' flank, opening up space to get around the shield wall. Unfortunately, in it's fury to get into combat, the Mawkrusha was hit by a volley of arrows by the judicators. The beast stumbled in its advance, crashing clumsily into two houses, opening up enough space for itself, Dradruzak and a handful of his Brutes to get through. The Liberators suffered minor losses from the initial charge, but were able to reinforce their line and hold the Orruks pinned down. Caught in a bottleneck they didn't intend, the Ironjawz were now prey to the focus-fire from the Judicators. 


If that wasn't bad enough, the Ardboyz had failed to bring down the Stardrake, or even cripple the beast. The creature ripped apart Orruk bodies, eating many of them in the process, while its rider easily cracked through their armour with his storm hammer. Eventually, the Ardboyz's bravery broke. They fled the battlefield, leaving Nogoog in an uncomfortable position. 


Sensing the Orruks were vulnerable, Lord-Celestant Ponvort ordered his Knight-Azyros to give the signal. Ernard lit his beacon, and the Prosecutors took off towards the Ironjawz flank. With a mighty crack from the heavens, the Paladins descended onto the battlefield, hoping to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy and break them like they had done so to many enemies before them. Unfortunately for the Stormcasts, the Orruks proved more resilient and disciplined than they expected.


The Retributors sent to pummel the Mawkrusha and its rider were only able to wound the beast, not kill it. This merely enraged the bulking-muscled brute, who began to ravage the Retributors with it's mighty fists, while the Megaboss on top chopped through two more Paladins for good measure. On the other side of the housing complex, Megaboss Gorfang was furious he wasn't in the thick of fighting and decided to change strategy. Recognizing the bolt of lightning meant more thunder boyz had arrived, Da Immortal chose to engage the reinforcements. The Decimaters came around the corner, Thunder Axes in hand, but Gorfang, Zodgrob and the Brutes struck first and decisively. Despite minor losses, the Orruks slew the Paladin unit, sending them back to Azyr.


Quickly glancing across the battlefield, Gorfang spotted Nogoog trying to escape the Thunder Boyz Boss and his flying friend. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on his status, Nogoog was thrown back by the Stardrake's lashing tail, sending him back quite a distance away from the fray. Meanwhile Bogg and Jazood were preparing to potentially face the Stormcast leaders if they chose to charge their position. That would not come to pass. After smashing and bashing enough times, the Ironjawz managed to break through the Stormcasts front lines, finishing off the rest of the Liberators and Prosecutors, exposing the inspiring Lord-Castellant and the rest of his Judicators. 


Attempting to rally what remained of his forces, Ollten stepped forward. "FALL BACK TO THE TOWER!" shouted the Lord-Castellant. His brothers-in-arms had endured the Orruks brutality for much of the battle, but the greenskins' tenacity had finally paid off, much to the Stalwart Shield's expense. Multiple Stormcasts fell at once as the line buckled. They were either chopped, smashed, or stomped in the green tidal wave that surged forwards. It came as a relief that Ponvort and Ernard suddenly emerged on the Orruk's flank and charged towards the megaboss leading them. He wished to join them in bringing down the brute, but he had larger issues to deal with. Mainly, the Mawkrusha bearing down on him and the remaining Judicators in the rear. Despite suffering multiple wounds, the beast continued to trample forward, smashing aside everything in its path. A unit of Brutes followed behind, readying their bloody choppas for another skirmish.


Nearby, Gorfang was enjoying himself. He had hoped the Stormcasts would provide his boyz with a rowdy fight that would keep them satisfied for days, or at least until they ran into another enemy on the way back to Bloodbreaka Hold. That, the thunder boyz had delivered on. Now it was time for the megaboss to claim his prize. The thunder boyz big boss and monster made it easy for them as he charged him and Zodgrob's Brutes. The other flying thunder boss was also coming straight for them as well. Two heads for his pointy stick then, Gorfang thought, unless Zodgrob decides to steal one. "Oi, Zodgrob," said Gorfang. "bets you that I gets both skulls before youze." "What! There's three skulls boss," replied the Brute Boss. "You can keep the puny skulls. I wants that dragon's 'ead on my shoulder." "How da zoggin' hell do you fink you can fit that on yer skull rack? It's just as big as you, dummy."  "Well, boss, I dont knows. I'll have to kills it first then figure that out."


The Stardrake landed with a thud, nearly crushing a brute on impact. The monster heeled back, ready to strike Gorfang. It's rider raised his hammer in the air, prepared to do the same. "Come on then ya shiny git," the megaboss shouted. "I'd like to introduce you to me choppa friend here, Golzog." The choppa seemed to drip blood at the mention of its name, thirsty for the taste of more that would soon grace the blade's edge. The Stardrake lurched forward, claws jutted out ready to gouge its opponent. The megaboss parried the first blow as he sidestepped the attack, but the second set of claws nicked his exposed side, drawing blood. Gorfang bit his tongue as the claw dug into tough Orruk skin. He had to be ready as the two Stormcasts then assailed him from two directions. The Orruk's armour protected him, barely, from two strikes that would have ended another orruk's life. He wouldn't let his enemies get a second chance to do so again. While Zodgrob and the Brutes tussled with the monster, Gorfang launched his left hand into the air to snatch the Knight-Azyros. The Stormcast wasn't quick enough, as he was grabbed by his shin and slammed down into the earth with enough force to take its breath away. Before he could take flight and escape, Gorfang lopped off one of his wings, drawing a cry of pain from the thunder boy. He quickly fell silent when the megaboss' ironclad foot crushed the back of his helm in his skull. The eruption of light stunned the megaboss briefly. What was left after the flash was the knight's sword and his crushed helmet.

Enraged, the stormcast big boss diverted his attention back to Gorfang. His Stardrake, weakened by the Brutes attacks, was unable to land an attack on its smaller prey, though Ponvort nearly claimed the megaboss' skull, but he pushed aside the strike at the last second. Suddenly, the beast reared back and gave its final death shriek. The Brutes had landed a killing blow. Soon, the Lord-Celestant was forced to jump off from his dying mount, and came face to face with the Ironjawz leader. "You will pay for this. Mark my words, Orruk. We will return and brig Sigmar's wrath we will!" "Good," said Gorfang. "We're always lookin' for a fight. You'll know where to find us." The ensuing duel was ferocious. Both generals traded blows with their great weapons, landing marks on each other's armour, but unable to find a killing blow. Eventually, Ponvort made the fatal error and misjudged the Orruk's arc. The strike clipped Ponvort's helm, stunning him long enough for Gorfang to finish him off, slamming his spiked-gauntlet through the Lord-Celestant's chest.  Just as the lightning was about to claim his fallen adversary, Gorfang had one last job to do. "Oh no you don't. I'm taking yer skull. Come and get it back if you wants it." The bolt then returned back to the reforging anvil of Azyr, it's occupant in need of a new helm once he was back on his feet. That was one reason Da Bloodbreaka Clan enjoyed fighting the thunder boyz. No matter how many times they put them down, they always came back for more. 


As the battle concluded, Gorfang, Zodgrob, and eventually Bogg and Jazood, met up with Azkrug and Dradruzak. They had just finished off the last of the Stormcasts who made their final stand around the burned-out watch post. Dradruzak appeared to be sporting a new trophy on his armour: the face-mask from the spikey thunder boss. 


"Not a bad fight that was," said Dradruzak. "He took down some of da boyz before I placed me choppa into his soft spot. Real good choppy that fight was. Iffen I didn't kill him, Azkrug's mount may have had an early meal."

"Na, he don't like the taste of thunder boyz, It makes him shoot lightning out his front and back. He killed some grots last time that happened. Real funny that was" joked Azkrug as the rest of the Ironjawz regrouped around him. "Them thunder boyz gave us a good fight boss, right and proper."

"Aye, good plannin' boss," said Jazood. "Da rest of da boyz is nearby takin' care of Nogoog. He'll be out of action for a bit, but Da Godz keepin' him around longer."

"Hu, that's good. Shamans ain't as easy to replace like you Jazood" replied the megaboss. "Na boss, it don't matter. We're the beat of Gorkamorka. We never dead."

"If you say so. Now then, lets get those spikey boyz and humies off them spikes. We'ze gonna eat well tonight before we go back to Red Rock," stated Gorfang to a jubilant crowd of boyz. "By the way, Zodgrob, where's that dragon 'ead you said you wuz lookin' for?

"Stoofid fing disappeared before I could nick it," replied the Brute Boss. "Guess that means I'll have to go up to da thunder boyz lair one day and bring it back meself."

"One day, Zodgrob, Gorkamorka will break down da gates of da Thunder God's city. For now, we keep fightin' and winnin' until that day comes."


My friend's list featured a Lord-Celestant on Stardrake, a Castellant, a Knight Azyros, along with 10 Liberators, two units of 5xJudicators, three Prosecutors, as well as 5xRetributors and 5xDecimators who were held in reserve. 

Deployment: I decided to keep a unit of Brutes back, along with the Warchanter, figuring he would deploy at least one of the Paladin units to steal my objective. The shaman was with the Ardboyz all tournament to take advantage of the +2 to casting. I originally intended to throw them up the middle to draw the attention of his rock units. Using that diversion, I wanted to get my Brutes and Gore Gruntas to pincer around his lines to chew through his soft guys and try to win the game by Turn 3. 

TURN ONE: Stormcasts go first. Because I unintentionally isolated my Gore Gruntas behind the tower so they wouldn't get shot, he immediately sent his Stardrake after them and wiped them in combat. He killed two Ardboyz from Judicator fire before that. In response, I throw the Ardboyz into the Stardrake, hoping at least to knock off half its wounds and tie it up in combat for a few rounds., while the rest of my army advances towards the bulk of his army. Unfortunately, despite being buffed by mystic shield and Frenzy of Violence, the Ardboyz only manage one wound in combat despite using their Big Choppas. The Stardrake also has -1 to hit in combat, which neutralized the Ardboyz going forward.

TURN TWO: After failing Mystic Shield, I pull the shaman back. Up front, I recognize there is room for my Mawkrusha and Brutes to swing around the house and to get inside his lines to stretch him thin. Unfortunately, the Maw Krusha only charged four inches, which left room for only two brutes to get into combat, congesting my Megaboss and other Brutes behind, waffling around. This was the situation I did not want to be in: bottle-necked against buffed liberators on a 2+ save with little to attack back with. Meanwhile, the Ardboyz suffered heavy casualties in the counterattack and eventually fled the field. This was my first time facing a Stardrake. It is quite devastating against horde armies, especially with its Jaws and Tail killing single models.  With the Ardboyz dead, the Stardrake was free to kill my shaman.

On his turn, he summoned down his Paladins, but instead of sending them towards my objective, he deployed them against my Mawkrusha and unengaged Brutes and Megaboss. This was the turning point in the game, because his Retributors only managed five or six wounds on my Mawkrusha, leaving him on the second tier, and able to kill four Retributors in his attacks. On the other side, he charged the Decimators in, but they were  not match for Brutes and the Megaboss. By piling in and wiping out the Decimators, it gave my troops the extra inches to get them into the fight faster. 

TURN THREE: Smashing and Bashing was clutch for me in this round, and effectively won me the game. My Megaboss on foot and the Brutes near him charged the Prosecutors. The Mawkrusha and Brutes leave two Liberators on the table, along with one Retribtor. After that, the Brutes and Megaboss slayed the Prosecutors, leaving my friend's backfield exposed. On his turn, he was forced to divert his Stardrake and Knight-Azyros back to his side, or else I would have likely won the scenario. He charged both heroes into Megaboss Gorfang, but was only able to deliver four wounds. After the Mawkrusha and Brutes finish off the surviving Liberators and Retributor,  Smashing and Bashing kicks in for the Brutes, who knocked down the Stardrake's wounds into the single digits, but Gorfang was unable to finish him off. 

TURN FOUR: My friiend Chris wins the initiative, pulling his Judicators and Castellant back for a last stand. He is unable to wound the Mawkrusha, while the Stardrake is cannot wound my Megaboss. Stardrake then is left on two wounds after my combat. On my turn, the Mawkrusha and Brutes engage the Castellant and Judicators, while the combined might of the Brutes and Megaboss finish off the Stardrake and Knight-Azyros. 

TURN FIVE: At this point, the game is over, but because there is no way for me to get my Brutes and Megaboss up the field in time to score the objective, we call the game after his Castellant falls

RESULT: Minor Victory

Overall, the match was a blast. My previous games against Stormcast helped me recognize to pick my combats. It's never a good idea to slam into a supported Liberator Shield Wall head-on. Flanking them and stretching them out is vital. Sadly, I forgot to use WAAAGH! Command Trait throughout the entire game. It would have helped break through the Liberators faster. As much as I love 10xBrute squads, I realize that units of 5xBrutes  get the job done in a similar fashion. Plus, multiple small units of them bring more Boss Claw/Bashas to the table.

As for my friend Chris, he did really well, finishing second overall with two majors and a loss. This was his first AOS tournament as well, but he's an experienced gamer from playing 40k. As mentioned before, his only mistake was deploying the Paladins at the wrong place at the wrong time. In his two games after me, he learned his lesson and utilized his battalion ability much more effectively when the scenarios were Scorched Earth (vs Wanderers) and Duality of Death (vs Nighthaunts).

Next up is my battle report against Sylvaneth, my first bout against the tree people, the scary realization of playing against an Alarielle list and watching most of the board turn into forests.

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Like a fire that ran out of fuel to feed its flames, Da Bloodbreaka Clan had run out of enemies to smash in Eastern Zarcosia. No more Stormcasts came to challenge their domain, all the humies, duardin and aelfs had left their towns and cities to escape their fury, and all the dead things remained dead and unmoving. With nothing left to fight, the Orruks resorted to raiding the local areas. This included the Farspite Grove, a solemnly visited forest known for its strong lumber. The Ironjawz figured it would be good to bring some back to Red Rock to construct proper siege machines. For two days, Da Bloodbreaka Clan deforested acres of trees, leaving scars and stumps across the Grove. On the third day, strange noises rumbled from deep within the forest, scaring the Gruntas and some of the Ardboyz. One scouting party went to investigate and never returned. The second group followed, with only a handful returning.

“BOSS! BOSS!,” replied Romgrok. “Da trees are alive! They stomped the other boyz good before giving us a good bashin’!”

“Trees you say? What did they smash you wif, twigs?” said Zodgrob mockingly. “How can trees crush you? Sure it wasn’t some sneaky forest grots?”

“It wuz da trees,” replied Romgrok urgently. “There’s more. Some big bug ate half my boyz. There was this aelf riding it as well. She speared Xhuda from some distance and turned Loppa into a tree.” He spit before continuing. “Good riddance to that git. He was nothing but trouble. At least if he’s lumber he’ll be more useful.”

“How far were these tree warriors?” asked Dradruzak.

“They’re not too far,” said Romgrok, before a loud roar erupted from the tree line. “Oh, well, they’re here.”

Storming out of the forest was an army of tree-men in all different shapes and sizes. Some were armed with strange scythe weapons, while others had merely the trunks of their branches. The orruks observed there was one tree-man bigger than the others. They assumed he was their boss, until a giant beetle emerged from the trees, carrying its aelf rider wielding a massive spear. Her presence was intimidating yet nurturing to her troops.

The sound of drums and horns blasted to rouse the Orruks for battle. Gorfang stepped to the front of his army to inspect the enemy. He seemed puzzled, trying to spot the enemy that had caught them by surprise. It took Azkrug to point out that the enemy were the trees. Inconveniently, they had also reached the outskirts of the Orruk’s lumber camp, and with it, supplies of lumber they had harvested.

“Where did these dam tree-people come from?” shouted Gorfang. “What happened to our scouts?”

“They’re dead boss,” Dradruzak said. “Trees done crumped them.”

“I fought these dam fings before,” replied Azkrug. “Back when I had my own clan, we chased some scared aelfs into a forest. When we chased them, the trees came alive and fought us. After bashing them, they fled, only to hit us again when we wasn’t lookin’. Never fought them again those sneaky lot.”

“Who the hell is that on the beetle then?” asked Gorfang.

“Some say that’s their big boss, the tree-god herself,” answered Azkrug. “She might not look like a tree, but she made them herself. Stories say she duffed up the Nurgle boyz good and now is fighting to reclaim all da trees to herself.”

“Well theyze our trees now!” said Gorfang. “If she’s a god, then weze gonna show her whats worth. We’ll kill her tree-men and build stronger siege machines wif them. But we need to get our lumber back. Drop da beat Jazood!”

The warchanter followed suit by drumming his arms in mid-air, yet he produced a loud beat to rile up the Orruks. With their new stash of lumber in danger, the Orruks moved out to push back the Sylvaneth forces. The strategy saw the bulk of Da Bloodbreaka Clan push forward up the left and middle, while Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas, supported by Azkrug and his Maw Krusha Chewy, would break the right flank and swipe across the back ranks.


It was a good plan, Gorfang thought. Perhaps taking down a God was what Da Godz had in stored for him.

If they did, today was not that day. Almost immediately, the Orruk’s plan began to unwind.


As Korkork and his boyz bore down on the supplies, the ground in front of them exploded with life. The recently-destroyed stumps were revived into full grown trees. All around them, the trees were growing back into their original form. Now the Gore-Gruntas had to fight off not just the Sylvaneth, but nature itself. To some, both seemed to be fighting the same thing. Bogged down or brought down to their deaths, the Gore-Gruntas were forced to flee.


Alone and exposed, Azkrug and Chewy could only watch, as if from the shadows of the forest, Alarielle and a Tree Lord Ancient charged straight for him. Despite their ferocity, the Orruk and his companion were no match. After back and forth fighting, the gigantic beetle snatched the duo between its pincers and flung them away, removing them from the battle.

As that was going on, the bulk of the Ironjawz were getting bogged down by intense fire from the forest. Large tree-men with even bigger bows were picking off Orruk’s one by one. Igdig, Nogoog’s apprentice who was filling in for the Weirdnob Shamn, was one of them, unable to support the horde of boyz in front of him.


More trees popped up onto the battlefield, and more tree-men began to emerge. To Gorfang’s surprise, the Sylvaneth were able to use the forests to teleport to other areas of the forest. At least that’s what it seemed as Alarielle, the Tree Lord and more Kurnoth Hunters emerged on the right flank to destroy the Orruk’s lumber stash. In an instant, Da Bloodbreaka’s plans were turned against them.

“Bugga dis,” yelled Gorfang. “Get whatever supplies you can and get going!”


A horde of Ardboyz had finally reached the Sylvaneth rear, which was guarding the special supply of the megaboss’ special stash. The Ardboyz began their charge into the smaller tree-men, but the vines, branches and roots began to attack them as they moved. Numerous Arboyz were either gored, hung, or dragged under the earth. By the time they hit the back line, only half their number remained. After a short skirmish, they retreated.



Meanwhile, Gorfang and his remaining boyz were doing their best to hold off the surge of forests from reclaiming their supplies. By the time they reached the final supply pile, the Orruks were nearly surrounded. Jazood attempted to charge the Goddess of Life, only to be ripped apart by her magic. Gorfang could only chuckle at the thought of finding another warchanter. Perhaps he would ask for two Jazood replacements, or possibly consider another sect of warchanters.


He had to push these thoughts away as Alarielle and the Tree Lord emerged from another forest. The Goddess threw her spear at the Megaboss, but it skimmed his shoulder pad. Rather than finish off her prey, the beetle and its rider ran over him towards another group of Orruks. Gorfang was fortunate that the tree-god was more concerned with retrieving the final lumber pile. With that, Da Immortal and his boyz took this as a sign to escape. Next time, they would be ready when the Tree-God returned for a fight.


Right now, Gorfang just wanted to get his hands on Romgrok. The Ardboy big boss was getting on his nerves lately for his carelessness, and this latest debacle was his last chance before Gorfang would consider thumping him from that position.



My second match of the New Jersey Tournament I attended, and my first match against the Sylvaneth and boy was it an experience. I knew they could teleport through forests, but I did not expect the speed in which they could do it. Their shenanigans with dealing out mortal wounds just by being near the forests as well was something I was not prepared for. For being Scorched Earth, I knew I had to strike in the first two turns to get the side objectives, burn them, and then try to hold on for the win. Unfortunately, my right side collapsed  by Turn Two. He just had a branchwrath sitting on it, and I was confident my Grutnas would deal with him, but they suffered heavy losses. Then, with one Grunta left, and the long charge rolled for the D3 damage, I was sure he would kill him. Sadly, he had to survive charging through the forest, and my opponent rolled a one, killing him instantly :(

With that, the Maw Krusha was screwed. A forest popped up in front of him, then Alarielle and a Tree Lord popped out and killed him. More forests emerged and my back line was done. 

Meanwhile, I realized why Kurnoth Hunters are a pain in the butt. Their 30 inch range was devastating to some of my Brutes, but they sniped my Shaman who was in cover on the other side of the board. They then teleported to my right flank with the heroes to begin clearing me out. 

(Side Note: its just an annoyance of mine that a shooting unit can still  shoot an enemy despite having to see/shoot through multiple pieces of cover - in my shaman's case, four forests. I expect the shaman to die when getting attacked. But my conception of terrain I guess is still situated in a low fantasy/realistic aesthetic. Alas, just something I have to accept until shooting is addressed, or I learn that hard cover is the only way to truly protect someone from shooting)

I was actually ahead for three turns before he began burning my objectives. My Ironfist rolls also failed me as I rolled mostly 1s and 2s in the first three turns and just could not reach the other end of the board. By the final turn, I was only down 14-11, but I had to make a near-impossible charge, kill all his tree-revenants, burn the objective and score full points, then hope beyond hope I could stop Alarielle with at least two guys. Needless to say, that failed, and my opponent was victorious.

Lessons learned:

1) Take out the heroes: I need to get my Maw Krusha into combat with his big stuff sooner and support him better. The Gruntas first wasn't a bad idea, but I did not plan, or expect, the carnage their heroes are capable of if left unchecked. 

2) Deal with Kurnoth Hunters asap: Those guys are tough and killy. I have fought the other infantry trees and am unimpressed by their capabilities. Its the Hunters that do much of the Sylvaneth grunt work.

3) Disrupt their chemistry/isolate the threats: I feel if I can be more disciplined and better position my troops to anticipate where a Sylvaneth will teleport their forces, I will have the upper hand. Yes, fighting them in the forests is also a bad idea (as I sadly learned when my Ardboyz all died in one charge and routed in combat). They're tricky, but I saw how they are beatable.

Any more advice for dealing with the tree-people is appreciated. Next post will have my last match of the tournament against DoT


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Hey guys

I recently bought a Start Collecting box for an upcoming AOS tournament at Pax Unplugged.  This is the list I am planning to take:

Megaboss on Maw Krusha - Ironclad/Metalrippa
Weirdnob Shaman
Moonclan Shaman
20 Ardboyz
10 Brutes 
5 Brutes 
3 Gore Gruntas
3 Gore Gruntas 


I originally planned to take three separate Brute units, but I'm going to try a big unit of Brutes going into this one. The strategy would be to stretch my opponent, bog them down across the table, deny them objectives and hit them in areas they do not wish to fight. I'm confident the two gore gruntas and warchanters will do well for support, I am hoping the shamans can come through for me. I tried Curse of Da Bad Moon recently against a clumped up Stormcast army, which dealt a lot of mortal wounds to multiple units and heroes. Hopefully that along with Mystic Shield on the bulky units will tip the scales in the Ironjawz favor 

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Romgrok's Ambush

With no more fight in Eastern Zarcosia, save for the Tree God that had previously given the Orruks a good thrashing, Da Bloodbreaka Clan decided to return to Bloodbreaka Hold to regroup. On their way back, the Ironjawz decided to take a detour. Romgrok, the Ardboy Boss that was on Gorfang's last nerve, had convinced the Megaboss to march his army into a secluded area of mountains near the Bite of Kotos. He claimed that his band of raiders had discovered the secret location of an Orruk weapon of power. The Pirate Orruks of the Bite were well known on Zarcosia, but if Romgok was to be believed,  his boyz had found one of their hideouts. It was not hard to put two-and-two together. Unfortunately, with Nogoog still recovering,  Olgif, a poor replacement shaman, could not sense the weapon's power. Annoyed and longing to return to looting, Gorfang ordered his boyz forward to find the pirate lair. 

"This way boss," smirked Romgrok. The smile on his face had been hard to hide from Gorfang or any Orruk marching beside him. He seemed pretty confident with himself. Gorfang felt that by finding this choppa, Romgrok would believe himself to be back  in good standing with his Megaboss. Little did Romgrok know that Gorfang planned to find a new Ardboy boss the moment they returned to the Frattura Mountains. Let Romgrok have his fun for now, he thought. It was a win-win situation for Gorfang whether the choppa was real or not.

As the Orruks marched through the treacherous pass, Gorfang had wondered how the surrounding area received its dubious name. The local humans claimed that during the Age of Myth, an underwater Godbeast of immeasurable size took a bite out of the mountainous shoreline, creating a significantly large  body of water that was dubbed The Bite.  Gorfang liked that name a lot. It sounded Orcish. Of course, it was no surprise that Orcs made a living inside The Bite of Kotos. It was a popular trade route for ships. The numerous ports, island towns and cities made The Bite a wealthy principality, well-guarded by prideful warriors and sailors who never back down from a challenge. It was the perfect place for an Orruk to make an honest living. Then again, so was Zarcosia in general. 

Brutes and Ardboyz grunted along weary from the march. It was already past half-day and the clan had already turned away from the main road. Romgrok claimed they were close as they passed an outcrop of ruins. Most of the Orruks passed by the stones uninterested in their scribble, mainly because they didn't understand the funny words and symbols etched and painted onto the rock. Azkrug, however, was drawn to it and tried to examine for himself, or at least the best that he could. 

"Hmmm funny fings here," said the Megaboss. 

"What ya mean, Azkrug?" asked Gorfang.

"These humie ruins, but dis ain't humie writing. At least the blood came from humies"

"How can youze tell that? You some all-seeing decipherer or shaman now?" 

"Wish I wuz. It would make finding gits to smash much easier. Na boss, these ruins not what they seem. See this?" Azkrug pointed to a large crane-like symbol. There were many of them splattered across the ruin. "I think I've seen that kind of mark before. It ain't no Orc marking, probably not them skaven as well. But Iz seen it, I'm sure." 

The symbols suddenly illuminated with a blue light and began to twist and weave, ripping themselves off the rock and into mid-air. The environment around them seemed to be altered as well by the weaving runes. "Bet you haven't seen that before," replied Gorfang. "This some kind of magic trick?"

"I fink so," said Azkrug. "Maybe we  should ask them what this about."


Appearing as if from nothing was a vast host of Daemons of Tzeentch. The countless little demons laughed and hollered at the Orruks as more broke into reality. Guiding them were numerous shaman and casters, but they bowed to the true leaders of the host. Two massive avian-like monsters stepped through a portal together. These were two Lord of Changes, and they were pleased to see their carefully crafted plot had worked out. They had used the Ironjawz to unwittingly bring them to the mortal realms where they would begin their conquest of the Realm of Ghur. 

"Boss! There's daemons all around us!"shouted Zodgrob.

"Tell me somefin' I don't know!," replied an annoyed Gorfang. 

"Romgrok is on fire!" he said. "He also might not be an Orruk."


The orruks looked bewildered as Romgrok threw off his disguise to reveal his true intentions. His red armour was inflamed blue, his skin warping from dark green to a ghostly purple, and where there should have been legs was merely the air as the Changling began to weave a spell in air. He laughed diabolically.

"Thank you simpletons," the Changling's vibrant voice echoed across the field. "You have unwittingly brought upon the destruction of this reality. Let me show you my gratitude."

With a flick of his arm, the Changling siphoned magic from a nearby shaman and unleashed his WAAAGH! energy against Azkrug. A great foot, blue in it's color rather than the normal green Foot of Gork, stomped down multiple times on the Megaboss and his Maw Krusha. When its rampage was over, both Orruk and beast were barely standing. At the same time, a rush of blue flames engulfed Romgrok's former lads as half the Ardboyz were burned to cinders. 



Enraged, Azkrug's Maw Krusha Chewy unleashed a bellowing roar toward's the traitorous Ardboyz. The very air reverberated with power that slammed into the Changling, ripping it to pieces, sending him back to the Realm of Chaos.

"That's what you get ya sneaky ghost demon!" cried Azkrug, as he pet the wounds on Chewy, attempting to spur him on. 

Despite the demise of Romgrok, the damage was done. The ambush was sprung and the Orruks were being overwhelmed


Waves of magic ripped apart Da Bloodbreaka's lines. Orruks were either burned alive, succumbed to brutal mutilation, or were sent to an alternate realm where terrible fates awaited them. Gorfang and Azkrug were forced from the field as their wounds were too grievous to continue. Another Jazood Warchanter seemingly perished as he fell through a hole into the Realm of Chaos. Half the army followed suit, but the Brute Bosses were not satisfied. 


Charging headfirst into the ranks of daemons, the Ironjawz butchered their way forward. Choppas easily cut through rows upon rows of pink and blue colored monstrosities. They were dying so fast they could not duplicate themselves against the orruk's might. Sensing their plans had a small chance of failure, the Lord of Changes joined the fray to squash the little resistance that remained from the Ironjawz. 


The surviving Ardboyz were no match against one of Tzeentch's chosen lords. Their fruitful attacks merely bounced off the bird wizard, or at least that's what they refereed to it as, before he inflicted a horrible toll on them. The few that survived retreated. The Gore Gruntas soon followed after the lesser demons of Tzeentch proved more resilient than expected. As for the shaman, the Lord of Change played with the minuscule caster before  delivering it its foreseen demise.


As the rest of the clan prepared to leave the battlefield, Zodgrob engaged the other Lord of Change. He had carved a path deep into the daemon's lines and threatened to seize the ruins. When the other Lord of Change emerged to challenge him, he gleefully charged forward. So bloodthirsty was the Brute Boss that he failed to recognize the impending outcome of the battle, ignorant to his potential demise. Realizing this, Dradruzak and the rest of his Brutes flanked the great monster. The Lord of Change gave a defying chant as it attempted to weave a spell that would decimate his foes, but the Orruks were too stubborn to die. Gore Choppas and Boss Klaws cut the long, thick muscles and tendons on the Lord of Change, bringing it down screaming in pain, the last thing it would utter as the Ironjawz crumped it to death. 


Somewhat satisfied with the skirmish, Zodgrob looked around and realized the grim outcome (with some help from a Dradruzak 'eadbutt). The Brute Boss was smart enough to realize when the battle was lost and called for the remaining Orruks to retreat. The Tzeentch demons would have pursued, but the loss of one of their leaders, along with the unexpected heavy casualties, forced the surviving leaders to consolidate and summon reinforcements. 

The Bloodbreaka Clan, meanwhile, would eventually regroup and march back to Mount Kraktoof. The thrill of raiding the east had worn off after difficult defeats against the Tree God's forces and the demonic betrayal from one of their own. In the days after the Eastern Campaign, Gorfang brooded. Unhappy to be bested and deceived, the Megaboss began to rebuild  his WAAAGH! with a fever and focus his kin had not seen before. In order to rebuild the WAAAGH!, Gorfang needed more boyz. Greenskins love fighting, and there was plenty of it across Zarcosia. Da Bloodbreaka Clan was surrounded by enemies, many who would come to fight them. Now all the clan needed was a proper staging ground to attract more Ironjawz, as well as Orruks, Grots, Ogors and others downtrodden races from all over the Mortal Realms. In time, the simple warcamp would become a sprawling citadel city, and Bloodbreaka Hold would be known by a different name, one that would attract everyone to come for a fight and prosper: MOUNT KRAKTOOF


The third and final battle from the tournament I attended last month, and it was my worst match of AOS that I have played.

We played Duality of Death. The outcome for my opponent was never in doubt after Turn 2, but it was much closer than we expected, and I only lost 3-1.

Entering the match, I received advise on how to play Tzeetch for the first time, which was to be aggressive and go for it

Instead, I played hesitant, afraid after a devastating first turn that saw the Changling use Foot of Gork to deal 12 mortal wounds to my Maw Krusha and a Lord of Change wipe out half of my Ardboyz before I even sniffed the objective. By turn 2, he killed every hero I had except my shaman, and continued to batter my lines with his unrelenting onslaught of mortal wound magic. Yeah, I got Tzeentch'd

Once I got into combat in Turn 3, I realized my mistake in holding back as I killed my way through his smaller demon units with ease. The splitting of his Horrors was something that was on my mind. Now I know Ironjawz can kill their way through Tzeentch chaff to get to their heroes. Wish I had realized that sooner

A silver lining was that I killed his Lord of Change when he got too close to my Brutes

Lesson learned. Tzeentch is tough, filthy, and diabolical, but I can see they are beatable. 

Overall, I finished 1-2 on the day with a Minor Victory and Two Major Defeats. I'm hoping to use these lessons at Pax Unplugged to get a better result. I am going to try running the list I posted earlier without a battalion for the first time. From community feedback in the Ironjawz Discussion, it seems the Ironfist, while still good, isn't as necessary as it was in GH1


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Oi Lads

The Delaware River Rampage at PAX Unplugged has come and went. We had 15-16 players participate in the tournament, easily outdrawing our 40k brethren. The environment was amazing and not just because of the table-top convention going on around us. Everyone involved had good energy and really enjoyed themselves. This tournament was put together in about a month's notice, but the organizers did a tremendous job with the rules packet, setting everything up and making sure the matches were run smoothly, as well as keeping the positive vibes going throughout the day

Onto the tournament itself. From what I remember, I was the only Destruction player participating. There were two Stormcasts, two Sylvaneth, two Nighthaunts, two Khorne, Nurgle, Darkling Covens, Dispossessed, Wanderers, another Aelf army, and I forgot the last one or two. We had three matches, Knife to the Heart, Scorched Earth, and Border War, with secondary objectives, as well as other soft score additions, from painting to showing up to your match on time, etc

Heading into Saturday, I was anxious. I just wanted to do better than my poor showing at a smaller tourney from back in October. Well not only did I do better, my Ironjawz won Best General and took first place at DRR! 

It's still surreal, but I am truly humbled. This was my best performance ever at competitive Warhammer in my 14 years playing the hobby, and a weekend I will remember for a long time.

I will go into more details about each of my match-ups in the upcoming lore battle reps in the days ahead, but below are some quick notes and photos into how I did. You can find my list above if you're curious to what I used

RD1: Ironjawz vs Darking Covens - Knife to the Heart - DRAW
-Underestimated opponent's army and his hard-hitting battalion/allegiance ability that lets one unit charge and attack in the hero phase
-Executioners were scary, killed a lot of Brutes, but they were silenced; Black Guard, however, were terrifying and tore through my horde of Ardboyz like a hot knife through butter
-My magic was shut down by his general's +2 to disenchanting. I did not cast one spell all game
-My Maw Krusha made it to the opposing objective, killed the units guarding it, but once again, I forgot you need at least 5 models to score, so I had to play for the minor once the black guard reached mine
-We had to call it by the end of turn 3, but I left one bleaksword and one Cold One Knight alive. Had one of them died, I would have gone over the 680 kill points we tied on



RD2: Ironjawz vs Khorne - Scorched Earth - Major Victory
-First murder host I played against so the plan from the get-go was to let him come to me and counteract his actions
-I left my left side weak on purpose and strengthened the middle and right, hoping to find an opening for my Gruntas to jump through
-I buffed my Orruks at the top of turn one, then he charged 20 Bloodletters on his turn into my center line but they were wiped out by the Maw Krusha and 10-man Brutes
-Turn 2 he decided to shift some chaff towards the left objective but kept his 30 Bloodletters on the central objective, leaching three 10 man units to guard the right
-I end up charging the Maw Krusha and Gore Gruntas into the right, wipe out the three units, claim the objective and scored 2 points
-He ends up killing the MK with his 30 next turn, but the damage is done; he doesn't burn my left objective until turn 5, by which point I am two points ahead and hold on for the major victory
-Magic once again not as potent but more a deterrent by buffing the Ardboyz and Brutes 
RD3: Ironjawz vs Nurgle - Border War - Major Victory
-I planned to push hard on the right with my 15 Brutes and Maw Krusha while my Ardboyz were to tie down the Chaos Knights on the left 
-Gore Gruntas more or less were there to support and take wounds, but didn't do much otherwise
-Magic was clutch, as were the warchanters. Mystic shield and Frenzy of Violence on 20 Ardboyz was too much for chaos knights who only had enscrolled weapons and couldn't punch through. Da Boyz grinded it out, especially when the Blight Kings charged, but they never budged. Armed with Big Choppas and buffed with FoV, they overcame the Nurgle Battalion that made opponents attacking Mortal Nurgle units -1 to hit , but they eventually killed all the Knights by turn 4
-The Maw Krusha and Brutes were the mvps of the match. At the start of turn two, the Moonclan Shaman softened up Festus and the Great Unclean One with Curse of Da Bad Moon, dealing two Mortal Wounds each. MK then shot Festus off the board and charged and killed the GUO outright. Smashing and bashing triggered the 10-man brutes into the Blight Kings on the right, crippling them and claiming the objective
-Pivotal moment saw me leave a gap open for his sorcerer on manticore to charge my warchanter and claim my back objective, but he rolled snake-eyes on a 3 inch charge. He got the double turn, but I made all my armour saves with the Warchanter. My brutes then swung around and killed the sorcerer. Once the Ardboyz killed the last chaos knight after smashing and bashing, my opponent conceded. He was leading 11-9 at the top of turn four, but he was only going to score one point, and I had my MK and Brutes about to charge his plaguebearers in the rear, likely wiping them and claiming all the points for two turns



By the end of the tournament, I was in second in VP's, but I finished first by two points because I scooped up the majority of VP's from secondary objectives and soft score points. I was also tied for best sportsman, but I don't believe that swayed anything.

The top three finished as such: Ironjawz, Sylvaneth, Nurgle.

It was an unbelievable experience overall. Winning the tournament was a fulfilling moment for me personally, but what I really appreciated the most were the people that stopped by throughout the day that complimented my Ironjawz and paint scheme. I can't explain how happy that made me feel, especially because I started my Ironjawz back in January, and I'm normally a slow painter, so all the hard work and effort I put into them paid off. I have to say though, I felt my painted army was inferior to the work on display at PAX. So many beautiful armies, especially the Dispossessed, Nighthaunts, Sylvaneth and Stormcasts that participated

Hopefully this victory will aid the other Megabosses and Wabosses on this forum to find their own glory in the battlefields ahead across the Mortal Realms. 





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Hey guys

I am starting my battle report on my Round One match-up against Darkling Covens, but I figured I would share some lore for the next character of Da Bloodbreaka Clan: Ruglid Da Black and his Ash Eaters Gore Gruntas! 



Shyish can be an unforgiving place for mortals, but Ruglid has managed to beat the realm and anyone else that has challenged him and the Ash Eaters. When they aren’t raiding the kingdoms of the living or the dead, Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas will launch daring attacks against enemy forces when they least expect it. The Gallowlands, for example, are tortured each year because the Ash Eaters invade spoil the Season of Resurrection. When the two moons above the Gallowlands are parallel, ghostly winds whip through air and seep into the earth, forcing the dead to the surface to be claimed by necromancers who bind them into Nagash’s ranks. Ruglid figured this out and has made it a seasonal pilgrimage for his Ironjawz to smash the dead things back into the earth. Less and less necromancers now come to the Gallowlands for fear the “Black Orruk” will send them to the God of Death sooner than they intend to. After being hunted for some time by the servants of Nagash, the Ash Eaters eventually joined Da Bloodbreaka Clan for their own survival. Ruglid was skeptical at first about the alliance, but he has brokered a mutual respect for Megaboss Azkrug and his intimidatingly hungry Maw Krusha, Chewy.

“When the dead fings come for a fight, you has to make sure they is dead, because dead fings usually don’t stay dead here after they’ve been undeaded,” Ruglid’s advice to green orruks when fighting Death

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Oi Lads

this is the first of three battle reports from my victorious day at PAX Unplugged. In my first match, I took on Darkling Covens in Knife to the Heart, which ended in a draw. For the full battle report, just scroll down. Otherwise, enjoy the lore. 

The Rumbling Coven

Weeks after embarking into the Realm of Shyish, the FangFist Expedition was off to a good start. The Ironjawz had gathered numerous Orruks into their ranks to add to Gorfang's WAAAGH!, most influential of them all was Ruglid da Black and his Ash Eaters. Their knowledge of the land helped push the expedition to find more supplies and clans than they expected, but more was needed. The Gore Grunta clan had a reputation of being fearless raiders, which had garnered the anger of the God of Death himself. Stories spread across the Bloodbreaka camp that the Ash Eaters had even survived an encounter with Nagash himself.

This subject fascinated the FangFist's leaders as they marched through the foggy lands of the Murkmist Hills.

 "No zoggin' way that happened," decried Azkrug. "How does someone survive getting poked by Da Great Dead God?"

"That's what his boyz keep saying," said  Bogg. "They says they was ambushed raiding a tomb by some big spooky bones. Then da Great Bone King came and grabbed their boss. Instead of going all poof like the other Orruks did, they say only Ruglid's skin turned black before he bit the Bone King's hand and later escaped."

"That sounds like rubbish," replied the megaboss. "No one lives after Nagash gets you."

Bogg nodded in agreement. "A bunch of loonies if you ask me. And I knows Zodgrob, but he ain't that mad, just stupid."

"Hur-Hur true," Azkrug said before making a startling realization. "What if Nagash still looking for him? What if he finds us?"

Bogg's smiled disappeared as he realized that possibility. Before he could respond, Zodgrob answered for him. "Then we bash his bones to dust and bring his skull back to da big boss! Show him we did a good job and make Gorkamorka happy."

"You can't kill da God of Death," said Bogg. "He'll always come back after you undead him. Best we can do is finish da big boss' task an' get out of here before he notices us."

"First fings first," an unexpected Ruglid said. "Weze gots to smash through dem aelves to get to the next camp. They been terrorizing the Blue Bloods lately. Them orruks are dead 'ard, but they need a propa leader. This Gorfang better be as 'enlightening'" -- Ruglid spit at the humie word Azkrug had used to describe their megaboss before continuing -- "as you all keep yapping on about." The Gore Grunta Boss was followed by the former boss, Korkork, who seemed to have a large bump on his head from an unknown assailant. 


"Don't you worry lad," said Zodgrob. "Them orruks will be jumpin' to join WAAAGH! Gorfang. I'm sure these puny aelves will soil themselves once they find out who weze from."

"I don't know what kind o' aelves you'ze fought before but these gits here are almost as blood thirsty as them annoying vampires," responded Ruglid. "Don't underestimate them."

Those final words were lost on Zodgrob, who was rushing back to his Brutes to prepare for the approaching battle. Battle lust was beginning to consume him.

"Bah! Them pointy-eared gits ain't scary lookin," said the Brute Boss. "I bet three boar stomachs that Pugg Da Stumpy could even kill all them."

"Uhh boss," said one Brute. "them gits be coming awfully quick towards us. Their choppas also look kind of sharp."

Zodgrob chuckled at the orruk's keen awareness. Before he could comment, the Executioners stormed into the unprepared Brutes. Their fury and relentlessness tore a path of carnage through the orruk lines. Aelfs danced through the thick green bodies, decapitating many as they carried out their art of decapitation on their victims. Many orruks, the stupid ones at least, followed Zodgrob's advice, exposing their heads in an attempt to show their toughness, only to make it easier for the executioners to conduct their work. When the Aelfs charge subsided, Zodgrob finally recognized the destruction they laid forth



Above the action, Azkrug was witnessing Zodgrob's struggles as the Executioners were starting to bend the left flank. The megaboss contemplated engaging, but knew he had to stick to his plan and trust his bosses to get the job done. While the left flank was contested, Azkrug witnessed both armies' cavalry collide in a sudden, violent collision on the right flank. Within the cloud of dust and flying bodies, the megaboss spotted Ruglid and Korkrok in the thick of the action leading a counter charge. The cavalry skirmish would be a grind, but one that Azkrug was confident his boyz could win


Behind the lines, the smarter of the Brute Bosses, Bogg, wiped his hand across his face in embarrassment. Once again, Zodgrob's stupidity endangered the Ironjawz battle line. His Brutes would need relief. "Alright lads, lets show that dumb orruk how to properly smash some panzees!" Spurred on by the Jazood Warchanter Apprentice, Bogg's Brutes stormed forward into the Executioners' flank. The unsuspecting aelfs were cut down in droves as the orruks swath through their ranks like a scythe cutting wheat. Including Zodgrob's boyz who weren't going to let the other Brutes take all the glory, the orruks butchered the regiment to the last aelf



With the left flank taken care of, Azkrug's plan could finally take shape. Da Bloodbreaka's had to punch through the Darkling Coven line in order to reach the Blue Skulls, but to defeat their enemy, the orruks planned a pincer maneuver. Azkrug and his Maw Krusha Chewy spotted one of the two sorceresses along the edge of the cliff as they glided forward. The aelf seemed distracted with the battle on the other side of the cliff as she began to cast a spell. She was too slow picking up the large shadow moving quickly towards her. By the time she turned, Chewy's destructive bulk had crushed her into the rock itself. The beast then roared towards the lightly defended rear of the aelf lines. The force of the shout made two Bleakswords explode before they could react. The rest would soon fall as Azkrug and Chewy tore through their numbers.  


All was proceeding as expected, until Azkrug turned around to see the rest of the battle. While the cavalry was still mired down on the far side of the pitch, the elite warriors of the Darkling Covens were moving forward towards the Orruk rear. It seemed the Ardboyz were no match for their mettle. The magic support he was also expecting was coming from the wrong source. The remaining sorceress and general of the Darkling Covens had denied any of the shaman's WAAAGH! magic from wrecking havoc on her troops. Recognizing their lines were on the verge of collapse with aelf reinforcements threatening to encircle them, Azkrug scrambled to reclaim control of the battlefield.

"OI! BOGG! Get yer lads back to the rear! Them panzees about to trap us!," shouted the megaboss.

Glancing over his shoulder to see the Black Guard about to swarm the rear cliffs where the Jazood Warchanter Apprentice was drumming, Bogg understood the perdicament the Ironjawz were in. In a few grunts only orruks could understand, Bogg and his Brutes turned around and hustled to confront the aelves. 

"Why youze running that way? Da fight is coming towards us," said Zodgrob, before a bolt glanced off his left ear, earning a curse from the Brute Boss. The Dark Shards from the other side of the cliff had managed to preposition themselves between Azkrug and the Brutes. They would have to fight their way if they wanted to halt the aelves from surrounding them. That was something Zodgrob could do very well and would.

Nearby, a magic bolt from almost nowhere erupted from their ranks and slammed into the Warchanter Jazood . He staggered back, trying to balance himself. A blur went across his vision as he tried to track something approaching him. It was a Gryph-Hound, and it was targeting the weakened Warchatner to finish him off. Enraged, Jazood began to beat a rhythm out, getting himself into a frenzy. The Gryph-Hound leaped into the air aiming for his neck, but Jazood roared and swatted the beast to the ground. It tried to leap at him again, but Jazood delivered two quick strikes with his sticks, crippling the noble creature.


Before it could retreat, the Warchanter began to beat out a new rhythm across its body. Satisfied, Jazood began beating a rhythm off the Gryph-Hound's corpse. The beat drove Zodgrob and his Brutes wild, spurring them forward into the ranks of the Dark Shards. They tore a path straight to Azkrug, who had his hands filled with aelves attempting to dismount him from Chewy. Together, the megaboss and brutes bashed the remaining aelves in the rear until they retreated or stopped moving. When the action had ceased, Zodgrob chuckled at Jazood.

"Bwahaha I didn't know you had it in you to kill a puny dog Jazood," jested Zodgrob. "Usually one of those things or something bigger does your kind in."

"You wanna say that closer to me, dumb dumb?" retorted Jazood. "I didn't win da 'Da Battle ov' da Beats just by bashing rocks and bones in. Iz pretty good at beating skullz in too, especially other orruks."

Before Zodgrob could contemplate retaliating, Azkrug butted in. "About time you lot got here. We got our opening to get the zog out of here. Go get dem boyz and bring 'em here." Azkrug then squinted to the rear. He could see Bogg and his Brutes decimating the remaining light infantry on the far side of the cliff, but his attention was drawn to a single orruk standing on a rock surrounded by a wall of halberds. 

"Oi Jazood, I fink youze gonna need a new apprentice," said the megaboss.

"That git? Nah don't worry. I never liked him anyway," replied Jazood. "Hopefully they'll send us a better one this time."


It took longer than Azkrug had wanted, but the rest of the clan had fought their way through the opening in the aelf lines. Losses were terrible, but not as bad as Azkrug had originally feared. The Darkling Covens eventually seized the Ironjawz old camp, but by then, most of their numbers had been depleted. The last ones through the breach were Bogg, his Brutes, and the Gore Gruntas. Ruglid was last with a fresh aelf scalp. 

"I pecked this off da boss. Figured he wouldn't be needing this anymore," said Ruglid as he sniffled and hocked spit at the ground. His Grunta let out a belch, satisfied with whatever it had just eaten. If Azkrug had to guess, it was what was left of the former Drakespawn Knights' leader. "Now then, seems those Blue Skulls will be more valuable to us now. They'll replace our dead 'uns ten-fold." He nodded to Azkrug. "Good fight that was. Maybe you boyz are a good as you say."

"You'll get more of those so long as you sticks wif us," said Azkrug. "Now then, where these Blue Skulls and their cowardly boss? My choppa has some choice words fer him."

"Oi, Black Orruk," said Zodgrob. "There's talk you survived a clash with Nagash. How da zog did you do that, and is he coming fer us?"

"Well my dim-witted friend," replied Ruglid. "the God of Death rules this domain and don't like it when he's bested. Lets say I did, think that might anger the ruler of these lands to haunt us?"

A creeping feeling sunk into Zodgrob. He began to slowly move away. "Best not to find out," he said. "Lets find da rest of these boyz and get the hell out of here."

For once, Azkrug agreed with the brute boss




Entering this match, I figured I could try to lock down the right with Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas while my 10-man Brutes and Megaboss flanked him on the left. I knew Aelves were squishy, but I had no experience battling Darkling Covens entering this game. I knew their warscrolls front and back and what each unit was capable of, but the new allegiance abilities, as well as the Thrall Warhost battalion I was not familiar with. It was thus a surprise to see how quick my opponent's units moved around the battlefield. Case in point, his Executioners moved 15 inches, with an extra move in the hero phase, followed by a devastating charge that killed six Brutes outright. So many mortal wound. Executioners are really Retributors-light. I may one day buy those models because of their looks and effectiveness in battle.

Fortunately, my other Brutes were nearby on my objective, so I pushed them forward and they helped kill the rest of the Executioners at the bottom of Turn One. This would hurt me two turns later.

I got the double turn for Turn 2 and started to get to work. First, my Maw Krusha destroyed his shaman outright with destructive bulk, but could not make the charge into his other general. This would pay off later on. While the Brutes moved up the left, I decided to charge the Ardboyz to begin locking down the right, Unfortunately, my magic was shut down the entire game by his Sorceress, who had a +2 to disenchant all game, so not even a mystic shield went off. Because of this, my Ardboyz were eventually whittled down. His Black Guard, who I think are better now than Executioners simply due to their resiliency and consistent damage output, got to attack in the hero phase, which devastated the Ardboyz.

It was at this time that I realized my gaff. In rushing my Maw Krusha onto his objective, I forgot for KttH, you need at least five models to claim an objective. I only had my megaboss on his, and my Warchanter on mine. I then had to split my Brutes up once more, sending my full-strength five-man unit to my rear to beat out his Black Guard, while my weakened 10-man, along with my Warchanter, would try to hustle to my Maw Krusha. 

But once again, my Darkling Covens opponent seized the initiative once mroe.

By the end of Turn 3, my backfield was exposed. He quickly exploited the hole and stormed onto my objective, taking off my shamans and warchanter in the process. Fortunately, I was able to get some good rolls before and got my 5-man Brute, failing to reach my objective in time, diverted their attention and charged the Bleakswords nearby to try to score some late kill points. Meanwhile, he rushed his Dark Shards towards me in an attempt to claim the game early. Fortunately, I killed the majority of his Darkshards, and got my other Brutes onto the objective. We basically swapped sides of the table by the end of Turn Four, which was when we called the match.

We ended up drawing on kill points 680-680. Had I killed his remaining Drakespawn Knight or the last Bleaksword in the turn before, I would have won by claiming the kill points for the unit. He could have won too if he nicked the last wound off my last Gore Grunta, or if his Gryph-Hound had dealt one wound to my crippled Warchanter near my Brutes, It was a tough lesson in not underestimating your opponent, but the result was a blessing in disguise because it made me refocus my strategy and how I had to conduct my tactics for the remainder of the tournament. The event coordinator gave us a decent amount of points for drawing, and tagged along with the full points for secondary objectives, I made out as if I had scored a minor. 

I hope you guys enjoyed. In the next few days, I will have my round two match-up against a Khorne Murderhost in Scorched Earth on the blog





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Cheers everyone

I'm currently working on my next battle report/lore story, but while that's going on, here is a bit of backstory for some of the Moonclan Grots I currently own, including the shaman I used during the tournament. Be warned, this was when I was still in middle school/high school, so my painting mentality for my Orcs and Goblin army was "slap some green on it and throw it on the table ya git!" Looking back, I am amazed at how far I have come as a painter. 

Anyways, back to writing, and enjoy the quick story

Keeb (or Geeb) Shroomeater – Moonclan Shaman


One of the first clans to join Da Bloodbreakas when they arrived to Zarcosia was the Moonclan Grots of the Spinerippa Clan. The Grots had inhabited the Frattura Mountains long before the Age of Chaos, but defeats at the hands of the Duardin, as well as infighting, kept the clan from seeking prominence. When the Ankor Volghar was shattered, a Grot Civil War erupted across the mountain range. Through sneaky underhandedness and stunning bravery to confront the other clans in open warfare, the Spinerippas claimed power and consolidated all the other clans under their banner. Their warboss, Doffa FuryFace, employed two shamans to help keep order, Keeb and Geeb. Just like any proper Grots vying for power, both shamans tried to one-up each other at every turn, attempting to impress their warboss. Eventually, an annoyed Doffa told both shamans to settle their differences: one would have to kill the other. A magical dual ensued with Keeb and Geeb matching spell for spell, which culminated in a final climactic explosion. After the ethereal smoke disappeared, only one Grot remained. However, the Grot couldn’t figure out its name. At times, it called itself Keeb. Other times, it called itself Geeb. In that final magical attack, both Grots were forged together in body and mind, leaving one Grot Shaman in charge. Not surprisingly, Geeb (or Keeb) was able to properly lead now that he wasn’t arguing with Keeb (or Geeb) anymore

As the Bloodbreaka Clan constructs Mount Kraktoof, Megaboss Gorfang has recruited the Grots of the Spinerippas to assist in building the city. In exchange, they would be allowed to move into the lowest deep of Bloodbreaka Hold. He also had one more request (or demand if you were interpreting it as a Grot). He required a number of Grots to accompany the Fang Fist Expedition to assist in resource gathering, perfect non-combat roles for the Grots. Keeb (or Geeb) volunteered to go to Shyish with his kin, but promised to help support the army when fighting was needed. In truth, a part of Geeb (or Keeb) enters Shyish searching for a way to split the one shaman back into two

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Hey lads

this is the second of three battle reports from my victorious day at PAX Unplugged. In this match, I took on a Khorne Murderhost in Scorched Earth, which ended in a Major Victory for the Ironjawz. For the full battle report, just scroll down. Otherwise, enjoy the lore. 

Extra Choppy 


"Nogoog, is da spell ready yet?" said Azkrug Fangfist, a scent of anxiousness in his tone as he steadied himself atop his Maw Krusha Chewy.

"No good, boss," replied the Weirdnob Shaman. "Me and Geeb be needin' more time to get dis banishing boom prepared." 

Wasn't that grot's name Keeb or somefin' else?" asked Azkrug.

"How should I know? He won't make up his mind," answered Nogoog.

The Orruk shaman spat while his lesser kin continued his own chanting and weaving, all the while chewing simultaneously on a large mushroom stalk he grabbed from his robes. In order for this spell to work, Nogoog and Geeb (or Keeb) needed all the magical energy they could muster. 

Nogoog thought to himself. They wouldn't need to be in this position had the other grots not gotten carried away with the looting. The Spinerippa grots were only accompanying the FangFist Expedition to make sure the supplies and loot they managed to gather, raid or confiscate be safely brought back to Zarcosia to help in the construction of Gorfang's new city. 

Days ago, the expedition had just smashed  a Khorne Bloodbound army deep within the Laughing Skull Valley. Nogoog chuckled as he recalled melting the face off a slaughterpriest with his Green Puke, but his smile soon vanished as he recalled the next events. The Khorne Champion had escaped with his bodyguard. The Ironjawz would have pursued had the grots not been so eager to begin the looting. The boyz then began fighting for the best scraps, and soon Azkrug and his bosses had to crack some skulls before order was restored. 

And now they were back, not with a mortal army, but with a great host of daemons. The Bloodbreaka's had been warned by Korkrok and his scouts, so preparations were made. Rather than fight then in the open field like they wanted, Azkrug cunningly chose an area with rocky terrain that would break up the fighty chaos god's forces. His lads always brought a good scrap, but they were so bloodthirsty like Orruks to fight that they disregarded tactics. So Azkrug, Nogoog, and the other leaders agreed to establish a defensive position where they could counter attack weak spots. All the while, Nogoog and Keeb (or Geeb) would begin a spell that would eventually banish the daemons back into the realm of chaos. 

The Ironjawz didn't have to wait long. The first wave of bloodletters was fast approaching. The Orruks could see the steam coming off their roasting skin, a bloodfury in their eyes. Many of the lads tightened their weapons as the Jazood Warchanters whooped them into a frenzy.

"Hold da line ya gits!" roared Zodgrob. "Show 'em how tough youze are!"

The heavy clank of metal on metal impacted the ground as the bloodletters crashed into the Orruk line. Some died outright to the decapitating blades of the khorne daemons. Others, sensing the foul-stench of magic in the air, slipped through the line and tried to kill Nogoog,

"Oh no youze don't," shouted Zodgrob. The Brute Boss snatched a daemon out of midair with his claw and cut it in half at the waist. He then swung around and clubbed five more with his basha. Nogoog nodded his appreciation and continued his work. The Brutes began a savage counterattack, their Jagged Gore Hakkas taking a massive toll on the horde of daemons. Azkrug and Chewy then leaped from their perch on a high rock and crushed the remaining daemons out of reality. 

Across the field, more daemons were pouring towards the line, but they waited. After seeing their kin get decimated, they began probing for another area to attack. Azkrug had purposely left his left side weak hoping to spread out the Blood God's lines. Soon, they recognized the weakened left flank and began to shift their line.

"Oi boss, theyze takin' da bait," exclaimed Ruglid.

"All part ov' me master plan," said Azkrug

"Didn't Bogg help you wif dat idea?" stated Zodgrob.

"That's none of yer concern, dumb dumb," answered Azkrug. "He volunteered fer da role, kept yappin' about showing how choppy he is. Bogg better be ready because he and Korkrok need to hold dat side while we-"

"Boss, look! Shiny stick!" declared Zodgrob.

On the right flank, a lone banner was planted into the rock of a ridge, guarded by a small number of bloodletters. Zodgrob was practically drooling at the thought of adding a boss pole to his back, but his dreams were quickly dashed.

"That's no shiny stick you git. That's a summoning banner," said Nogoog. "Them daemons brings back new ones after you bash their dead 'uns. We gots to destroy it before more red daemons come."

"Leave that to me and Ruglid. I has a plan," said Azkrug as the Gore Grunta Boss pulled up.

"Only to poke you in da eye wif before I takes it," answered Zodgob. Before Azkrug could go over and smack him with the flat side of his choppa, Ruglid reared up. 

"Right, let get to it. WAAAAAAGGGHHH!" shouted Ruglid, followed by a chorus of Orruks.


In moments, Azkrug and Ruglid's Gore Gruntas were bellowing into the ridge, which was swarming with dozens of bloodletters. However, their numbers were no match for the destructive bulk of Chewy, who tore through ranks of daemons, while Ruglid's Gore Gruntas swerved behind Azkrug and attacked the inside flank. With the last bloodletter slain, the ridge and the banner belonged to the Orruks


Meanwhile, on the left flank, Bogg's Brutes were staring down a wave of bloodletters and flesh hounds. They had just fought off a previous group of flesh hounds with little casualties, but that was just a scouting group. With the high cliffs  providing a choke point, it was a solid area to defend. Of course, Bogg knew his Brutes needed reinforcements. They came, but earlier than expected. In a move to delay the enemy and steal glory from his rival, Korkrok and his Gore Gruntas charged straight into the advancing wave of the Blood God's warriors


As the Gruntas drove into the ranks of daemons, Bogg was jealous him and his boyz could not join then, yet. 

"Go get 'em lads," cheered on Bogg. Korkrok and his lads were actually doing a good job of duffing up the lesser daemons, and may have finished them off, but with one bloodletter remaining, his banner flashed, and in a blink of an eye, more daemons emerged ready to turn the tide. Soon, the Gore Gruntas were routed, leaving Bogg and his Brutes alone to face the advancing horde. 


Up on the central hill, Jazood and the Ardboyz could only watch the battle unfold. They were given the dubious task of holding the central hill at all costs. Across the valley, they could see the khorne daemons staring right at them. The Orruks threw taunts and rude gestures the other way, but the bloodletters never flinched. Instead, they began to shift back to the right side. While Jazood and the Ardboyz could not see what they were going after, Azkrug had a great view of what was coming his way. 

"Zoggin hell, they're coming right for us!" screamed Ruglid. "Got any other plans in that thick skull of yers, boss?"

"Shut up, I'm finkin'" said Azkrug, as he pondered for a few seconds. Then it hit him like a slap on the back. "We needs to buy them shamans more time. Weze gonna distract them until theyze ready."

"Youze da boss, so youze first," encouraged Ruglid. "Iffen you do a good enough job, perhaps I can gouge me choppa into da flaming skull of da boss daemon." Azkrug simply nodded as the bloodletters approached them


The horde of bloodletters was starving for a fight, and Azkrug would give them just a tease before flying off. The clash was brief, but the daemons dealt several wounds to the FangFist and his mount. Nevertheless, they were able to fly off with the shiny stick, taunting the bloodletters as they left the field. Enraged, the daemons in front pursued, stretching out their formation. When it was at its thinnest, Ruglid's Gore Gruntas committed to the furthest left flank of the horde, pinning them in an uncomfortable position. Sadly for Ruglind, there were too many bloodletters blocking his path to the flaming skull boss, but the Gore Gruntas actions meant the bloodletters could not advance, allowing Nogoog and Geeb (or Keeb) to complete their work.


The left flank, meanwhile, hung in the balance as Khorne's forces prepared to overwhelm Bogg's Brutes. 

"Ok lads. This is where we make our stand," said Bogg. "Lets show them khorne gits they can bleed their own blood too!"

In an odd twist, the bloodletters failed their charge due to the rough, uphill terrain. Without their support, the unwitty flesh hounds charged  into welcoming swings of the Brutes' weapons.


None of Khorne's pets survived the encounter, buying the Brutes time to breath before the Bloodletters finally made it up the hill. They seized the initiative and struck first, taking a heavy toll on the defenders. The clash was a violent affair that both sides relished, but the tide was turning to the Blood God. Despite delivering fatal blows, the bloodletters refused to die, delivering fatal death throws that slew many Orruks. In the midst of the scrum, Bogg lashed out in a fury of blows  that felled numerous daemons. A daemon blade pierced his right torso, garnering a scream of pain from the brute boss, but he managed to bring down his basha and crush the daemon's skull in. Two brutes then grabbed Bogg from behind and dragged him away. The orruks conceded the hill to Khorne, but they made them pay for every inch of ground.


In the Khorne backfield, the Gore Gruntas were spent. The massive horde of Bloodletters had consolidated back in the center and threatened to overwhelm them. Ruglid looked around and saw Azkrug in the air, waving him to "get da hell outta there!" With that signal, Ruglid ordered his lads to pull out.


Seemingly victorious, the bloodletters roared, looking for the next enemy they could spill blood from. Who they saw next was unexpected. Two orruks approached them across the battlefield:  Jazood  and Nogoog. The unsuspecting bloodletters cared not for what plots could be waiting and charged forward. Watching the daemons commit, Nogoog turned to the Grot Shaman.

"You better be ready Keeb, or I'll tell Mork to explode both yer brains!"  shouted Nogoog. "Ready boss shaman," replied the grot. 


 Jazood began waving his arms in the air, getting himself into a frenzy as the first daemons approached him. He bashed one skull in, generating another beat that drove the warchanter to smash another bloodletter, followed by three more deaths. The dancing Jazood provided the bloodletters with the extra distraction needed for the shamans to summon forth a massive green cloud in the sky. Raising his staff into the air, Nogoog then channeled the WAAAGH! energy from the sky, the clouds siphoning into the bonewood stick the shaman wielded. Emanating with power, Nogoog screamed and slammed  the butt of his staff onto the ground. Cracks emerged as the earth rumbled, green light shooting out. Every daemon screamed in pain. In the blink of an eye, the daemons were ped from reality. 

The skies cleared to their dreary grey skies to reveal only mortals remained on the battlefield. Nogoog peeked across the rocky valley to see only the Khorne Champion and his bodyguard remaining. They soon retreated from the battlefield. The shaman breath a sigh of relief and laughed hysterically in gibberish. He snapped out of his spasm as the Jazood Apprentice approached.

"Hahaha that was fun,"  said Nogoog. "Khorne got nofin against da WAAAGH!"

"You had fun? I wuz havin' a blast,"  replied Jazood. "Those daemons couldn't keep up, then you had to end it."

"Don't worry, you'll get a good fight soon you dancin' fool."

"How do you know?'

"Gorkamorka told me. You'll get yer big fight soon. Let's find da big boss. We're done in these dead lands. Time to go home."



Once I received my opponent for round 2, I knew this was potentially going to be a bloody affair, especially because he was rocking a murderhost! However, my opponent Dave (a cool chap who I ended up giving my sportsmanship honor to) had a different take than the usual 3x30 bloodletter bombs. He used:

30 Bloodletters
20 Bloodletters
3x10 Bloodletters
2x5 Flesh Hounds
Slaughterpriest or Deathbringer (couldn't remember)
5 Blood Warriors
10 Bloodreavers

Knowing he could easily reach my objectives, I did the most non-orcish tactic and let the enemy come to me. Since he two dropped his army, it allowed me to adjust and prepare exactly how I wanted the fight to go. I purposely left one flank weak to try to persuade him to hopefully over-commit. That way, I could hit him hard on the right objective and possibly the middle if it opened up. My Ardboyz had one job: hold the hill at all costs. With that, we began

Turn One

I get the first turn and just buff my Brutes with FoV and Inspiring Presence, while my Ardboyz received Mystic Shield and FoV. I readjust my line to absorb a charge, and tell my opponent to come at me. He does so on the bottom of his turn, but his 30 Bloodletters poor horribly on their 4d6 and move a total of 4 or 6 inches, while the other 20 bloodletter horde ends up five inches from my line. It easily charges, and he is able to find a hole into my rear to attack my shaman. Fortunately, only three Brutes died, and the shaman only suffers one wound. The counterattack by the Brutes and Maw Krusha wipes out the horde. Both of us score our objectives

Turn Two

Once again, I consolidate my position, buff my troops, and tell my opponent to come at me again. This time, he shifts his line towards my weak side, sending 10 bloodletters and 5 flesh hounds to try to take out my 5 Brutes guarding my left objective. However, he was too far to charge. He did get one unit of flesh hounds into combat with my Brutes on the left, but he lost three models. During his movement phase, I see he has the 30 Bloodletter horde now guarding his central objective opposing my Ardboyz, while 2x10 Bloodletter units are loosely guarding the right. With my Gore Gruntas and MB/MK, I feel I could easily kill enough of them to steal and burn it. All I need is priority on the next turn. Once again, we each score 3 points

Turn Three

For the third turn in a row, I go first, and enact my plan. My megaboos got a big roll on rampaging destroyers, so I used it on the Gore Gruntas and shot them up 15 inches. After softening up one of the units with the Maw Krusha's shooting, he and the Gruntas successfully made their charges. With destructive bulk, the fists, the megabosses attacks, and the Gore Gruntas charge bonus, they were able to kill all 20 bloodletters, and burn the objective for 2 points. Meanwhile, on the left, I send my other Gore Gruntas into both the flesh hounds and 10 bloodletters to tie them down as long as possible. TTruthfully, I am also trying to kill the bloodletters in this action. I kill a few a few and lose one Grunta. his also gives my 5 Brutes time to finish off the two other flesh hounds on the objective. I score 5 points on my turn.

It's Dave's turn now, and he gets his revenge by sending the entire horde of 30 Bloodletters after my Megaboss & Maw Krusha. He easily makes the charge and wipes my general out with his 4+ hits-becomes-mortal-wounds ability. That was nasty, and I sort of underestimated how killy they were. However, he has spread his horde out too far. I will get back to this in turn 4. On the left, my last Gore Grunta leaves one Bloodletter left standing, but he suffered three casualties He rolls for battleshock....and gets a 1! Then he rolls a 6! All the Gore Gruntas work goes for naught, but the leader is left on one wound entering Turn 4. He scores 2 points

Turn Four

I win priority again. I didn't think about it until now, but preventing him from getting a double turn by this point was big. He is also stacking blood tith points which I am anxious to know when he will use them. He tells me he wanted to use the 7th ability that allows all his troops to deliver their attacks even if they were taken out of combat. But for now, it's my turn. The Gore Gruntas on the right side I decide to commit to the furthest part of the 30 Bloodletter horde that is still extending from the central objective. I know I won't capture it, but because the bloodletters are stretched so far, he will have to recommit his troops back to the center before he can consider moving forward. And with one more turn left in the game, he won't have enough time to move forward enough to reach them.  To further proof that side, I send up a warchatner and my weirdnob shaman into the middle as a buffer, so they are the only things he can charge. 

Dave's turn now in 4, and he does something in the hero phase I forgot that kills the Gore Grunta on the left and frees his Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds to move within 3 inches of my Brutes on the left objective. Big moment here that could get him back in the game...and his 10 Bloodletters roll a snake-eyes on their charge roll! They cannot fight this turn. The flesh hounds make it in, but are butchered. They take out a Brute in the process, but once again, Dave only scores 2 points. Meanwhile, his 30 Bloodletter horde finishes off my Gore Gruntas on his side.

Turn Five

Dave finally wins priority, and he pops his blood tith points. He does charge this time on the left and kills three Brutes outright, but leaves my Brute Boss on one wound. He does work and kills six of the seven Bloodletters, leaving us with one model each. However, the dead bloodletters each get their death throws and finish off the Brute Boss. He burns the objective for 2 points. However, his 30 Bloodletter Horde doesn't roll high enough on murderhost movement and can only charge the Warchanter/Shaman buffer. On my turn, I just consolidate again, trade wounds with my characters and bloodletters, score two points and do just enough to earn the major. 

It was a real blast playing this game. It tested Dave and myself in different ways, and we both agreed it really could have been a toss up if we played again.

One factor that never came into this battle was his general, blood warriors and bloodreavers. I don't know how much they would have affected the battle had he committed one or all of them, but by babysitting the far corner objective on my left, they were neutralized from having any affect on the game at all. Of course, my Ardboyz did nothing as well, so to each their own. 

Along with the points for the Major Victory, I also snagged some more secondary points. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have one more battle report to go, my third and final match from PAX Unplugged, a rematch against an Nurgle opponent from earlier this year. This time, it was on the final table, and we were playing Border War. I have a lot to say on this one, as well as the overall wrap-up on the event.

Until next time 




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7 hours ago, Goodapollo4 said:

Great write ups (both narrative and tactical)! Love seeing Ironjawz winning it all, really like your list as well. Giving me further inspiration for my own IJ force that I'm bringing back out for 2018. 

Appreciate it. I hope this helps more Ironjawz's players in 2018. The list is well balanced, but there are other combos as well that can work as well (Spear Chukkas or Lobbas). I think the biggest difference for IJ now is knowing we don't need the Ironfist to win games or tournaments. The more boyz, the better! 

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40 minutes ago, Gorks Pokin' Finger said:

Appreciate it. I hope this helps more Ironjawz's players in 2018. The list is well balanced, but there are other combos as well that can work as well (Spear Chukkas or Lobbas). I think the biggest difference for IJ now is knowing we don't need the Ironfist to win games or tournaments. The more boyz, the better! 

I think it's entirely dependent on what units you're running. I played B&G without it then two recent ones with it and had two thoughts about it.

  1. The reduced drop number is really important. Even shaving only 2 drops (I had 3 battleline) meant I got to pick in games I normally wouldn't.
  2. It massively improved my Ardboyz and Brute mobility, it was alright for the GG's but not amazing.

So as @Chris Tomlin has said the 2 units of 3 GG's help reduce the need for it because they fill the mobility gap. If on the other hand you are running 3 blocks of Brutes then I think the Ironfist is still mandatory, it works out as a 25-150% increase in their speed. 

Also the Ironfist does some really funky stuff with lots of IJ heroes.

  • Use the ironfist move to reposition so that you can get the destruction move.
  • More importantly use the Ironfist to play around the 12" charge bubble for the destruction move. You can pull back an inch or 2 so that you don't have to charge with it etc.

My last game of the 3rd tournament I triggered 3 destruction moves on a unit of GG's, the last of which pushed them into the 12" bubble. Then I pulled a 3 on my ironfist, which combined with the 9" movement allowed me to completely avoid a shield wall he had setup in front of 3 knight-heraldor letting me get my unit of 6 GG's in on them ultimately winning me the game. 

I'm definitely enjoying the Ironfist move with my 4 IJ heroes, it lets some stupid stuff happen. The thing that tempts me to drop it is the extra 3 GG's, I think at 9 GG's I would rather have 2 blocks of 6 than a 6 and a 3 with Ironfist.

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