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Grots, Wots & Nots: Squigs


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Hi all! As a general lover of destruction, I've found myself leafing through the grand alliance book many times to look for various themes that could make for a fun thematic army. I'm sure lots of you will have had the same sorts of thought processes as me - 'That model looks awesome, I could do an army with x,y&z!' only to have that niggling voice telling you, 'It really isn't that good in the game, it doesn't synergise and you'd be better off with a stonehorn.'  I thought it would be cool to take a look at the 'grots, wots & nots' of some of these themed units, should people want to run them (even if they aren't the 'optimal' choice) and to get some community commentary on how best to utilise such units in games to get the best out of them (even if they are a bit pants - looking at you Squig Gobba).

I realise there are plenty of threads looking at say 'moonclan grots' but I haven't seen any that specifically take a look at our fungal friends the squigs as a theme. Any input regarding unit sizes, general strengths and weaknesses, favoured types of enemy, what they work well with, what to avoid at all costs etc etc would be great. I can then compile comments in to the top post. Any opinions welcome even if you've only used them a few times - let's learn from each others' experiences! 

For Squigmar!!!


Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig

Grot Warboss with Great Cave Squig/Moonprodder

Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks

Cave Squigs/Grot Squig Herders


- High damage potential with a combination of -1 rend and d3 damage as well as 3+ to wound

- d3 damage can be doubled on roll of a 6 by warboss command ability

- If running Skarsnik, a big unit can ignore battleshock and attack twice with his command ability

- Often overlooked 2 wounds per squig

- Can be taken in 5s so unit sizes are fairly flexible

- Although they die and run away in droves, running squigs can still cause mortal wounds on key enemy pieces if they are positioned well (squig bomb)

- Get to reroll charges and runs if within 5" of herders - extremely handy ability

- Herders come in relatively cheap pairs so multiple pairs can be taken to make them more survivable and herders aren't assigned to specific squig units


- Hate attrition fights: They NEED to swing first and won't survive many rounds in a protracted combat

- Abysmal bravery of 3 and save of 6+ means they can be shot/hacked and blown off the board with very little difficulty

- They NEED nearby herders (5+ to hit with 1 attack without the herders is quite unreliable)

- Multiple units of herders add more 'drops' to the army 


Grot Squig Hoppers

Mangler Squigs

Colossal Squig

Squig Gobba

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so its a bit late but here is how it went. The cave squigs can deal some serious damage with herders nearby. The problem is the bravery 3 so I really found I was missing the crown of command from chaos. The cave squigs and squig hoppers really want to get the charge and go first. I did get doubles on the charge for my hoppers and they did some good damage that turn. The first turn swung my way really hard. After that the ironjawz player was able to deal enough damage to make everyone flee by the bucketload. Skarsnik was also really good and made the large unit of squigs even more powerful with his command ability.


Overall they did a lot better than I thought they would but after the first round they start to drop quickly due to battleshock.

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Yeah, in my experience Cave Squigs are really good, but are ultimately a one-shot-and-done kind of thing. They should probably be taken in units of 6 and only be put into combat if they get to go first/will likely go before who they're up against.

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