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Brand new to AoS and could do with a little advice.


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Good afternoon ladies and gents,

I have been out of the game since mid 7th, I kept up with the rage a vitriol aimed at the game when it first came out but since then I have not heard or read much of anything.

I decided in 2017 to reclaim this hobby that I left behind and with the return of Blood bowl I popped into a GW, AoS looked awesome! but with so many books and suppliments I felt a little overwhelmed. Could anyone offer advice on where to start, what is essential must-reads...anything that's a bit duff and not worth the view.

Also Podcasts and blogs, can I jump in now and know what's happening or should I go back to the start and read up?  Looking forward to getting some greenskins painted up and joining what looks a tight-knit community.

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Hello there! Hey, it's as good a time as ever to get involved with the hobby again. All the supplements are essentially additional stuff, you don't need them at all to have a good load of games. Technically all you need are the models themselves, they all come with their warscrolls which is all you need to play, along with the rules themselves which are free online :) Also, the AOS App is great, you can have all your warscrolls on your phone. Otherwise, if you're looking to start playing matched play, or narrative, check out the General's Handbook. It has all you need. If you get a good feel for it then you could pick up the associated battletome for your force. They're like the old army books, and come with all the warscrolls, but also battalions. These are additional rules that only come in the books, and give bonuses.


Essentially, I would read the rules and the warscrolls of what you like online/on app for free, and maybe try some games at your local store :) And if green is your colour, check at @Chris Tomlin's podcast, the Black Sun. He is affectionately referred to as the megaboss when it comes to ironjawz, and has some great matches to read.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, everyone's friendly enough here, or throw me a message.

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Hello Lardidar. welcome!

Quite a few podcasts have done a year in review. Podcasts in general I would say:

General / Good Discussion

The Black Sun

Hard 6


Rolling Bad

Tales of Sigmar


More irreverant / jokey chat

Age of Sigbrah (ace)

Bravery One


More tournament focussed:

Bad Dice



Must reads - General's Handbook. Others will be able to advise on the novels / fluff. If you're going greenskins then get the app and see what you like the look of in the Destruction Grand Alliance. My advice would be get some models (or use the ones you own) first using the rules off the app, see what you like the style of then buy either the Bonesplitterz or Ironjawz books. If you don't like either of those then all the other rules are in the grand alliance destruction book, but to be honest, you get 90% of this from the app. 



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Thank you, since I posted I started listening to the mortal realms podcast at episode one but I'll definitely check out the ones suggested.

I say greenskins because I found a couple of old doomdivers the other day and fancied painting again, but I'm very willing to have my head turned by what's been new in the last few years.

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2 hours ago, Bowlzee said:

If you want to catch up on the Fluff, check out Garagehammer. They do fantastic books reviews, and I think they've done all the Realmgate books now. 

I'd second Garagehammer, love the podcast, and the book reviews are top notch! Listen to them to get an idea of whats going on with the fluff, then pick a Start Collecting box (or just a regular box of models) and get started!

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welcome on back! it's a great time to be in and around the hobby again!

you are definitely on the right track with bringing yourself up to speed: Garagehammer and The Mortal Realms are the go to for getting schooled in all of the lore and background of the Age of Sigmar- great podcasts!  The Rolling bad pod is becoming a new favorite of mine too- good balance across the board of the hobby and gaming, etc.  enjoy!

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