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  1. Hey Gaz, i'll take those Brett Knights. The last lot you sold me are coming together nicely
  2. Player Location: UK, Near Tamworth (CV92QT) Name: Peter B Contact: PM Natrapx on TGA Forum.
  3. I'd second Garagehammer, love the podcast, and the book reviews are top notch! Listen to them to get an idea of whats going on with the fluff, then pick a Start Collecting box (or just a regular box of models) and get started!
  4. Howdy Folks, this is my Mousillon themed Undead list so far! 10 Skeleton Warriors 1 Wight King 1 Black knight And there is also the first of my grave guard in there too hiding in the back. Still needs a tad tiding up here and there, plus I need to work on my green stuff but they look OK from a distance at least!
  5. Hey folks I'm looking for some heads for my current Death project. I'm after any of the Crypt Ghoul heads, and any plain Skulls (i.e skeleton warriors heads without helmets). Generally looking for as many as possible, but at least 10 Ghoul heads, and 20+ plain Skulls. Only looking for GW parts as I plan to use the army at GW events. Either paying cash, or can trade Ogre parts. Thanks for looking!
  6. Make it £37.50 collection, £40 posted. Not looking to make anything on it!
  7. I'm in! Working on a 1000 point half of a doubles death army right now. Mousillon themed so lots of Brett stuff mixed in with the death models. I've painted a unit of 10 skeletons so far, but still lots to do
  8. Hey all have the Khorne half of the starter set, all new on sprue. looking for £40 collection from Birmingham/coventry area, or £45 delivery. Thanks for looking!
  9. Natrapx

    Wightking with Black Axe

    That looks fantastic, good job!
  10. Thanks! I've looked at the rules for the Mournghoul, looks like a beast! The story was the important part for me, i've always needed a theme to tie the army together, otherwise whats the point!
  11. Very much after the Brettonians, have sent a PM
  12. Greetings fellow denizens of Shyish! Me and my friend have been throwing around ideas for a doubles Death army ??(no actual event in mind as of yet, although looking at the Warhammer world battle brothers next year) and we have come up with the following list/lists. Can we get some feedback on them please? ? We don't want to go mega hard, or looking to do a WAAC type list, just somthing that is mildly competitive, but fun to play with. My half is themed around Mousillon. The general idea being that the necromancer, in service of Arkhan, has raised up an ancient crypt deep in Shyish. The wight king will be themed as a Brettonian Lord, and the Tomb Banshee either a Lady or Damsel. I've attached a pic of my first 10 skeletons, aiming to get everything in that sort of theme. (sorry for the awful quality!) My half: Necromancer - 120 Wight King - 120 Tomb Banshee - 80 Skeletons x 20 - 160 Skeletons x 20 - 160 Black Knights x 10 - 240 Spirit Hosts x 3 - 120 1000 points Friends Half: Arkhan 20 Skeletons 20 Skeletons 5 Hexwraiths Mortis Engine 1000 points
  13. Howdy! I'm near Tamworth, but I know there is a gaming group that meets in the Ladywood social club, the October Wargames Association. I'm not a member myself, so don't know if they play AoS but worth having a look. Personally I play in Walsall, but no-one does AoS at my club, but there are quite a few clubs scattered in the area.
  14. Natrapx

    Kurnoth-Hunters, Silveroak Glade

    Look amazing, plus the bases match the models really well too, kudos!
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