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Hi from Switzerland


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Hello Everybody!

I'm a noob player and a noob painter, but I really like AoS and I'm enjoying it! 

I'm writing from Switzerland - not going deeper in detail with cities, both because I'm moving around every now and then, and because I'm not sure everyone knows the country ;)

The first time I played Warhammer was something like 15 years ago - my first army was a swarm of blu/green/red Lizardmen. After few years in the dark, I finally saw the light again with AoS and I started again painting and playing when I bought the starter set, day 1!

So happy to have found such a community, as the web is full of haters and is kind of depressing to read them.

Sorry if my English is not so perfect - please, feel free to correct me and to make fun of me about that :D 

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Hi Guy,

I am also in Switzerland (Aarwangen, canton Bern).

I starter the hobby with my sons a few months ago. Currently building 4:

- Stormcast Eternal (my first son, 10 years old)

- Seraphon (my second son, 6 years old)

- Khorne Bloodbound (myself)

- Daemons of Chaos (myself)


We have plans to start a Death army, a Destruction army, a Fyreslayers one, and I will continue to develop my Chaos one (with Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness, and the other Demons). Also waiting for new Aelves :).

Maybe can we meet once? I don't know where you are from, but we speak French and also Germans (the boys also Swiss German)


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Hi guys, 

welcome to the forum.  I've created Switzerland section in the International area for you guys to promote your local gaming communities and try spread the word about the game in Switzerland.

I went to the ETC there a few years ago.  Such a beautiful country! 

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Woah I totally lost all those answers :)

I'm currently in the French part, but will go back in Ticino starting 1st of July - got a brother in Zurich though, and will probably look for a job there starting September!

I don't really speak German (at all, I would say.. eheh), but I can speak a bit of French.

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Hi Damon Rafael

Good to see a Ticinese here! Actually, I am French, but living in the German part of Switzerland. I don't really speak Italian, but can understand most of basic discussions as I used to work with some guys from Milano & from Tessin (Belinzona, Lugano, Ambri, ...).

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