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  1. I found that adding some cavalry helps A LOT. people say chaos knights are better than juggernauts, this could be true but I find juggy are way better models personal taste here. Anyway, I'm playing with a slaughterpriest, a unit or 2 of juggy, wrathmongers against monsters or big heros, and Warriors. I rarely use reavers, but they are pretty strong I would say. Also, you have to practice on how to use the Bloodsecrator, which is a must have for bloodbound, and Bloodstoker - the last one especially if you play bloodreavers. Give it a try, proxy maybe so you don't have to spend money for that he at the beginning :-) But if you can't get it run with your style, then sure you should find something closer to your tastes!
  2. I'm playing something similar since a while, and I had few to no issues with that until I found more than 1 shooting unit. Against 2 units shooting or just a strong one like kurnoth hunters, it's really, really hard to win as they will delete a unit every turn... So I now play a unit of 3 skullcrushers. Anybody else found the same "problem"?
  3. I finally have some "real" update here! Well, my browser actually deleted my previous message, and it was kind of long.. so I'll shorten it this time I finished my 10x2 Saurus Warriors, worth 200 points! The pictures below shows the last color applied on them. I was bored at the end, therefore I left the cloth-thing behind the shield just base green, no highlight. I don't actually know how to name it in English, neither I do in Italian to be honest.. Anyway, it was a long way to completion. It is not so easy to see from this picture, but the bones took so much time. It was the first time for me trying to blend from ushabti bone to white scar, and I'm quite surprised from the result. Maybe I'll come back on them again once everything else is done, to highlight a bit the green. Right after those, I moved to paint a salamander - I only took few pictures of the process, but I recall the paint I used should anybody be interested My blending skills sucks, therefore I will leave the red-thing as it is for now, I'll catch up it later when I had the time to practice a bit more. The idea is to shade it from red to yellow, but the few try I did gave me really bad results.. Now I'm focusing myself on a unit of 3 terradon riders - I still have to find the riders, actually, but that's another story! I would like to keep the body gray, but I'm not sure how it will contrast with the yellow scales; so I'm thinking to leave the scales as they are on the wings, and change the color on the body. Regarding the wings, I still need to highlight them. As of now, there's only a red basecoat with an orange layer, and a red shade. Thanks for reading! As always, any suggestion and comment are really appreciated!
  4. DamonRafael


    mmmh there's another difference between the two: the one with heckblade have more attacks. I would say that the old one can ban multiple spell but is less powerful in melee. Does it makes sense? Probably not
  5. I guess your question is something like "can a rat kill a dragon?" The answer is potentially yes. Of course big monsters / heroes are tough to kill, but potentially every unit can kill everything. You have a fixed hit/wound/damage which is true against every kind of model; those numbers are then boosted / nerfed by abilities, spells, battalions... As an example, my 20 blood reavers (no save, 1 atk 4+ to hit 4+ to wound, 1 dmg) took down a carnosaur (12 wounds, 4+ save - double check me here ): piled in, something like 12 models attacked, boosted by a bloodstoker and a blood secrator -> 2atk per model + 1 of the champion, reroll 1 to hit, reroll 1 to wound A bit messy but I hope it will serve anyway!
  6. Thank you! :) I know I'm not the bast painter, neither those are my masterpieces But I have to say that even if I don't generally like 5th Ed. Saurus, with some paint on they became at least interesting! Also I'm gaining control on my brush, which is for the best!
  7. I'm finally back! I had a couple of hours to put some more paint on my saurus. Painting 20 of those guys make me feel SOOOO slow... I mean, I AM slow, but well.. I have few pictures now, not that I finished them, but I'm few step closer to the end of those 2 units! First of all, the skin! After the base color, I used temple guard blue to give a bit of light, I wanted them to be "blue" instead of "greenish", so I actually followed WHTV guide After that, I used a dusty white to highlight the skin, I'm not sure if this was the right choice, as they looks too white now, but I think I like it anyway. Well, I'm not aiming to GD now, I just want some paint on them to be playable! I'm not sure that's the right order but anyway, I used Skink Blue on the scales, to highlight them quickly and with a small effort! I think the final effect is acceptable, and I'm still not sure if I really want to apply a war-paint.. I guess I'll have to finish them and think about that later. Started on details, finally! Used a Averland Sunset as a base on the eyes, will use then a brighter yellow to finish them. Zandri dust on weapons, teeth and claws as a base for the ushabti bone - then I'll probably use a sepia as a wash and then back with ushabti to highlight. Finally, I started basing the shields with balthasar gold - I'm aiming to obtain a bronze color on the shields, and I'll finish them with a hint of nihilak oxhide (or however it is written) to give a rusty effect. Can't wait to finish them! I'm now in a hotel room for a couple of nights, I hope I can put some more paint on those poor models! As always, C&C are really appreciated!
  8. This will be an addition to my blog :-) Currently (still) working on saurus warriors (5th edition)
  9. that's the WW link https://www.games-workshop.com/en-WW/White-Dwarf-12-month-sub-ENG
  10. Yeah I considered it indeed, but as you both said, it's too many point I could go with 20+10 clanrats instead of 20+20, and run a WLC for a 980 points list. But I feel that 10 clan rats are kinda useless That's what's in the Island of Blood, by the way, in case someone was curious. LeadersPackmaster (60)Skaven Warlord (100)Warlock Engineer (100)Deathrunner (120) - From Silver Tower UnitsClanrats x 20 (120)Clanrats x 20 (120)Rat Ogors x 2 (120)Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team x 1 (60)Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team x 1 (60)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsTotal: 860/1000
  11. Where does it comes from?! Even my store confirmed the WD model is the slaughterpriest..
  12. Mh, maybe I could manage to "steal" some clan rats from a friend.. in case, I'll take your advise to build my own Jezzails
  13. I'm not sure if I wrote it already, but I'm a bit slow as a painter, and my hobby time is pretty short. I'm trying anyway to do my best with the time I have. This weekend I managed to finish one model as a reference, to have a look at how they will look like. I have to say that the difference between those models, and the one in the AoS starter box is impressive! The quality of details of the newest miniatures keep the painting job way easier. Ok, it requires maybe a bit more time, but the final effect is way better! Now here's a view of the finished model. I will start the production "in series" asap, and continue to post the pictures in the same old way (group shot with used color). I tried to keep the scheme clear and simple. I know I said, in the last post, that I will apply war painting from the top of the head to half of the body, but I'm not so sure anymore! I think I will just leave them like this, what do you say?! Thanks for reading!
  14. Ma sul serio? :-) Nato e cresciuto a Pescara! Ora sono in Svizzera però
  15. Hi Dez! I missed to say that I will also integrate in the army one of the Skaven from Silver Tower, just because I have it and is a model less to buy! You're correct indeed when you say this will be a side army, actually a 3rd army I already have a Bloodbound force and a Seraphon one. And that's why I really want to keep the Skaven one a budget army! Well as you say, Doomwheel looks great! I really like the model - I gave a quick read to the WS and it was.. average, i would say?! Never had the change to play against it, so your feedback is really interesting! As for Jezzails I'm no convinced from the model, but the pro is that they're only 3 and not so hard to paint, which is instead a cons of the stormvermin Uff it's so hard I want to have everything but my wallet say NO! ... I might end buying the Doomwheel anyway on top on whatever else I choose to play at the end
  16. Totally agree with you here. Bloodsecrator is almost a must, also because with him your wrathmongers are even more deadlier. I would keep the slaughterpriest though, as it can be really helpful against mages - in combination with the blood secrator you get your enemy to reroll succesfull casts, and then you can still try to unbound.
  17. Hi Guys and Lads, I'm totally new to Skaven - I've found an island of blood for something like 30euros, and therefore I'm going to start a really small Skaven force. I did the math, and it cames up that I can reach 860 points only using the IoB stuff. Now, I want to reach a 1000 points, just to have a base to play with, and I've seen that there are few possibilities. - Doomwheel -> 140 pts - Stormwervin -> 140 pts - Warplock Jezzails -> 140 pts Now I know I can combine units which costs less, but the less money I have to invest on this, the happier I am Therefore, my first choice was on Doomwheel, only looking at the price. I'm here, anyway, to ask your advice. Is the doomwheel worth? Should I invest, instead, a bit more money and buy 2 packs of something which costs 80+60 pts? And if yes, what should I buy? Thank you
  18. I do think next will be Slaanesh vs Aelf. There are a lot of open questions here, and they already made a Sylvaneth-Nurgle plot.
  19. Good point here - you can do whatever you want on your models, but if you're going to play in a tournament you want your models to be recognizable. Totally fine with a plagued armor on stormcasts, they would look great!
  20. Bello vedere finalmente qualche Italiano che si approccia ad un forum positivo verso AoS Benvenuto! In che zona siete?
  21. Few days have passed, and I've taken only few steps to completion. I started with the 2 units of Saurus Warriors, unfortunately I couldn't find my command groups, so I'm looking for them on Ebay - no luck, though. First of all, I painted skin and scales with Macragge Blue, and put a layer of sotek green on the skin. In between, I applied a base of mournfang brown on the weapons - time was short, but I wanted to do something on them anyway I'm now on standby as I'm far from home without miniatures nor paints.. sigh Next step will be anyway a layer of some darker blue on the scales, ad a wash of coelia greenshade. War painting from the head to somewhere on the back. I'll do weapons, shield and details right after. Also, I had my first game wi... nope, against my saurus! I borrowed my army to a friend who wanted to try Seraphon, so we did an open game Seraphon VS Khorne bloodbound, here's a picture: No battleplan, just a "kill each other hard" game. He won at the 3rd turn, as I lost my Mighty lord with a save roll of 1,1,1,2,2,2 against Bastiladon ranged weapon.. sigh! I had lot of fun anyway, bloodreavers almost managed to kill the Scar veteran on carnosaur in one round, with 36 attacks thanks to the BloodSecrator Thanks for reading, C&C are really appreciated!
  22. So yesterday I hadn't my first game with Saurus. Instead I used the Stormcast for the first time, going through the first 3 scenarios in the starter box. I think he liked the game, a lot, and we're going to play again Saturday. Hopefully, I will field my saurus, or at least a part of them! It is now the 2nd guy I help entering AoS, I'm feeling a good teacher
  23. Indeed this list is the one I will use with more experienced players, the one I want to bring with me if ever I will go to some events or generally to have fun in open play, adding or removing stuff if needed. As for the first game, I'll start with some easy scenario: he will play Khorne as he likes the models, I will use the Stormcast and will explain the rules I have the feeling that stormcasts are generally strong, therefore I would not be so scared to use big and strong stuff against them even if the SE player is a newbie Also, I love the Zombie dragon model
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