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Tha Red Hat's greenskin horde [The Old World]

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Hello everyone, I'll be using this thread to post my paintings of my ongoing greenskin army for The Old World project. So expect a lot of square bases.

This is an old collection originally meant for the last edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (commonly called "V8"), this is why you'll see some models on old bases. I simply didn't want to ruin the ones I made a long time ago, and I'll use adapters for them. Some new miniatures will be directly built on the new base sizes. A lot of them are obvious GW models (old and new, but mostly new ;) ), but there are also other sources like Mantic Games, Avatar of War and the occasionnal 3D printed obscure miniature range. Hope you don't mind !

You certainly saw my first painted models in the Old World army projects thread, I'll put them here for coherency.





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Here is a Doom Diver Catapult from Avatar of War. It is based on a 50x100mm - while it's normally 50x75, I decided to put the servants directly with the catapult itself. So the bigger size should be fine in game terms.



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I finally got my base adapters and rebase my Mangler Squigs as well. I did play a game against a vile 3D printed unpainted army (kidding : their name is the Swamp Ghosts, so it's totally in their lore ;) ). Goblins vs goblins, so goblins can't lose !

Well, 3D print won in the end. :P



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6 hours ago, Vasshpit said:


 Are the 3d goblins Highlands Miniatures swamp goblins? The one with the frogs instead of squigs?

Yes that's the one. Very cool designs, my opponent did print them at 100% so they look a bit bigger in comparison to the tiny GW ones. The base size change really benefits them on that matter.

Sadly, my opponent isn't the painter type and there's a good chance for them to stay that way. :( I must say they have a lot of details that make them a bit annoying to paint in big numbers, IMHO.

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Made the first Mangler Squigs. I sadly didn't enjoy painting it, it kept wobbling while I tried to grab it by the base to paint it. And I hate painting sub-parts. Oh well, at least it's done.



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