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Found 13 results

  1. So I finally got started on my Gitz. Just some highlights to apply to the wood & metals and to base them. Quite happy with how they came out myself.
  2. Night goblins... This blog was waiting for quite some time(as had my army of Night Goblins on the shelf). I used to have the 4th ed WFB set + pack of night gobbos back i n the days but sold almost everything in the 90s. Fortunately my mother saved couple of units as a memory of my early teenager-hood hobby. 20 years later( more or less) when End Times dropped on WFB I decided to come back to the hobby. And this is what I found in my mother basement: When I saw my old Night Goblins I decided to get back to painting and maybe wargaming too. That were the End Times in the Old World. I loved that fluff and still remembered all the O&G timeline and stories so decided to create my own background for my army. And buy back all I have sold before... And more... Literally buy EVERYTHING night gobbo related! I don't want even to think of the amount of money I have spent on eBay, ForgeWorld, GW products, Gamezone etc. Everything in pointy hoods I was buying like crazy. And at the same time started creating fluffy background for my army. I decided to create unique backstory and look of the army and than paint it to the highest level possible for me to have a real collection not to be sold again. DA FLUFF: I decided to continue the story of Grom Da Paunch after his defeat. To make the long story short (as this is the World that Was...)- after being defeated in Ulthuan, Grom got captured by Dark Elves and became a prisoner in the mines in Naggaroth. As a born leader he started an uprising with other gobbo prisoners. Thanks to the ancient dance like martial arts invented by NG prisoners - Da Gobboeira - a dance with a chain ball - they managed to escape the dark elves prison, gathered all former captives and formed a great Waaaagh! of toughest survivors on the continent. DA JAILBREAKAZ! As an inspiration for the look of my army I took the poster from "Brother where are thou" by Coen Brothers: And this is how the "jail" motive started: And this was my Skarsnik: (I don't remember how he got to Naggaroth but there was some fluff behind that): It took me longer time to finish my project than the End Times. It was even longer than that... Because I wanted to paint every mini like a character model it took me even couple of years after AoS started to finish the core of my army. But now when the Gloomspite Gitz book arrived. I started rebasing, and finishing my main army. And redesigning the fluff. Stay tuned. The pictures here are from 2014-15 and a lot more to come. A LOT.
  3. Hello there, I am looking for twp Moonclan / Night Goblin heroes from the mid 2000's. Please message me if you have any of these you are willing to part with. Based in the UK. Alasdair
  4. I recently found a Warhammer Fantasy Battle starting box on sale for 35 pounds. It comes with Dwarfs (dispossesed) and night goblins (gobos?): Dwarfs Dwarf Thane Dwarf Dragon Slayer 12 Dwarf Warriors 10 Dwarf Thunderers 8 Dwarf Miners Dwarf Cannon & Crew Goblins Night Goblin Big Boss Night Goblin Shaman 40 Night Goblin Spearmen 20 Night Goblin Archers 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders Troll Terrain King's Wall Obstacle Terrain Dwarf Grudge Pony Terrain Captured Dwarf Terrain Idol of Mork Terrain Gaming Supplies Pocket-Sized Warhammer Rulebook Battle for Skull Pass Starter Booklet Six-Sided, Artillery, and Scatter Dice 2 Plastic Range Rulers and 3 Gaming Templates My problems is that they come on square bases but I heard that in age of sigmar you mesure from models so i guess that isn't a problem? I just then need the Gh2017 so all in all do you think this is a good start? (also if you know any miniature's size(from head to toe) please tell me)
  5. Good afternoon! This is my Moonclan list. I have ordered most of the stuff now and am going to have a lot of painting and basing to keep me occupied (thinking of a glowing cave kinda theme). Moonclan List 2000 80 Grot Warboss x1 (Moon-prodder and Giant Squig) 60 Grot Shaman x1 60 Grot Shaman x1 240 Moonclan Grots x40 (Shield and Spear for that extra reach, both banners, 6 netters) 30 Fanatic x1 30 Fanatic x1 240 Moonclan Grots x40 (Shield and Spear for that extra reach, both banners, 6 netters) 30 Fanatic x1 30 Fanatic x1 240 Moonclan Grots x40 (Shield and Spear for that extra reach, both banners, 6 netters) 30 Fanatic x1 60 Fanatic x2 240 Mangler Squig x1 240 Mangler Squig x1 300 Colossal Squig x1 80 Great Moonclan Battalion x1 Total Points 1990. Let me know what you all think.
  6. I've always loved the Forge World Colossal Squig model and it seems to me to be an absolute must for the Moonclan Grot Squig army. After building the model I felt it seemed a little bland and it didn't seem to fit with the hectic rabble that I envisioned Moonclan Grots to be. I like the idea of the crazy grots eating too many mushrooms and trying to out do each other in dangerous shows of bravado. I also find it difficult not to kitbash/convert models to individualise them to my army, so I set about adding on some bits and pieces. The old metal Fanatic models are perfect for adding a bit of humour and momentum to any squig. I also added some grots from many different decades as a bit of a homage to the Moonclan Grot/ Night Goblin range. With the addition of lots of chains & balls and chains I was slowly building a narrative that hinted at the method of controlling and directing the movement of the Colossal Squig. Total weight of the model so far is 368g, a true heavyweight Squig. and with base coat, washes and some highlights on the Squig itself. This is a real challenge to paint albeit very enjoyable. A very old fanatic model becomes the proverbial carrot on a stick. Some work on the base. The idea is that the Squig has just landed on a massive mushroom and has broken it, I had planned to have a grot fishing sitting on the mushroom being catapulted in the air but not sure now. I also wanted the base to be very robust to support the weight of the Squig. The Squig, mushroom and base are all pinned with coat hanger wire. This is currently where the model is at, plenty of work left to do. I will upate this post as progress happens. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hello! I recently speed painted up some Night Goblins...I mean Moonclan Grots. You may recognize them from such things as Battle for Skull Pass, low price eBay Auctions or kits you've had since you started the hobby *cough cough*. They were loads of fun to do. I've always wanted to have a huge Orcs and Goblins army, but there was so much going on it's hard to control ones Army ADD. I love the new Orders, so now I can have fun adding in lots of stuff everywhere and just work on stuff at random. With that said, I'm going to focus on the Orruks...mainly Moonclan and Ironjawz...and Spider Goblins...maybe some Ogre conversions...for a while. Here are a couple pics, there are more in the Painting and Modeling section here
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