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Line of Sight and friendly units/screens



Good sirs,

My apologies if this has been asked before in the forum.

I am wondering how others interpret and play in regards to line of sight (LOS) and  friendly screens in front. In sort what is the restrictions or limitations shooting over or through friendly units. I get the sense of using your eye to gauge, but I find this somewhat tricky at times.

I am not a gamer, but I have always made armies with the intention of playing. I don’t have playgroup or club to ask, and this form has been ace for providing insights. I wouldn’t want to be “cheesy” but at the same time love realistic warfare and strategy and wanted to mimic this on the tabletop but also be fair and reasonable. (The whole Shooting into combat, neither realistic nor fair… unless your  a wood elf… maybe😬)
Examples are pictured below for references, cause I love pictures… visual learner here, and I imagine most of us on here are highly visual people ( we paint toy soldiers and then have battles with them). Any help on this appreciated as I would love to hear your thoughts and explanations.

1) Could a unit of crossbowmen shoot through these swordsmen hitting these gutrippers? The swordsmen are in four ranks, making it almost impossible to see through when you look at it at eye level.

2) The 20 swordsmen are now forming two ranks allowing small gaps that make the Orcs somewhat visible to the crossbows. Would this give credence to shooting through screens but it would be dependant on the depth of ranks?  ie 2=okay 4=not okay.

3)The boltboyz tower over their goblin cousins. Is this a no brainer? Height makes a difference, but is this a given? If this is generally accepted, could the inverse be true. Could a unit of crossbows shoot over the hobgrots hitting those boltboyz?

4) Would people think this okay. I always imagined hordes of marauders forming a shield wall, with marauders on horse throwing spears over head. I like it thematically, but also seems like a real world tactic. (Maybe not the best use of marauder horsemen, as they should be outflanking and scoring objectives)



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7 hours ago, Beliman said:

Maybe you will lose some shoots from bowmen (first photo), but pretty sure some of them are still going to shoot anyone because they see a guttrippaz head or an arm.

Looks like that unit of Greenskins has a banner held up high. Any bowmen who can see that (and are in range) have line of sight and can therefore shoot at the unit.

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yeah pretty much no line of sight blocking outside of terrain or specific effects/abilities (such as the prismatic palisade).

This doesnt apply to any of the above examples but there might be rare cases where line of sight is blocked by a model (friend or foe), such as a small single model hiding behind something massive like a Great Unclean One. In this instance the shooting unit is likely to be unable to see any part of the smaller model and therefore have no line of sight to shoot. 

There might also be cases where someone has a large scenic base that physically blocks LOS, such as a dragon or KO airship perched on some castle ruins. If someone tried to claim that the base was blocking LOS to something behind it that would likely be a case of modelling for advantage and it should really be treated as if the scenic portion wasnt there. Best to discuss this with your opponent before the game starts to clarify this so there are no 'gotcha' moments. 

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