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Skarbrand's Total Carnage



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if you have 8 wounds or less though, you die. no ifs, no buts. dead. 

Unless you're Kroak.

None of the "ward saves" that work against mortal wounds are called "saves". The important point is that the wounds don't carry over to another model.


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i don't think anything can ignores wounds from total carnage. it's said that "the hit has caused total carnage and one enemy model in the target unit LOSES 8 wounds..." it's not INFLICTING 8 wounds or mortal wounds, it's just that model in the unit that skarbrand attacking is  immediately, poof, 8 wounds got stripped off. but that 8 wounds are only for 1 model, so if that guy's died, there's no excess wounds to the other guys from the same unit

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