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  1. while it's true that daemon and bloodbound is kinda separate, bloodsecrator and bloodstoker really helps both of them. slaughterpriest is also worthy to bring as it can give prayer buff now, more bonus to hit is the best for bloodletters.
  2. cant wait until sigmar and archaon meet again like in the everchosen art
  3. yes that's how i usually play with bloodletters as well. but because it says "instead" doesnt mean it just change the normal damage become a mortal damage? so we still need the procedure to make that hit to wound. also with the new blade of khorne book we get a prayer that can increase to hit roll, this is a definite must for letters and skullreaper lulz
  4. just a noob question. so bloodletter decapitating blow : "if the hit roll for a hellblade is 6 or more, that blow inflicts mortal wound instead of its normal damage." so do if i roll to hit of 6s, do they immediately inflict a mortal wound or we need to roll the wound roll to see if it success in inflicting mortal wound?
  5. they still need at least "more models equal stronger" rule. rend weapon equal marauder shield and possibility of extra attack kinda equal differences in bases.
  6. I actually hates GW for using 32 mm bases in reavers and kairic acolytes. they all just mono-god marauders, but their bases is different. I was happy when I saw reaver models, thinking to use reavers and convert it with a shield so I can use as both marauders and reavers. but no, ****** that player! here a big base for your human barbarians!
  7. it's up to you really. for me, 10-man reavers means only as a battleline filler, meatshield, and distraction. 20-man or more is for combat and killing things before they died.
  8. 1. Change the D3 mortal charge to per model rather than per unit skullcrusher. So theres a difference between 6man unit and 3man unit 2. Make glaives and juggernaut attack has some effect in their first charge 3. Need extra attack for both weapons (rend for juggernaut). Make the axes has more attack since glaives will have extra something in the charge. 4. Change shield to the chaos runeshield like chaos knights (or upgrade it with : chaos runeshield+if the wounds come from magic, increase the roll to 4+) 5. Old juggernaut are praised for being hard to kill, lets make the armor to 3+ 6. Need special weapon rules per 3model. Seriously, the box has the 2-sided axes but dont have a different rule at all? i guess thats it. I would gladly pay more points if they are feared like in the old days. For a £10 a model it should at least do this much. This is the problem with almost all chaos. the rules-points wise is balanced, but those rules arent suitable for those beautiful, expensive models. Easiest example, you see treelord, stonehorn/thundertusk, and BT/LoC. Have similar points, the rules are almost equal. Good, right? Now lets see the prices. £37 treelord, £36 stonehorn vs £70 greater daemon. Do you guys seriously thing this is equal? GW did a good job for balancing rules-points. Now its time to move to the next level, making the points-price ratio all the same. I mean, whatever model/unit/army is out there, £100 means 1000 points army.
  9. Just made a simple skeleton wire, and then sculpted it with an epoclay. the results is just a simple and plain legs, no ornament at all. It's even plainer than marauder legs. But, just in the same size as the skullreaper box. It took me around 1 hour for sculpting each legs. Sure, it's an extra work, but because of that i'm interested in sculpting now ?
  10. It's 1250 pts. And yes he's using the old cannon, 2 of them, so still have 40" range. My list are bloodsecrator bloodstoker LoK jugger slaughterpriest skullreaper 5 wrathmonger 5 3x10 reavers hellcannon dunno what to tweak. Can somebody tell me why is warp lightning cannon popular? I read the rules but i think it sucks.
  11. Well i did it actually. Sculpt the legs and the back armor is not that hard, even if the quality is not as good?, it, still viable right.
  12. Well he is your boss, so it's great that you arent bringing any kind of competitive list lol, except that your boss are into competitive too, then it's a different story. Bringing a fun list that's not easily destroyed is great for creating a good relationship?
  13. i did try to hide so they couldn't see my hellcannon, sadly the terrains was not helpful at all. I do want to get some shooting for my army. even tho what i really want is something like from stormcast eternals (teleporting guy) but looks like we don't have any that can pop units to their side of the army. looking at the suggestion, sayl seems pretty popular. BT is not fast enough to kill them tho, and the shootings is not far enough, in 1 turn he will end up like my cannon...
  14. i did use stoker, but the rest of his army is a blob of infantry around 20-30 ish. sure i killed more than 20 each units with skullreaper and wrathmonger, but he has another rank of 20-man ready that create a wall so i can't go past through and decimated my guys with those cannon so my attacks reduced greatly. and at the last turn his last unit only has 10 guys left but all of my guys are dead by those cannon (except the buffer like secrator and stoker) I use great destroyer as my traits to make it more can handle most army rather than specific army
  15. just received an utter defeat today by free people, mainly because of his 2 cannons. as he goes first, he immediately shoot my only range units, hellcannon and slaughterpriest. and the rest is just foot-slogging army, so he can freely shoot me everytime. sure i can handle the rest of his units easily, but those cannons decimated my units before i can even reach them. any suggestion guys?
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