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A little introductary post for our group of gamers. We are a small bunch of about 10 or so gamers, playing a variety of systems including Age of Sigmar.  Based just outside of Dorchester, in deepest darkest Dorset.

We have a regular meet up on Thurday evenings and Sunday mornings.  Start around 6.30pm Thursdays and 10am Sundays. 

If you are based in the area, and fancy getting some regular gaming in, please give me a shout.  We always welcome new gamers and AOS really seems to be gaining momentum in our group.


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Field of Blood aka Mystic Road


So with it begin masters weekend meant it was pretty quiet at Dogger HQ with out Chippy Rick, @Chris Tomlin and the Top Dogger @Paul Buckler not around. So we decided to try out some of our 1000 lists for Gary and Andy's event Partner of Chaos in a multi-player scenario.

The Scenario Field of Blood (pg18 GHB) has lots of way to score most wounds caused in a battle round 2 Laurel of Victory, second most 1 LOV,most models within 3” of the objective at the center of the table 2 LOV, Kill a Hero 1 LOV and finally killed your opponents general a mighty 3LOV.


The Players

Mike Seraphon

James Brayheard

Steve Khorne Bloodbound



I deployed my Blood Bound in the bottom left making sure I stayed well away from the Mystical road running the width of the board. 2 x 10 man Blood Warriors unit at the front supported by Skull Reapers and Wrath Mongers.


Mike deployed his force in the bottom right with a large block of Saurus supporting a Carnosaur and Bastillidon, Skink skirmishers and a Star Priest on the flanks.


James deployed last in the centre Top putting two unit of Gors at the front supported by a unit of Bestigors, Beast lord, Shaman, Ungor Raiders and a Tuskgor Chariot.


Battle Round 1


The Bloodbound surged forward eager to get to grips with their hated enemy's. Two units of Blood Warriors and Wrath Monger heading for the objective and the Skull reapers heading for the Bray Herds Battle line.


The Old Blood gestured with his spear as his might Carnosaur advanced towards the objective followed by a unit of spear armed Saurus.


Suddenly the sound a mournful horn followed by the sound braying and marching hooves. The Beast-men were here on the left flank they charged the Carnosaur and on the right boosted by a pass on the mystical they ran towards the Skull reapers with a mighty War cry. The Gors charged the Skull Reapers (Beign able to run and charge) tearing them to pieces with savage fury. The Carnosaur fought valiantly killing many Gors but wasn't able to kill enough to take the objective.


Score J 4 M 0 S 1

Blood bound charge.jpg





Battle Round 2


The Blood Bound seized the initiative angered by seeing their kinsmen slaughtered they charged the Gors killing all but three. The other unit rolled a 1 for mystical leaving them stranded and unable to capture the objective.The Wrath mongers charged a unit of sneaky skinks who ran away rather than meet a grisly fate.


The Carnosaur fought on his vicious claws and jaws killing Gor after Gor his Saurus allies piled in getting more bodies towards the objective. As the Bastilidon continued its advance and the Skinks regrouped shooting at the Wrath Mongers.


The Beast Lord issued a gutteral cry sending his elite BestiGors in to the fray they began to hack at the Carnasour their brutal blades knocking it down to three wounds. Seeing that the time was ripe he charged the Saurus killing four and taking a wound in return.


Score J 5 M 4 S 1


Carnasaur kils gors.jpg


bestigor hurt carnasaure.jpg


Battle Round 3


The Seraphon gained the initiative and attempted to consolidate there hold on the objective slaying more of their foes with brutal cold blooded efficiency. The Bastilidon opened fire on the Wrath Monger killing two supported from a flurry of poisoned darts from the Skink skirmishers.


The Bestigors managed to bring down the Carnasour mercilessly hacking it to death as the Tuskgor Chariot charged the Blood warriors on the opposite flank to where the Gors were already engaged reducing the amount of models that could pile in and attack.


The Blood warriors received the Chariots brutal charge and fought back taking two wounds and killing off the Gors. They then failed mystical again, along with the Blood Stoker and Aspiring Death Bringer. There was only one thng left to do the second unit of blood warriors multi charged the Bray Shaman, Beast Lord and Bestigors. They killed the Shaman and left the Beast lord with one wound. The Beast Lord struck back its mighty Axe hewing two warriors in half, the Blood Warriors fell to he ground violently swinging as they died taking the Beast Lord last wound.


Score J 9 M 4 S 9

carni dead.jpg






Battle Round 4


The two remaining Gors fled and the Ungor Raiders moved up shooting the taking four wounds from him and almost scoring 3 points. The Chariot is killed by the Blood Warriors and The Bastilidon Finishes off the Wrath Mongers

Score J 11 M 5 S 11


Battle Round 5


The Aspiring Death Bringer tried to run away from the Ungor Raiders even running in to a deadly wood to try and avoided their bow-fire. The Bastilidon continues to fight the Blood Warriors killing all but one it's hardened shell boosted by the Star Priest Magic deflecting the blows from the Blood Warriors frenzied attacks.


The Ungor raiders rolled a one for Mystical were unable to pursue the Blood Bounds cowardly leader in to the wood however the two surviving Bestigors are able to run on to the objective claiming it and winning the game.


Score J 14 M 7 S 11


All in all it was a brilliant game vs two great opponents it could have gone either way right up to the end. So thank you guy well played. Looking forwards to Partners in Chaos and Tomorrow Burns hopefully see some of you there.


Steve of the month some Muppet (Steve shifty looks around) left the beer fridge slightly ajar causing some of the can to freeze and dramatically explode don't know who that could have been sorry Top Dogger.









end game.jpg


rolls a 1.jpg







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Just now, Chris Tomlin said:

@Paul Buckler, make sure you advise Ben (@Bueno) of the strict rules within the WhatsApp chat before inducting him. I have sneaky suspicion he's the type to come straight in with a ****** pic! Of course, I am talking about the rules against poultry photos, so no moderation needed here @DeadlySarcasm :D 

Indeed pics of this nature are not allowed. :)


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48 minutes ago, Bueno said:


thanks @Paul Buckler will DM you my number, Thursdays suit me.

@Chris Tomlin what can i say, a whats app group without dic pics doesn't seem like a whatsapp group but i'll give it a go!

I know right?!!! To think they call themselves the Doggers and walk around in t-shirts with it emblazoned on!! ;) 

Be good to see you at the club. Let me know if you fancy a game.

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1 hour ago, Chris Tomlin said:

I know right?!!! To think they call themselves the Doggers and walk around in t-shirts with it emblazoned on!! ;) 

Be good to see you at the club. Let me know if you fancy a game.

yeah that would be great, be good to play someone i know first time down.

hopefully i'll be able to make it down in the next couple of weeks, although i will need to finish my army now as i took a bit of a break after dropping from TB, although I could bring the beastmen out of retirement

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So the Dorset Doggers held their first Inviational Tournament this weekend.  originally we had 22 players, but some slackers droppped out to give us 18 on the day.  The pack is below.

The Dorset Doggers Invitational Tournament.pdf

The event went really well, there were no issues at all.  Super cool BBQ in the evening with some guys camping over so they could have a few beers, 8 really nice boards/terrain Fat mats on all.

Results were

#stevejames award for being a turnip - Tom Hewitt for forgetting to use all his Stormcast batallion rules for entire weekend.

Best Sports - Tom Hewitt, for being an awesome opponent

Best Army - @Cowboy Boots Matt with his amazing SCGt winning nurgle army

3rd Place - Richard Buckler

2nd place - @Cowboy Boots Matt

1st place - @ChippyRick


Such a  close finish as well we had 4 players on 4 major wins, so the soft scores decided it.  Shout out to Mike Wilson who came forth with his chagehost, really nice army and not a skyfire in sight!

Will def be an annual event, with hopefully more players next year.  Check out my twitter @warhammergc, as well as many of the other guys who were there. #doggerday for a load of pics





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