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Akward Points


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So having decided to try out the points system finally I sat down with what might be a forthcoming army for me: the Ironjawz. I started making out a list and then I realised how hard it is to come in close to two thousand. I am aware it is possible but in doing that I would be missing out on a lot of units that I want to take.  Have GW missed a trick by not making items/traits have a cost so that we can squeeze in something for the last few points remaining, 60 points in my case!

40 'Ardboyz
10 Brutes
6 Gore Gruntas
Weirdnob Shaman
Ironfist formation
Weirdfist formation

Also the army seems remarkably small.  Are these units, the 'Ardboys will be spilt into two units, too big?



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Being short those points can give you a roll on the Triumph table...if your opponent isn't lower :)

I kinda like how they priced everything, in particular with Ironjawz. It's so easy to swap units out!

HINT: I think they got the points swapped backwards for the Weirdnob and Warchanter, one is WAY more valuable :)

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As everything is in blocks of 20 points, rather than thinking you are 60 points short, instead think of it as being 3 "blocks" short. 1940 points is fine for a 2000 point list, and the plus side is you'll usually get to roll on the Triumph Table for each battle.

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