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Brotherhood Lists - 22 Teams of 6 Players - Competitive AoS!

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Hi guys,

If you're interested in checking out the spicy lists that are being bought to my huge 6 man team event in a couple of weeks, you can check them out here!


Really interesting to see so many lists that wouldn't be in consideration for a singles event, getting a look in due to the ETC pairings system.

This is gonna be a crazy event, probably the toughest field I've ever seen. I daresay this could be more competitive than the actual ETC! :P 



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Hey guys,

Just to let you know if you reclick the lists link, the document has been updated. It’s more user friendly and has team 22 added. 

Extra info;

#Brotherhood2020 Battleplans 

Round 1
Battle for the Pass 
Total Commitment 
Round 2
Blood and Glory 
Total Conquest
The Batter Part of Valour 
Round 3
Places of Arcane Power 
Scorched Earth
The Relocation Orb
Round 4
Gifts from the Heavens 
Knife to the Heart  
Shifting Objectives 
Round 5
Border War 
Focal Points
And Hidden Agendas in use;
Secret Mission 
Ancient Heirlooms 
Sorcerer Supreme
Sorry I’m unwell so can’t post anymore now, though I’ll repost the pack link so you can read how the above info is used. Lots for Team Captains to think about now!!
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