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Alternative animals for Elven Chariot


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My whole army and collection is made of High Elves. Now with Cities of Sigmar i decided i want to build a unit of 3 elven Chariot but only have 1 White Lion one (still on sprue).


The cold ones on the Dark Elf chariot look really cool but not very "High Elvish", so i was wondering what other beast i could use to pull then .


I was considering Elks, Lions and such, Unicorns, bears, etc  but couldnt find any cool models. Doesnt have to be GW models, since i do not play on oficial store/events.

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1 hour ago, Remus Prime said:

Have you tried Gryph Hounds?  Or Fenrisian Wolves from 40K?  The best antlered things I can think of are the Wild Riders set.

Grypho hounds were recomended but i belive they are gona be too small to fit the chariot. Sisters deers are on my sights, but i will need to measure.  Their "jumping" poses may make it difficult to position.


I gota check the wolves! And overread 😃

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