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Movement trays spacing


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1 minute ago, Belakor said:

Hello guys I wanted to do movement trays for my armies, but I have seen people put different spacing between models. What is a good measure for you? 


Very close to one inch, because that's how I usually put the front line for movement. When close to crunch zone... I'd take them off anyway 🤔

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I prefer the smallest and tightest movement trays I can get. Especially for 30-40 model units. They just take up so much table space that adding more movement tray space often ends up defeating the purpose. 
I have some medium spacing of 25mm bases for 20 man units and even that rarely gets used. 

Depends a bit on how much terrain your tables have too but I find that large trays just take up too much room. 
My ideal tray is a 1-2mm edge with the bases almost touching. 


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It's personal preference but for me I use movement trays to make it easier to move my models around the table, so want them as close together as possible.  This means that I can fit them through smaller gaps etc - I have a massive pet hate of people who have a stick of models 19" long and simply fly them over a wall or place them in a way that isn't possible if the tray weren't there.  The negative is that it grants you less board control, but on the first couple turns of the game I know I move my models around a lot more quickly than I would otherwise.

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