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  1. Today I just finished my Huskard on Thundertusk conversion! It took so long! But I am so happy to see this look fits with the new Mawtribe: Boulderhead Mawtribe. (dont know if I can publish this here feel free to remove it if I can't)
  2. This book looks promising! We still don't know if there will be yetis right? I really don't think they will make the cut, we haven't seen or heard anything about them so far. Also, how can anyone be complaining about leadbelchers already if we haven´t even seen the points they cost! 🙁
  3. Well good thing I did not buy the yhetees yet! So what do you think about this new book? Will Beastclaw Raiders get good rules? Do you think the can remove the yhetees from the game? Did something like that happen with the Orruk Warclans book?
  4. Hello guys, I'm planning on building and painting a Yhetees heavy list. The plan is to snipe threatening units with 3 Blasts of Frost first turn, If we dont get first turn (and Thundertusks are hurt) we can heal them with the 2 Blizzard Speakers that will go off on a 2+ most of times to deal the 6 auto MW . All the yhetees can Run and Charge being near any Thundertsk and Frost Sabres can pull aggro before piling in with the yhetees to keep them safe. Few doubts I have: Is Everwinter's Master the most optimal command trait? Is the lack of magic very punishing? For the Artefect, Is it better the The Pelt of Charngar or MW protection like Ignax Scales? Here's the list: Allegiance: Beastclaw RaidersMortal Realm: Shyish Frostlord on Thundertusk (420)- General- Trait: Everwinter's Master- Artefact: Ethereal AmuletHuskard on Thundertusk (360)- Blood Vulture Huskard on Thundertusk (360)- Blood Vulture6 x Icefall Yhetees (220)6 x Icefall Yhetees (220) 6 x Icefall Yhetees (220)2 x Frost Sabres (40)2 x Frost Sabres (40)2 x Frost Sabres (40)2 x Frost Sabres (40)2 x Frost Sabres (40)Total: 2000/ 2000Extra Command Points: 0
  5. Can this be a thing? What do you think? There seems to be a new death army coming, could it be a dead army from the "sea"??
  6. Hello guys I wanted to do movement trays for my armies, but I have seen people put different spacing between models. What is a good measure for you? Thanks!
  7. Guys I see everyone is playing Ruler of The Spirit Hosts as the Generals Trait, it looks really strong compared with the other ones. Is there any chance the Traits can be moddified in the General's HandBook? As they have no cost it looks difficult to adjust.
  8. On the Facebook page they have said that there's much more to come when people complain about the Chaos Only problem. I'm sure we will see many races. But I do think this will keep the line of Necromunda, with non typical warbands like Stormcasts but more unique ones.
  9. @Turin Turambar Probably! At least I wish they sell conversion kits like helmets, weapons, shoulderpads,... There could be one for each realm 🤤 This way we could still use old empire models but with a AoS style.
  10. This is how I imagine FreeGuilds in AoS. The old Empire models really don't fit into this new aesthetics imo. This is the fantastic army of Chris Peach from GW.
  11. Hello guys I'm pretty new to AoS and I'm going to play a batlle now. How do the Summon bloodletters spell work? Can you just summon a unit of Bloodletters every single turn? Thanks!
  12. Guys I'm pretty new to AoS and I have a nighthaunt army. When you say a nerf or a buff or change the rules of some unit what does it mean exactly? Every year they change all points values? Will we have to wait for the next Nighthaunt battletome? Thanks!
  13. @Overread Yes I agree, and I love scenery being important, I just would have given them a point cost to let the player decide. I come from far more competitive game environment. This is why this rules feel weird to me maybe.
  14. @Overread Yes you can convert. Or place a cardboard, when you play in a club or at home, not in a GW or Tournment. I still remember when they gave you cardboard templates How things have changed. But again thats not my point, as I told you, the non-optional thing is what I feel is wrong. Maybe i'ts my bad english which is not leting me express well enough or maybe I'm just wrong. Cheers!
  15. @JPjr The problem I find here is that GW is already taxing you the scenery, without even "asking" if you have the model. They give you no choice. If you create a list of 1000pts of gloomspite, you have already paid the cost of the loonshrine. But what If I hate the model? What if I can not transport the model? What if I don't have the money for the model. For instance, imagine you have no space, don't like or can't pay a Nagash. Is your army paying for nagash cost? Nope, you just don't field him, you spend your army value somewhere else. That linear non-optional concept is what I feel like it's wrong. Just my oppinion, again, everyone feel free to think what they want.
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