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Goodwin Wants A Warherd


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Hey hey,

So, I'm thinking of taking the ridiculous plunge of buying up three more boxes of minotaur and a ghorgon.  I haven't had a chance to play Matched Play yet, but I'm sure it'll proooobably be what we mainly play here.  The potential list is pretty well set in stone given the points cost and limited availability of different unit types.  So it's looking like -


Bullgor x6 (Double Axes)

Bullgor x6 (Great Axes)

Bullgor x6 (Great Axes or Shields?)




Bullgor Stampede


That'll throw me just under 2000 points.

The Bullgor Stampede will give me mortal wounds on charges for units within 1" on a 4+ (not all that great), as well as generated 2 attacks with Bloodgreed instead of one.  Rule of 1 will put a damper on this, but the extra attacks will hopefully make up for it.

In my head it seems both barren and bad ass.  There's not much tactics to it other then charge forward and try to devour the enemy.  The Doombull's Slaughterer's Call will be giving +1 wound to models that are already wounding on like 3's, and with Bloodgreed popping off now on 4+/5+ from the +1 to Wound that should be handy!

If I do it I'm thinking one unit of each type Bull Axes, Great Axes, and Shields would look cool, but I'm not sure Shields are really worth it?  I have to run one unit with double axes since they are going to be painted like the Khorne Bullgor from the Realmgate Wars!  Dun dun!

What do you guys think?  Is it worth going bananas here, or is this list more of a handicap then a bad ass monster mash?

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Fluffy list, elite low model count army.

I like it, not many other units you can take if just stiking to warherd

But lack of magic (coming from a khorne player) can be a handicap.

Id opt to start small if its an option and try and hold out till you get a warherd/beast men update which will bring more options and possible more units.

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This is 1 of the options (barring a cygor for 3rd Ghorghon swap) I am considering for Warlords, shields are not worth it, but from a fluff perspective 1 of each looks good.

I would always go great axe, the damage output is ridiculous.

Having no mage I have found not a massive issue, you just smash stuff up so quickly when the dice are with you.

Scoring in GH is an issue with low model counts, so my other option is drop 3 bullgor for 3x60pt battline units (probably maruaders)




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Wow, thanks for all of the speedy responses!

The idea with the Cygor is to head towards the juiciest wizard.  Between rock throwing and Unbinding with Mortal Wounds, I'm hoping he'll be at least a little of a thorn in the side of any wizards.

Objectives is a concern.  I'm wondering if the units are nasty enough that I can focus on killing the enemy over holding objectives.  It feels more minotaur to me! :P

I will rock the Tauri Khorne themed guys with the double hand weapons, but I will indeed keep the other two units with great axes (or whatever their 2hander weapons are called).  I agree, one of each would look really neat, but carving through punks is even neater.

I've been thinking of breaking Allegiance and adding in the smaller point units (Ungor, Marauder, or Clanrat - yes, I have too many armies), but then I'm not certain spending at least 180 points on Battleline tax is worth taking whatever else I could add in, know what I mean, even a great 200 point unit is now costing me 380 points, kinda?

How do you guys find the larger sized models in getting into combat.  My other concern was running three sixgor units, am I risking having 2/3 of the models in combat while the others mill around snorting and trying to pile in?  The bonus to Charge from the Banner should help get some distance, but when you're paying 360 for six you want ALL six devouring people!

It maaaay be worth playtesting the list a little, so that could be good advise @Warchief Varard.  I have a tendency to buy first and ask questions later.

I currently own 9 Bullgor (2 sets of command), a Cygor, Ghorgon, and two Doombull.  Maybe I'll shoot for a smaller point limit and actually try some test games.  I feel like this really tight MSU may be tough for me to overcome.


But, I mean, did anyone see that "Minotaurs Charging Things" video on Youtube from Total War: Warhammer?

Who doesn't want Minotaurs just launching all over the place!?


Thanks again!


Edit: Actually, hanging out until we get a Battletome is another smart idea but I just don't know if I can be that patient.  On one hand the lack of options kind of sucks, on the other hand, that should keep me from running around buying stuff like a moron.


... Until I get to finishing up the Brayherd, anyway. :/

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the minotaurs in total war : warhammer are brutal.

don't forget in matched play you can get items and traits on your units. theres two options id go for with this list ( unless you're rolling for it ) either the lord of war or the great destroyer, for the +to hit and probably the +1 wound item or crown of conquest.

using the command ability gives them the +1 to wound, an this will give (if positioned) correctly +1 to hit for 2 units, and then you get a 1/6 chance for an additional +1 to hit, alternatively you could use the great destroyer trait for a larger range and a 1/3 chance but you have to roll it per combat phase. 


but at only 8" and with you only having 1 hero it might be hard to get this trait, so better stick to the lord of war trait. 

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I run a very similar list. We normally play 1000 points and its just the minimum for the stampede. At 2000 I run the stampede and add 2 ghorgons. They all use the great weapon options for maximum carnage. The strategy in this list is using your speed to your advantage. I like to give the opponent first turn if I can because normally the ranged units wont have range. If they have lots of artillery and such it might be good to take the turn and try to get in cover. You always want the charges and odd numbers of your units in combat to get the upper hand. With the banners you can make excessive charges so its ok to stand 16-19 inches from the enemy so long as after you move on your next turn then you can have a few units to give you the bonus charge range. I typically try to stand where if the enemy moves at me it would be about a 10 inch charge. This doesn't work on cavalry unless they are really slow. Other than that it really is just move forward and steamroll. I have yet to need wizards personally. You just hit so hard that it doesn't matter. Of course some games you will whiff everything but that's dice.

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