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  1. Warchief Varard


    He's great and can be buffed by lots of the bloodbound Hero's/abilities. My favorite part is the more he is a fire magnet the less my other units get attention but he also becomes stronger.
  2. Warchief Varard

    1k Pts. Bloodbound

    Khorne tactics are more played in the hero/unit synergies, unit cohesion/placement nowdays.
  3. Warchief Varard

    1k Pts. Bloodbound

    Rat tail guys at the back as its units i believe not models for bloodsecator buff
  4. Warchief Varard

    Is this a good list?

    I always build my lists first with the models i like, then i break them down into which of what i like is good/synergistic and i compromise a little to get the models i like foremost then refine it as best i can. You should never take anything just of; A) looks B) how good it is. You should try for C) A+B = C
  5. Warchief Varard

    Furies for chaff/disruption & support hero hunting?

    I think id rather 10 blood reavers for 60pts and use them as chaff.
  6. Warchief Varard

    1k Pts. Bloodbound

    Skull grinder is great but how many points is he maybe another slaughter priest might be better for rage pulls/out manoeuvring and after playing against bonesplitterz the character snipes.
  7. Warchief Varard

    1k Bloodthirster Bash

    Dont apologies for keeping us reading and growing as a community.
  8. Warchief Varard

    Where do the aelves stand now?

    Morathi will show her face unless she died in the end times (cant remember)
  9. Warchief Varard


    Bloodthirster's while amazing take a hero and a behemoth slot.
  10. Warchief Varard

    Bloodreavers vs Khorne Marauders

    Covered all points on the matter. 7th and 8th all i wanted was a barbarian horde and the marauders were so dated i went the troll core. Aos on the other hand gave me sexy new sculpts and nice rules to play them. Theres also a 3rd way to play reavers its option a + b, so small units that are buffed to the brim thrown at the enemy at your leisure.
  11. Warchief Varard

    1000 points Khorne/Slaves

    Do you already own the knights if not maybe switch them out for more juggernauts if want cavalry or more bloodwarriors/bloodsecrator? Interested in what in your list your happy to cut and what units you like the look of etc
  12. Warchief Varard

    Kurnoth Hunters' weapon options

    How many turns of shooting can the bows do before combat? opposed to a turn 2-3 combat with cc options.
  13. Warchief Varard


    It just makes a better soulgrinder in Aos and 40k than its actual model.
  14. Warchief Varard


    Take a khorne marked soul grinder, but use the slaughterbrute model its what i do. it gets you a really good behemoth that can get some of our juicy khorne buffs with one of the best models chaos has received in a while.
  15. Warchief Varard

    Skullgrinders and the Altar of Skulls

    Agreed. The only reason i think he sees little play is we have other great choices.