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Events UK: Mancunian Carnage


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Event Title: Mancunian Carnage
Event Author: Boombatty80
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 07/27/2019 12:00 AM to 07/28/2019 12:00 AM

It's being hosted by my good self at The Forge in sunny Manchester. It’s a fantastic venue and has the benefit of being very new and well kitted out so should be a perfect setting for the weekend.

It's a £35, 32 players, 5 game, AoS tournament with lunch thrown in each day.

You can snaffle yourself a ticket here - https://t.co/2Lh1mRQ4Oq 

And you can check out the rules pack here - https://t.co/7HRTBad15b

Ideally what this event will be is a good humoured and lively two day event with some fun opponents, challenging matchups and lovely miniatures to ogle at too. Competitiveness is expected but if you can’t laugh off a defeat or an unfortunate dice roll going against you then you might be in the wrong place.

Any questions give me a shout!


Mancunian Carnage Entrants List 05/03

Neil Peckett
Robert Boyce
Ben Cronin
Jane Slater
Couteney Brightwell
Dave Steven
Joe Purcell
Peter Michaels



MC banner 1 1920x1080 .jpg

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Afraid I’m not able to pull the trigger on this yet due to uncertainty about moving house but if I’m able to swing it I’d love to joins you guys for some miniature oggling, can you ensure you bring your award winning army down for some added eye candy as I never got to see it due to missing Blood and Glory too. 

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No worries Dave. Be good to have you down if you can make it.

My ‘Size Kweens’ Ironjawz will certainly be knocking around as I’ll be stepping in with them in the event we get odd numbers; they might look good but they’re reliably dreadful enough in game to make sure I don’t accidentally win my own tournament. 

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After some heated discussion online over the past few days at the start of the tournament season I've taken the decision to make some changes to the way sportsmanship/good play is rewarded. It's an attempt to strike a balance between rewarding positive behavior & limiting the chance that 'vote canvassing' or swapping will take place. Any thoughts on this welcome.   

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Wizards may chose select their additional spells from the realm their army originates from rather than those in their battletome. Armies fielded without a tome are permitted to pick one free spell from their chosen realm

That's super cool, I wish more tournaments would run that rule. Actually the realm of fire spell inferno blades just becomes the mandatory pick doesn't it...

Woops forgot the question.


‘Novelty’ dice are not acceptable for use at the event; D6 ought to display ‘pips’ or digits on at least five sides.

Would this include things like the Shyish dice with a skull for the 1 and Shyish for a 6?

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