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  1. Sign me up for this please! Looks to be a great event, can’t wait to come along! Neil
  2. They already confirmed a while back they will be swinging back round for Ironjawz wave 2 at some point. Neil
  3. I would like lots of new Skaven models please. Brand new crazy AoS models, not rehashes of old stuff. Neil
  4. Put Trev Motherfucken Moffat down too.
  5. Please put Alex Jones on the list as well
  6. Hi! Much excite! Quick question - what is an ITC event? I am still 40k illiterate. Thanks! Nelly
  7. List is in ? Loadsa time to spare! Neil
  8. No worries, that's the cash sent for Neil Peckett and Trev Moffat then ?
  9. Tickets still available? I'll probably pick one up if yes. Cheers, Neil
  10. Are there entrants lists posted up for these events anywhere? Cheers, Neil
  11. I'm really sorry guys, I'm afraid I need to drop out of this. Is it possible to get a refund? Neil
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