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  1. OMG Ben dropping the big spoiler hints. Next GW AoS release is gonna be unicorns!!!
  2. Dave Fraser

    How balanced is AoS now?

    How balanced is AOS now? I'd argue the answer to that is it is reasonably well balanced. Are all armies totally even, absolutely not. If you look through the history of Warhammer GW has typically had 2-3 armies (out of 16) which rule the roost at any given time. I've not really tried to figure out how many armies currently exist for AOS, I'd assume a greater number than 16 and if you take top end competitive play there are usualy about 8-10 builds (I'll specify builds over armies as that feels more relevant these days) which will be there, or thereabouts, in a tournament. So that suggests the balance is better. What I'd say is different is there is a little more of a rock/paper/scissors matchup process going on between the armies than there was before. This would typically narrow down the number of sensible builds which could win an event if the sole purpose of the game was to kill your opponent, however, the scenarios allow different styles of armies to compete regardless of whether they will ultimately get smashed to bits on the table. As long as they are able to compete in the scenario then they can win the game and this means greater diversity. Tiers - meh, it's a sliding scale but there are obvious 'better' armies, usually these can be identified as those with significant movement tricks/redeployment tricks. vs those that don't. Shooting also feeds into it as if you have powerful enough shooting then you can often pick out those buff pieces which enable those tricks so you can at least stand a chance of taking your opponents winning combo away.
  3. Dave Fraser

    Help with my nurgle army please!

    Honest answer, try any of them. From the look of it they all could work, it will be more heavily influenced by how you like to play on the table than the decision between those 3 lists.
  4. Dave Fraser

    Hopes for the AoS FAQ

    KO hardly have a cornucopia of options. 4 regular characters, 1 special character (1 of which is in every list, 1 of which in a few and 3 which rarely hit the table) 1 battleline unit 3 non-battleline units (of which you regularly see 2) 3 boats (of which you regularly see one and sometimes one other) KO are not OP as a rule, there is one build which is and this is the build you see at tournaments because the rest are mediocre at best. What KO are is rather boring. The majority of the army is there to shoot you off and then there is one unit which is there to fight you in combat but is a glass hammer so it has to smash you off or it's probably dead.
  5. Dave Fraser

    Why Do We Hobby?

    So assume the typical backstory about playing as a kid, dropping it for beer & girls, getting a grown up job & life, stopping with beers & girls and finding myself a little bit bored & with spare time on my hands. I started back up around 2006 from memory, which would entirely make sense, out of uni I spent a couple of years working out what the hell I wanted to do with my life bouncing around a few jobs, then spent 3 years getting an accountancy qualification. This put me in my late 20s and sports etc had started to tail off from my previous 4-5 days a week and I had free time to fill. At this time in my life I lived on my own and I didn't own a TV. I got into 2 hobbies around then: 1. Online gaming - COD4 mostly, a bit of battlefront after that tailed off but I wasnt really wired for it 2. Painting models I didn't start gaming until 2009, so for the first couple of years it was just painting figs because I wanted to paint figs. This was me just picking up an old army and painting up all the remaining models I had still sitting around unpainted because I never got rid of my collection. I think what kicked me into gaming again was splitting up with my partner of the time. I now had all my weekends free with no commitments and a painted army, so figured why not give these tournament things a go. So I then spent the next few years smashing through a bunch of tournaments (I think I topped out at around 10 in a year at the highest) and then painting up new armies to open up different playstyles for me. But the main thing has always been I still enjoy painting the models. As I said I'm a qualified accountant and was working pretty long hours at times in what is considered a reasonably stressful environment and I found painting helped me unwind and relax after work. I then got myself down the road of trying to collect every single army for WFB so my collection grew rapidly but I was always painting too, so I ended up at 11 painted WFB armies when WFB got blown up. For AoS that 'catch em all' mentality doesn't really fit, so I've stopped trying to get them all and sold some off now. But I'm still painting to relax and I'm starting to enjoy trying to paint to a slightly higher standard. I'm not at competition painter levels yet and don't know if I'll ever get there but I think I'd like to see if I can paint an army or two up to the best army level as my next objective. So painting is to relax but I've also started to stretch myself with it too and to expand what I can create & learn as I do so. And it's that learning part which I'm enjoying more than anything else.
  6. Dave Fraser


    So like virtually everyone else I've been working on Nurgle. First up was a couple of trees, yeah I'll need a bunch more, but it was a starter for 10 to get me going, I don't want to overbuy on them. Following on from that I started with adding Rotigus to my existing Nurgle stuff. This model is a joy to paint. You can do it with a basecoate & wash and it will look pretty decent, you can then spend as much time as you want pushing the shadows & highlights further and get all the cool effects you want, picking out details and basically doing fun stuff with the model.
  7. Dave Fraser

    LVO Top 10 Army Lists

    They have the nurgle keyword, so can be taken, but they don't become battleline because that is Clan Pestilence only.
  8. Dave Fraser

    Thoughts on the new rule leaks?

    OMG THEY'VE NERFED DEATH FURTHER. what if the points come out and are significantly cheaper across the board, what if the bits we haven't seen swing the army to be amazing in a different way. What if they get a nurgleesque summon ability, what if, what if... Perhaps we should look at the more recent books which have come out Stormcasts, Tz, KO, Nurgle. None of them have been significant misses in my eyes (ok KO playstyle forces them to be a bit dull and Tz are possibly a little bit too good in some areas). Maybe, these guys are trying to come up with a solution for death which is thematic & fun & competitive all at the same time and their intent isn't just to run the whole faction into the ground.
  9. Dave Fraser

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Models don't excite me as much as the other warbands, probably because they're not significantly different from the AOS ones on the whole. Leader is cool tho.
  10. Dave Fraser

    GW Deck Guides

    Obviously depends on board setup too. If it's longways then you can block them from being able to counter denial/contained and play to stall them out but actually what I'd do is get hyper agressive and take the fight entirely to them. Remember even defended attacks (unless they crit when you don't) allow pushbacks and if you've an agressive deck you should have the ability to put hurt on them more easily than them you. If you win turn rolls don't give them that opportunity for a last activiation sprint to your zone by always having the last go and keeping brightshield as a sweeper to push them off. Having a balanced deck with some objectives in it and keys also allows you to conter some of their scoring. Here is the deck I've been running and I find it gives me the options to counter the entirely stand off defensive deck.
  11. Dave Fraser

    Do you even stormcast bro?

    As a starter I've probably played less games than you, so take my opinion with due consideration. Why the deck works is because it can switch up. If you play it deep and defensively it doesn't work, if Stormcasts all start to play that way you'll see a surge of contained&denial in other peoples decks and they'll build to counter the non-engagement approach. What my deck does is slowplay T1 and try to get a few easy win objectives to punt upgrades on, as soon as I'm able to oneshot people (3 cards in the deck allow you to do this to anyone but Gurzag) I get very aggressive with them. That's why I have so many movement cards in the deck, to make it very difficult for an opponent to just range me out. Once you've got 2 stormcasts up in your opponents grill threatening takeouts it's very hard for them to put pressure on the contained/denial objectives. With the objective based decks it's still max 3 objectives in their zone unless you choose to put yours close to them and with the FAQ on spacing they're likely to not be consistently on the back board edge. Shardcaller increases the chance of them getting what they need but if they're playing shardcaller and the keys then you absolutely can outfight their warband on the table because the upgrades that help them fight aren't getting played. So work the odds on them managing to score 2,4 and 1,2 or 3,4 and typically that's not that high a chance of them getting 6+ pts out of those cards compared to you being relatively consistently able to bank 6 for the denial/contained combo. Also within my deck I also have shardcaller and the keys so, to an extent I can trade off to partially match their scoring output on objectives. I'm not really certain this is the best way to play it, but if I got the ability to get shardcaller out early and they don't then I'll happily try and have objectives 2 & 4 down my end. I'm not claiming I've got a hard counter for that style of deck, but I feel I have a decent chance of going against it and not consistently losing.
  12. Dave Fraser

    GW Deck Guides

    Weather the storm was the Steelhearts Champion deck I meant, the first one it opens up with.
  13. Dave Fraser

    GW Deck Guides

    I hate the stormcast deck on that site. The objectives in the deck encourage a dull/non-engagement game which with sensible play is relatively easy to counter with a balanced deck.
  14. Dave Fraser

    Do you even stormcast bro?

    Tweaked up my deck again. Pretty happy with the ploys. Tho I do miss scavenger. The big add is misdirection as I got my plans screwed up by distraction a couple of times so being able to bounce that elsewhere feels useful. Shattered terrain is an experiment but I wonder if taking 1 damage is a worthwhile trade off for being able to single shot stormcasts/orruks. cursed artefact is now gone , often I was too reluctant to use it as the wound meant I got one shotted more often and I’d rather take a hit and always survive than have a higher chance of surviving but if I don’t it’s more significant. Swapped helpful whispers back in for it. Objectives ive found I’ve cycled my deck often enough that 4x3 pointers is actually a detriment to early turns. With only 3 obj cards scored at the end of r3 I’m more flexible now. That said I’m not a huge fan of some of what I’ve put in, will need to test if I’d be better with hold objective [x].
  15. I think you need to revisit the Max Murderhost one. What it does: By the herophase of their T1 the murderhost will have moved 4d6 forwards with all 8 units. Movement phase the BL are a further 5". So on average results that is 19" advance followed by 2d6 charge should see them able to charge you in your deployment zone T1. What makes this list work is not just a powerful alphastrike but the fact they can flood the board and hold objectives at the same time. With a murderhost you typically see a relatively small number of additional points spent outside the murderhost. The most commonly seen unit is the bloodsecrator banner to make all of these units immune to battleshock, plus bonus attacks. Further to that maybe one additional character to try and compete in the two hero scoring scenarios. Another advantage of the lists will be the frequently seen fleshhound units with their inbuilt dispelling ability and the reroll charges on the fleshhounds allowing them to reliably get into combat and tie up units to restrict your movement to counter the bloodletters. How to counter it: If you can survive the alphastrike then you need to kill the bloodsecrator to stand any chance of killing the 120 bloodletters. This should be the priority over the Murderhost hero if you intend to try and kill their army. Bloodletters themselves die relatively easily and being able to double through on your damage by taking more off through battleshock makes a huge difference. The most important thing to remember in this matchup is what wins the game, it's not killing your opponent, it's scoring more scenario points. As long as you don't lose significant elements of your army T1 (meaning you need to apply the correct bubblewrapping discussed in the original post) you should be able to put a major dent in the murderhost with your return damage output but you need to ensure you don't let their army put the scenario points up too far before you can cut through their army.