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  1. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    you know this thread doesn't require constant contribution right?
  2. BobbyB

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    Think you misunderstood
  3. BobbyB

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    This ridiculous behaviour is why it should always be kill points difference rather than kill points. By doing this in a game where only KP are counted all you're doing is choosing to hamstring your opponent versus any other player in the tournament, and equally if they were your friend you could equally opt to feed them KP when you realise you've lost. The focus should be on your own score not your opponents, and if KP difference is counted anything you do to impact your opponents KP will also impact your score.
  4. BobbyB

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    I've lost on multiple occasions after my opponent tried to concede and I talked them out of it 😎
  5. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    Hey no posts from ndabreaker for a while huh?
  6. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    I think LVO is something like feb 9th?
  7. I was thinking about this the other day, thought I'd had a brain wave but then realised your 6" bubble will often overlap with scenery, there's got to be some way of doing it though
  8. Yes I played someone at blood and glory who used ****** together 1" metal rods and have been meaning to get some ever since, they were so useful for all the times you need to measure on the ground but can't get your tape measure in. Also whatever else you do please just don't make it mdf or clear perspex/acryllic EDIT: OH RIGHT I CAN'T SAY THE WORD FOR A METAL FASTENER WITH A SPIRAL THREAD THAT ROTATES TO TIGHTEN
  9. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    huh? Did you mean to quote me?
  10. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    Seraphon have been rumoured in several places over the last few months, so if we get a book AND the rest of what they said about it is correct, then that'll tell
  11. Would be a good opportunity to look at the rankings again, whether it's little things like making sure allegiances are recorded properly and not split between different names for the same allegiance, or a complete overhaul considering some of the ideas that @ianob came up with, definitely worth a review anyway.
  12. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

  13. BobbyB

    Tournaments with High Stakes Prizes

    What happened with this?
  14. BobbyB

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    Listen to the Nick Horth interview on Stormcast. He mentions how the background writers seed things that can be returned to many years in the future, or possibly picked up as inspiration by the sculptors at a later date. So I don't think this means that there are models at all, just that it's a potential source of inspiration in the future.
  15. BobbyB

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    It's very similar to my list, except I take bloodtoofs instead of the ardboyz. I'm having reasonable success with it (for Ironjawz & compared to my usual poor performance) but I rely heavily on the aetherquartz brooch and mirrored cuirass, which you won't have