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  1. a week today there's a GW preview seminar at the Nova open
  2. Darksphere used to have great customer service when it was in the small shop under waterloo, but since they've grown so quickly and the staff from the original location moved on they seemed to struggle getting the same level of customer service, and have seen a fair few people commenting on this.
  3. I thought about doing something like this a while ago, not sure how it would play out in practice, but would be keen to see it tried out
  4. This would be cool. I've also been playing Shadows Of Mordor recently, and thinking about how great an AoS game it would make. Play as a stormcast, and you could specialise into different variants of stormcast, Could be set during the realmgate wars with khornate daemons and mortals, use the nemesis system to progress them from reavers to blood warriors to mighty lords to daemon princes
  5. do you have a link then? because his twitter bio says product developer for a start
  6. Have you got a source for that? Before the the split to separate teams he was always described as a product developer, now more ambiguously as megaboss (ie in the WH Fest program). He wasn't involved in the rules team seminar at WH Fest either. It's always been my impression that his role is more about co-ordination of the products and team than having an active role in any rules design
  7. Speaking to one of the AoS rules team at WHF, they specifically said that they were waiting for the results of the survey to make a decision about how often they update points in future
  8. Saw the price and thought absolutely no way, then visited the link and now I want it, even though I don't have the core book or anyone to play with 😂 BTW if anyone around Manchester/the NW is keen for AOS rpg/WFRP then let me know
  9. When asked about a StD battletome at the WHFest seminar Pete Foley said that the warcry stuff may have the StD keyword (in a leading way). So while I wouldn't hang my hat on a battletome coming out at the same time, I think the warcry warbands will feature in a forthcoming StD battletome
  10. Wasn't there a pretty extensive rumour about what Warcry was going to be a while ago that seemed to be right and said there would be no magic in the base game? I think that probably sounds right and then we'll get a kill team style expansion to add magic
  11. Ah great, so just before heat 3 😢 better get some extra stuff painted up for ironjawz in case of a huge points drop
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