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  1. Speaking to one of the AoS rules team at WHF, they specifically said that they were waiting for the results of the survey to make a decision about how often they update points in future
  2. Saw the price and thought absolutely no way, then visited the link and now I want it, even though I don't have the core book or anyone to play with 😂 BTW if anyone around Manchester/the NW is keen for AOS rpg/WFRP then let me know
  3. When asked about a StD battletome at the WHFest seminar Pete Foley said that the warcry stuff may have the StD keyword (in a leading way). So while I wouldn't hang my hat on a battletome coming out at the same time, I think the warcry warbands will feature in a forthcoming StD battletome
  4. Wasn't there a pretty extensive rumour about what Warcry was going to be a while ago that seemed to be right and said there would be no magic in the base game? I think that probably sounds right and then we'll get a kill team style expansion to add magic
  5. Ah great, so just before heat 3 😢 better get some extra stuff painted up for ironjawz in case of a huge points drop
  6. Ah yes that famously second tier and fine army Skaven
  7. Not that I heard I'm afraid!
  8. They specifically said in the seminar it is for all three modes of play, it's a list of specific units that are narratively themed and balanced for.matched
  9. This is how we get situations where people get uppity about things that never happened. Pete Foley said on stormcast that Warhammer quest was 40k at the moment, but that he was sure it would come back one day, everything else you've added is conjecture
  10. The right way to deal with them would be consign them all to legends
  11. I'm not watching it again to check, but I thought on that he just said that WHQ is in the 40k universe for now, but that it would come back to AoS at some point, didn't sound to me like theyd even started thinking about it yet
  12. Really looking forward to this, the forge is a great little venue! side note @Boombatty80 Robert George is just my way of deflecting work colleagues and family from my FB, real name is Rob Boyce
  13. No mention of Aelves though, which is my point
  14. Could be a Fyreslayers scenery piece? With captured deepkin treasure?
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