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  1. doesn't sound like an easy solution ? at present there's a healthy-ish mix of BT allegiance and grand alliance armies at competitive events, which suggests the balance is ok (death being it's own case really)
  2. Perhaps they should just rebalance all points across the board once a year? There's got to be some sort of handy book format they could adopt easily
  3. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    Shadespire was two in the box, two two weeks later, and then two every quarter. Would imagine nightvault will be the same.
  4. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    It is likely confusion over the fact that there will be a 40k Ork codex in the next couple of weeks
  5. I've assembled the boss of a unit of gore gruntas as well. That unit is due by....tomorrow ?. At least I allowed some overrun in the schedule!
  6. Ok, maw Krusha is done, boss isn't stuck on yet and it's not to the standard I would have liked, but it very quickly became clear it would take me months to do it properly which I just don't have time for at the moment! Still looks decent from a distance and will be nice on the table top which is enough for now
  7. Thanks! Was a bit worried it wasn't clear what was going on, but think it looks alright now
  8. Well I'm already behind schedule and I'm getting married next weekend so that's going to stuff it up some more! Just got to hope I can make some up at some point and that gore gruntas aren't too tricky. Just the wings left to do on my maw Krusha so here's a WIP
  9. BobbyB

    The Rumour Thread

    Weirdly Harry and Hastings have both mentioned Skaven models a long time ago so you would think that would mean models exist, and unless they've decided to scrap everything that a battletome would be a good time to release them, but who knows
  10. Thank god for this moment of sanity
  11. I absolutely cannot get my head around this desire to have tournaments standardised. Variety keeps things interesting and gives people who want different things from different events the opportunity to have their needs met
  12. BobbyB

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    Worth recapping that there were rumours in the rumour thread of a moonclan battletome and a second wave of ironjawz (presumably with updated battletome) across the end of this year / beginning on next, which I've also heard (second hand) outside of TGA
  13. BobbyB

    Paint coming off, help requested

    I don't know if it's relevant given that the undercoat is staying on, but with plastic miniatures you don't need to wash them before you start, that's only resin and tbh 9/10 times I've painted resin I've not bothered and I've never had any problems
  14. Possibly but I've got purple in there for tongues, pouches and the maw krusha so don't want to pile too many colours in, especially with all the green on the skin
  15. Drybrushed it and it definitely looks worse, so will be going back a step and taking my time!