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  1. You can only purchase one CP for 50pts. Yeah that's just a limitation of the List builder app but GHB 20 is correct, Though I swear it used to have a different way of adding that CP that did limit itself, but having it properly listed as having costed the 50 points won out. The lists with more than one extra CP likely have battalions so they get the other extra CP from those, as they appear as extra CP you get before your first turn same as the one spent. Or they're old lists from before the change possibly.
  2. Endless spell takes up a normal casting to try to cast so yes just the endless spell not both.
  3. Just for clarity, from the turn after you get an extra spell so 5 casts, the turn you cast balewind it uses one up but also gives one back so you still have 4 then.
  4. I'd say carnosaur, because at the very least having one of each scar vet and oldblood make a deadly combo if that's the way you like to play seraphon. But then there's now three options from the stegadon kit which all have a place.
  5. As Caleb said, the pair of their buffs can be useful together. Also if you're running both and you're against monsters, you can get your jaws hitting on 2's still despite them being over 7 wounds characteristic for the other +1 buff. Also you CAN run the Oldblood on Carnosaur in the Sunclaw Battalion, So -2 Rend Jaws which I know can do very good work if you prioritise targets and make sure it can get its swings in first.
  6. Yeah, the Command Trait's are all locked to if you take a slann/saurus/hero with monster mount, then you can avoid them otherwise. But the artefacts are all the first hero to take an artefact takes the constellation artefact, then yes if you have a battalion for a second artefact, that can be whatever you want it to be from either the seraphon artefacts or realm artefact if they're being used.
  7. Yeah, Koatl's Claw the first Artefact has to be the Eviscerating Blade, Put it on the Scar Vet the 6 attacks possibly doing 2 mortals a piece then some is great. Where are you getting +3? +1 from the Command Trait sure, and +1 from the Constellation, But I don't think there's another +1 for Skinks without a slann casting celestial Equilibrium or an astrolith bearer? I'd say it'd still be pretty effective, and yeah the knights till do some work, I've had pretty good things from units of 5 alone even.
  8. So I made another write up of what I put together for getting 3 carnosaurs into combat, and making them as effective as I could. Here it is . The list itself, though it has some points in it that relate to what i've written up about it. I think it'll be fun to give this a try, and I've almost sorted out what I want to do for my second starseer as I had a spare razordon, Troglodon Priest and Carnosaur Chair. It's going to be a little goofy but then that's this list anyways, Though I think with some good rolls it can snatch a win or two.
  9. Yes it means additional mortal wounds on top even if you fail to do any normal wounds. It just means that you still get to roll to wound for each of those attacks after. Rather than it causing a mortal wound and that attack ending.
  10. Yeah the split definitely better for that idea, three games I did get in, my 20 skinks and 20 warriors did little and got wiped, if they'd been 2 x 10 each then at least they would've lasted a bit longer but also screened deployment far better.
  11. Caught myself with a few hours spare, and not much to do. So re-worked my list I did get 3 games in with before the lockdown to include more Saurus Guard, and put a run down up here. For anyone just wanting to see the list. Substituted the 20 Warriors and 20 Skinks for the 2 more 10 strong Guard Units and Took out the Astrolith and Kroak for a regular Slann to allow for the extra points, and used the spare 40 for Burning Head to get the bastiladon and salamanders re-rolling 1's. 11 Drops so it's very much weather the storm of a possible double turn but having enough to whittle down whatever they charge in, and then shoot off what's left to counter charge.
  12. So you've got the order slightly wrong, For the Saurus Guard you have to decide to try and allocate the wound or mortal wound to them before you allocate it to the slann, So you'd decide that, roll the 2+'s, and obviously then any 1's go to the Slann, and 2+'s go to the saurus guard. Then at that point, both the Slann and Saurus Guard are eligible for the roll 6 shrug as long as each is wholly within 12" of the Astrolith Bearer. Hope that helps.
  13. I wish the saurus guard battalions hadn't gone into being the open/narrative only super ones. I'm super happy with how they performed in the few games I could get before everything had to be shut down. Just makes it difficult to make a low drop army when there's no way to get them into a drop by themselves anymore. Maybe a White Dwarf battalion down the line will happen. Still going to run them as i've been waiting for them to have this kind of staying power and buffed up even small units have packed enough punch for myself.
  14. The bastiladon's gone up in my rankings despite the no mortal save and what will be not immune to rend as it was. Simply because the straight 9 shots that only dips to 5 shots, true you can't get 12 shots anymore, but you also can't be stuck with just 2, so I think it's output damage wise has vastly improved, specially with chaos daemons being enemy no.1 in alot of cases. and the +4 Range just adds to that. I'll certainly be eager to see the FAQ's I've avoided anything I think might be faq'd to save disappointment, and i've still not been disappointed by this book. I've just got to wait however long till I can actually play again now.
  15. Hello, Looking to move on the Ossiarch Bone Reapers army I started before christmas. Full list of models in picture provided, with what state of built/undercoated/painted they are, and the weapon load outs. Each mortek guard unit has Hekatos, Banner Guy and Dual Handed Sword Guy. Ideally looking for Collection from Nottingham, and for the lot rather than splitting it up. If I get a definite offer not far under my asking price I will find a way to post safely and securely but UK only still. Looking for £350 or close offers. Reason for sale is that the Seraphon update finally arrived, and I have no desire to carry on with this army after that.
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