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  1. I don't believe starter, dual army, or battleforce box battalions will ever get points, Think that's saved for just battletome and GA ones, the latter of which battalions is being phased out of matched play it would seem RIP heavenswatch and bloodwatch. Plus the one from the seraphon battleforce was I think shadowstrike lite so little point it ever getting points.
  2. Can but hope, that scales rumor engine (That I don't believe has been solved) possibly adds a bit of hope seeing as it's very kroxigory
  3. Slann are likely peeved that his newest pets do extra damage against their creations, so are probably less than inclined to lend a hand.
  4. Undead pirates would put a complete stop on me taking slaves any further than doubles list for the time being. I hope the order one definitely left isn't sylvaneth so it's something else. I'd like to hope it's 4 battletomeless faction/s getting updated, rather than yet more newer than seraphon tomes. Wouldn't feel quite so bad plus I like a lot of the tomeless factions.
  5. I'm confident it's just that the site has had an update to format and they haven't added all the events, there's plenty not on that list that should be looking at the ones on Eventbrite where you actually get the tickets.
  6. You still get to do it as a one drop, it's basically just meaning you're physically not setting that unit up on the board at that point. rather than it affecting it being able to be deployed alongside the rest of the battalion.
  7. No it would just proc for the unit being 1" away when you've set it up. it doesn't activate the 6" move or charge move ones because they have long since finished the normal move and charge move before you've set up the scuttletide.
  8. The wording is meant that you can burn it for 4 points at the end of turn 3 if you held it since turn 1, or turn 4 if you held it since turn 2. If you held it since turn 1 and burn it turn 4 it's still worth just 4 points as there's no way to get 6, only 8 if you held it all 5 turns. Hope that makes sense.
  9. You can't re-roll a re-roll, so you would have to choose between either using arcane sacrifice if that says you can re-roll both dice, or re-roll the 1 from WoAM, but not one then the other, then using the WoAM a second time. For my current Seraphon list, I often can either re-roll ones to charge, or do the command ability to re-roll both dice. So very much the same situation, but I have to pick which to use as I would be re-rolling a re-roll to use both.
  10. Hi, so this came to mind, when the roll for the second/third attacks for the war-pick are done, if they succeed, would the attacks have to be allocated to the unit you said would be getting the attacks from its initial attacks, or could they be re-allocated to a new unit if the 4+/6+ rolls go off? Thanks
  11. I'd be happy with just the Book/Spells/Terrain, or perhaps a new hero or old hero coming back in some form too. All i'd really ask is 2 wound guard, perhaps one of the endless spells is a ward save giver, and some of our abilities are updated to unmodified sixes so they can't be nullified.
  12. It's 30" range, same as unbinding regular spells. And Slann's unlimited regular spell unbind doesn't work for dispelling endless spells, they have to be within 30".
  13. It takes a few games to settle in, but the bases are good for knowing what can reach already without needing to measure up to 50mm bases then they pretty much convert into how many ranks can fight depending on weapon range anyways. Cases when you don't have things particularly base to base happen but then there's plenty of combat gauges to deal with those.
  14. I get the nasty feeling the oldblood ancient warlord will get changed to un-stackable in seraphons new tome after seeing that faq. Pop goes my current list if so, but we'll find out what goes on.
  15. Hi, No objectives are not considered a model, they're purely a point on the gaming board that doesn't impede models or anything else
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