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  1. Ok cool, I'll take a look tomorrow night when I assemble my third stegadon and try and get all the bits together that it says for the engine.
  2. Hey man, if you're still looking for this I can see if I have the parts, was there any particular variety you were after? I might be able to muster up enough for all three possibly.
  3. Wounds are allocated after all a units attacks have been made, so in this case you'd only get to roll 14 because the 14th wound allocated would kill the magmadroth thus meaning the 15th and 16th wouldn't be allocated so they can't be rolled for. It's a rule I've made myself sure of the wording of so that I don't lose the main force of my army to such rules being used wrongly.
  4. 1) Yes a unit could take a artefact giving another mortal wound save, so you'd do the regular mortal wound save, then the artefact save. 2) You can apply two instances of an effect such as re-rolling saves of 1, however because you can't re-roll a re-roll, you wouldn't get to use both of them, just one of them. So in your example you'd be best off just using the all saves re-roll as it can re-roll more than just ones of course. 3) Yes that is correct, however with the new books, most, if not all of the 6+ to hit effects have been changed to unmodified 6's so they would still get the effect going off. However that is just from the recent books so anything older is often 6+ and would not get their effect happening.
  5. You can use battalions because there is a part in an FAQ somewhere that says Battalions are said to belong to the Grand Alliance for that army allegiance as well. But yes you couldn't use allegiance specific items like battletraits and artefacts in a Grand Alliance Chaos army, only the Grand Alliance chaos ones.
  6. Hi, So i'm starting Slaves to Darkness for a Path To Glory campaign, roughly hoping that most of my current purchases will end up getting rolled from the battleforce, daemon prince, warqueen and 2 spawn. Starting with Lord on Daemonic Mount, 2 x 5 Chaos Warriors and a Warshrine. This will eventually lead into a 2k force, I have the rough start here, I was wondering for any opinions. Likely to be slaanesh marked due to the colours i'll be using and being based around ruinbringer warband the reroll charges etc would be useful. I'm assuming a Warshrine for 160 wouldn't be a bad call, then what to do with the last 200? I had thought sayl to teleport the 20 marauders up, coming from a seraphon background I couldn't help but notice the teleport spell haha.
  7. Well seeing how these g over leadbelcher and retributory armor I'm very glad my Path To Glory Slaves can wait a bit to get done as the purple should look great over leadbelcher, Got a few spare warriors to try the different shades with first before my initial warband.
  8. I might have to save a chaos warrior or two to try the purple over metal, see how it compares to my purple inks look wise.
  9. It just affects the base stat for movement for that unit, so say if you had a 5" move unit, it gets halved to 2.5", and if you rolled a run of a 6, it would be 8.5". It doesn't affect the distance rolled for runs or charges unless it has a second effect that does such.
  10. I don't believe starter, dual army, or battleforce box battalions will ever get points, Think that's saved for just battletome and GA ones, the latter of which battalions is being phased out of matched play it would seem RIP heavenswatch and bloodwatch. Plus the one from the seraphon battleforce was I think shadowstrike lite so little point it ever getting points.
  11. Can but hope, that scales rumor engine (That I don't believe has been solved) possibly adds a bit of hope seeing as it's very kroxigory
  12. Slann are likely peeved that his newest pets do extra damage against their creations, so are probably less than inclined to lend a hand.
  13. Undead pirates would put a complete stop on me taking slaves any further than doubles list for the time being. I hope the order one definitely left isn't sylvaneth so it's something else. I'd like to hope it's 4 battletomeless faction/s getting updated, rather than yet more newer than seraphon tomes. Wouldn't feel quite so bad plus I like a lot of the tomeless factions.
  14. I'm confident it's just that the site has had an update to format and they haven't added all the events, there's plenty not on that list that should be looking at the ones on Eventbrite where you actually get the tickets.
  15. You still get to do it as a one drop, it's basically just meaning you're physically not setting that unit up on the board at that point. rather than it affecting it being able to be deployed alongside the rest of the battalion.
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