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  1. Far as I know the only way to remove behemoth from a unit is thunder lizard stegadons becoming battleline. So I'm 99% sure this is a warscroll builder bug. A very odd one at that too.
  2. Summoning units no longer get the battleline keyword when summoned, only units that start in your army that are battleline have it. So for that mission, summoned units can't capture objectives, For any others they count as the usually would for 10 models worth, long as the scenario uses the regular capture rules, But again any that give extra points for a battleline unit being within 6" or so that unit could not gain the extra points.
  3. Yeah wasn't inexperience, As the lists for this one were the same as the one I qualified in 3rd in with 3-0, so it was an exact rematch, just different scenario, and his mis-placement of the boats, if he'd placed them correctly I could've conga lined two units of knights in between the gaps to score objectives turn one, and then felt okay sending my carnosaur over a boat and some warriors to circle him from the flank, but because of his mis-placement I couldn't do that. and yeah just being tired it really pissed me off I could barely move out of my deployment in a way I felt good about doing without loosing a useful unit early to the deep striking eel groups. Bit of a chain reaction into game 2 from those feelings. Yeah just going from 3-0 to 0-3 stung a bit. But I know it wasn't the list, just circumstances that were different to the first tournament. I've got all the models for that list almost besides the club warriors so i'm going to eventually get it all painted up, but still looking like zero actual games on the horizon for me till post-christmas I expect. Found out a Gotrek Competition is allowing TTS results, so I'm giving this a go I think. The Astrolith Bearer I'm unsure of, I possibly might replace it with either a Sunblood for the +1 wound and a better place for the Eviscerating Blade, or Starseer to get 18" charge from the Knights or Carnosaur back. If the Slann wasn't the only place I could get flight for both gotrek and seraphon from, then i'd likely try replacing it for both the starseer and sunblood, just i'd have to actually think about unbinding range for once haha.
  4. In the Top 16 Finals ended up coming 0-3, In fact I had 2 rematches against the Eels list first, then third game against the BoC Chariots list. Frankly this was more down to myself rather than the list not being good enough. First up the eel list, at 8am on a sunday when I hadn't slept properly at all, not for lack of trying. It was Total Conquest, and he placed both boats in a right angle either side of a house to block me just moving out of my deployment area besides the back half of each side. Now it turns out he'd not known about the boats 1" from other scenery being over-ridden by the GHB 3" rule. I hadn't realised about this overhaul because obviously the seraphon one just has its own rules that don't get changed by that because it goes down first. I just couldn't get enough out to objectives to score. Plus the lack of sleep had mucked up my judgement on deployment so I could've done alot more in my first turn even if his eels in round 2 would've messed them about royally. He just got a warning from the TO for the boats error, but oh well. Second with the only new opponent, Ogor Mawtribes with a bunch of ironguts in shifting objectives, Knock on effect of feeling quite pigged off with the first game meant I wasted my 10 knight's charge on trying to get over gnoblars, which I had to go into instead, 5 survived the counter from the ironguts behind them, but I really should've kept them safe to take on one of the units of 8/9 to try wipe one fully, that would've been worth what they're for. In the end I just didn't have enough left to take on the frostlord and the ironguts left over. Did get a secondary objective and almost my second but one irongut survived. Third game agains the BoC Chariots list on Forcing the Hand. Just an absolute fight which felt nice to end on. Just didn't quite get enough chariots killed early on before the herdstone's -1 save got too big a bubble to avoid, which really helped the chariots eat through my units. The sunblood held its own against 8 chariots, taking out 3/4 on its own with the eviscerating blade. We had to talk through round 5 and yeah it looked like I couldn't claw enough points back, though I maybe would've if I'd tried the roll for the -1 save from starseer on a unit of chariots that rolled 2 5's against carnosaurs bite attack that would've cleared that unit out. It's kind of a shame the +1 to wound buff is stuck on one of the foot only saurus hero's, if I could get that buff coming from a fast moving carnosaur that would really up its usefulness, but that's probably exactly why it's there. I'm thinking I might take out the sunblood and cogs and put back in the oldblood on carnosaur. I think the charging units can survive without the extra +2 as the knights can already be on +4, and it's maybe giving more to my opponents than it is to me, And a second carnosaur with more dangerous rend 2 jaws just feels like it might have more to it, plus thinking on it, getting the knight's attacks to +2 to hit, so 2's for spears, 3's for rider jaws, might really up the first charge, compared to a +1 to wound I can't reliably get in range.
  5. Went 3-0 and came 3rd on Strength Of Schedule at Hammertime 2 over the weekend. Making it through to the final 16 tournament that'll be taking place sometime in September. Used this List: Slight modification to the list I posted previously, found the 6's to wound Mortals from the starpriest extremely beneficial on the rendless unit of 10 knights to get more damage through against high save units, or even more casualties from low save units. Took on a 300 gnoblar list first on scorched earth. I found an opening to turn 1 charge the tyrant and take away his ability for battleshock immunity, and pulled it off, so then it was a case of chewing through the gnoblars whilst some frost sabres and icebrow hunter were dealth with by the warriors sunblood and smaller knight unit. Next up was Battle for the pass, 24 Morrsarr Eels, 3 Ishalen eels, akhelian king and two soulscryers, blocked off his ambushes from behind for first two turns, Scar Vet made a long 3d6 charge against ishalen eels and disposed of them. Went onto get the double turn going into unit of 6 Morrsarr deep in his backlines with the run and charging carnosaur. Rest of army held out long enough for the scar vet to score his objective for two turns and get ahead enough on points. Third game was Focal Points against 30 tuskgor chariots, 30 gors and a beastlord in brass despoilers. Was up against a charge phase involving about 5/6 units of chariots first turn but only two units on one flank made it in despite rerolls. So my unit of 10 knights in the centre almost took out two units of 4 in one go and sunblood and some warriors heavily damaged another unit of 4. Went down to priority roll turn 4 or 5 and flying carnosaur taking down beastlord left by their totem to get another auxiliary objective and pull far enough ahead to call it there.
  6. It actually is in there primarily for the mobility buff to really get the carnosaur and bigger unit of knights in there more consistently, albeit i've used it often enough now i'm cautious on giving the opponent that buff too often now so having a good plan b of getting two spells from the starseer to get the swords out turn 1 too was useful. It's not so much that, I've kept kroak back on home objective, or close by in the realmshaper mostly as his spell at 10" has been enough of a threat to stop it getting charged, leaving me able to focus on what i'm doing with the saurus taking other objectives. However I can't have him in the realmshaper and on balewind, and him being in the realmshaper saves the starseer being stuck there, which I don't want as his 3D6 charge is needed where it's most useful. Kroak for me is much more of a support piece than something I want to put any more points in, I've used the full package once and realised that's not how I want to win games.
  7. @Kasper For the first turn no, As one plan I have Kroak casting that, then cogs. The Starseer manipulates them to cast 2 spells, casting the quicksilver swords and his +1 save spell on a friendly unit. It's worked nicely when i've done it like that. Then i just change his spell to what's likely stellar tempest for round 2 onwards. without either range boost it's possible kroak won't be in range for it turn 1 anyways, so I went for a different approach.
  8. So have had a good three wins on TTS with this list, twice against fyreslayers and one against Big Waaaagh. I'm thinking for the next game I might sub out the salamander and sunblood and put the oldblood carnosaur back in charge of the sunclaw. Whilst I'm 95% confident the +1 to wound from the sunblood and the decent bit of high rend shooting and melee from the salamander are much more beneficial to the list on the whole... I just like 2 Rend Carnosaur bites, and a few mortal wounds from the spear's 3 attacks compared to sunblood's 6 isn't too big a drop considering I can get the Carnosaur in sooner. Just Preparing for a TTS tournament on the 29th. Pretty sure I want to leave it as is, but can't hurt to try changing it up just a little again.
  9. You can only purchase one CP for 50pts. Yeah that's just a limitation of the List builder app but GHB 20 is correct, Though I swear it used to have a different way of adding that CP that did limit itself, but having it properly listed as having costed the 50 points won out. The lists with more than one extra CP likely have battalions so they get the other extra CP from those, as they appear as extra CP you get before your first turn same as the one spent. Or they're old lists from before the change possibly.
  10. Endless spell takes up a normal casting to try to cast so yes just the endless spell not both.
  11. Just for clarity, from the turn after you get an extra spell so 5 casts, the turn you cast balewind it uses one up but also gives one back so you still have 4 then.
  12. I'd say carnosaur, because at the very least having one of each scar vet and oldblood make a deadly combo if that's the way you like to play seraphon. But then there's now three options from the stegadon kit which all have a place.
  13. As Caleb said, the pair of their buffs can be useful together. Also if you're running both and you're against monsters, you can get your jaws hitting on 2's still despite them being over 7 wounds characteristic for the other +1 buff. Also you CAN run the Oldblood on Carnosaur in the Sunclaw Battalion, So -2 Rend Jaws which I know can do very good work if you prioritise targets and make sure it can get its swings in first.
  14. Yeah, the Command Trait's are all locked to if you take a slann/saurus/hero with monster mount, then you can avoid them otherwise. But the artefacts are all the first hero to take an artefact takes the constellation artefact, then yes if you have a battalion for a second artefact, that can be whatever you want it to be from either the seraphon artefacts or realm artefact if they're being used.
  15. Yeah, Koatl's Claw the first Artefact has to be the Eviscerating Blade, Put it on the Scar Vet the 6 attacks possibly doing 2 mortals a piece then some is great. Where are you getting +3? +1 from the Command Trait sure, and +1 from the Constellation, But I don't think there's another +1 for Skinks without a slann casting celestial Equilibrium or an astrolith bearer? I'd say it'd still be pretty effective, and yeah the knights till do some work, I've had pretty good things from units of 5 alone even.
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