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Old and new undead models


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Hey guys, 


Ive just started AoS and my undead army. I have quite a few older models, which are great imo. However the heads of the older skellies are quite big compared to the newer ones. They also seem a bit taller in general. 

What do you guys think of this? How does mixing old and new models work out? Doesnt it look weird or something?

Anybody experience with this? Some pics of mix?



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You can probably get away with it a lot more with the undead because nothing says that their undead must come from the same race, peoples or even Realm. That some of the bones that form your army are from a taller, beefier race and some are form smaller is fine. We mostly don't see it in the actual game because a lotof the time its just easier to make 1 style of model production wise.


Paint also unifies things a lot. Models painted with the same scheme and style blend a lot better together even when there are anatomical differences.


Also many factions have some degree of miss-match in size. Take Daughters of Khaine the weak feable Warlocks are thicker in body than the Aelve Witches or khinarie or even the Melusai. 

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I have tons of old and new skeletons models, and I refuse to throw away all my old ones (about 200s). I simply change their base and redeploy them. Instead I use such variety to distinguish different skeleton units on the field, so thhat it's easier to identify them.

There are few extreme models you could have problems with about their sizes in Death, cause most part of the models are still the same and has been added new units more than models.

And the old models are always still valid (even if it would be quite tasteless to see the old nagash played instead of the more recent one but it's a really extreme case).

And about the different sizes...take old gamers like me, that have modified zombies from different races to mix them together to represent specific battlefields and so on. I even have my grave guard that for Sylvania had the Elfs sowrdmasters as their members.

Not worry too much about such a thing, instead take it as an option to personalize your own army^^

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I mix my old tomb king skelebobs in with my normal skelingtons. As far as I'm concerned, a skeltal is a skeltal. I'm not going to guy buy another 70 skelebois when I own 120 already just so my normal LON skelemangs all match. 

So far nobody has told me it is a problem, and tbh I prefer the older models. Less useless detail that takes forever to pick out when batch painting. 

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I mixed old and new and it really doesn't look weird at all IMO, especially if you do it in large units of 40.

You can also use the extra heads, spear arms and shields with the old bodies to better blend them in.

I mixed 10 new with 30 old, using 5-6 new heads and 5-6 new spears on the old ones.

I put new shields in all of them, as this is the key to make them appear uniform.

Photo 09-09-2018, 18 11 45.jpg

Photo 09-09-2018, 18 12 10.jpg

Photo 09-09-2018, 18 18 54.jpg

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