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  1. Superb! Carries the atmosphere nicely. wheres the pic from?
  2. Change the scenario up to make him (and you) have to adopt a different tactic?
  3. That'll do it nicely. Much better than the other one. Wheres the pile of books from?
  4. So the banned and restricted list does come directly from GW then? Will keep that in mind.
  5. My throne is in the bathroom. Well, previously, they were encamped there but driven off by an opposing force. The king, unhappy as the loss of his throne, has decreed that they must push forward and reclaim this for glory when it is in the midst of an enemy army. Done.
  6. Is the Banned and Restricted list an official GW thing? Kinda wonder why they make the cards in the first place, if they then later ban them.
  7. Back in the day, we always used to get the same body with a couple of different weapons to make them slightly different, so it’s the same basic model reused with minor variations. That count?
  8. I'm fairly happy, as I spent the weekend digging up my old ghoul collection, glued up some of the recent GW plastic ones to add to them and will be painting everything this week............then read a new book is on its way. Perfect timing. I reckon, once I've done the bigger beasts next week, the full project will be done in a fortnight Don't like that throne much though. Its too ordered, clean and designed for how I see my lot. I know its supposed to be a throne, but it doesn't have to be a literal one. I'd just make one from a big pile of rotting bones thats been sat in.
  9. Love this lot. Very cold. Very effective. Fast painting is great - I'm currently about to do something similar with my ghouls this week. Did a Varghulf in 30 mins last night, from undercoat to based!
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