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  1. Are these available now? Can’t see them on any sites?
  2. Thanks both! Just need to see the scale of the newer models now, as I got burned with gigantic chaos knights that look ot of whack with my old ones, so cautious about the Blood Knights being the same. Def on that book though!
  3. Whats the speculation on release date? I'm a long term undead fan and highly likely to buy this book and actually play some AOS accordingly.
  4. This isn’t true. Rick Priestly confirmed recently that the reason models were smaller was so that they could fit everything on a single sprue and keep the production costs down per box.
  5. Superb! Carries the atmosphere nicely. wheres the pic from?
  6. Change the scenario up to make him (and you) have to adopt a different tactic?
  7. That'll do it nicely. Much better than the other one. Wheres the pile of books from?
  8. So the banned and restricted list does come directly from GW then? Will keep that in mind.
  9. My throne is in the bathroom. Well, previously, they were encamped there but driven off by an opposing force. The king, unhappy as the loss of his throne, has decreed that they must push forward and reclaim this for glory when it is in the midst of an enemy army. Done.
  10. Is the Banned and Restricted list an official GW thing? Kinda wonder why they make the cards in the first place, if they then later ban them.
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