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  1. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    Ignore Button?

    Do we have an ignore button? Couldn't see how to do it, if there is?
  2. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    Oh god this article...

    Bit of a mass generalisation in play there. You know, people can have money and still consider something to be expensive? They can even buy something and think its expensive.
  3. Nice thread and nice army! Getting more done than in is always a good objective.
  4. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    Totally agree with both of those.
  5. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Very very nice indeed. My sort of mini. Got a blog?
  6. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    Nicely done.
  7. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    HELP! How to store lots of paints.

    I put a dab of paint on the top of each lid, so when packed in and looking down, I just look for the colour. Doesn't matter what box they are in then.
  8. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    Well, one would assume that other, newer, potentially more powerful, books will be released over the course of the year? As for balancing the game? Play narrative
  9. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    Oh god this article...

    Don't see anything wrong with it. Its written for people who don't have the faintest idea what the game or company is, not for diehards who take apart every word and then get all reactionary in the comments. Its almost as if noones heard the term "plastic crack" before.
  10. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    If I won the lottery I would....

    ...be able to afford a 40K army
  11. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    All of my group - except one die hard - have petered off from HH novels over the years. I think its been a good 7-8 years since I last looked at one (whenever that Prospero Burns one was released) and I fell in the middle of the group for dropouts. All the same complaint - too many books dragging out the series. Even the die hard took a break for 2-3 years before starting again, and only reads selected ones now, over "the lot" as it was before.
  12. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    Spellbreakers at Realm's Edge

    Looking all good so far!
  13. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    How do you play open/casual?

    Totally agree. It’s about the approach to the game, rather than the actions or supplements.
  14. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Looking tasty so far!
  15. Mosquito onthe TenthFloor

    How do you play open/casual?

    Well, the person running the game types it all up and sends out the scenario and setting in advance. Then people mull over what they want to take and what fits. Someone wanting to take 5 dragons will either get a "be real" or a "you need to take a turn and write a scenario if you want to run that" We're all adults, we can manage it. The person who wants to put down the same thing every time? Perfectly fine, that his force on campaign and thats what they are doing. They'll find it being broken into separate deployments, half off in reserves, perhaps on the side thats exhausted from marching all night - the scenario we're playing is what dictates. Indeed, some people have had the same ECW brigades for years without needing to add or change anything. We never play pick up games. Ever. We all share forces between sides and players, normally use my terrain (well, always really) on a bigger table (8X6 usually) and play as a collective multiplayer. New people get invited if they are interested, but with caveats about how we approach the game. Sometimes a player will do something thats a bit off and silly, but trusting people to self manage and having a discussion about what we expect from gaming beforehand goes a long way. Bear in mind we all play historical as well. Only real strict rule is 100% painted and based. Whether its two players on a small game with 20-30 models a side or a bigger game with 300-400 models per side, we always approach it from a narrative first.