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Echoes of Glory


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So this new pack of cards released, it contains all the cards in the separate release of Stealhearts champions and Garreks Reavers, but are any of these cards new? Or just reissue of Shadspire card deck?  

I cant seem to find a straight answer. It seems odd to release a card pack that that doesn’t have any new cards, but if they are makin new cards for those warbands do the other shadespire warbands not get any?  Or are the new cards only the universal ones, and the warband specific ones are just the same (so could you double them up in your deck?)

so much confusion in my little brain. 

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From https://www.warhammer-community.com/tag/zarbags-gitz/


Of course, if you already have Garrek’s Reavers and Steelheart’s Champions, you don’t have to buy them again to grab the universal cards in this expansion – instead, you can get the cards in the Echoes of Glory Card Pack. Simple!

It contains the new universal cards found in the two expanions, and to save you having to buy the models and warband specific cards again (which you own if you bought the Shadespire core) they're pulling out the new universal cards you will want and selling them seperately.

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It's still confusing to me.

Do you find new cards in echoes of glory if you have already the shadespire core set and you haven't bought the extra armies of Garrek and Steelheart? And then you find new cards...

Of do you have to buy it, if you haven't bought the original core set and you bought the two armies from the nightvault season? And then you find the cards that were in the actual core set?

Looking at the card libraries, it looks like it is the first option.

However, I wonder then, how does a new player acquire the cards that were in the original core set? Like for instance healing potion.


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Core shadespire:

Garrecks reavers and Steelhearts champions plus warband specific cards and most of the universal cards found in Nightvault


Reavers and champions Individual warband packs:

The same warband specific cards as shadespire core plus brand new universal cards 


echoes of glory:

just the universal cards from both individual reavers and champions warband packs 

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3 minutes ago, Phyriphiry said:


Now it makes sense in my head ?


(and I also know that I have to buy the deck ? )

Yeah its a bit confusing at first glance. 

If you didnt buy shadespire then you can buy the 2 warbands with come with universal cards, but you will not have any of the original universal cards.

If you bought shadespire then you can buy this card pack and it gives you extra  universal cards to use.

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