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  1. The fighter does not take the enemy out of action, trap/pit trap does
  2. Farstriders and magores have no promo fighter cards or tokens, correct? will we not see promo cards for the last two nightvault warbands?
  3. Think of the order as the following: successful attack roll deal damage drive back a fighter dies at the deal damage step, and won’t be driven back if it dies, if it survives, its driven back, and then the attack action ends
  4. Sorcerous insight I can likely do without, but when it does go off, getting 2 ready for actions or what have you is incredibly useful. and infinite riches is relatively easy to cast so I’m not too worried. Especially with the two lightning spell aids. Plus they help with casting spells for objectives and inspiring the tzaangor. I will definitely consider those two cards as replacements tho if I find the spells lacklustre
  5. Here is the deck that I use https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N64,N371,305,252,284,N373,N317,257,292,N60,291,N305,320,333,348,354,N420,331,N70,N77,N389,N424,N442,N448,N80,N83,N86,N473,N503,N501,N529,N499,384,N543,374,381 im looking for ways to make it more reliable. It either wins hard or loses hard it seems to me, with very few “doing well/okay” games. Perhaps that’s just how this warband works, but I’d like to at least not fail miserably when I do fail. The ploys are a mix of damage spells, extra action, or movement, as I find the warband very good at “poke” damage, and tends to benefit a lot from The large movement ploys, and having the two useful fighters fighting out of sequence. Infinite riches is in there to get extra uses out of potion of rage and faneway Crystal. the upgrades are spell helpers, unranged +damage, or defensive upgrades, as there are a lot of ranged attacks, so the unranged damage boosters help a lot, and the warband is VERY squishy, so needs all the help it can get defence wise.
  6. The shadespire rulebook was errata’d to include that line from Nightvault. If you find the PDF, it’ll be there. An attack action that targets all surrounding enemies is an attack action with multiple attack actions, if that makes sense. So each individual attack is its own attack action, but it’s also all encompassed by the one attack action that triggered them all. Like a charge is an action with multiple actions. If there was an objective that was “an enemy fighter was taken out in the first action of a round” charging someone and killing them would still score that objective, even if it’s a move action then an attack action. They are still part of the charge action. Thats how you have to think of it as that’s the only way Endless Harvest could ever be scored. The various “first attack action in the next activation” buff abilities only work on the first attack because the errata in the shadespire book, and the rules in the Nightvault book specifically say so. i hope that makes sense
  7. I have a very instant objective heavy deck and it’s been doing very well for me. Sorcerous scouring, master of magic, a strong start, precise use of force, victorious duel, what armor? Then extreme flank, alone in the darkness, escalation and supremacy for relatively easy multi point objectives then cards for scoring other cards like superior tactician and combination strike. I win win most of my games like this. The ploys are all movement and extra action cards and some spells the upgrades are all defensive upgrades and casting buffs for my leader
  8. A two symbol spell rolling only 1 crit and no other success will succeed by playing this. Admittedly it’s a very low margin, and I probably wouldn’t include it in that deck, but I was being thourough in suggesting cards he could use for more reliable casting
  9. These two are the best you get for what you don’t already have in your deck
  10. But that’s also movement zero in most cases.
  11. Core shadespire: Garrecks reavers and Steelhearts champions plus warband specific cards and most of the universal cards found in Nightvault Reavers and champions Individual warband packs: The same warband specific cards as shadespire core plus brand new universal cards echoes of glory: just the universal cards from both individual reavers and champions warband packs
  12. Would ethereal shield or acrobatic give you a better chance of defending on your leader? +1 on the roll vs +1 dice
  13. GThe last part of extreme flank only apply to 3 player games. You need to be on two opposite edges, and in the case of irregular shaped battlefield, the furthest away opposite edge
  14. Yep! The upgrade applies to both sides. You could go crazy, put that AND against growth on the same horror, get a 6/5 health horror, and do some crazy things with it. Tome of glory, acolyte of the katophranes, all the katophranes relics.
  15. Yeah you’ll have to have the imgur app to view those properly on a phone
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