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  1. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Yep! The upgrade applies to both sides. You could go crazy, put that AND against growth on the same horror, get a 6/5 health horror, and do some crazy things with it. Tome of glory, acolyte of the katophranes, all the katophranes relics.
  2. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Yeah you’ll have to have the imgur app to view those properly on a phone
  3. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Here are the eyes/zarbag specific cards https://m.imgur.com/a/qE8IyFQ and the universal cards in those sets https://m.imgur.com/a/mExry7p
  4. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    You could use Horror->tzaangor if you have an illusory fighter or hidden pathways to keep him safe
  5. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Those are all the reasons I like the idea of them too haha. I just can’t wait to see the cards in that pack and the goblin pack
  6. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Well I noticed the Leader can get a 3 damage ranged attack. With an upgrade and when inspired. Plus im used to squishy fighters I play SG already. It would be a nice change to actually get shields, or 2 defence dice
  7. Red Drake

    Eyes of the nine

    Is anyone thinking about this warband yet? I’ve noticed there’s a let’s chat on the grots but not these guys. What do people thing this warband will be like? What cards seem good for them? I already play a very defensive SG deck. Will these guys play well being very aggressive?