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  1. I don't think it works. That spell says "take 2 wounds", when for inspiration you need to "remove a wound". Just like in skavens, where you need to ploy to have "choose fighter".
  2. This is that same what: Move -> Attack -> Charge Doing Attack action doesnt forbid you anything, so you can do 100 x Attack between Move and Charge and it will not change anything. (ofc in theory, cuz you have only 4 activations) So, if you can do one attack, you can do attack how many times you are able to. Then adding another attack after attack in any chain above change nothing via rules.
  3. She inspire when she get upgrade and its upgrade. And She is lvl 1 wizard unispired, her inspired version is lvl 2 wizard.
  4. From Warhammer TV twitch stream: Cards that i didn't screenshot, but i remember them: New tome upgrade: +1 wound Shade Step: Universal ploy - choose fighter without move and charge token. Put him on neutral territory. Give him move token (new Hidden Path) Batsquiq only upgrade: on charge smashes and furry work on his attack Mollog faction upgrade: +1 dmg to attack with range 1 or 2 Mollog faction ploy: + 1 dmg on attack with range 1 or 2 on next activation Mollog faction ploy: + 1 dice to attack with range 1 or 2 on next activation Mollog faction objective: score it at end phase if you killed tree or more enemy fighters this action phase - 2 glory. Mollog faction objective: score this immediately when you kill enemy fighter with attack damage characteristic of 5 of more - not sure, but i think it was 1 glory. And screenshots: Check Arcane Savant. It was confired on stream, if you play it on Leader of Godsworn Hunt, she will inspire and become lvl 3 wizard. So she can be most powerfull wizard in game at this moment, cuz other wizards lvl 2 cant get that upgrade.
  5. Well, I really hope there will be oath scored immediately. They can be too strong tho. Like you show card on your first activation and in that activation you score it. Then your opponent would not have chance to do anything about it, even that know that we have it on hand.
  6. Godsworn hunt https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/01/15/15th-jan-warband-focus-godsworn-huntgw-homepage-post-1/
  7. New promo from Q2 19 kit. New spell. Can be pretty good with Damming Pact.
  8. Well, and how much diffirent it is to combine Eyes of the Master with Skirting Danger than with Extreme Flank? Actually, Extreme Flank is a better Skirting Danger in most ways. Extreme Flank you can score if your two fighters on opposite edge on your territory, even when on neutral or enemy territory your fighter was pushed away from edge hex, you can't do that with Skirting Danger. Eyes of the Master is really easy to destroy. Any push or kill on enemy or neutral territory and it's over. Looking that Extreme is easier to do and give you 2 glory and Eyes of the Master give 1 glory and is much harder to do, I would faster drop Eyes of the Master than think if it doesn't work well with Extreme Flank It's not worth building deck around Shifting Map. It's only 1 glory at 3rd end step. If you put 2 glory objective and you score at least one of it, you are already ahead (cuz, you can play upgrade from that glory). If you score two of them or objective with 3 glory, you are a lot ahead. And your fighter with Shifting Map can be killed. I would drop that Map and if you really want 3rd end step glory from upgrade i would take Hero's Mantle instead. I mean, look what building around Shifting Map makes you to do: You don't play objectives that give more than 1 glory (even when many of those objective with more than 1 glory are easier to score), you can't play to many immediately cards to not cycle all objectives, you can't discard to many objective and draw new one as your action, And all that for one card to make it to work like worst Slumbering Key (1 glory at 3rd end step - but you need at least one objective card in deck!).
  9. Heh, we can see diffirences in meta here. In my meta Reavers are consider one of strongest warband in game, at least before ban and restricted lists. High movement, high damage and great faction objectives. They have very low defensive stats. In my opinion: they are very strong, but they are not easy to play. You need to take some time with them to learn how to use thier strong sides.
  10. But aggro lists probably will not take earthquake. You have both traps, twist the knife, advancing strike, presiuse use of force, Ready for Action, Awakaned Weapon, Escalation, Alone in the Darkness and few others. And that was the goal. That aggro decks would hard time to play earthquake to stop objective, cuz there are other very good cards for them to take.
  11. Tbh, i'm happy with that lists. I can't wait to see what decks we will see on tournaments soon :)
  12. Actually, going by RAW one fighter need to be on edge hex and another on furthest opposite edge. Card doesnt allow you to choose which fighter is consider first, so going by your defenition, your enemy can argue you that the other fighter is first, and second need to be on furthest edge hex from that other fighter. And you both would have that same points, so you will flip a coin or roll off to see if you get or not glory?. Cuz you can't choose which is consider first, then you should check requirements of card first to one fighter then for another and if for one of them its not meet then you shouldnt get glory. There is nothing that indicate that you can consider fighter on choke point as first, to be able score it. There is no "choose fighter od edge hex...". I mean, i know why you look at this that way, i was too. But after some time i change my mind, just cuz of that i cant say which should be consider as first.
  13. Right. Forgot about that, cuz i never used that card. Was bad for me from moment i saw it It's even worst then i thought My look at Eyes of the Nine: I'm still testing them so i change deck all the time. So I don't want to give full deck im testing now, cuz it can still be really bad deck. I can tell what i think about them: Strategy: You can go for objective play (as Horror give you easier access to objective on your opponent board), aggresive (focusing around dmg from Tzaangor, leader and distraction from horror) or mix of them. I mostly focus on last two (personal - i don't like only objective focused strategies). Aggresive: Card options: +1 dmg upgrades for Tzaangor and Leader (Great Strength, Incr. Strength, Gloryseeker, upgrade that increase Spell attack action dmg on leader), defensive upgrades (Deathly Fortitude, Sudden Growth, Soul Trap, Tethered Spirit etc.). Both Traps (sadly, Twist the Knife is less usfull, cuz of range limits), ploys that give actions: Time Trap, Quick Thinker, Ready for Action etc. (I don't play My Turn - they have bad defence, so in most cases if they got a hit, they will die). Teleports, pushes that will give us opportunity to attack or to avoid being attacked - Bound by Fire, Deceitful Step, Hidden Path, Quick Thinker, Illusory Fighter, Faneway Crystal etc. Maybe one or two Shadeglass weapons for suprise attack from Acolytes (then you should take those with highest damage - Hammer and/or Dagger). It's good idea to take few spells, for easy inspiring Tzaangor (you want that re-rolls) - look at those easy to cast (need one success) and try to start game with Tzaangor as near to Leader as you can. Acolytes are decoys, tool to grab objective like Extreme Flanks or try to push enemy if you need make a space or to avoid charges on more important your fighter. Horror mostly on enemy board for distraction, decoy and pushes to don't give enemy get easy Supremacy, Alone in the Dark etc. They are not Orruks or Fiends. They are more fragile. I look for chance to attack without giving to much to your opponent. Look for plays like: charge with Tzaangor->Ready for Action to move back to position away from charge range / Hidden Path to enemy backlines -> attack -> Ilusory Fighter or not if its safe there. I try going for charges when enemy will have hard chance to attack me, so charge with leader range attack on enemy with move token, without friends around that can charge him etc. They need to play smart as aggresive Eyes of the Nine. They are not easiest faction. Pay attention if enemy have fighters on edge hex for enemy Hidden Path. I'm trying too a something like mix strategy, by putting Supremacy, Our Only Way Out and Bind City to aggresive strategy to suprise enemy and grab glory. It works nice. Still I don't know if in my final deck i will play them.
  14. I'm still testing Eyes of the Nine, but few my thoughts: 1. Katahprane strategy - can be really good, but not yet. We need to wait for more Tomes. 2. eyes of the master - for me its bad card. End step, one glory. There are a lot of cards that give you that same but are a lot easier and reliable to do. Not worth 3. Summoner - I tested it a lot and for me its worst then it looks at first. You need to have it on hand when you summon Horror 2nd (or more) time. It give one glory, so not worth. Even if i summoned horror more than once, i never had it on hand when i did it. In around 20 games with it i NEVER did it. You will need offen to wait with summoning Horror and wait for that card first. 4. chosen by destiny - One glory, end step on objective that you don't have control to do it? Just take Fired Up or something like this. Not worth. 5. rising inferno, agents of change, and master of magic - I play only with Master of Magic. I tried all of them. First two are just two hard to do for reward you will get. For inferno we need more good damaging spells, for agent we need more easy to cast spells that are worth to put in deck. Ofc, maybe you will play on more spells and it will be easier, but i will stick with only Master of Magic, cuz you need one gambit spell and one attack (or two attacks) to do it and its immediately. 6. Blessing of tzeentch - it give just +1 succes to your lider attack. You have Innate on your next activation, so it doesnt work on gambit spells (cuz you don't play them on activation). It work on leader attack or spells that are upgrades and works like actions (for now, we have only spell attack actions). To narrow for me. 7. bound by fate, Deceitful step - they are great. Auto-include for me. 8. wracking charge - Blessing doesnt work with this. You need Sorcerous Adept to have nice chance to cast it. Not worth consider that you need upgrade to play first or it will probably miss. 9. shield of fate - great. I play it. Inspire Tzaangor and defence for round. 10. Ravenous flames - Tested. Scatter is too chaotic. First you need to have lethal hexes on board, then there needs to be at least few enemies around that hex to have good chance to hit something. You can't aim it to finish someone. Sometimes i killed my horror with it. Too luck dependend for me.
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