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  1. Yep, same here for Tempest Lords. I just went with a slightly fluffed 'the Sacrosanct are guardians in Azyr so have the Azyr hammer symbol because they dont live/stay/hang-out with the rest of the host in their Stormcastle/keep' kind of story.
  2. I ran a max unit of 20 Stormcast Sequitors (120pt for 5) and found them powerful but unwieldy and difficult to add buffs due to the amount of space they took up on 40mm bases (the buffs I wanted where 'wholly within' which is a challenge, there are some buffs that are easier for them). Essentially its down to how you want to use them, Liberators (100 for 5) for example max out at 30 models which is a huge amount of pts and board space.
  3. I think this is a general GW theme these days, maybe two options at most when you build a model but nothing more. Warcry does seem to be a 'warband in a box' approach to factions, underworlds style. We will no doubt find out this week as more is revealed.
  4. Im not sure it will be so far into Necromunda everyone seems to think it will be. Kill-Team has a campaign for growing your party, and developing skills, a little expansion on that would suit Warcry, you could even use cards to give models advances, like Underworlds but carrying on between games.
  5. The social media team know everything that is in development in the main studio, but they cannot share anything not actually announced. They also need to keep people happy now (irrespective of what they know may/may-not be coming) so their standard response template includes some variation on this 'that's all we know right now. As soon as we have more to announce here, we'll announce it!'. so you can never read anything into their responses unfortunately.
  6. I think the community team probably agree, based on how many questions they are having to answer saying 'this is what we know, for now!'. If you look at what they have done for Kill Team, with the initial pack and now the 'competitive' versions, plus all the extras like leaders and elites, then its safe to presume WarCry will go the same way in time. But im with you, not really enthused about this box based on preview alone. Dont doubt it will get enough support to develop though.
  7. Promotional channel used to promote products. You cant really expect them to not put out sales hype just because whats revealed so far is not the correct game system? Yeah annoying but they would be derelict in their duty not promoting their new stuff to as many people as possible. We dont even know if AoS isnt coming yet.
  8. They can and they do. Obviously they wont do so without reason, but they do not have infinate resource and if predictions suggest investing time into a new faction will yield better sales than a codex or battletome for older stuff, then we see what they do. If you have evidence of the opposite, share it with them, but im pretty sure they know the score, especially given so many senior staff have graduated to management from shop floor and through numerous other roles. Its the same reason narrative and open exist, despite gamers saying no-one plays it the have significant experience that it is. Everyone tottally agrees with what you repeatedly say and im sure GW staff dont want to alienate or drive people away (from what is also their passionate hobby dont forget!), but you cant please everyone, and you cant run a business on the wishes of people who dont seem to spend money.
  9. What would be worse; No information on what GW is doing with a faction until its released or GW saying they will do something and then doing something else (for whatever reason, choice, financial, legal, market response, etc.) , or doing it in a different way to what the internet has decided they will do despite a level of information provided.
  10. So, general consensus is pricing is for Shadowspear now out the 'autobuy' or 'buy 3!!!' range, especially without a big hardback rulebook included but still has good value for many gamers/collectors/hobbyists. What do we think this means for AoS? will we get a set like this for AoS this year, or is it still too close to Soulwars release? In the past id have said its too close but GW is pumping things out at a rapid pace and im starting to think we might get one this year.
  11. Its clear Freeguild need an update. When they outlined who they are they only had empire kits available. They will come, when? who knows. Until last month skaven didnt properly reflect their lore, a few months ago grots did not reflect the lore. Change will come but GW works on longer timescales and is a business so cant just pump out stuff that only the hardcore fans want, they have to produce stuff that their figures say will sell. I cant wait to see what they do with them though, it will be amazing.
  12. Rumour (sort of, its out there but not officially). The new 40k Shadowspear box will be £105, for 2 mono-pose forces and no big rule book (but 2 codex pamphlets). Fairly big change in pricing structure, but in line with start collecting increases. Whats next for AoS, and will we see prices rising on more new stuff, or even existing stuff?
  13. There seems to be some new expectation with Thanquol that you get to shoot for each 'weapon' he has, but thats not how AoS weapons have historically worked. When you get options you get the profile shown, and the abilities section explains how the weapon(s) work. If a model has the option for 1 or 2 axes you get the axe profile and read the abilities to see what you get for having more than one axe, you dont suddenly get to use the axe profile twice. Apparently there is some chat in the Skaven whatsapp group about splitting the attacks, which is not possible either as the weapon ability states you have a target unit, not units.
  14. No its simple (once you finally realise what it means). Thanquol can have X Warpfire Projectors (max 4) For Warpfire Projectors attacks you roll X dice FAQ clarifies you dont get X attacks with Warpfire Projectors, so its not X attacks rolling X dice. EDIT; essentially its the same as having a model with the option for paired weapons, you dont now get 2 attacks with the weapons, the weapon ability tells you what you get, often re-rolls or something.
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