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  1. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    Essentially GW cant win. They list by all allegiances and you get gamers coming out in cold sweats and itchy palms because they cant stand a faction being 'incomplete' in their eyes. List by battletomes and people complain GHB allegiances are not represented. List but those with GHB allegiance abilities and you dismiss some valid factions that just dont have GHB rules.
  2. stato

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Dispossessed dont all live in free cities, but as the narrative of AoS is still being created we will see most stories from the perspective of humans (and Stormcast). There are snippets about Dwarven populated cities or fortresses so more will come, it just takes time. For interesting lore read the 'Spear of Shadows' book, it has the characters venture through a lost ancient Dwarven forest city where the Dwarves literally grew the city using their engineering to shape the trees as they grew. This just shows the scope for what the Dwarven race could be turned into, but what we have at the moment is literally the Dispossessed, those that have been forced out their cities by Chaos. The Free cities they also visit in the book have amazing scope for development and are so much more than just a 'dump' for the other races. If youve not read that book I highly recommend it.
  3. stato

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    Pretty sure all the old Warscroll cards are out of print now as they changed the format for AoS 2.0, only Nighthaunt and Stormcast have cards so far.
  4. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    The set was called the Vale of Ghyran, it was 4 citadel woods for £60 (rrp £18 per wood, so £3 saving per wood). There still seem to be a few sets with online sellers (in the UK) but it is a ltd seasonal product so once they are gone thats it.
  5. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    Really? They deleted a topic that was just a list of rumours? Or did you post leaked images or something against the rules maybe? If you made a topic called 'The Rumour List' im sure no one would have issue with it.
  6. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    There is nothing stopping you creating that other topic. Leave this one as is and anything 'solid' that comes out of it people can post into the other. Note that neither threads are moderator controlled and if you want rumours to be posted into that other thread then you will have to do it or encourage others to do on your behalf.
  7. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    Its funny how angry some people get just because there is a number of incomplete factions. Its like they cant stand the 'dis-order' of it. They will post that GW simply 'MUST' reorganise them or put out a combined battletome. They will insist on even terrible options that would stall the creative options available purely to have AoS 'completed' with no loose ends. I dont get it, whats wrong with having factions that are incomplete, it gives those models an identity until their faction is explored in the next few years or finally wound down, why does it need to be done 'NOW'. Just because you cant make a nice 2000pt army with it does not make it pointless, they are still valid for narrative and open gaming.
  8. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    Ha! I knew someone would immediately come back with that line. MUST COMPLETE EVERYTHING, LEAVE NO LOOSE ENDS!!! They are just tidying up, many posts previous have been complaining its not clear to new people which are the main factions, so they have prioritized those and listed the rest under grouped headings. I dont imagine this means all Aelves will be given a Aelves battletome. Skaven arnt even split out into Pestilens and non-battletome stuff for example
  9. stato

    The Rumour Thread

    Here is a rumour for you... GW is getting rid of lots of factions!!! (on the website*). This is the current list I see on the UK site. (as of Sunday mid day) *its just updating bits of the website, nothing is getting culled, Beasts of Chaos isnt even listed for example
  10. stato

    Scar Veteran Exploding Hits doesn't obey rule of one?

    EDIT: Deleted comment - I made an error
  11. Yep as others have said. Warscroll builder (and the AoS app) are just tools, not the authority on rules. They contain errors (despite the best efforts of the small teams involved in running them). So many issues (facebook groups especially) stem from people falsely believing these tools to be law and not referencing actual rule books.
  12. Ive looked at some of the list rundowns, some are great, others are not. Its going to choke under the weight of lists if they dont have a purpose, I presume some level of moderation will be done to manage this? Its already a HUGE amount of reading to digest whats being written. Some lists dont really give you anything other than stats from units and claiming they are great and will work fine, but no info on threats to tactics or potential concerns or how to deal with common tactics.
  13. stato

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Straight up paying to pass the test, no. But some command abilities or other abilities can apply, it depends on the specific wording, it needs to reference battleshock tests not the battleshock phase.
  14. stato

    Chameleon skinks summoning

    Does the core rules commentary not cover this? (pg.6) Both would apply at the set-up step?
  15. stato

    Is a Grand Alliance Order army still valid?

    Yes it certainly can. So many options available to Order. Check out this crazy combination, its done well at a few events I think.