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  1. Some lovely models being shared here. This is my latest Warband. I’d seen the theme done with other chaos models and wanted to try it out, then saw it’s pretty popular 🤣. Still happy with my version, it was a learning experience trying new skills etc.
  2. Any chance we could move wishlisting for a new battletome into a different thread? the AoS2 has become dominated by wishlisting and home made scrolls.
  3. Not really, move half your units models into contact with the enemy unit as far as pile in move allows, aim for a 1" spacing between them, now move other half of the unit to fill in a second row in base contact with 2 models in front of it = coherence. Now measure which of the 2nd row are in melee range (some might be, some might not). Im sure there will be ways to optimize pile in to get 1 more model fighting, but a few games practice will show where you can do that, and even then all the strategies etc. that people are theorizing rely on the opponents specific setup and no terrain, so i personally dont think its worth trying to think about it too hard.
  4. They do. But how do you balance making enough vs making too many that they are still on the shelf when they release the 3 tiers of introduction box in another months time.
  5. Without the GHB and FAQ i think there is a lot we still dont know. Possible battallions may get some of the bonuses the core battallions do. Also unit min sizes may change (20 ungor min maybe?).
  6. When applying wounds you apply them one at a time rather than as a batch, so if 20 wounds are taken by a 10 wound monster, it dies after the 10th wound is applied, the remaining 10 wounds are wasted. So for your monster 10 wounds would be applied then it dies, at that point it would fight (in my understanding of it).
  7. The savings are potentially even more than that (in the UK at least) when you consider 3rd party sellers as the contents individually are 'GW direct' rather than normal stock lines. These products only get at best a 10% reduction from 3rd parties, where as this set will be available for 25% off. Basically means if you are buying it for the Bullgors, the Cygor and Shaman will be free. I agree thats not much use if you already have that many SC, but i only have 2 SC, so will likely pick up 2 of these new sets.
  8. Good point, could be a squig herd? My first thought was Beastclaw Raiders (now Mawtribes) and Ogre Butcher (finecast model? so not likley in a box set) but there could be lots of options for the herd word.
  9. Id have assumed butcher-herd would be destruction, Mawtribes specifically, given Kragnos is destruction. Herd does suggest beastmen though
  10. So for the first unread post issue. Clicking the blue button works... if you are in the forums. But on the site home page the 'popular now' and 'recent topics' listings dont have buttons, so click those and you go to the first page of those threads, logged in or not. That is generally how i used to navigate the site and i thought it used to still take you to first unread, now it does not, but ive not been on TGA hardly at all over lockdown so well behind the curve on what changes have happened here so sorry if this is a known thing. Thanks.
  11. So if you have spent money elsewhere, or not at all, and you are bothered by this or lost interest in GW products, email them. Forum posting might get noticed but a bunch of well thought out non-ranty or hyperbole emails explaining your thoughts may just get passed on. I dont think it will make a difference in this specific instance about Cursed City coming back or getting a response, as the decisions about this will now be at the top level and concern on share prices will make them keep sweeping CC under the rug, so the only response we will get will be a statement in the end of year report about positives and negatives of the past operating period. BUT, knowing there is a person on the end of their actions, either through feedback or sales figures, will be considered in future actions.
  12. So as the person most impacted by this, has it changed your buying habits? as in actually. Money in your bank and not spending it on GW. Be good to get an actual opinion from an affected party. Cant speak for everyone obviously but most people seeming to think GW acted badly are still posting in other threads about GW games and what armies/units to buy for gaming. So while GW have acted very poorly, it has (as is often the case) made little difference to the bottom line.
  13. There have been numerous occasions where Azyr has been wrong, either points, not getting list building right, not uniformly updating FAQ (as you say most go in but people have reported errors in the past). Many arguments on here and facbook groups about are caused by people quoting what you can and cannot do on warscroll builder or Azyr, especially battleline, allegiance or artefect allotment. I cant quote anything here as ive not followed it for a while and they do update/correct the apps (if slowly), but we are currently talking about incorrect points for something that was changed in the GHB (6 months ago!) so there is one example. While it can obviously be used as an easy reference the definitive 'correct' rules are those in printed copy when used alongside Errata documents. Id love it if they switched to Azyr as the focus but thats not what they currently do sadly. So in summary, if there is any question about rules or how something works, dont use the apps as a reference, check the books and Errata. 😁
  14. Yes this is what made me ask the question, as i didnt have the GHB to hand. Its a shame GW cant keep the Azyr app up to date but people need to stop relying on it, even the best checked app can be wrong (admittedly so can the GHB but its hard copy so its what we use until a FAQ changes it).
  15. Hi all, does anyone know the current points of the Briar Queen and co. They are 180pts in Warscroll Builder , and 150pts in the AoS app and the GW download. I dont have my GHB to hand to check if it was changed.
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