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  1. Yep. I chopped his hand off and replaced with a scroll holding hand from an Evocator to signify him as the Arcanum not incantor (always best if your opponent has an easy way to tell all the almost identical stormcast apart!)
  2. Guys, if you are going to write essays just email each other 😁 Or at least hide some of the responses, its going to be one post a page if you make them any longer! 🤣
  3. Thanks (and thanks everyone else who answered). I'm hampered by running my list as Tempest Lords (damn you narrative tendancies!) so struggle compared to the other Stormhosts. With Sequitors and Evocators going up my previous tactic of using Arcanum of Gryph with his command abilities is less useful, so thinking i might try to spend all my CP on a dracoline horde :0)
  4. Quick Q: can you stack the Lord Arcanum on Dracoline command ability ; Pack Alpha (add 1 to attacks characteristic of .... etc. ). Thanks.
  5. On the GW store entry for the handbook it says.... Open War Terrain – presents four different methods of setting terrain up before your games, including an optional terrain generator, and optional rules to provide instructions for where you place terrain on your battlefield. Are we sure the terrain rules are for matched play?
  6. Liberators at max unit 20 with a max discount would have been nice. Lots of talk last few pages about Libs over Sequitors, but yeah Judicators (and castigators!) needed a bonus.
  7. Why do you think the book and cards will be out of date? The GHB will only change the points for spells (not seen any rumour to suggest otherwise) so the Malign Sorcery book still contains a large amount of stuff that can be used such as the endless spell rules, realm spells, realm artefacts, magic themed scenario etc.
  8. Looks awesome. Have to say though, kinda getting non-plussed of the proliferation of -1 to hit already in AoS so not sure about adding more due to weather. There will be games where it will be almost impossible to hit once you stack this on top of all the minuses some armies get. EDIT: Also, it says on page 4 use the 2020 handbook? 😉
  9. 'Order of the Blood Drenched Rose'? More like 'Knightly Order of the Blessed Lady' 😁 ...those stories about what happened in the last village they visited were totally fabricated, no one got bitten at all 🙄 I'll get my Bretonnian Knights on the table somehow!
  10. I pointed out this would happen when GW decided 2 models equidistant would pin (rather than the more obvious choice of decide which is closer, like every other time a GW rule has 2 models equidistant). Everyone went ballistic and claimed you could never measure 2.9", and even if you moved them in place and stated 'these are 2.9" away, ok?'. So id caution against this strategy or you may have issue with your opponents.
  11. Yep, same here for Tempest Lords. I just went with a slightly fluffed 'the Sacrosanct are guardians in Azyr so have the Azyr hammer symbol because they dont live/stay/hang-out with the rest of the host in their Stormcastle/keep' kind of story.
  12. I ran a max unit of 20 Stormcast Sequitors (120pt for 5) and found them powerful but unwieldy and difficult to add buffs due to the amount of space they took up on 40mm bases (the buffs I wanted where 'wholly within' which is a challenge, there are some buffs that are easier for them). Essentially its down to how you want to use them, Liberators (100 for 5) for example max out at 30 models which is a huge amount of pts and board space.
  13. I think this is a general GW theme these days, maybe two options at most when you build a model but nothing more. Warcry does seem to be a 'warband in a box' approach to factions, underworlds style. We will no doubt find out this week as more is revealed.
  14. Im not sure it will be so far into Necromunda everyone seems to think it will be. Kill-Team has a campaign for growing your party, and developing skills, a little expansion on that would suit Warcry, you could even use cards to give models advances, like Underworlds but carrying on between games.
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