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  1. Looking forward to this, my first facehammer! Someone might want to check the event timings in the pack though. Game 1&2 have 3 hrs, 3 is listed as 2hrs (17:00-19:00). Pack still says rounds last 2.5hrs also.
  2. Source: Email to retailers from GW. 'For now' and 'current warbands' is very specific wording. Looks like others have speculated they dont want to keep 3+ seasons of warbands running at the same time. Expect for competitive play card ranges will be restricted. Doesnt affect me as just play with friends, but we all know how competitive rules drop into casual play against new people.
  3. Presumably youd just use it as Azyrite ruins? Since that is listed in the GHB and the Townscape kit just adds a few longer pieces and a floor, but is otherwise just some ruins.
  4. Look at what they have done with Kill Team, we have Heros and Elites, be unsurprising to have Warcry not include similar larger stronger models in the future (hopefully more new sculpts since we are on a chaos focus, and then of course AoS allegiances booster packs to add to the cards everyone can buy now 😉)
  5. Look like 2 medium plinth (shattered temple) pieces, a pair of dogs sprue, and a bridge/small plinth sprue. Cant see any pillars shown in the pic for this new set? Based on the current big set is £95, this new set would be minus the half round half square dias and pillars part of the set, say £40ish (round dias price separate), then add on £27 for another shattered temple plinth (and minus a bit for the pillars from that set). So maybe £70-80ish of value for the Shattered Stormvault set of estimate rrp £55-60. Yeah its not bad.
  6. How many prices rises did those models get in the last 5 years, thought this was the only one? Have their been any products that have had multiple increases, paints are only ones i can think of?
  7. A SIXTY SEVEN percent increase to... continue to be able to purchase a model that they would likely otherwise ditch from the range. There is a possible alternative for you.
  8. Metal models. Not something they make on a large volume at all and has always been labor intensive. They are obviously having to bump prices to cover costs, alternative would be to put up entire ranges to cover the loss on models 99% people wont buy.
  9. Ooo interesting. 4 haulers starts to get nasty. Think id rather have more wardens, 3 units of 3, instead of the second unit of thunderers. Lose the bonus CP though. Would put a lot of units spread across the board, could be hard to deal with.
  10. I said 3 (of 6), I'd mis read as you had 6 units in the spearhead. You are right, if you only have one unit it cant be in the realm.
  11. The units they increased went up by £1 - £2.50, a 10% or less increase, with only a few exceptions. Mostly these were units cheaper than the alternatives in other factions. So yes i think they thought the market could bear the increase, given its so small and wasnt a range wide increase.
  12. SC can deploy one unit in celestial realm for each unit they have delpoyed on the battlefield, so in your spearhead 3 (of 6) could be in the realm, of the main body at least 1 (of 3) could be, potentially all 3 if none in first wave were. The question @King Taloren is asking is does 'have deployed' in the requirement mean 'have deployed past tense' (as in all deployments so far) or 'have deployed currently'. The rule was not written with the idea of mid game deployments so we need an FAQ really but id waiver on your side or, have deployed (total units), this is GW though so who knows 🤣
  13. They post half and full year figures, there is a link at the bottom of their home page to investor relations. It mentions new factory and other investments in the business but doesnt specify figures. My post wasnt about individual item profit, because as a business they have a lot of variation and the bottom line is every sale has to contribute to the whole company, they cant drop prices of some items that cost less to produce or other items would have to increase. Imagine how much a battle tome would cost if it had to make 30% profit paid for by its own sales. Buy an army of plastic for £20* and a battletome for £150* (*examples entirely made up based on what everyone says models should cost)
  14. Its very easy to get the answers to 4 and 5, its in their annual and half annual reports. second half of 2018 they made £120+m revenue, of which £40m was profit, so 30% of what you pay for something is profit. Individual items will swing obviously with 'savings' items like starter sets not making as much as separate kits. But the fact is overall they only make 30% profit from money we give them, so dont see how them trying to increase that to 31% is indefensible.
  15. Because theyve been doing 'varying costs of entry' since the mid 90's, so no I dont think they are trying to 'gouge' buyers. Have people actually looked at the price rises? or is everyone assuming all units are going up by £15 like the Lord of Change, stuff that has changed (majority of things have not changed) has gone up a small amount. Arkanuats have gone up £2.50 to £30. My 2000pt Kharadron army would be a whole £7.50 more expensive, someone get me a stool as I need a sit down after that devastating revelation 😓. I appreciate some armies will go up more, i was going to build a (40k) Guard army, that will now cost £20 more if i have 100 guardsmen, 20p extra per model.
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