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  1. I tired the cleansing phalanx for a while and struggled to get any benefit out of it other than reduced drops, CP and artefact (thats good enough though to be fair). With your list your drops are still high so I think for me 10 evocators is better than 2x5 and use the 120 points of the battalion on something else if you have it. Comet would be a good one, always fun in a SC list if you havent bought the model yet.
  2. Presumably youd just use it as Azyrite ruins? Since that is listed in the GHB and the Townscape kit just adds a few longer pieces and a floor, but is otherwise just some ruins.
  3. Look at what they have done with Kill Team, we have Heros and Elites, be unsurprising to have Warcry not include similar larger stronger models in the future (hopefully more new sculpts since we are on a chaos focus, and then of course AoS allegiances booster packs to add to the cards everyone can buy now 😉)
  4. Look like 2 medium plinth (shattered temple) pieces, a pair of dogs sprue, and a bridge/small plinth sprue. Cant see any pillars shown in the pic for this new set? Based on the current big set is £95, this new set would be minus the half round half square dias and pillars part of the set, say £40ish (round dias price separate), then add on £27 for another shattered temple plinth (and minus a bit for the pillars from that set). So maybe £70-80ish of value for the Shattered Stormvault set of estimate rrp £55-60. Yeah its not bad.
  5. How many prices rises did those models get in the last 5 years, thought this was the only one? Have their been any products that have had multiple increases, paints are only ones i can think of?
  6. A SIXTY SEVEN percent increase to... continue to be able to purchase a model that they would likely otherwise ditch from the range. There is a possible alternative for you.
  7. Metal models. Not something they make on a large volume at all and has always been labor intensive. They are obviously having to bump prices to cover costs, alternative would be to put up entire ranges to cover the loss on models 99% people wont buy.
  8. Its like World Series baseball, its essentially the US rankings 🤣 (no offence PJetski, you are a super ace player and community contributor, but ITC means nothing outside of US for AoS).
  9. Some way to add speed always adds benefits, like being able to block enemy movement or getting into combat when we need to. I dont do much shooting though, mobility for capturing objectives usually ties in with that (capping objectives youve cleared with shooting). Most of the time having the right stuff in the Celestial Realm is what ive done over points spent on relocation. Heraldor though is always worth a look, can pump out a serious amount of mortal wounds with his horn blast.
  10. Ran a 6 strong unit of Dracoline at the weekend with an Arcanum on Dracoline and a cheeky Heraldor for run and charge. They did well and lasted a good amount of time even when getting battered about, but perhaps that should be expected for 600pts. Struggled to make Pride Leader work on the unit as positioning was difficult to get the Lord tight against the unit for the wholly within 9", but when it worked it was amazing. I run as Tempest Lords (for my sins) so while I lose out elsewhere I am often lucky enough to have plenty of command points to spend, so was throwing 2 down at time on the Pack Alpha command ability to get 5 attacks from the mounts, my rolling was terrible so i think this saved me somewhat as I was always doing something with those attacks rather than a massive whiff. Looking forward to getting them stuck into tougher targets at a tournament next weekend.
  11. Ooo interesting. 4 haulers starts to get nasty. Think id rather have more wardens, 3 units of 3, instead of the second unit of thunderers. Lose the bonus CP though. Would put a lot of units spread across the board, could be hard to deal with.
  12. I said 3 (of 6), I'd mis read as you had 6 units in the spearhead. You are right, if you only have one unit it cant be in the realm.
  13. The units they increased went up by £1 - £2.50, a 10% or less increase, with only a few exceptions. Mostly these were units cheaper than the alternatives in other factions. So yes i think they thought the market could bear the increase, given its so small and wasnt a range wide increase.
  14. SC can deploy one unit in celestial realm for each unit they have delpoyed on the battlefield, so in your spearhead 3 (of 6) could be in the realm, of the main body at least 1 (of 3) could be, potentially all 3 if none in first wave were. The question @King Taloren is asking is does 'have deployed' in the requirement mean 'have deployed past tense' (as in all deployments so far) or 'have deployed currently'. The rule was not written with the idea of mid game deployments so we need an FAQ really but id waiver on your side or, have deployed (total units), this is GW though so who knows 🤣
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