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  1. Yes, as the bites are made after pile in but before the attacks, removing models might put you outside weapon's range or even 3in engagement range.
  2. Clanrats. There's always too many of them, they screen their shooting, they are fearless through the verminlord and there's no way an equal amount of Liberators or Sequitors can trade with them somewhat equally.
  3. You can cast speed of lightning and oray teleportation for almost a 50/50 chance to make that 9" charge. Considering disappointing units, it's every single stormcast hero in a fight, Lord Celestant moreso than any other. Not a single one is a capable duellist, most are not tanky and all of them are (at least mildly) expensive. Considering their lore of single handedly slaying greater demons and such, it's just silly.
  4. Lucur


    Yeah, but then again, it opens up using 10 or 15 and not feeling like a dumb-dumb Has anyone tried dropping the pride leader Lord Arcanum? I didn't play much these days, but the last match i really struggled to keep the Arcanum in position to buff the unit (read it worked turn one and then never again). If we don't use Sequitors as battleline it's just such a huge investment and we don't really get the CP to buff the dracoline attacks all that much (i mostly run CVs and that CA is plain better if you got only 1 CP to spend).
  5. Hurricanum in CoS only. You might try a Tauralon but likely loose it after the first fly over
  6. Lucur


    Cogs is pretty good, it also helps with offensive with celestial blades + empower. In my original list i ran 20 Sequitors and used cogs on following turns to quickly close and charge with those.
  7. Lucur


    What was the issue you were having? Were you lacking in overall bord presence and outscored? Or did the cats get nuked before doing enough damage to cripple your opponent? As i stated above (several times, i feel like an old grumbler ), i like to buff my cats to maximum tankiness (castellant + chrono cogs) to survive the counter attack after they charge and delete a thing. From there you can get a second major threat on the board, as ballistas or some raptors or whatever, and then flesh out the scoring options. It's the latter where i find your list a bit weak, i'd drop 5 Sequitors and a CP for some Palladors. Then there's the Vexillor, imo the cats don't need a teleport, the ballistas are not a good target as they want to stay clumped around the LO, that leaves the Sequitors, which i just recommended to cut ^^ that'd leave you wih some wiggle room for a few aetherwings to get to places. That's my 2ct
  8. Take Gav, surecharge them in, wonder why you didn't take Evocators in the first place I don't see a slow, expensive unit accomplish much against current lists. They lack the survivability to weather shooting and MWs, they lack the speed to cover the board (which can be fixed but increases the investment even further) and even if they hit melee, those hammers don't quite crunch the way they should. Which makes any first generation SCE fan sad. The other paladins at least get skyborne slayers to deliver them.
  9. The issue is how easy this would be to work out: make a community post. Maybe even offer a month free of charge as recompensation. They waste so many resources on their petty whc articles, they could easily come up with a short "apologies, we're on it" and there would be no reason for a thread like this. But they didn't, so...
  10. Actually the hyper competitive waac players have a vested interest in precise, reliable rules writing. You can thank the "they'll play it as intended anyway" rules writers for sloppy stuff, that's not to blame on competitive play (and i am not a grand advocate of competitive warhammer in general, mind you)
  11. I think skyborne slayers requires the Lord Celestant warscroll, not the keyword, thus Vandus can't satisfy the battalion's requirement.
  12. Lucur


    Looks solid, i personally would advocate a Knight Heraldor. It gives you the opportunity to a t1 charge, allows fall back and charge to keep that charge bonus up on the kitties or just pulls those Sequitors up faster with run and charge. The mortal wound splash is the cherry on top. Other than that i really like the 3 threats this creates, looks really fun! Considering the spell, empower is better than celestial blades statistically. For the Arcanum i'd consider something more offensive with unlimited range, ie Stormcaller or lightning blast. His innate spell is short range and prime electrids arcane bolt is better in most cases, while azyrite halo isn't that good without rerolling saves. Might work well on the Sequitors though.
  13. Silly me, somehow my brain made Gotrek ignore all allies rules ^^ The point hike on the battlemage is a bummer, last i played around in warscrollbuilder it was still on 90 pts i think (after SCE units were updated).
  14. Anyone tried an Amber mage as ally? Extra 2in run and charge sounds decent (i want to use one for my kittycators ofc, but the buff might just as well work for Gotrek).
  15. You might want to check out the Dracoline thread, most of what is in there wasn't touched by the recent changes, we might just get more toys.
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