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  1. I'm totally with you that magic heavy armies should be playable, i don't want auto unbinds or can't cast stuff (unless it's got limited range and needs smart moves). All i'm saying is we could easily have more interesting mechanics influencing spellcadting than just get +X to cast or auto unbind and the likes.
  2. I strongly disagree on the anti magic thing. Sure it's bad design to just nope people out of a phase. But we could use things, that create INTERACTION with the opponent's ability to cast magic. Be it single mages or hordes of them, positioning and decission making should make the difference in any phase, randomized by dice. Especially against armies with the insane modifiers on cast rolls we could use things, that decrease their chances, reduce their range to make them take risks or some such.
  3. I'll go with an ochre/cream and dark green for the cloth and either silver or light brass for the metal as a first attempt. Then again purple might suit them super well... can i revoke my first answer? ^^
  4. Another Lumineth-Letdown. Look at me being funny. Seriously though, i don't get why there were no new models.
  5. That artwork is fan-fething-tastic! But it reinforces my feeling about the two hammers, i really prefer the singular large one.
  6. And boy do they get the talk up with these jabs. Nuff said about what's to like or not with these models (like em or not the QUALITY is amazing!), i'm curious how other aspects will turn out. This cannot be all, as most of us agree, and i'm interested whether we will see more elite infantry and monsters for the other elements or some shooters or engines or (bestial?) cavalry. Ox helms aren't up my alley but the sheer design potential... i'm more hyped now, after a release i find mostly meh, than i've been in the last two months.
  7. Pretty much what i thought, the hammerers heads need reworking, the cow spirit i actually like in a wierd way ^^ i just hope we get another type of elite infantry, i got a bunch of SCE to play hammertime already..
  8. Ooooooh no they won't! I mean, they can't. They can't right? Please tell me they can't... ;_;
  9. I think it's around 1700-1800 GMT. I'd assume they go into lore more and don't show much more of the models, not to spoil the upcoming reveal.
  10. Cities of Sigmar with some Demigryph Knights for the heavy lifting and Pistoliers to skirnish around should be okay. The Choice of mounted heroes is a bit lacking, as far as horses go...
  11. That's why you don't go full...
  12. What with Kroak, Lord Arcanum on foot and all the endless spells? Spending the CP to increase the movement of spells makes them far safer to use without them backfiring the turn after and also increases damage potential. Maybe a Stardrake for another +1 cast and the immovable object he is, large unit of Concussors or Desolators for the countercharge? Though that would leave little points for endless spells and need some fast movers to cap after the "nuke"...
  13. Just to keep this discussion on topic, toads and frogs aren't lizards, they're amphibians!
  14. With the sideways "ears" i'd assume mongol influences, otherwise they seem more hellenistic to me, though.
  15. I really don't like the sentinels' helms. They look like they pulled their sleepy caps over their sideburns >.<
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