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  1. I just had a day off this monday, which i used to "play puppets" with my elder hobby ruiner. She was sitting at the table playing with her dolls, i was sitting there painting mine and we had a wonderful 4 hours of joint enjoyment she's just about to turn 5, so you don't have to wait forever. She also demanded me to paint a gryphhound for her in her favorite colors two years ago, my wife couldn't deny me the painting time till it was done either
  2. I think vanari is just a play on the latin word venari which means to hunt. It's the added copyrightability i guess I'd assume the Tyrionic and Teclian parts will be subfactions rather than individual model lines. We don't want to be excluded feom playing with all the shiny toys after all. Then again i could be totally wrong and they could come up with dual kits for all the things and split them between sun aelves and moon aelves...
  3. I think the bend is part of the camera settings/ lense used. On the other pics they're straight. And historical polearms didn't bend like that either (and partially had way heavier heads than just a blade), they'd easily snap on the first thrust. Uf you want to get more info on historical polearms (and one vs two handed spear grips for that matter), go check schola gladiatoria on the YouTubes, the man has some pedegree and gives connectio s to other credible sources.
  4. I don't think the line troops should have a massive damage output, they're for holding the line so the mages and cav and dragons can come in for a solid kill. (Though i hope our lowliest warriors outperform, say, Freeguild chumps) Maybe we get a similar mechanic to the new KO aethergold, where you get a once per game boost. And once all the Aetherquartz is used up you better hope you did the job.
  5. Archaon kicked Sigmar's butt from the old world to the mortal realms in the first place. Also, Nagash is popably the easiest god to DEFEAT in combat, remember he tends to sprinkle shards of himself all over Shyish because he's a hlrrible control freak... Can't wait for the article tomorrow, though. If i didn't need to save up anyways i'd be dying for the release
  6. Considering the Sisters of Battle preview, GW very clearly stated in their first rebiews that they would be ober a year off and that they would share ongoing development, which we haven't seen ever from them. I hope they do more of the sorts. I remember Lumineth being mentioned as early 2020, that would make me guess april, late march AT BEST. But that's nowhere near waiting over a year, gladly.
  7. I'm torn between purple/ white or green/ beige and some gold. Then again classic Lothern style would suit these folks perfectly... I guess i'll try several once i have a box in hand
  8. I'll wait until i see Teclis in person before i judge, i also didn't like Tauralons in the pictures but i think they're pretty sweet hands on. The other models that were presented i reeeeeaaaally like, they're halfway between old Hilgh Elves and Idoneth, which were the first iteration of Teclis' vision after all. I also don't get the comment about the spearmen being too little dynamic, they're the anvil after all. Disciplined ranks of determined warriors with glinting armor. I'm such a Timmy
  9. You might want to consider morale, too. The noise and smoke a salvo of muskets produce is far more intimidating than a salvo of arrows or bolts, also the impact is more conceivable as the transferred kinetic energy is far higher in a musket. Not that morale had any impact in AoS, that's what inspiring presence is for in real history (up until the 1st World War that is) breaking the enemy's morale would usually win the battle long before severe casualties were sustained by either side. Also, as was said before, it wouldn't be practical for all factions to develop in similar paths, that's what historical wargames are for. And i really like my sword and magic stuff more than everyone moving squares of line infantry...
  10. Yes, the unit does not create a magic box. But it's hard to draw line of sight in between three ranks of goblins to shoot the shaman behind in the foot, for example. I've never had aby issues with LoS outside being thoughtless, myself or the opponent, when positioning units.
  11. You never played WoW, op? Because Ironforge and Stormwind are examples of this naming method, incorporated in one of the most succesful cash cows a video game has ever grown into... I really don't mind the city names, at least the ones i know of. What does bother me is the nomenclature for Stormcast units. We don't need more tors of any kind for goodness sake
  12. I'm actually amazed at the age most of the guys on here started. Even when i dove in (age 17 or 18), i hardly had the money to get stuff i wanted, despite having a small job and all. Most people i know got in way later, some about 16 years, but most at 20+ !
  13. You could even split the attacks of every single plague monk, if you so desired The concept of a single combat is past us, as are initiative steps. Consider the attacks made in the combat phase like shooting, just alternating between players. Considering the pile-in, keep in mind you have to end your move closer to the closest enemy model, so no moving away from your enemy, unless you laterally keep the same distance or close in. Hope that helps and doesn't cause additional confusion 😅
  14. I prefer some stupid instances of gamey-ness to oblong discussions about the grad of visibility of units. I really rather bite the bullet there. Then again, tip of the bow to heel of the boot shooting does suck in a big way and people pulling that stuff should be shunned
  15. I'm pretty much on the fence about this matter. In general, i think it would be healthy for the game if it had more nuance than a d6, say a d10 or d12, to give more room for differentiating armies and characters' skill. Eg it makes no sense for a Stormcast to have the same save as a Greatsword, gamewise a 5+ would be too weak and a 3+ across the board for SCE would be bonkers. Then again for damage rolls i absolutely despise the swingy rolls. The aforementioned rule from 40k (d6, but minimum 3) is pretty much the most elegant way besides fixed numbers.
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