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  1. Castigators are horrible. Ballistae are swingy, even with proper support (Lord Ordinator for example, or Knight Azyros for rr1s). Sequitors are okay for pick up games, Evocators are really strong. Lord Arcanums don't pull their weight in combat, don't send them off. I think the list might have a lot of shenanigans to forget or get wrong for a new player (Sequitor and Castigator channeling, Cycle of the Storm, extra attacks for Sequitors and Castigators against Chaos and ghosts), but otherwise looks solid to begin with, as there's a bit of everything. Tipps on building up the list depend on theme and competitiveness. If you wanna run all Sacrosanct, get more of what is there (but drop the Castigators unless you go for the Hailstrike Battery battalion), if you wanna go full bore no friends lists, read back a few pages on Anvilstrike lists.
  2. Is it usual for GTs to run 2500? I've never seen any events beyond 2k around here.
  3. You could even split the attacks of every single plague monk, if you so desired The concept of a single combat is past us, as are initiative steps. Consider the attacks made in the combat phase like shooting, just alternating between players. Considering the pile-in, keep in mind you have to end your move closer to the closest enemy model, so no moving away from your enemy, unless you laterally keep the same distance or close in. Hope that helps and doesn't cause additional confusion 😅
  4. Considering chaff, i think skinks still offer the most utility, but a max sized blob of Freeguild Guard or Bleakswords not only absorbs a lot of space but is also really dangerous. If you just want a cheap unit with 10 wounds to throw about, skinks are the better choice with their high move and retreat shenanigans.
  5. If general on bird means a freeguild general on griffon that won't work. The CA still specifies freeguild, not CoS units.
  6. Prosecutors with javelins are among the better shooting units for sce as long as they get their damage buff (from pure mathhammer under ideal circumstances ofc). For 90 pts they are not bad at all, it's more the fact that either points are too slim to shave those off in most lists or that the role they fill is redundant.
  7. I'm in all vanilla Hammers of Sigmar. On the models i basecoat grey i hate it (like Sequitors) bit it's not too much gold to get through and more cloth, which is fun to paint to me. Liberators, basecoated with Retributor spray, are done super quick. Overall i am very pleased and like the scheme a lot. I do have several other projects though, one of which is 40k Eldar. They have a lot of different paint schemes within a single army, and i love my hobby ADD for when i'm bored with a scheme i can hop to another one or two for a few models and then come back.
  8. To chip in on the argument, to me this is a gentleman's game, even when competitive. Thus if something is unclear, i give the benefit of doubt to my opponent (unless it's cheesy douchebag ofcourse ). In this case, there is no clear way for yes or no, there's valid arguments for both (you didn't move, but you didn't even have the conditional movement phase to begin with). If you simply plan around the 24" rather than the 30" for the hero phase shot, no argument can be had. Considering you'll have a means of teleportation in an Anvilstrike list more often than not... or you simply request a rule from a TO/judge beforehand to avoid discussion at the table.
  9. Can we moan a bit about how demigryph knights now get a 3+ save, while mighty sigmarite plate only gets a 4+ (except for dracoths. But it's their scales i'm sure )
  10. Warscrolls i'm not sure, but there are several abilities and artefacts, like the warlord and adjutant shenanigans (4+ at the beginning of herophase if close) or hammerhal trait (6+ for every banner in units of the army at the beginning of the turn).
  11. Against an Alpha Strike list you can still place the cats in heaven, screen with libs and pull it from there, especially if you get a double turn 1-2. Cats are utterly beastly
  12. You take the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost and build a list around a unit of nine or more Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike crossbows. With the trait they can shoot twice a turn, making them very powerful. Just read up on the last few pages, there's lots of different lists in here with some decent discussion to boot.
  13. If i used an emerald lifeswarm to resurrect fallen Evocators on Dracoline, do i need to roll a 5+ to get one back or do i get one back with the wounds remaining equal to the roll? (Or two in the case of a 6 with one on one wound?)
  14. No Evocators can only cast Empower (warscroll) or the three powers of the lore of Invigoration
  15. Another advantage of CoS is access to cheap battleline. I'm really curious how they intend to balance that out. Outside of Anvilstrike most people would love to lose their Stormhosts for access to most Order units...
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