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How to get better at gaming

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I thought I would write this post after doing my usual post game/tournament rumination and share with everyone the process I go through to try and get better at AoS.  It probably also helps that the last game (that I will refer to most) was streamed so you can go back and look at what I’m referring to.  It was the final game of Angelcore and I was lining up against Ben Savva’s DoK list with my Morathi, 2x Frostie, 3x10 Arkanaughts and 2 x 30 White Lions.

The reason why I think this process is important for everyone is it’s too easy to blame why you win or lose a game or tournament on dice as that is often the obvious reason and what you focus on but that stops you improving as you don’t see all the things you could have done.  The commentators and other people have said it was an amazing and deep tactical game with top level play, yet looking back on it I made so many mistakes (or could have played ore optimally).  I could look at the game and think if Ben’s Heartrenders hadn’t rolled a 4+ to be able to move and sneak an objective off Morathi and effectively pin her in place for a turn to claim it back I would have won the game.  Or if that had happened Ben could have looked at the game and said I won all of the priority rolls and if only he had won one of them he would have won.  Neither of these things is the reason one of us won or lost, they are just the single obvious ones as they are single important dice rolls. 

My plan for the game was to try and pin him first turn with buffed up phoenix and then sneak around to other objectives. When my charge failed my strategy was to get a double turn to be able to jump behind him with retreats and charges to get onto his objectives with my big things and force him to split his power.  As a strategy this wasn’t that bad, but what I should have done is:

-       The frosties should have started going in opposite directions turn one, one to pin him and the other lower ready to sweep around to the other objective.

-       Both forsties should have been in front of my white lion unit on the objective – with a 2+ armour save they would have been able to take the Which Elves charge and I wouldn’t have lost a unit.

-       Morathi moved out of LoS of his Morathi on T1 so he couldn’t cast spells on me but moved out of buff range of the second Frostie if I got the 2nd turn

-       When I got my second turn and used Morathi to kill a middle one of his Sisters with the gaze to make him lose half the unit, I should have done that to the Witch elves (I’m not sure I would have been in range but might have).  That would have forced him to lose either the larger group of models or the smaller group that was in range of all his buffs.  I could have then charged off into the Sisters.

-       I pinned his Elves well and used 3 different units to split the ways they had to pile in to prevent him being able to do it effectively, what I should have done is use Morath to be the one in base contact with him as she would have survived longer and freed up the Frosties.  Also the top right surviving White Lions should have been further back so he coulnd’t pile in and get them with 2 turns.

-       The Arkanaughts shouldn’t have been on the building (why they never moved) as that meant they couldn’t head towards to other bottom left objective – if they had been on the ground they should have been moving there from T1.

-       The White Lions should never have charged the Witch Elves.  I was clutching at straws by this point anyways but achieved nothing, should have strung out in a line with the arkanaughts behind and over 6” from the objective so he could never claim it with the witches.

Probably a few other things – I haven’t watched the video back but this has been my memory of it.  If I can remember about half of these things then I will be a better player and less likely to lose next time – the dice don’t really come into it.


Many congrats to Ben on the win. Was my favourite game of the tournament andmy brain was buzzing all the way home.




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Nice after-battle report.  I have always found that playing the game is the best way to get better at it, and this is a perfect example of why.  Keep learning your army and preferred playstyle, and work with it.  So long as the dice aren't against you, tactics and strategy will always be the best way to win at wargaming, in particular Age of Sigmar.

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