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  1. Last minute as usual but here goes: From the shadows he watched, the Beastclaw tribe had swept into the mountains bring with them the winter, and it would be a matter of days before they broke through the mountainous ring into the shadowy vales they protected, his homelands. As he watched and composed the message of warning and doom he saw a salvation of sorts. A darking gloom descended on the pass and dark shapes coalesced into heaving blocks that surged forward and engulfed the thundering beasts. Moonclan. A bounding ball of orange fury burst from a small ravine tearing apart a pack of mournfang and their riders before disappearing into a large cavern. As he watched he saw the grots swarming over the large beasts, using their nets to entangle and snare the bulky bodies of the riders and their mounts. He then understood the plan unfolding before him. The Moonclan weapons could not inflict killing blows to such large behemoths but the trapped Alfrosuns began to panic and the reason soon became apparent as down the pass swept the icy Everwinter. The Moonclan faded before it back into their caves and holes leaving the ensnared raiders to their icy prisons. The cunning of the grot attack impressed the watcher, but as he watched he saw their viciousness too. The Moonclan reappeared and set about hauling the frozen monsters up the steep sides of the pass, then propping them in place with huge, evil looking spikes many of which were lodged into suitably eye watering orifices ?. The watcher grimaced as he understood their intent. He turned and dispatched his shadowy companion with a message for those in the shaded vales, and watched as the shadowy figure flew off. Turning he saw the cruel greenskins had begun to defrost their huge foes, soon the walls of the pass echoed with the cackles of hordes of Moonclan and the bellows of the bulky monsters and large ogors whose own bulk was proving to be their demise, as they slowly and inexorably skewered themselves. Gnatstikka had seen the shadow thing flit away down the pass and as the roars of pain and grot mirth crescendoed around him he melting into the darkness to investigate. As he neared the spot from a downwind position he caught the funny smell of the watcher and grinned, these poncy valley dwellers didn't smell right but there was a great deal of satisfaction to be had in stikking one wiv' da stikka. The watcher watched the last throes of the raiders and turned to make his way back to the boarder post. The dark patch of rock in front of him cackled and blind panic rose in him, ******!! These Moonclan were also masters of the dark and shadows stabbing pain and a swirling darkness enwrapped him. Gnatstikka hawked up some flem and spat it on the plaid skin of the watcher before dragging the limp body back down into the caves, Gnozzard the Shaman, and his benefactor, would love to poke around in this one he grinned. Around him the grots fed on the beast law and soon infused by the surfeit of meat and blubber the power of the waaaaagh became a howling force and the tribe was on the move, their first target was the mountain peak real gate and from there - well where ever it took them, time for some stabbin' boyz ???
  2. This is totally awesome and such a pretty pack I'm so up for this
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