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Born Of Ash - an Aelf project


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Its more than likely I would try to link them in somehow. I spent some time looking at both the Orruk and Blightking stuff last night and I'm in two minds really - theres a coupe of models I really like from each range, but I dont know if there's enough to spark a decent original idea from. Something with the Blightkings and Gutrot Spume as drowned reavers might work, attacking from a pocket ocean realm and maybe using plaguebearers as drowned victims...

The other option is to expand out the Shards and Embers of Darkness a bit and do some Kurnoth and Treeman conversions. That's maybe playing things a bit safe though when the drowned Blight could offer a bit more. Be interesting to do an army with lots of deep oceanic greens and pallid rotting flesh against corroded iron weapons and armour.

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That is kinda the front runner at the moment - Ive never done any Nurgle chaos stuff before so it would be something entirely new to me and slightly outside of my hobby comfort zone. Gonna give it a fair bit of thought though - part of the problem at the moment is that I don't have a lot of spare storage/display room where I am so there's not really anywhere for me to put a new warband. I'm keeping an eye on some Treelords and Kurnoth Hunters as a backup in case I just decide to expand the Darkness aspect of Born Of Ash in the meantime (plus if they are cheap as toast on eBay, you can't really say no can you?). Barnacles etc would certainly be an option, as would something like the Merwyrm, if I could get hold of one. 

The other option that bound into my head the other day was using some of the Stormcast models instead of the BlightKings - so keeping the drowned theme but having the Stormcast (with different heads and weapons) as totally armoured in corroded iron or similar, and then the plaguebearers (with zombie heads to make them more human and regular weapons) to provide the pallid bloated flesh. Nurgle isn't really my favourite Chaos power and I think he gets a lot of focus along with Khorne, so I might twist them towards Tzeentch, or even a minor Unaligned Godling/Daemon-king that was powerful enough to create its own pocket realm. Using the Stormcast would give a nice contrast colour wise, lots of metallics as opposed to the entirely metallic free Aelves, as well as keeping that large bulky model vs slim lithe model contrast. 

Anyways, back on to said Aelves - invoking Papa's name earlier in the week has led me to be struck down with a lurgy (maybe explaining those fevered moments of hobby inspiration) so I haven't got much writing done. On the plus side, I have finished off the assembly of the Hollow Archers. C'est la:


Still need the bases doing of course, but I'm very happy with how they look. They mark a nice midpoint between the movement of the Dancers and the more static Hollowed, and the bows give me a chance to use the same grey as the ribbons on the Dancers to further link all three versions of the Hollowed together visually. The hero will get done soon as well so I can paint them all together. 

I'm off to fight off the last of Papa Nurgles loving embrace. The Envoy should come soon. Promise. 

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They look great - the nurgle idea sounds great but in many ways the decay/dissolving shares some commonality with your aelves so I agree perhaps a different theme would contrast them more? Just a thought!

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Been a way a while myself, trying to find inspiration for an army to take to LVO, but this plog- WOW

i really admire the discipline in your painting.  The small changes to the harlequins, the great basing.

wish there was some one in our local community at this level.

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Ademo - Thanks man. Yeah you might be right on the similar themes point. The more I think about it, the more I get tempted by the Stormcast idea - its just a case of finding a decent chaotic hook to hang them off and finding the right combo of weapons and heads that spark the look. I still think a drowned theme could work there, think the crushing solidity and dank wetness of the deep ocean versus the ethereal dryness and lithe smoke of the Aelves.  I'm still thinking things over, but I do know that one conversion would be based on the Vexillor and the Retributors, those two have the huge presence that would contrast the most with the Aelves.

Zephyr - Welcome back man :) And thanks as always for your kind words. I'm trying really hard to keep to a very limited palette on this project, which I think is paying off nicely. And you never know mate, there may well be someone around you like me. I'm not all that special ;)

So the lurgy and a sneaky new contract have kept me busy over the last few days, hence the lack of proper updates, sorry about that. Still aiming to get the Envoy up soon and to crack on with the Hollow Archers.

I also scored a reasonably cheap Cockatrice on ebay yesterday, so you know - an Ashen Phoenix is happening.

Still in two minds whether to expand this warband or do something new. Really can't decide at the moment.

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Not all who serve, obey.
The voice of dissent is as
The voice of regret.

 ~ Daughter


Silence filled the barren wastes as Daughter watched the drifting ranks of Hollowed move past the outcrop of sharp rock she stood upon. The bleached and shattered destruction left by her entry to this Mortal Realm was behind them, the desiccated and cut bodies of the inhabitants of these borderlands left to the withering touch of the winds. Banks and tendrils of ash-laden smoke still surrounded Daughter and her Hollowed, moving in winds not born of these harsh lands. Mirror-mask cocked in an unthinking manner more fitting to the young Aelf she should have been, she stood in silence, bone-gauntleted hands twitching. Daughter straightened at the sound of footsteps behind her and something that may have been a sigh escaped her lips behind the mask. His presence is never easy.

The newcomer halted beside her. Long-limbed and thin, as they all were, swathed from the waist down in silks of grey and black. From the waist up, he was bare-chested, skin so pale as to be almost translucent. Dark hair fell in messy braids around his face and bones of my father, of course he is unmasked. Thin anger swirled in Daughter as her cousin leaned on a long staff of black glass and squinted at the Hollowed below, his face entirely too thin and angular to be beautiful. She reached one thin finger up to his face and drew the sharp tip down the line of his cheek.

"You forget your place Envoy. Herald of my House, face of what we are."

The Aelf she had named Envoy glanced at her with eyes that flickered with colour, thin mouth twisting in a harsh smile.

"Oh cousin. Don't mistake me for one of your unfortunates down there. More than Hollow, remember? We all once were."

"Carry my sigil. Find our kin. That is your task Envoy, not to deny the Ash that we came from."

"Yes yes. I remember." Envoy flicked a long finger up to the black glass curve of the crescent moon that surmounted his staff and bled smoke. "I'll make sure every mortal and godling in every realm knows we have returned. I'll find our kin, or what may remain of them. And we shall see how many of them remember who we once were. But I will not bear that mask of emptiness."

He moved away, lean body disappearing into the thickening smoke that drifted from Daughter's sigil. His voice came whispering back to her, as close as a lovers.

"I wonder though, without me here to remind you, will you remember that you had a real name once? The Ash didn’t take that from you."

Alone again on the outcrop, Daughter stood amongst the drifting smoke and ash and felt it caress her skin.



Call me Envoy, call me Wanderer, call me half-seen, unmasked, call me what you will...


...but Hollow I am not...



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Hollowed eyes follow hollowed elf,

Floating lost, bereft of self.

House Of Chains burnt down to Ash,

Returned to life in bitter flash.

Daughter seeks a crown long lost,

Heedless of war, dismissive of cost.

Hate lights the beacon across timeless void,

Signalling monsters men best avoid.

Let all who see the Ashclad know, come what may,

Not all those called wanderers have lost their way.


Awesome work man, truly inspiring stuff as usual.

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