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  1. Because I want an Orion inspired by the older wood elves, the waywatchers and Wardancers I would use the Magnus head with cut down hair and cover it with a greenstuff hood and cowl.
  2. Because I want to highlight the hunting aspect of Orion over the bestial I would probably use the Magnus head with cut down hair covered by a greenstuff hood and cowl. That’s my idea at least, an Orion taking cues from waywatchers and Wardancers.
  3. I’m thinking of doing a Wild Hunt themed Daughters of Khaine army with my wood elves. Wardancers would be the replacement for Witchs and Sisters of Slaughter. Wild Riders as the new medusa unit. Sisters of the Thorn on Fenrisian Wolves as Doomfire Warlocks. Convert the harpies with feathered scourge wings. Horned Rat as a converted Orion to replace Morathi. And an Altar with a whole bunch of giant horns instead of the Cauldron of Blood. Also so have a nice unit of Executioners using grave guard legs, kabalite torsos, WWR ranger heads and Executioner arms to use as allies. Think I will theme it around the son of Orion and Ariel, Atolmis the Ancient, etc. The harpies can be the daughters of Scaw. Its my frontrunner for an AoS army right now.
  4. I haven't had my hands on many stormcast but I think not, the torsos might give you some troubles. Personally I would look at getting a female torso from another source and working the weapons and legs into that. You could make reasonable female stormcast without using stormcast bodies. I would be looking to the 40k Sisters of Battle/Silence line if I were you. It's what I would do, probably will do when my daughter starts playing.
  5. I have used the heads on characters for my wood elf army, they fit well on Sisters of the Thorn torsos, my mounted Spellweaver has one on Neferata's torso and I originally had them on my warhawk conversions, which were winged harlequins with Tyrannid Gargoyle wings but I broke those down in favour of witch elf bodies, Sisters of Slaughter heads and feathered Scourge wings. Wood elf torsos tend to be thin enough to fit them well, anything armoured I would think that you would struggle. I was playing with the idea of putting them on kabalite torsos for my Wildwood Rangers but they never fit so I stuck with the WWR cloaked heads instead. With a little shaving I think they are easy enough to work with.
  6. Hobby Titan has been my secret little weapon for conversions for a long while, easy to use, decent prices and quick to restock. Believe they are based in the US too.
  7. Hollowed eyes follow hollowed elf, Floating lost, bereft of self. House Of Chains burnt down to Ash, Returned to life in bitter flash. Daughter seeks a crown long lost, Heedless of war, dismissive of cost. Hate lights the beacon across timeless void, Signalling monsters men best avoid. Let all who see the Ashclad know, come what may, Not all those called wanderers have lost their way. Awesome work man, truly inspiring stuff as usual.
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