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Born Of Ash - an Aelf project


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Greetings from the Ash

Quick little preview type update today folks, been working a lot this week on contracts and some bits for The Hanged Man's Tarot. But, I've spent the last few days putting the finishing touches to the Hollowed and the Paragon and finally got hold of some gloss varnish today to get the glass masks and gems nice and shiny over the matt varnish. Nice pics of them will be coming up tomorrow, and once I remember to greenstuff a shoulder on one of the Ash Dancers/Spiral Dancers, I'll be sorting their intro post out too.

Ademo - Thanks man, much appreciated. I am really happy with how the robes turned out - getting a glaze medium was such a good call, and Deck Tan has become my new favourite colour, replacing Dheneb Stone. As for the bone, well having painted 3k of bone armoured Astartes and 5k of bone armoured Druchii, I have some experience with it haha ;)

Elfhead - Glad to hear you've come around to it mate. You are right, I do think it is very different to the 'normal' AoS look - or at least that bright GW standard. Bleak and cold is just how I paint now though, its habit haha. God help me if I decide to do something like Orruks.

HadrielCaine - Hey, good to see you again man, shame about Warseer eh? Always great to hear that I inspire people in some way, that's such an awesome thing for you to say. I will have to check out your Wanderers when I can, are you posting them up here?

And finally, as a preview of the pics to come tomorrow (probably...)


When all is done and only Ash remains...


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~ First Sword of a Broken House ~


"Emptiness defied through will, dissolution defied by anger. My father would name him Champion. To the Hollowed, he is the Paragon. I name him only Brother..."


"He remembers a time before the Ash, before the Scouring, as do I. And as in remembering, he is Chained as am I..."


~ The Hollowed ~



"Left hollow and aching, still they serve the broken House that once held them Chained..."



"Emptied of all that made them, even their hate, and left to rise from the Ash..."

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Afternoon folks.

Just some quick replies today, I'm in the middle of undercoating the Wardancers at the moment as well as sorting out the story chapter to go with their reveal. Plan is to get that up in the next few days and then get them painted up pretty soon as well. Once they are done, along with Envoy, its only really the Shard, Embers and Daughter herself left to do for the project.

Unless I decide to expand to a proper gaming thing and do some extras. The live stream of the Warlords event has kinda inspired me, but I dunno - painting armies burns me out enthusiasm wise and trying to work some Battleline units like Glade Guard in might be a step too far for the overall look of the project. Maybe it's something I'll come back to when Aelfs and Wanderers get a proper release.

Double Misfire - Thanks man, always good to hear someone remembers the House Of Chains. There's a bit more to come here, but not a full gaming army or anything, for the reasons mentioned above and in a few other posts. I might try out some other AoS stuff though, maybe.

Elfhead - Cheers buddy, it is good to see that everything will work as a warband overall scheme-wise. I'm looking forward to working on the Wardancers a lot. And have no fear, more story will be coming.

PgMason - Thanks very much fella, atmosphere is something I always try and build a lot of in my projects.

Ademo - Ah cheers buddy, glad to hear you like him. He's got a surprising simplicity to him which I love. Really hits the spot for this project.

Right, I'm off to work on some wordsmithing and to consider picking up the General's Handbook. For research purposes....

Suppose playing a game at some point might be an idea too..... dammit.


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Haha know what you mean... my AOS project has hit the table a total of 1 times... and since the ghb release, a whopping 0! It's pretty scary that we might not even like the game haha! But the modelling side has really caught me for some reason ?

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Born of smoke, dances
Of the past in union
With the ash of now
     ~ Daughter


The bodies of the withered natives that had swarmed from the gullies and defiled lay scattered across the blasted wastes surrounding Daughter and her once-Aelfs. Sectioned and dissected by razor sharp ceramic blades, sprays of drying and thickened blood were lashed on the ground from the piles of fallen. Amongst them lay the occasional gaunt body of a Hollowed, stained ivory armour shattered and ragged grey robes torn, black mirror masks already fogged and cracked. The Paragon led a phalanx of Hollowed towards the defiles, seeking to root out any remaining foe and further secure their own position in these Borderlands, leaving Daughter to stand amongst the fallen in near-solitude.

Around her twisted tendrils of smoke and motes of ash, stirred to life by her very presence and birth in what had become the Ashen Hold. Moving in winds and currents that affected nothing else in these Realms, at times it seemed almost alive in some way and possessed of its own near-sentience. If she listened carefully, focused entirely on it, Daughter would almost be certain that she could hear some faint whispering in the drifting smoke and ash.  She walked amongst the desiccated dead, humming quietly to herself as she stepped carefully between pieces of things that had once been some kind of life.

The scraping sound of metal on rock sawed across her quiet humming and she span, gauntleted hands flung out and clawing at the air. A knot of the withered inhabitants of these lands pulled themselves to their feet, shattered scraps of armour and slivers of dry flesh falling from them like rain. Raising twisted weapons in threat, they hissed and hoarsely screamed at her as they moved closer in shambling steps.

Daughter’s bone-clad hands began to move, twisting through the air and smoke in elegant sweeping motions that began in her long fingers and slowly flowed down her slender arms until her entire body moved sinuously. She began to hum softly again as she moved, the smoke and ash rising around her as she danced and seeming to echo her movements. Her humming grew louder, became a keening song as the thickening smoke and ash coalesced into slender figures wielding long slim blades. Resembling the Hollowed, they too wore stained ivory armour and hid behind black glass masks but were more indistinct and ragged than her brother's warriors, flickering between solidity and insubstantiality. Long ribbons that were at once tattered grey silks and also trails of smoke hung from them and moved in echoes of Daughter’s dance, and the figures themselves were in constant drifting motion around her.

As Daughter continued to sinuously dance amidst the thickening smoke and ash, and keened her wailing song, the figures she had summoned moved and drifted and flickered outwards to the closing withered creatures, beginning their own bladed dance.

More mine than my brother's, woven from the fallen and smoke and ash...

Half-born and most-dead, spiralling and dancing to the song of the Ash.



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Afternoon everyone, how's things?


Ademo - Ha yeah, I don't think the game is quite for me, watching the Warlords stream just made me kinda shudder at the buckets of dice removing entire units before they even did anything, and I think the intrinsic balance wont be there until all the factions have their Battletomes sorted. But who knows, maybe I'll try a small game in Oxford or something. Being able to treat the modelling like a Mordheim or Inq28 project has really been good though, seems like there's a lot more freedom to do pretty much whatever you want.


Zephyr - Glad to hear it mate, I'm aiming to keep that enthusiasm going.


Elfhead - Thanks buddy. I can definitely recommend the Harlie kits, they are surprisingly versatile and fun to use. And with Death Masque coming out, you can usually pick up a bunch on ebay and the like for not a lot. Well worth it. Also great to hear the story works, was hoping I got over that ethereal aspect of the Dancers well enough.


Speaking of them, I've been enjoying the Dancers so much I've cracked right on with their painting - here's how things stand with them at the moment:


So far, the ivory armour is at the mid-stage of completion, as are the ribbons. The next step is to get the grey done on the robes before everything gets the same thin black glaze and is then finished off with some final tight highlights. They're taking a little longer thanks to the lighter grey ribbons, but it's worth it.

I also ordered a few paints and a new brush the other day, and vacillated over adding the General's Handbook too - in the end I played it sensible and didn't order one, but I did order a box of Shadow Warriors so that I can do some bow-armed Hollowed, primarily with the Sisters of Avelorn bits. D'oh.

Ah well, another 6 once-Aelfs wont hurt will it? As long as I don't find a cheap Cockatrice somewhere and do an Ashen Phoenix, it'll be fine....




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Todays quick update is brought to you by coffee, possibly foolishly spending money on more models, a growing itch to play a game of AoS and a terrible plastic crack habit.

I wasn't intending to do any archers for Born Of Ash, but then this happened;


I'm surprised I never picked up any of the Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn before for the House Of Chains, they are rather lovely little kits. And of course, work perfectly with the standard Harlequin head in. Went for the flaming bows because come on - flaming bows. They look sweet. And I love the idea of the Hollowed condensing smoke and ash into ethereal bows. Definitely doing 6 of these, to match the other units, but I do have enough for ten if I get hold of 4 more heads. Which makes other things quite tempting.....

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The shadow warriors kit is pretty nice. There are some shadow warriors lying around here to add to my classic high elves. Are your archers all going to be female or are you gonna clip some arms to use the male torso's with the flaming bows?

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I'm looking forward to painting them, be nice to go back to mostly darker robes after the lighter tones of the Dancers. I am planning to use some of the male torso's in there - the champion torso is easy enough to swap out as the arms are entirely separate, but arm swaps on the others should be simple to do. I might also try trimming down the ****** on the female torsos as they seem to have a bit more armour on them, which will break up the robes a bit. 

I also need to get some pics done of the Ashen Dancers as they are now done fully, as well as introduce the Envoy. Once that's done, I've got 5 Embers and the archers to assemble and paint, as well as the Shard and Daughter herself, so things are getting pretty close to done already. Unless I get tempted to add more. Which is always a possibility. 

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~ The Ashen Dancers ~


"Were they always part of the Ash? Whispering into un-life in echo of the Hollowed and stepping amongst their mirror-family?"


"Or are they what the Hollowed could be? Filled with the nothing of smoke and ash, twisting and dancing on winds that only they can feel?"


"They spin and step in the corners of my eyes, whisper their nothing voices in my ears when I look away. I fear that one day I will understand what they say..."


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No love for the Dancers eh? You lot are a tough crowd ;) 

I kid, honestly.

Very quick update today - been assembling archers and finishing off some other bits too. The Envoy is fully painted, just needs some proper pics doing, and then I'll get his couple of posts up. Next will probably be the archers before I move onto the Shard and Embers. Speaking of the archers, seeing as I seem to have gotten into the habit of doing a character with every unit type, here's a very rough mock-up of the hero that will be accompanying them:


Still loads to do obviously, but really happy that what I had pictured in my head works on the model itself.

In terms of other stuff I might add, I did have a rethink of the mounted Hollowed which I might try out. If that doesn't work, there's an option using the Wild Riders I might try instead. Failing that, I'll just leave it as a bad idea overall. I'm still tempted to try and do an Ash Phoenix - got my eye on a Cockatrice on ebay but might have a look at some other things as alternatives. Not sure how easy the HE Phoenix is to convert... Other than that, something else I might do if the fancy takes is expand all the units up to 10 each. We shall see.

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Wow, some great progress here during my mini hiatus! I love the waywatcher lord conversion - simple but really changes the feel of the mini - which in my opinion is the best kind of conversion.

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Thanks for the comments folks, always great to hear from you all.

DoubleMisfire - No need to apologise mate, I think they snuck in on a quiet day. Great to hear you like them though. Flaming bow wise, I think they're going to end up the same blue-green-grey as the ribbons on the Dancers and the smoke on the upcoming Envoy. I like the idea of the Hollowed making ethereal bows coalesce out of smoke.

Elfhead - Cheers mate, they do add a nice dynamic to the warband. The movement nicely matches the flow of the Mistweaver model as well, which is good...

Scrollbuilderdude - Thanks fella, much appreciated. Still a fair bit more to come, although as things stand the warband is pretty much half-done.

Ademo - Cheers buddy, nice to see you back as well. Yeah I'm enjoying the Waywatcher Lord conversion too, its all coming together nicely. That and the Wood Elf Lord with great weapon on foot are my two absolute favourite WE models so I had to use at least one of them.

So today I finished assembling the Hollowed archers, just need to sort their bases out and finish off their hero too - as well as think of a suitable name for him. Update wise though, its the Envoy next. He should get his intro in the next few days and then have his finished model shown off by the end of the week. After that I'll probably knock out the archers and hero, before finishing things off with the Shard and Embers. All things considered I might call an end to things there for now - I'm leery of doing too much more before Aelves get their actual release but if that's going to be a fair way off I might take things further with Born Of Ash.

The other option of course is doing another little warband of some kind - maybe Orruks or something like Blightkings. Something big and hefty compared to the ethereal and lithe Aelves. I don't think I've ever done a proper greenskin or Chaos project either.....

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