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Marked Mortal Army ideas


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All three of the God specific books have the option to take mortal troops and as we know the Slaves to Darkness qualify for this. (With appropriate Mark, of course)

Is there any mileage in committing to this theme? Take, for example, a Slaves to Darkness collection that was:

1 Lord on Daemonic Mount 

1 Chaos Lord 

1 Sorceror

1 Sayl the Faithless 

40 Chaos Warriors 

20 Chaos Knights 

2 chariots (normal and or gorebeasts)

1 daemon prince. 

Does anyone have any ideas, data or experience on what God provides the most interesting interaction for what is otherwise a vanilla chaos force?

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If you commit to Tzeentch, your list will change (ha). There are mortal casters in Tzeentch that are well worth looking at; Gaunt Summoner, Magister, Curseling, Ogroid Thaumaturge.

Also Sayl becomes an ally as soon as you drop S2D as your allegiance, but your daemon prince stops being one (no S2D keyword) and can take traits/artifacts.

Nurgle is another good boost for S2D.

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Thanks for the responses thus far. I was kind of hoping for a bit of a deeper dive beyond just the allegiance abilities and into some more interesting combo/synergy territory. 

Here's a few of the ideas I have rattling around as an example.

Nurgle gives the opportunity for a pretty nasty bravery bomb. Take the Lord on Daemonic Mount with the Carrion dirge and hideous visage. Flanked by units of Chaos Knights this creates a big bravery debuff bubble (up to minus 5, if my memory serves) in an immediate vicinity around the general. You can do this anyway of course as the general doesn't bring any native bravery debuff so just adding in knights to a normal list would work to. But, you know, theme. The other advantage with Nurgle is Sayl allows you to catapult units into enemy territory and start racking up extra contagion points. Blades of Putrefaction remains stellar of course and adds a lot more punch to typically pillow fisted chaos warriors. Are there any other little gems hidden amongst Maggotkin that I have missed?

As for Tzeentch, I think an army drawn from this collection gives the opportunity to take some of the more fight based artefacts that get overlooked. I say that as someone rather underwhelmed with the Tzeentch summoning mechanic anyway, so lacking a battery of wizards isn't that much of a deal breaker.

Khorne seems the least appealing, unfortunately. Adding a Bloodsecrator in here gets the chaos warriors really going but beyond that I don't have any particularly compelling ideas in mind.

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There's the nurgle marauders combo too; give them two wounds each with one of the nurgle heroes spells, then increase their attacks characteristic with another ability, then teleport them with sayl, or slingshot them past a tree.


I think Tzeentch has the least innate synergy with S2D personally, acting as nothing more than meat shields for the casters and other glass cannon units. I'm not a huge fan of Khorne, but at least you can give your rank and file a few buffs with that allegiance. ?

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Khorne & Slaves go great together! However you need to bring some Khorne heroes to get them going. 

Khorne marked Chaos Knights with glaives in particular love the buffs from bloodsecrator, bloodstoker and killing frenzy blessing. Using these buffs with a chaos Lord on daemonic mount's command ability can have your knights re-rolling their charge with +4" (musician plus stoker), 3 attacks each, 2+ hit (lords ability plus killing frenzy), 3+ wound re-rolling 1's (stoker) at -1 rend & 2 damage, and thats before the horses attack!

Chaos Warriors can certainly benefit from extra attacks, and now that mystic shield has been nerfed to be the same as their inherent ability, the bronzed flesh blessing goes very nicely on them for a 3+ save, re-rolling 1's (2+ save if you can get them in cover). Give them halberds, pop killing frenzy on them and an Aspiring Deathbringer behind them for 4 attacks each, hitting on 3+ with most if not all of the unit in range to attack. For even more damage drop the shields for great blades. With the same buffs they are 4 attacks each, hitting and wounding on 3+ with -1 rend. Seriously nasty stuff. 

I wouldn't bother with chariots (they suck no matter what) and marauders in a khorne army feel like a waste as blood reavers fill the same role. Gorebeast chariots are worth it though, particularly with extra attacks. A khorne daemon prince tooled up with a khorne artifact can do a job for you as well. 

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