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Questions about Rat Swarm's Endless Tide of Rats.



I have a question about the Rat Swarms ability, Endless Tide of Rats,
"In each of your hero phases you can add one extra Rat Swarm model to this unit."
Q1. Do I need prepare reinforcement point for this? The rat swarms are cost 60pts per 2 model, how can I count if I only add one model?
Q2. Can I add the extra Rat Swarm model in my first hero phases (It will let my unit with 2 swarms (60pts) become a unit with 3 swarms (still 60pts)? or I can only add extra model after I lose a model?
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In matched play, units can't get bigger than there size they are bought at.

If you have a unit that already lost models you can use the ability to get model back without paying reinforcementpoints.


Bringing a new unit into play is paragraph 2-4 of the Reinforcement Points Rules on Page 77 of the Generals Handbook and adding models to a existing unit is paragraph 5 of the same rule.

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