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  1. 6th edition for me. I've played Skaven since I started.
  2. I have a question for everyone that thinks Skaven could still get model updates, not even new units just updated models for existing units. If the new Skaven battletome is available for pre-order this weekend and if GW is planning on updating old Skaven models after, would the new battletome have pictures of the old models or the unannounced updated models? Either they ruin the surprise of updated models or the battletome is "outdated" with pictures of old models whenever they announce them. Has GW done something like that before?
  3. Nope. Not at all. lol Go back and read my old comments so that you can better acquaint yourself with what I've been saying instead of mischaracterizing it. I got what I wanted in a new combined army book. I would have been satisfied with just that. What I didn't want was lazy, reused old sculpts in the form of new endless spells and terrain pieces. I agree there is little point to continue a conversation with you until you familiarize yourself with what I've actually been saying and until you give yourself time to cool off.
  4. I'll complain about whatever I feel needs to be complained about. lol Skaven have been waiting since 7th edition Fantasy to get models updated. They have some of the oldest in all of Age of Sigmar. Over a decade is more than enough time to see some of the old metal and resin Skaven models updated. That is completely unrelated to their horrible rush job, copy and paste of reusing old sculpts they've given us with these terrain pieces and endless spells.
  5. Awesome! I'm emailing and letting them know how utterly lazy and horrid the new sculpts look!
  6. No one in Age of Sigmar is complaining about getting battletomes either. People keep saying that people are complaining about getting battletomes and it's not true. I haven't seen one person complain anywhere on this entire site about getting a new battletome. lol In this thread, the thread about the Skaven release in the Chaos forums, and I'm sure many other places on this website there is tons of sensible feedback for GW to act on. And just so everyone knows, you can contact GW Customer Services through their phone number differs in each country (1-800-394-4263 for the US) or email (custserv@gwplc.com) and they will document and forward any of your comments, questions, and concerns to the appropriate people at GW headquarters. That includes any critiques you might have. Obviously, don't be disrespectful or rude, but don't be afraid to let GW know what you think. Customer feedback is an invaluable resource for any company.
  7. Do you have any examples? I haven't noticed it in AoS. If it has been done I can't imagine it was done to the same degree as with this Skaven/FEC release. I think I read others commenting about the horses and Calvary units being the same for some factions or something like that? Totally. But that's partly why this release is such a gut punch. Skaven have already waited. lol We've been waiting since 7th edition Fantasy, over a decade. Skaven has to have some of the oldest models in AoS. And then they give us this terd.
  8. Yeah, I agree they couldn't. If it sounds like that's what I was saying I didn't mean to. What I was saying is I think it would be better financially in the long run and more satisfying for people in general if they did a Gloomspite type of release for an army and then have that army wait however many years for new stuff because I assume it would lead to higher quality products. The two years number was introduced by the other person. I agree. Art is subjective. I'm not saying people can't like these new endless spells. They certainly can. But what I think isn't subjective is that GW has never released a new line of products that were just mashups of old sculpts. That seems to have some sort of objective level of bad and negative in relation to quality for a company that produces plastic sculpts.
  9. hy·per·bo·le Dictionary result for hyperbole /hīˈpərbəlē/ noun exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
  10. That's a really great idea. They already have subscriptions for their AoS app and twitch content. Why not have one with their rule books and battletomes? I'd be willing to pay it.
  11. Yeah, that's too slow. I agree. Slowing down doesn't have to be that slow, just slow enough to better ensure quality products. There's a happy medium in there somewhere that I don't think GW has worked out yet. I mean, releasing endless spells and terrain pieces for two armies that are almost 100% made up of old sculpts has to be bottom of the barrel, right? For a company that makes plastic miniatures as a business, that's just sad and inexcusable. Well, I could be wrong, but I don't think GW has ever released mashups of old sculpts as a new model before? So, from that standpoint they couldn't have been worse. I know Skaven didn't get an update the last couple of editions in Fantasy and what they eventually got in End Times were some of the best models GW has ever made, imo. But I could see the problems of a long release schedule being procrastination and complacency. Like a kid who has a term paper due at the end of the semester in 5 months and does nothing for 5 and half months and has to rush the last couple of weeks to get something together. Maybe some of that was going on? lol I agree. I think GW has been going gangbusters this past year and putting out some of the best products they ever have. They've improved leaps and bounds in almost every way. Especially their social media and twitch presence. I have faith they can figure out that balance eventually. I just would hope these Skaven and FEC models are a wake up call for them. Honestly, their decision to end Digital White Dwarf to me was really alarming and hinted that something wasn't going right. This Skaven/FEC release just confirmed it. Maybe their running on fumes and the whole company needs a long vacation? I'll agree to disagree here. Criticism by it's very nature is constructive to me. I could argue that blind praise is just as useless. It doesn't help improve anything either. Too much praise can actually be detrimental in many ways. Yeah, I hope you're right. I have no clue what they're going to release next. I agree in general that certain armies should take priority over others and have bigger releases. I'm sure they have all their financial information and are crunching the numbers as to what factions they can make the most money off of. I think with Skaven's history of being shafted with releases going back into fantasy and that they are one of the most iconic faction GW has created that they would hopefully get something more than this. I think quality should be the top priority. I think you get more sales with that in the long run. I think if every army got a Gloomspite sized release they would be more than satisfied if they got nothing for two years. Maybe not though? Who knows. I couldn't agree more. I love their digital content and think living digital battletomes and rule books are superior, even if it comes with a much increased cost to make up for the lack of repeated purchases. But there are people out there who will always prefer physical books.
  12. Great list. I just thought it was funny the realm of metal's music wasn't metal. But I still agree with your choices. lol
  13. I said this in another thread, but here's my guess as to what's going on with the out of stock models: "After Skaven's update, most of their fielded models will still be on square bases, in second edition AoS! Unless GW comes out and says otherwise. Maybe that's why Skaven has some units not for sale, so they can simply restock them with round bases? All this rumor and speculation about out of stock models getting updates and it's just their bases getting the update."
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