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Id really like to step up my games with some cool markers for the board. I got the idea from the campaign tokens at GW. Those are very simple, I could easily just make my own.

The terrain dice are cool, but I was thinking of modeling custom tokens. A sacrificial stone block with bloody dagger for Damned, maybe a staff for Arcane, some scary totem for sinister. Or maybe just some custom wooden signs (like road signs).

I like to take cool pics during the game so Id prefer more thematic markers.

Tip tokens like -1 to hit, etc are also useful. There are a few circulating around but nothing thematic - big neon green tokens don't  really fit fantasy imo. Mystic Shield seems like its open for sone really cool token ideas.

let me know if anyone is doing anything neat for tokens, or has any fun ideas.


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As good as dice and other markets are I too find them a bit garish and don't look good on the table. I have a few ideas I plan to make from my bits box. 

Mystic shield: shield painted etherial

+1 to hit: weapon stabbed in to the ground.

reroll to hit: many weapons stabbed in to ground  

-1 to hit: broken weapon on the ground.

+1 to wound: bloody weapon.

reroll to wound: pile of bloody weapons

-1 to wound: broken bloody weapon.

+1 Bravery: Banner in the ground

just need to make sure they escalate in a sensible manner or have a key in case you forget. 

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