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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. I normally use 12mm dice since they are easy to handle for large attacks, but when it's just a single attack they often feel underwhelming. Watching a 12mm D6 lightly roll all the way across the table before plinking off a terrain piece and rolling a 1 is pretty anti-climatic. I want something larger with more weight to it. Something to make the single or double rolls feel more impact. I was thinking of buying some 16mm for this. I want to know your opinions of people using multiple dice sizes for games. Is it unfair somehow or poor sportsmanship?
  2. I'm totally looking for new dice. As the chessex dice I have are absolutely cursed. Anyone who's played against me will no, I roll 1's like they are going out of fashion.... until I roll for Bravery, when I start rolling my sweet 5's and 6's! So I need new dice. I've put my name down for some Facehammer die, when they become available. Any other podcast or Age of Sigmar themed dice available? Note: The image must be on the 6!
  3. Id really like to step up my games with some cool markers for the board. I got the idea from the campaign tokens at GW. Those are very simple, I could easily just make my own. The terrain dice are cool, but I was thinking of modeling custom tokens. A sacrificial stone block with bloody dagger for Damned, maybe a staff for Arcane, some scary totem for sinister. Or maybe just some custom wooden signs (like road signs). I like to take cool pics during the game so Id prefer more thematic markers. Tip tokens like -1 to hit, etc are also useful. There are a few circulating around but nothing thematic - big neon green tokens don't really fit fantasy imo. Mystic Shield seems like its open for sone really cool token ideas. let me know if anyone is doing anything neat for tokens, or has any fun ideas.
  4. Recently, my hobby time has been taken up with painting models for other people. While this has been great for my bank balance, it has sapped a little of the enthusiasm I had previously for painting my own models from the Warhammer Quest game. I have been stuck on painting the Tzaangors for about a week and a half now - they sit beside me as I write this, daring me to continue their progress. So too does the Fyreslayer, standing atop his pedestal, naked save for a coat of Barbarian Flesh spray, a single wash of Flesh Wash ink and a stern expression of distaste. And this situation can only get worse. I start a new job on Monday, plus I have three new commissions about to come in (all for models from the Frostgrave range) so this means once again, all my spare hobby time will be going into other people's models. I can feel the heated glare coming from my To-Paint pile really starting to heat up now. Still left to paint are: Fyreslayer Tenebrael Shard 6 Tzaangors Gaunt Summoner 8 Familiars Ogroid Thaumaturge 8 Grot Scuttlings 2 Skaven Deathrunners But I'm not worried. This is giving me a chance to embrace the new approach and actually stick to my plan of not buying more models until these are all painted to a basic gaming standard (block colours, shade wash, simple basing). Meanwhile I can finish reading the Silver Tower novel (see my upcoming post about my AOS reading plan) and peruse through the Grand Alliance Chaos book while waiting patiently for the General's Handbook to be released. As for gaming - I'll be playing some Quest later today with my fiancee as we start a brand new campaign from the start now we have gotten to grips with the rules. I'm also hoping to start some regular gaming over at Warhammer World in the coming months, forcing myself to get out into the Realm-world and become more active in my old age. This will probably start with the upcoming AOS weekend in August - for which I have already bought my ticket. I'm even going to enter my first ever Golden Demon competition. I don't expect to win or even place, but I do expect tp ush myself into doing something I've never done before and the success will be in achieving that simple goal. So the Changer Of Ways has truly had an effect on me, and the patience of the Silver Tower will be rewarded. In time.
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