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Model’s base anche pile in



Hi everyone, I hope this is not a stupid question.

I have faced a friend with a Khorne army with my FEC and I got smashed by his two 30-men-strong units of Khorne demons (bloodletters I think?).

I could not understand why those units were so strong, then someone told me that he was playing with the old 25mm bases, while now in the new boxes they get to use the 32mm ones.

So I have two questions:

-can you change the base they come with in the box?

-when you pile in and strike, if you have 1” reach, can the second rank attack? He always gets almost every single demon to attack. I think that models can’t from the second rank, unless they have at least reach 2” or more, if they have the small bases (for any English or American reader, I’m referring to the 25mm ones, for example the ones used by Crypt Ghouls or Skeletons).


Thank you for any answer, I’m pretty tired of being tabled every time.

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While your opponent is absolutely modeling for advantage and while it is generally a pretty scummy thing to do, there's nothing expressly in the rules against it - besides a social contract, house rules almost everyone tries to follow, and tournaments enforcing mostly rounds of appropriate sizes. And the rumors of them maybe finally doing away with model to model in the next ghb in favor of proper base to base rules including stuff like this now that the wfb-aos transition period is mostly over with. So really he should play right.

That being said, the go-to standard is you should put a model on the round base size they currently come in the box with (in the case of bloodletters this is 32mm). There are some nagging exceptions that GW has yet to clarify, and for older models that haven't gotten updated AoS boxes, they still come with squares. This very forum has a helpful conversion guide, though.

25mm ~ .98in and so technically you can get two ranks of 1" weapons in if all three models are in base to base.

32mm ~ 1.26in and so cannot get two ranks of 1" weapons in.

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26 minutes ago, heywoah_twitch said:

@tolstedt Can you imagine 'ardboys using model-to-model rules? Stacked like toppled dominoes you could get all 30 attacking every combat xD

I've also thought about a unit of 3 prosecutors stretching for 25" by measuring coherency from their wing tips

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Bloodletters are are odd in that they have been rebased twice since AoS launched. They initially moved from 25 square to 25 round. Then in the middle of this past year moved from 25 round to 32 round. They even appear on both base sizes in the Blades of Khorne book. Your friend might have actually already rebased his models once, and been unaware of the 2nd change.

A 25mm base is slightly less than an inch so allows 2 full ranks of attacks. You can get two ranks in with 32 mm bases, but it requires staggering and nets only 50% more attacks rather than 100% more.


I would talk to your friend about the situation. At the very least you could arrange to treat them as only getting 50% more attacks maximum.

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Thank you guys, I really hope that GW fixes the bases, stating that you have to use the ones in the box for matched play.
My friend had them based before the change from 25" to 32", so he's not cheating, but that unit is really a impossible to take if it charges, so many attacks mortal wounding on 5s.

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You should remember that in general rules you dont measure from bases so it size is irrelevant.

If you use home rules and measure from bases you may feel free to add other home rules as well.

But measuring from bases will nerf some models, If you measure from models swords and claws of second rank of bloodletters will certain in inch from enemies.

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