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  1. tolstedt

    Alternative Chimera Model?

    https://www.atlantisminiatures.com/products/chimera How about this one? They have a three headed dog too that I like.
  2. tolstedt

    1. Introduction: Why Theory, and Why Should I Care?

    I look forward to your post. I also think the workbook is rushed. I also don't like the standardized terms they have chosen and find a lot of things in the book misleading. The workbook does not seem to differentiate between strategic intent and tactical execution or discuss dynamic or static advantages or about power projection and threats effecting the position of the board or how to value pieces and trades. There's a lot of vagueness that can be developed further and needs some rigor.
  3. tolstedt

    Artefact + Hero Megathread

    Tenebral Shard with Sword of Judgement
  4. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Ghur has +2 to charge which I find valuable
  5. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Great point. I threw in a few staves over my 130 to break it up a bit. I threw in a few shields on some as well.
  6. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    2 ranks can swing with the blades. That is easily 20 rats swinging. It saves so much time and the rerolls to hit make up for the lack of extra attack from the staff. The math is nearly identical. So I take the blades so I don't have to swing with two weapons and measure two weapons ranges.
  7. One important thing to assist in being healthy about your hobby is to avoid polarizing language like calling people who have differing motivations to play a game "WAC or a complete must-win, must-win tryhard". Being respectful and thoughtfal about yourself and your own choices/motivations involves being respectful about others and their choices/motivations.
  8. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Counting ranges for two weapons is annoying an already slow to play army. I just use blades. The math works out the same unless you use the +1 attack command ability more than once, which you should never have to do. 20 monks with blades can all swing in two ranks anyway and kill mostly anything.
  9. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    You can run him as a plague priest.
  10. I would like someone who wants to return home as opposed to the "I'm here to get more power now." A hero or group that want to go back to the world that was. Or a cult that wants to go back to the world that was. Like 9th age the army.
  11. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    I prefer the blade of judgement.
  12. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Take out the plagueclaw and take 3 plague mortars instead. They are just better every time mathematically.
  13. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Yes I use them and they are great for screening. The 1/4 allies restriction is annoying in 2e however.
  14. tolstedt

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Ironjawz is best.
  15. tolstedt

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    Often I move the front line and announce that I will catch the others up on my opponent's turn. I indicate the area I intend for the rats to fill with my fingers so there is no cheesing. If it's important for measurement like around objectives or tagging enemy units I will slow down a bit. Often I don't remove the rats from the trays individually. I keep track and wait until 10 die then pull a full movement tray off.