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  1. It would be a possible fix to add an errata "You may never have more than five units of 'ardboyz in this battalion on the battlefield."
  2. The rules say you can take an understrength unit if you don't have enough models. So bringing understrength units with the intent to green puke them is illegal because you would clearly have enough models in your summoning box.
  3. With +3 to charge you wouldn't even care if the warchanter died with that many bodies on the board edges turn one. I wouldn't even bother protecting him after that. Just swamp the board with 100 wounds and a 4+ save.
  4. In my third game I attempted to summon a unit of ardboyz with four command points and failed all four, leaving myself with no command points. And I had an aetherquartz which failed to generate a command point each time.
  5. He has three other units that are battleline.
  6. Is there any consensus how 'ardfist works? At the event my opponents told me I could use the command ability as many times as I wanted when a unit dies, so that a unit of five dying could spawn a hundred additional boys if you roll hot. I chose not to do this because it seems dumb.
  7. In case anyone is interested here are the results from Dragonfall GT outside of Chicago. I took an 'Ardfist and went 3-2, losing in round five against Mike in the Ironjawz mirror match. (I am 0-3 in the Ironjawz mirror. It is very easy to lose.) My other loss was a minor loss by 60 kill points to the best overall Slaneesh in game one. We both had Ironsunz. Sunzblessed armor is amazing. A'ight get 'em! is amazing. 'Ardfist is amazing if you can roll a 4+. We are spoiled for choice right now for army builds. The heart of playing the army is balancing command point usage.
  8. That's my question as well. Seems hard to use offensively.
  9. keeper of secrets. If my ardboyz had survivded i maybe could have surrounded sie with a pile-in to stop summoning, but they would die eventually and open up summoning again.
  10. I played against a bent slaanesh summoning list last night for practice. I killed everything I could (two keepers, exalted chariot, 30 daemonettes, 5 hellstriders) and he had 70 depravity and summoned two new keepers and 10 daemonettes back, then piled in twice with each keeper to wipe my brutes and megaboss. I played my best positioning wise with good charges to overload each hero to make sure I'd always have at least one unit swinging first to go for smash and bash. Things that could have gone different: 1 - I was not -1 to hit for the first battleround. I may have had some extra ardboyz on his back objective for an additional turn to buy me another round of scoring. 2 - I did not get any command points back. I maxed out at +3 attacks only for my first waaagh. If I had maybe got to +7 I think I could have killed all the heroes in the first swing. But, he was just proxying the army, and I think a good player will always keep one hero safely away wrapped with chaff. Maybe you need the double to take all the heroes off? I feel okay about the matchup but it's still difficult.
  11. I always take all the rend on the ardboyz. The rend gets better the more waaaghs you use. Some people like the shields. I would take full shields if I had a unit of 30 with the job of pinning the enemy down for five turns, otherwise always all rend.
  12. You do it in the hero phase, then count and roll the die in the combat phase.
  13. Did you find the 20 was enough to hold for two combat phases? Are you letting the opponent take first turn or are you taking first turn? I've been putting 30 in my list and am unsure if it is needed or if 20 is enough. Also, super thrilled someone else loves brutish cunning as much as I do. I think it should be an innate ability on the megaboss scrolls.
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