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  1. keeper of secrets. If my ardboyz had survivded i maybe could have surrounded sie with a pile-in to stop summoning, but they would die eventually and open up summoning again.
  2. I played against a bent slaanesh summoning list last night for practice. I killed everything I could (two keepers, exalted chariot, 30 daemonettes, 5 hellstriders) and he had 70 depravity and summoned two new keepers and 10 daemonettes back, then piled in twice with each keeper to wipe my brutes and megaboss. I played my best positioning wise with good charges to overload each hero to make sure I'd always have at least one unit swinging first to go for smash and bash. Things that could have gone different: 1 - I was not -1 to hit for the first battleround. I may have had some extra ardboyz on his back objective for an additional turn to buy me another round of scoring. 2 - I did not get any command points back. I maxed out at +3 attacks only for my first waaagh. If I had maybe got to +7 I think I could have killed all the heroes in the first swing. But, he was just proxying the army, and I think a good player will always keep one hero safely away wrapped with chaff. Maybe you need the double to take all the heroes off? I feel okay about the matchup but it's still difficult.
  3. I always take all the rend on the ardboyz. The rend gets better the more waaaghs you use. Some people like the shields. I would take full shields if I had a unit of 30 with the job of pinning the enemy down for five turns, otherwise always all rend.
  4. You do it in the hero phase, then count and roll the die in the combat phase.
  5. Did you find the 20 was enough to hold for two combat phases? Are you letting the opponent take first turn or are you taking first turn? I've been putting 30 in my list and am unsure if it is needed or if 20 is enough. Also, super thrilled someone else loves brutish cunning as much as I do. I think it should be an innate ability on the megaboss scrolls.
  6. Last weekend I played strong Brew City Brawl. First game against tzeentch on better part of valor. Shot the maw krusha in and killed 23/30 tzaangors turn one. He didn't have enough killy stuff to stop the rest of my army slowly get into position and win by a few points. He stole foot of gork and stomped three of my units at the end. Major victory to me. Second game against stormcast gavbomb on border wars. I gave him first turn. He came down and charged me instead of going on an objective. He put the stardrake on the left objective. I survived the gavbomb by charging him in his charge phase, holding up one of the units of evocators he dropped. Ironsunz kunnin' plan helped me survive and ignax scales helped me survive and I deleted everything from the gavbomb next turn, walked onto objectives, and won a grind against the stardrake eventually. Third game was against skaven on knife to the heart. Lost this on strange rules. I charged everything first turn. Maw krusha was only out of position, and rolled 2 sixes on 3 waaghs. Only one bonus attack came out! I killed 20 rats, thanquol, grey seer, 2 warp lightning cannons, and started to make my way towards his warpseer and objective with only 40 more clanrats on them and none of my models lost yet. He skitterleaps to my objective with the warpseer, gets good spells to kill both casters that are holding it, and wins because he controls both objectives at the bottom of turn 2. So I win priority, ready to wipe the rest of the army, turn around, and go get the warpseer, but because you see who controls objectives at the end of every player turn, he already has it, so he immediately wins as soon as turn 3 begins. Not much I can do to stop this without a teleport of my own. Fourth game was against gristlegore on places of power. I lost by one point. Gave him first turn, he moved up, and I killed everything in his army except the two kings on terrorgheists. I couldn't get to the general without letting it attack first. Then they kill everything in my army. It's dumb because you can't charge them. We had ten brutes waiting to kill the big dude, but we never get to attack. The best way to change this rule would be to have the ghoul king attack at the end of the charge phase instead of beginning of combat. This way, you can charge it. So the best way to win against gristlegore is to smash and bash off a unit of chaff in front of the general, and then pile in with the brutes or maw krusha once the chaff is gone. This way it can't attack you. I would like another shot at the list, and on another battle plan I believe I can win this same game easily, as all his models except the two unkillable heroes were dead! Fifth game was against fyreslayers with a big chunk of berserkers on blood and glory. The story here is the same. I killed everything and he popped up the berserkers and started slowly killing me. They strung between two objectives so I could never even get the minor. It's really hard to beat a huge tanky block that does'nt start on the board with Ironjawz, especially on a map like this with lacking bodies. I think if Ironjawz get a big of power and the waaagh becomes a little easier to deal with they can be solid. Foot of gork did 20 wounds to my own units this tournament.
  7. You are correct that it makes little sense. You use it in the hero phase.
  8. He's been pitching it for a few months on his channel as an idea to help fix beastclaw.
  9. This is coming for beastclaw as an allegiance ability and it will be called "Large and in Charge" @heywoah_twitch has the deets.
  10. Just the ones from the aos shorts post. I think jimbo took those pictures and they are on twitter. I don't have a quality photo camera, but maybe someday.
  11. I managed 2 games at adepticon. I'm going to do one three game tournament next month and then the ladz are goin on the shelf. I was so thrilled to get top 16 for painting and hope that I did well to represent destruction for painting. Really happy. Played five great games. Please take a look here at the best armies. https://aosshorts.com/adepticon-2019-champs-wrap-up/ My first game was against Richie's emerald knights who is also in the top 16 and my second was against Tony's flesh eaters who is also in the top 16. Nothing is better in this game than two beautiful armies on the table and adepticon is the place to get it. The flying thermalrider megaboss (Megaboss Blackaxe Mother Father) was so ****** fun I am never going without him again. One game he moved 24 inches and charged ten dryads and turned them to firewood. I have purchased Archaon's cloak from ebay to put on the flying megaboss.
  12. Alright Megabosses... I can wait no longer. Here it is. If you don't know to whom this foot belongs, you are frontin'. video-1553714764.mp4
  13. I erased every spell form the Weirdnob's warscroll except foot of gork.
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