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TGA Ultimate Guide to Bases in Age of Sigmar


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With the help of TGA Community we have put together a base size chart.


Due to spam you will need to paste both of these sections to get the link


it was an open link but members of THE 9TH AGE community defaced it, so you will have to post below any feedback. 

Sizes are:






Thanks to @Antipodean7 for the 'Assumed' base sizes chart - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqsx9u96fihqbz0/Warhammer%20base%20size%20chart%20V1.pdf?dl=0

More basing resources.

This is a guide to 40k Bases i found - Tharses Project: Guide to 40k bases







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Would you like base sizes visibly used by the GW studio entered? It's pretty easy to work out a lot of the base sizes they're using from the warscroll pics.

I can see they've got 'Grots' (Gnoblars and Goblins on foot) on 25mm rounds for instance, while Ogors/Ogres are on 40mm rounds.

If yes, mark them red or green in the document?

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2 hours ago, The Jabber Tzeentch said:

There's no model released by GW that needs to be on a round 20mm base to look good. Far too small and if you play base to base.... A bit beardy. 

I agree. A lot of extra attacks possible.

Part of why I like mandatory round bases (with min size 25mm)

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Had a go at Death. Assumed entries in red, if anyone has access to the newly packaged boxes.

I've also listed Hero models on 32 mm bases, as to me it reflects 'best fit' for those more imposing models. But unsure what they are actually packing them in these days.

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On ‎25‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 11:10 AM, Ben said:

True thanks need to go to Tim Joss of the Plastic Krak blog (which sadly died with the death of the Old World): http://plastickrak.blogspot.co.nz/2015/07/age-of-sigmar-base-conversion-chart.html


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I'd recommend double-checking those Plastic Krak base suggestions with GW's AoS model photos where possible, had a look there now and noticed several of the Ogre entries have different base sizes compared to what GW is using.

I'll see about getting a few more sizes entered after I get my website up here :)

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I've started reformatting the base size chart to also include the faction names and new model names.  Have a look at the Order section, where I have done from Devoted of Sigmar to Wanderers based on the AoS app.  You can now filter by faction or WHFB army name, so hopefully it will work for new and old gamers alike

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I adjusted the Steam Tank to a 120x92 rather than a 105x70, I'm currently building a couple and it's impossible to measure to the front of the base because the amount of overhang from the front of the tank. I thought 120x92 would look a little silly but when you sit the model on it, it pretty much matches the length of the tank perfectly.

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