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Making our Waaagh! in the new world.


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Megaboss @Chris Tomlin started a great thread about how exciting the incipient changes to IJ are and how the changes as a whole influence the meta and the place of the well armored orc in that world. 


Well I say, armor is heavy. 


I bought the Bonesplitterz book today, my first box of Boyz will be here next week, and I'm looking to get pumped. 


Once I have some minis I'll start producing some fluff (expect to see orruks and certain duardin fighting side by side in a shared love for battle, intoxicants, and the feeling of a breeze on exposed flesh); but for now let's talk lists, allies, battalions, and strategy.


Stay green,

The Notebook GM


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So I've got a couple of different lists kicking around my head. I'm thinking for my first 1k points I'm going to go all models, and then add a brutal rukk and maybe a snaga rukk as I go. I'm really digging the many different ways that Bonesplitterz get to charge, pile in and attack, so I'm going to be focusing on that. I know above I mentioned mixing in Fyreslayers but my plan there is to kitbash them and include them in Bonesplitterz units since they aren't allies or in the same GA. 


Wurrgog Prophet (General)

Maniak Weirdnob

1x10 Savage Boarboy Maniaks

1x10 ArrowBoyz

1x30 Morboyz

This is my first inclination, using the Maniaks as the tip of the spear while morboyz and Prophet follow through, mopping up and holding objectives. Arrows will stick to the general, acting as chaff units if anyone gets too close before the orruks can swing around.

I think the journey to 1500 would just be a unit of 15 Boarboyz and another Weirdnob unless I feel like I NEED a boss and another unit of Boyz to get Brutal Rukk. 

What are you all thinking? 





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This is the list I'm going for with my Dancing Foot Warclan:

Drakkfoot Warclan

Kop Rukk

Wurrgog Prophet

3x Wardok

2x 20 Moreboys

2x 5 Boarboy Maniacs

Allied: Rogue Idol

Total: 2,000

The wardokks can get a +3 to their casting thanks to the Kop Rukk and idol bonus, and can cast bloodwaagh on a 5+. This doesn't factor in random bonuses from the wardokks or doubles auto succeeding with the Drakkfoot ability. With the Wurrgog command ability and bloodwaagh spell that's 2 extra pile ins a turn, not counting the maniacs ability (which could make for 4 pile ins a turn).  With Brutal beast spirits and the Kop Rukk the Moreboys get +1 to hit, +1 to wound. As soon as a monster died (including the idol) they get another +1 to wound. 

It's 2 drops, the Warclan and the idol. 3 artifacts (regular +1 from Kop Ruk +1 from Drakkfoot). It capitalizes on two of the army's strengths, casting, and multiple activations.

I'll certainly give it a try at least, and it feels fluffy. A rogue idol is basically animated from massive waaagh energy, and this list is as waagh infused as it gets. Not sure how competitive it is, but at least it's not Kunning Rukk. I may want to combine the maniacs into one unit for buffing purposes, but I'm going to play around with it and see.

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On 8/26/2017 at 11:08 AM, TheNotebookGM said:

The new battleline is REAL for the Bonesplitterz. 

I'm lost in a sea of emotions.

How does this change your lists?

For the most part? I'm removing token savage Orruk squads that were my cheap battle line tax to make up for the price hikes, and just using the units I was really going for anyways.

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