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The disappointing beginning of things that will probably never go anywhere, or "Painting: Liberators"



liberators1-1.JPGI've been putting this aside long enough. With the baby, work and everything, it was really hard to find the will to sit down and paint anything. Eventually, I had to tell myself "no more trolling, until you paint something"... I mean people are out there playing, and I'm sitting here watching pictures. No more of that. I sat down, and finished the "only need a few more layers" Liberators that I started (!) last August.

It feels great to actually have something finished, bases and all. It's been so long since I last finished any painting project, we might as well call this the first models I ever painted. As an adult anyway. In 21st century.

I went with the "how to paint book", simply because I know nothing about colors. If it wasn't for Duncan Rhodes' videos, I wouldn't even know which end of the brush goes in the pot. Still, I'm quite happy with the result, and I got a better hang of it now. The models themselves (those are the guys from the starter set) are quite nice for beginners, with nice sharp detail that lends to edge highlighting, and a lot of metallic surface that is so much more forgiving when it comes to highlights. The only real problem I had was with the right shoulder pads - but that's probably because I ruined it when trying to fit the gaps after gluing the models together - I'm even worse with green stuff than I am with the brush. The part I enjoyed most was the parchment - very easy to paint, and really giving a nice result.

As for the scheme, I went with Hammerhands, partly because as I said before I would probably fail badly at creating my own color scheme, and partly because I wanted one army that would be the poster boys that never get left behind in lore, and all other poster boys (Celestial Vindicators and Hallowed Knights) have so wierd color schemes my stomach couldn't handle it.

After all that effort, what better way to reward an old Troggoth than to get a blog of my own? Let's just make a deal - something gets painted for every non-painting entry... ok, every 2.



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I bet those of us that just never finish any painting are in the majority of players - nothing of mine has been finished since I got back into the game when AoS dropped. Hell, most isn't started. Meh, grey looks just fine doesn't it..?

Seriously, nice work! I'm getting inspired to actually get painting so this forum is doing wonders already.

Cheers man.

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These look great! I like the basing as well, something i really need to get on top of. I have essentially finished the AoS starters Stormcast half, but I've only based 3 of them...

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Great results and nice that you used the resources GW has for painting as i think theyre underated.

Solid photography too.

Well done, looking forward to seeing more.

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You did a bang up job, these are great for your first go around and Duncan's videos are really great to learn from.

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4 hours ago, Hotdropmartin said:

Great results and nice that you used the resources GW has for painting as i think theyre underated.

Well... the "How to paint" books are quite disappointing (except for "How to paint citadel miniatures", which explains the basic techniques) - they basically just show you what paints to use, with little to no help on actual technique, and very scarce advice on the actual models (like "paint this part first because otherwise you'll make a mess trying to get to it"). I think most people are able to do this on their own, esp. with the shading/highlighting chart from one of the last autumn's White Dwarf.

Videos on the other hand allow you to pick up the small detail that is very difficult to describe in words - like how to hold a brush, or how much paint should be on it, or how watery it should be. It's much easier to see and copy than to figure out from text (especially if you have to google which finger is the "index" one). Seriously, I think Duncan did more for tabletop quality painting worldwide than all the painting forums and websites combined. You watch him, you know you can't paint for sh*t, but you feel like "THAT I could manage".

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"The disappointing beginning of things that will probably never go anywhere"...proceeds to paint some beautiful miniatures.

These are awesome! If you haven't done so already, get these into the gallery!

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Great models, lovely painted, if they are the first in this century, we are in hell of a good ride coming. Keep em coming. The more you paint the better you'll get. You have really promising start.

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Great job! I know your pain still haven't finished the stuff from my starter set yet what with work the child and the innumerable curve balls life throws at you, I need to take inspiration from this and get my stuff in order, then try and get some actual games in too

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