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So the painting could continues slowly as I do all kinds of bits and pieces at home. I think I have decided on green for the beasts themselves but I will have to see as I lighten up the skin. Slow going and I think I need a new light set up. :/


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Looks good so far. The red and gold go together well. Be careul it does not become too much Khorne'ish, unless that is the look you are going for.  ;)


Looking forward to see more. :)

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To be honest there is no mistaking these Stormcast as Khorne-ish without converting the models, in the same way that blood angels or heresy era thousand sons look nothing like Khorne worshippers where their colours are not dissimilar to 40k world eaters. Red, Gold and black just work great together and thats why they get used so often. 


Only the red is airbrushed so really it's just a base layer, not confident or competent enough to be using the airbrush for much else yet. 

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