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  1. I’m a fan of using the correct names for various reasons but that’s secondary to the belief that it’s a great pun. That belief might be unforgivable.....
  2. Ahh but I didn't say it was just going for non-killing objectives, but having objective cards that don't rely on killing allow you to counter the expected style of play and then when they shift their style to try and take advantage you can go on the offensive. It's about having options and with the variety of play styles forces bring that flexibility will be even more useful.
  3. Check out the video at the bottom of this page - it's a detailed video guide for how to play. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/06/shadespire-news-from-the-games-workshop-invitational/
  4. And so you force them to come to you, spread them out by having non killing objectives in your deck and counter the assumption that your warband wants to kill everything. Like most of the best games out there a form of balance will be required to take on all comers.
  5. The issue with a deployment to negate the numbers of the enemy is that you will struggle to get thier pieces if they don't play into your hands. Being the smallest sized warband if the opponent is playing a more objective based game you may run out of time to stop them.
  6. Because you play it before the opponent activation. I think the card says the next attack rather than your next attack.
  7. I actually think a second starter set down the line is a great idea, gives the option of getting into the game without necessarily getting the Stormcast or Khorne. In in terms of multiple warbands, setting up the game it says the first thing you do is choose your warband. Now I think some events will (and should) limit entrants to 1 or 2 warbands as there could be a definite advantage to knowing your opponent only has Orrucks when you have a choice of warbands against them. On the other hand I hope there are also events that don’t be limit anything.
  8. Who goes First is based on a dice roll, 4 dice each looking for crits 1/6 chance. Who ever finishes deploying first gets +1 crit Winner chooses who goes first. So if it’s stormcast vs Undead the Storm cast are gonna be getting +1 each game against them. Following that you roll each turn with no one getting any bonuses. I think its it’s a decent balancing mechanic, numbers could certainly be an advantage but activating first means you can’t play cards before your turn.
  9. But there is a chance to play cards before your actions (except the first), each player can play cards in each power phase. I feel like it balances going first in the turn by not being able to play a card before you get to activate anything.
  10. 1, Haven’t seen much played with the board layout changing too much, I think there is plenty to learn with the basics before exploring that side of thing so it will happen but just so Mich already to discover, 2, each turn goes - Player 1 activation, power phase, Plaer 2 activation, power phase... all the way through 4 activations and a final power phase. With each player able to play cards in the activation phase. Remembering that cards that affect the next activation will affect which ever play is activating next. 3, The base attacking rules state that if you draw (but with the attacker scoring at least one success) or the attacker wins then they may choose to push the defending model back 1 hex (or more with knockback). 4, The system is based around playing best of 3.
  11. I have a box of darkshards at home I believe maybe some other bits but I'm not 100% sure
  12. Cheers man, our own fault not to jump on the closest event we have..
  13. Do you have a reserve list already or can I put a team down for it now, do you need payment for that? Not that I expect any to drop out damn them and our trying to sort things out to late grr,
  14. I think each has at least one model that can be a character at the same level as the regular AoS characters and the names combined with cool poses means the models will fit as character models easily enough. As for larger models etc, they really need to get a base level of factions down and ready to go and I think they want the classic looking ones before spreading out towards things like Ogors but there is no reason they can't do so. The Orruks are nice, the pics aren't stunning or majorly eye grabbing but I actually think they might be better than first thought and with more images they show them to be more individual than first look. I'm hoping
  15. Hey, we play at the Hydra Gaming Club based at the High Brooms Working Men's Club just up from the train station. Game nights are Thursday and there are plenty of AoS players there. We have a Facebook group here: We do have a website but it's playing around at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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